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C-3PX(Legends) respect thread Empty C-3PX(Legends) respect thread

November 17th 2019, 6:28 pm
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Well here we go again folks! More respect threads, this time we shall be looking at quite an interesting protocol droid which turns out to be an assassin droid for Darth Maul!


C-3PX(Legends) respect thread 5151513-8445847568-latest

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

C-3PX was a one of a kind assassin, suffering over several total rebuilds. Maul rebuilt C-3PX's chassis to incorporate defensive lasers. Siner reworked 3PX upgrading his photorecptors to see in infrared. Greck claimed 3PX for his own, hiring an outlaw tech to outfit the droid with retractable lasers, dart shooters, fusion cutters and even a laser mounted on the back of his head.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Droids

Went through several rebuilds, defense lasers, upgraded photoreceptors, retractable lasers, dart shooters, fusioncutters and a laser on the back of his head.

Maul modified C-3PX to be a security droid for his Sith Infiltrator, modifications included improved sensors, increased strength and 83 different weapons.

- Taken from Gamer Guide 3- Mr. X

Maul modified his sensors, strength and gave him 83 different weapons.


Has 2 blaster pistols, heavy blaster, vibrodapper, low light vision, improved sensors, 360 degree vision. Skilled in demolitions and can move silently. Is also proficient in two weapon fighting.

It's armor plating has been tinted grey and its eyes have been muted so that it can effectively hide in the shadows while it stalks its prey. The droid's SyntheTech AA-1 Verbobrain makes it a shrewd opponent that can formulate contingencies within contingencies, making it very difficult to out-wit or out-maneuver.

- Taken from Ultimate Adversaries

Can effectively hide in the shadows and it's brain makes it very difficult to out-wit and out-maneuver.

Side Note: AA-1 VerboBrain

"How long would it take you?" There was a slight but unmistakable hint of snobbery in I-Five's voice as he answered. "I have a SyntheTech AA-One nanoprocessor, operating at seven petahertz, with a five-exabyte capacity. I wrote the program just after I mentioned it to you. It took me six-point-one picoseconds to encode the basic algorithm and calculate its functional parameters."

- Taken from Medstar 2: Jedi Healer

The AA-1 operates at 7 petahertz with a 5 exabyte capacity, able to calculate in 6.1 picoseconds. (More on I-5 later)

End of Side Note

Outwardly the droid looked like every other golden 3PO unit. However Darth Maul increased the droid's strength, reaction speed and agility until it could match, blow for blow, a medium sized Wookiee, and outdraw some of the best gunfighters of the time.

- Taken from Fact File 132

Strength increased to match a medium sized Wookiee and speed to outdraw some of the best gunfighters during the time.

Basic photoreceptors were replaced by glowing red eyes the only hint of an improved sensor package, that allowed C-3PX full 360 degree awareness in three dimensions.

- Taken from Fact File 132

Full 360 degree awareness in 3 dimensions.

Novel Quotes

Behind them, C-3PX was chained to the rear deck railing. Maul knew the droid could easily break free of the Bartokks' chains, and realized the droid had followed his own plan by allowing himself to be taken prisoner.
The skiff landed near Darth Maul and the vocabulator-equipped Bartokk. Like Maul, C-3PX's wrists were also secured behind his back by durasteel binders.

- Taken from Episode 1 Adventure 3: The Wrath of Darth Maul

Maul notes that 3PX could easily break out of durasteel binders.

Comic Scans


Noted as being extremely dangerous and wanted in 7 systems.


He's learned how to hide, survive, to think.


Shows accuracy in disarming a man of his blaster.


Then promptly disintegrates him with his head laser.


Withstands several blaster cannon shots from R2 piloting a Mandalorian battle harness


Said cannons were able to blast apart another gladiator droid's arm with a vibro-axe.


Well there you have it folks! C-3PX!
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