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I-5YQ(Legends) respect thread Empty I-5YQ(Legends) respect thread

November 17th 2019, 7:52 pm
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Ho, ho! A second one to finish out the day! Now we get to see what another protocol droid, in this case I-5YQ is capable of, which is quite a lot, so let's get into it!



I-5YQ(Legends) respect thread 5154323-7790384032-Pit-D

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

Over the course of their adventures, Pavan upgraded I-5 with a radar-mapping device, a microwave projector beam, a chest compartment for holding contraband, a pair of spotlight-projecting photorecptors, an electrostatic shield generator to prevent grime, and two concealed lasers built into his index fingers.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Droids

The various upgrades he received.

I-5's most versatile addition was an Aeramaxis AXX Screamer, a sound modulator that can transmit on every frequency from subsonic to ultrasonic. I-5 became so adept with this device that he could generate subtle harmonics to loosen toxins from the bloodstream or broadcast a shriek so cacophonus it would leave organic beings squriming on the ground in agony.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Droids

His AXX Screamer, being quite adept with it.

Novel Quotes

"Disgraceful," the droid agreed. "It just makes me want to... scream."

Lorn still had his hands raised, and now he quickly jammed his two index fingers into his ears as deeply as he could as a deafening high-pitched screech came from I-Five's vocabulator. Even with his ears plugged, the volume was excruciatingly painful. Bilk, caught with no defense, reacted exactly as they had hoped he would: he howled in pain and reflexively clapped both hands over his ears, dropping the blaster in the process.

I-Five stopped the scream, caught the weapon before it could hit the floor, and in another second was aiming it at Bilk. The Gamorrean either didn't notice this fact or was too enraged to care. Snarling, he lunged at Lorn and the droid.

- Taken from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

Showing of a Sonic screamer, even with plugged ears it was painful, I-5 then caught a blaster before it hit the floor and aimed it at Biik.

I-Five grabbed the case full of money from Yanth and hurled it between Lorn and his attacker just as the Utter swung the lightsaber in a flat arc that would have separated the Corellian's head from his neck. The case intercepted the blade's swing; the plasmatic edge sliced through the case, scattering burning credits everywhere. The force of the blow was so strong that It probably would still have decapitated Lorn, but its momentum was slowed just enough to give the droid time to dive forward, knocking his friend out of harm's way.

- Taken from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

Here I-5 throws a case full of credits to intercept Maul's lightsaber, slowing the attack down for I-5 to move forward and push Lorn out of the way.

The three stopped. I-Five probed the darkness in various directions with his eye beams, which revealed nothing more than ancient, moss-covered walls. "My audioreceptors are set at maximum. I hear nothing that might indicate danger. In addition, my radar detects no movement in the vicinity."

I-Five had both hands up, the index fingers extended, like a child pretending to point a pair of blasters. He swiveled his head slowly through 360 degrees, illuminating their surroundings. There was a branch corridor on their left and two more on their right. Nothing moved. There was no indication of where the weapon that had laid Pavan low had come from. It was a curved throwing stick; she could see it lying on the floor at her feet.

"We're too exposed here," she said in a low voice. "Pick up your friend and let's at least get our backs against a wall."

- Taken from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

Can see in darkness, rotate his head 360 degrees and has radar, can illuminate dark places.

The droid did not answer. Keeping his left finger blaster extended, he reached down with the other arm and hooked it around Pavan's waist, lifting the unconscious human as easily as Darsha might lift a small child. They began to move cautiously toward the nearest wall.

- Taken from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

Here he picks up Pavan with no effort, as if he were a small child.

"Cut the support," he said to Darsha.

Darsha understood what his plan was now. It was a bold one, she had to give him that. He and Pavan had ripped away enough of the detritus that coated the bridge's webbing to render its supports unstable. When the Padawan's lightsaber bit through the thick support cable, the section of the structure they were clinging to collapsed. As the three began falling, I-Five fired upward, his finger blasters striking the juncture of every remaining plate and the support rope they were clinging to. Their momentum increased, and suddenly they were past the tail of the taozin, swinging in a very long arc toward the opposite side of the chasm.

- Taken from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

As I-5, Darsha and Paven were falling, I-5 shows some pretty good accuracy in blasting out the remaining supports on a bridge.

It was equally obvious that Green Hair knew what was expected of him. He looked back at his crew, then at Darsha, Lorn, and I-Five. "Take 'em!" he shouted, jumping toward Lorn.

Lorn sidestepped, tripping the youth as he rushed by. I-Five hammered the green head with one metal fist, and the boy went down.

- Taken from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

Here I-5 shows enough strength to one shot a man part of the Raptor Gang in the Courscant underbelly.

I-Five kept talking, his voice maddeningly even. "Even my reactions are no match for the Sith's-and I am far faster than you and Padawan Assant. She is doing for us what her Master did for her-buying time."

Lorn spun about and pointed the blaster at I-Five. "Get over there and open that door," he said, in a voice that did not sound remotely like his own, "or I'll blow you to scrap metal."

I-Five turned his head and looked at him for a moment. Then the droid reached out and grabbed the blaster, taking it away from Lorn before the latter had time to pull the trigger.

- Taken from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

Here I-5 notes his reactions are far faster than Lorn and Padawan Assant.

It was true. Every action she took was committed and well defined, but there was no emotion, no conscious thought preceding it. The Force guided her, helped her make the lightning-fast movements necessary to deflect the Sith, and even to counterattack.

- Taken from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

Assant was quick enough to make lighting fast movements, she was also noted as being a worthy opponent to Maul and the Force was with her, she also of course deflected multiple blaster shots and other things.

"How long would it take you?" There was a slight but unmistakable hint of snobbery in I-Five's voice as he answered. "I have a SyntheTech AA-One nanoprocessor, operating at seven petahertz, with a five-exabyte capacity. I wrote the program just after I mentioned it to you. It took me six-point-one picoseconds to encode the basic algorithm and calculate its functional parameters."

- Taken from Medstar 2: Jedi Healer

He has a AA-One nanoprocessor(as do all 3PO units) which operate him at 7 petahertz, 5 exabyte capacity and able to write a program/calculate it all within 6.1 picoseconds.

Den considered whacking the droid a good one, but since he had nothing to hit him with save his bare hands, he resisted. No point in just getting a sore palm, and he knew from experience that that would be the case. Even though I-Five was a discontinued model, his durasteel chassis was still quite sturdy.

Fortunately, Slan Street was reasonably well lit and marginally safer than most of the other thoroughfares in the Crimson Corridor; plus, the local criminals had learned to give I-Five a wide berth thanks to his accuracy with the lasers he packed in each index finger.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Even being outdated, his durasteel chassis is hardy and local criminals give him a wide berth due to his accuracy with his laser index fingers.

The threads that always formed his most complete connection with the Force enveloped and infiltrated I-Five. At first there seemed to be nothing there beyond what he had expected: the pulse of lubricating fluids, the hum of capacitors and quantum couplers, the stolidity of superconductors. Beyond that, Jax could sense the restless interactions of subatomic particles that, pairing and parting and pairing again, gave I-Five a literally endless ability to process, refine, and utilize data.

"Running away comes to mind," Den said. "I tend to agree." The droid looked about them. They were in a warehouse district; on either side of the street were buildings three or four stories high. I-Five suddenly crossed the street and, using his finger lasers, blasted open one of the doors.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilght

Jax senses that I-5 has an endless ability to process, refine and utilize data, I-5 then uses his finger lasers to blast open a door.

Jax deactivated his lightsaber, and was about to clip it to his belt when the cockpit opened. The 501-Z rose from it and turned, its movement sensor scanning the area. Jax sighed, and was about to ignite his weapon again, when I-Five said, "Allow me." The droid aimed its right index finger at the Zed. An intense crimson beam sizzled from it and through the droid's optical sensor, into its primary processor. It shuddered for a moment, arms twitching-then collapsed.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Here I-5 takes out a 501- Z police droid by blasting a laser through its optical sensor and into the primary processor. If you look up the 501-Z police droid, you'll see that its optics aren't all that big, very thin.

"Very true." A new voice came from the shadows. The two Jedi reacted with a swiftness incredible to behold: Laranth's blaster and Pavan's lightsaber were in their hands and ready to be activated almost before the new arrival had finished speaking.

I-Five's response time was just as fast: he had both arms level from the elbows and his hands doubled into fists, save for extended index fingers, like a Naboo child playing kaadu-and-aliens.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

I-5 moves just as fast as Jax and Laranth(two Jedi).

Bug-Eyes spun about, aiming its arm cannon at I-Five. It fired, but I-Five, still screeching, pointed his right index finger at the other, aiming as precisely as only a droid could. The high-intensity light beam met the particle beam in midair.
Though the quantum states of the two beams were somewhat different, there was still a considerable amount of overlap. The intense energies battled for a moment, filling the chamber with blinding, pyrotechnic sparks.

Jax staggered back, momentarily blinded. Through dazzle-spots he saw Xizor, still obviously in pain from the droid's shriek. The Falleen clapped both hands to his ears, dropping the lightsaber as he did so, and sank to his knees. He had evidently thumbed the control to lock earlier, because the blade didn't vanish when the hilt left his hand. The weapon bounced once, sliced the corner off a metal cabinet, and came to rest with the hilt leaning against another piece of debris. The blade pointed upward at forty-five degrees, its hum cycling.

Just then the more powerful particle beam smashed through the ray of coherent light and struck I-Five full in the chest plate. The droid was hurled backward, hard enough to hit the wall. The screech from his vocabulator stopped as he sprawled on the floor.

"Five!" the Sullustan shouted, struggling with his bonds, which he had no chance at all of breaking. Jax could barely hear the cry. The air in the room seemed to be still shimmering with sound waves. He wondered if his ears were bleeding. He staggered toward his lightsaber and crouched before it, facing away from the blade. Cautiously, concentrating all his will on maintaining his balance, he extended his arms behind him, his wrists pulled as far apart as they would go.

The lightsaber might sever the energy link that bound his wrists. Or it might resonate with the cuffs and fry him quicker than lightning. The only way to tell was-There was a hissing sound nearly as loud as the droid's screech, a static discharge that made every hair stand on end, and he was hurled from the lightsaber to land sprawling a couple of meters away.

His hands were free.

As best he could, given the reverberating pain in his head, he assessed the situation. I-Five was beginning to get to his feet.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

While still screeching, I-5 is able to accurately use his lasers to collide with an arm cannon particle beam, then being blasted back after the laser was overpowered though being able to get up later.

I-Five stood nearby, aiming both fingers at the prince. "Please shut off the lightsaber, Your Highness," the droid said. "And toss those blasters aside as well."

Xizor snarled, his skin flaming with anger. I-Five's aim did not waver. "I'm sure you're quite fast, Prince Xizor, but not as fast as light." He shrugged. "Universal law and all that."

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

I-5 notes his lasers are as fast as light.

Another volley of beams struck their shelter, scorching the air and leaving the unpleasant tang of ozone in Jax's nostrils. There was no more time, he knew; they had to make their move. He opened himself to the Force, letting it expand his awareness, feeling its strands groping outward, beyond the bulk of the condensor unit, giving him an accurate "picture" of the chamber they were in and highlighting the locations of the eight concealed stormtroopers who had them pinned down.

"On my mark," he said again. ". . . Go!"

Laranth hurled herself from behind the right side of the condensor's bulk, blasters in both hands firing, her eyes as cold and hard as chips of comet ice. I-Five burst from concealment on the left side, the lasers in his index fingers zapping beams of coherent light at their adversaries. Jax let the Force lift him, let it carry him up and over the huge, shielding slab, his vibro-sword parrying the blasts as he landed, batting them back toward the astonished troopers. This was much harder than it looked.

The durasteel blade had been woven with cortosis, a mineral strong enough to resist energy blasts, but its similarity to a lightsaber ended there. A scarlet ray struck low on the blade, more by luck than by aim, and the vibrogenerator in the hilt shorted out. Even through the insulation the jolt was painful. Jax knew immediately what had happened, as did the troopers; they could see the blade's edge lose its high-speed blur. Jax dropped the weapon and extended both hands, palms-out, in a Force strike that hurled three of the troopers back against a wall.

Even as he did so, however, he could sense another trooper lining up on him-Laranth stepped into the edge of his peripheral vision, firing her blaster. The beam struck the blast meant for Jax. The air sizzled with multicolored ionized energies, flickering corposant danced along his arms and momentarily wreathed his brow, and the sound was like a thousand fire wasp nests being broken open at once.

Jax's vision was momentarily dazzled by the pyrotechnics. I-Five's photoreceptors, fortunately, were not. The droid fired rapidly, his laser blasts unerringly accurate. In a matter of moments it was finished. The eight stormtroopers lay sprawled in various ungainly positions, on the floor or across slurry pipes, control consoles, and other large pieces of industrial apparatus. The three hesitated a moment, wary of another possible attack. Then Jax said, "It's over. Stand down."

'- Taken from Courscant Nights 2: Streets of Shadows

I-5 can rapidly fire his lasers, helping to take down 8 Stormtroopers with Jax and Laranth.

Of course, Den mused, she obviously used the Force to warn her of lasers or particle beam blasts that were about to be fired at her. No one was fast enough to block something traveling at or near lightspeed. But Den was pretty sure that, if one could somehow turn off Laranth's access to the Force, it wouldn't affect her speed and accuracy all that much.
The Twi'lek turned her head slightly, and Den could see light reflect off the shiny scar tissue on her right cheek.

That and the burned stub of her left lekku were souvenirs of the atrocity known as Flame Night. As a reporter, he hadn't been able to stop himself from asking once about her part in it. "And don't tell me I should see the other guy," he'd cautioned.

"You can't," she'd replied, "unless you dig up his grave."

She didn't smile as she said it, but then, neither Den nor anyone else in the small group could recall seeing Laranth ever smile. There was no question in Den's mind but that the Twi'lek's nerves were
wound tighter than the carbonite nanofibers that tethered skyhooks to the surface of Coruscant.

He was glad she was on their side. He hoped she'd stay there. He'd hate to be facing the business end of her blaster. There was only one other member of the group who could probably match the Paladin's deadly accuracy: I-Five.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

I-5 being noted that out of the group, only he could match Laranth's accuracy.

He swerved the weaver, dodging a small bomb crater, than swerved again to avoid a cargo transport crossing at an intersection. All the while he was hearing particle beams, lasers, slugthrowers, and who knew what else going off behind him. But nothing could get past the Twi'lek Jedi. Laranth's skill with her twin blasters was unbelievable; even though Den knew the Force was aiding her, what she was doing seemed utterly impossible. She was actually shooting the slugs and particle beams in the air, deflecting them in midshot.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Laranth was accurate enough to blast both slugs, particle beams out of the air with her blasters, nothing passed by.

I-Five suddenly whipped up his left hand, index finger extended, and fired a laser beam at Jax. The beam splashed off the ionized fire that suddenly coated the length of the blade, which Jax had automatically raised to block the beam.
"That's how," I-Five said. "The speed of light is just under three hundred thousand kilometers per second. You are currently seven-point-three meters from me. Your Force-augmented anticipatory reflex action is obviously working fine. You just have to let it."

- Taken from Courscant Nights 2: Streets of Shadows

Again I-5 notes his laser fingers being lightspeed, testing them against Jax's Force augmented reflexes.

Laranth had half fallen against a slab of tilted masonry and was staring up into the empty air; Jax and I-Five raced to her side, hurling aside obstacles as they ran. Jax using the Force, I-Five using his innate strength.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 2: Streets of Shadows

I-5 is strong enough to hurl aside obstacles.

"The droid doesn't have it," said I-Five suddenly. Both hands came up in a lethal gesture, lasers firing. The beams sliced toward Vader . . . and stopped mere centimeters from his outstretched hand.

"Interesting," he said. "I read your intention even as you were forming it. Not as a current in your positronic matrix, but as an emotion. You were protecting what you hold dear. You truly are a remarkable machine."

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Noted by Darth Vader as a remarkable machine(not so much a feat I guess, but given Vader's knowledge of machinery and the like I figured it's warranted in some form.)


Well there you have it folks! I-5YQ!
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