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Guri(Legends) respect thread Empty Guri(Legends) respect thread

November 19th 2019, 6:21 pm
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Alright now we're moving on to look at Prince Xizor's bodyguard and basically the 2nd in command of the Black Sun! The human droid replica known as Guri!

Link: The Black Sun

^ A broad overview of the Black Sun, what they're capable of and so forth.

Link: Prince Xizor

^ To see what her master/owner is capable of.



Guri(Legends) respect thread 4365250-2174115442-sombr

Sourcebook/Databank/Fact File Quotes

Guri posses enhanced strength and hyper reflexes.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Droids

Simple, enhanced strength and hyper reflexes.

Guri was a lethal assassin, capable of killing in the blink of an eye without even raising her ersatz heartbeat. Xizor sent her out on numerous missions to deal with those who crossed him personally or his organization.
- SW Databank

Able to kill within a blink of an eye, being sent out on numerous missions against those who crossed Prince Xizor or the Black Sun.

The most remarkable of Guri's systems was a highly modified AA-1 Verbobrain. The brain allowed Guri totally autonomous functioning.

- Fact File 122

Has a highly modified AA-1 Verbobrain.

"How long would it take you?" There was a slight but unmistakable hint of snobbery in I-Five's voice as he answered. "I have a SyntheTech AA-One nanoprocessor, operating at seven petahertz, with a five-exabyte capacity. I wrote the program just after I mentioned it to you. It took me six-point-one picoseconds to encode the basic algorithm and calculate its functional parameters."

- Taken from Medstar 2: Jedi Healer

If anyone recalls, an AA-1 Verbobrain operates at 7 petahertz with a 5 exabyte capacity and can calculate in picoseconds.

Programmed Assassin: Guri possessed awesome martial arts skills, backed up by all the strength of her poly-alloy frame.

- Fact File 122

Possessing awesome skill which is backed up by her enhanced strength.

Scanners also miss the thousands of carefully shielded microgyros imbedded in her joint housing, which give Guri a perfect sense of balance.

- SOTE Sourcebook

She has a perfect set of balance thanks to shielded microgyros.

Still she needed a distraction, stun gas wouldn't work-though she was immune to the anesthetic's effects.
- SOTE Sourcebook

Immune to stun gass.

Guri's high kick landed on Boushh's head with a very satisfying snap. His body fell to the floor, the helmet now resting on his shoulders at an awkward angle.

- SOTE Sourcebook

One shots Boushh with a high kick, snapping his neck.

Novel Quotes

"Guri bore no weapon; though she also excelled at marksmanship, she seldom needed to use a blaster."


Excels in marksmanship with a blaster even though she seldom needs to use one.

He clicked the lightsaber off, rehooked it to his belt, made sure it was securely fastened. "What do you want?"

"A test," she said. "My master pits himself against the deadliest opponents he can find. There is no man who is my equal in hand-to-hand combat. Except perhaps, if the stories are true, a Jedi Knight."

"This building is going to blow to pieces in three minutes," he said. "And you want to play games?" 

"It won't take that long. Are you afraid to die, Skywalker?"


States that her only equal in hand to hand combat would be a Jedi Knight.

He sighed and shook his head. The recording showed him what he already knew. Guri was the deadliest weapon in his arsenal. He wondered how she would do in a one-on-one against Vader. Probably better than he would, though he was fairly certain that Vader, who had hunted down and killed Jedi adepts,could take her.

Even so, it would be interesting to watch.

And at nine million credits, a very expensive entertainment, should she lose.

"Run it again," he said.


Xizor notes that Guri would do better in fighting against Darth Vader than he would.

Green tried to stand, but Guri was incredibly fast. She whipped her arm around the man's throat and locked it with her other arm into a choke hold.

Green struggled briefly, but he might as well have been wrestling with a durasteel clamp. The blood that fed his brain shut off, and he lost consciousness.

Guri tightened the hold and held it, held it, held it...

A long time passed. None of the other Vigos moved.

When Green was no longer among the living, Guri released him, and he fell forward; his head thumped loudly upon the table.

- Taken from Shadows of the Empire

Before Green could stand, Guri locks him in a choke hold. Described as a durasteel clamp as she held him in a choke hold, knocking him out and killing him.

Guri smiled and stood, still looking as if she'd just awakened from a long nap.

When she moved, it was incredibly fast. She hopped up onto the table, threw a front somersault and landed behind Tuyay, spun, and picked him up, chair and all. Then she threw him at the two Gamorrean guards before either could clear his blaster. The impact knocked both of the piglike aliens flat.

- Taken from SOTE

Moving incredibly fast, landing behind Tuyay, picking him and the chair he was sitting in and then throwing him into 2 Gamorrean guards, before they could draw their blasters and knocking them flat.

Dellis Yuls pulled a small blaster from inside his tunic, but before he could line up, Guri grabbed his wrist, broke it, and removed the weapon from his hand. She tossed it aside, grinning.

Limmer tried to stand, and she speared his throat with her fingertips, paused long enough to twist Yuls's neck until it cracked like a wet branch breaking, then leaped over the table.

- Taken from SOTE

Before Yuls could aim his blaster, Guri grabbed his wrist, broke it and removed the weapon and then as Limmer tried standing, she used her fingertips to spear his throat and then twist his neck.

Tuyay came to his feet and turned. Guri grabbed him around the throat as he did the same to her. For a moment they stood there locked in stasis.

Tuyay crumbled, his face full of horror at her strength. He lost consciousness as the blood was kept from his brain.

- Taken from SOTE

She gets in a lock with Tuyay, yet he crumbles underneath her strength, losing consciousness.

That was Tuyay, the chief operating officer of Ororo Transportation. A fitness buff, he bulged with muscle even under his expensive tailored zeyd-cloth suit. Supposedly, he could squat holding four times his own weight on his shoulders without breaking a major sweat. He did not look happy. In fact, he looked as if he was about to burst a blood vessel.

- Taken from SOTE

To note, Tuyay was a guy ripping with muscle and could squat holding 4x his own weight without breaking a sweat.

Then she stood, walked to where a hidden security wall cam recorded the entire scene, and ripped the unit out of the wall.

The picture went black.

- Taken from SOTE

Here she rips out a hidden security cam from a wall.

"There is no need," Guri said, smiling. She flexed her arms. The bands around her wrists popped as if they were made of cheap plasto. She took a deep breath and strained; the cable around her shoulders gave a metallic groan, stretched, then snapped.

- Taken from SOTE

Here Guri breaks out of bands and a steel cable.

Another beam splashed harmlessly against the handmade Jedi weapon and bounced back and down, hit the floor, and burned through-Aizor frowned. How could he do that? He couldn't be that fast! He fired again-Guri leaped out into the corridor. She held a chair, a heavy metal thing with casters on the bottom. She hurled it down the hallway as if it weighed no more than a pebble

Look out!" Luke yelled.

Here Guri throws a heavy metal chair as if it weighed no more than a pebble.

Comic Scans


Easily wrecks multiple jungle beasts, only taking clothing damage.


Here she defeats Kar Yang, ripping his heart out.


Kar Yang was previously able to wreck a whole room full of men with nothing but his bare hands.

Some bounty hunters seem destined to earn a fearsome reputation for themselves- one to rival that of Boba Fett- only to have their career cut short by a deadlier foe. One such was Kar Yang.

- Taken from Fact File 74

Yang even had a reputation which rivaled that of Boba Fett.


Stomps the Pike Sisters who were both masters of Teras Kasi.

"The Pike sisters," Guri said, glancing at the holo. "Genetic twins, not clones. The one on the right is Zan, the other is Zu. Zan has green eyes, Zu has one green and one blue eye, the only noticeable difference. They are masters of teras kasi, the Bunduki art called 'steel hands.' Twenty-six standard years old, no political affiliations, no criminal records in any of the major systems, and, as far as we are able to determine, completely amoral.

 They are for hire to the highest bidder, and they have never worked for Black Sun. They have also never been defeated in open combat. This" - she nodded at the unmoving holoproj image again-"is what they do for fun when they aren't working." Guri's voice was, in contrast to her appearance, warm, inviting, a rich alto. She activated the hologram.
Xizor smiled, revealing his own perfect teeth. The holo had shown the two women mopping the floor with eight Imperial stormtroopers in some rat's nest of a spaceport bar. The soldiers had been big, strong, well trained, and armed. The women weren't even breathing hard when they finished. "They'll do," he said. "Make it happen."
- Taken from SOTE

The Pike Sisters having been able to wreck 8 Stormtroopers without even breathing hard.

The Pike Twins mastered these martial arts and quickly rose through the ranks of teras kasi students, receiving many honors from their teachers.

- Taken from SOTE Sourcebook

They also rose through the ranks quickly of the rest of the Teras Kasi students, receiving many honors from their teachers.


Well there you have it folks! The Human Replica Droid Bodyguard/Assassin of Prince Xizor!
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