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IG-88(Legends) respect thread Empty IG-88(Legends) respect thread

November 13th 2019, 9:07 pm
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Well we're back! Now we get to look at the deadliest assassin droid in the galaxy and the 2nd best bounty hunter behind Boba Fett himself! IG-88, so let's get to it!



IG-88(Legends) respect thread 3874639-7591233108-ig88_

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

IG-88(Legends) respect thread 3874647-13

A look at his body layout which is pretty impressive and makes for a deadly assassin.

The IG Assassin Droid is the most coldly efficient killing machine ever invented. It's programmers, smugly assumed they could control their creation, gave it unprecedented creativity and intelligence. They paid for their arrogance with their lives.

- Taken from The Essential Guide to Droids

As noted, IG-88 is the most efficient killing machine ever created, having unprecedented creativity and intelligence.

Each IG's blaster resistant armor stood 2 meters tall. A cylindrical head, studded with glowing red sensors allowed the unit to see in all directions at once. The droid lacked olfactory sensors, but compensated with advanced auditory, rodionic, movement and temperature sensors.

-Taken from The Essential Guide to Droids.

Blaster resistant armor, able to see complete 360 degrees and having advanced sensors. Meaning that it's both hard to put him down and really nigh impossible to sneak up upon him.

It's multiple optic lenses could access a wide variety of spectrum filters under hazy or low-light conditions.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Droids

Can see in various spectrum filers.

The fingers on the right hand doubled as miniature cutting lasers. The mirrored palm on his left hand was capable of intercepting and reflecting back blaster bolts along their original path. The IG unit could also dramatically increase their body temperature of it's exterior plating, allowing it to burn through nets or melt a stream of immobilizing Stokhli spray.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Droids.

Just some various other body functions.

When Loruss' experimental sentience programming was downloaded, the code unexpectedly self-replicated at blinding speed. Within seconds, the droid came online, identified the technicians as threats and killed them all. The unit then copied his consciousness into 3 identical duplicates

- Taken from Essential Guide to Droids

Nice showing of IG's processing speed and also he copied himself into 3 other bodies. 3 bodies, 1 mind!

The IG's weapon compliment was astounding, especially when one realized that the entire arsenal was integrated directly and unobtrusively into the standard body structure. Each forearm consisted of a repeating blaster cannon, a concussion grenade launcher built into the left hip. And behind various panels and ports, lurked a flamethrower, a sonic stunner, paralysis cord, an array of throwing flechettes and a rack of poison gas canisters.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Droids

Has integrated weaponry and he doesn't even really need to carry any weapons, though of course he does...just cause.

With his built in arsenal he hardly ever needed to carry a weapon, but he toted around a pulse cannon to intimidate onlookers

- Taken from The New Essential Guide to Characters

I would think that just by being a menacing assassin droid, it would be enough. But nah, IG-88 lugs around a devastating Pulse Cannon(yeah devastating) just to rub it in.

After stealing the data stored in the computer core of Executor, IG-88 realized that it could upload itself into the computer core of the second Death Star and take control of the weapon.

IG-88A managed to complete it's mission, insinuating itself into a fake computer core installed in the second Death Star. IG-88A planned to allow the Imperials to control the station for a short time, lulling them into a false sense of security before taking control.

When the Rebel Alliance attacked at Endor, IG-88A was confident that the Imperials would destroy the small fleet, but this assumption proved wrong. IG-88A was destroyed with the second Death Star.

- Taken from the Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Here IG-88 managed to create a fake Death Star core after taking the information from the Executor and then hacking into the space station, taking control of it.

"Some have suggested that IG-88 would have been the perfect weapon to battle the Yuuzhan Vong. His flamethrower, repeating blaster, paralysis cord and poison canisters would make short work of any opponent, and the finishing touch would be the irony of having a droid decimate the antitechnology Yuuzhan Vong fanatics."

- Taken from the New Essential Guide to Characters.

This is quite the quote considering the Vong were giving even the NJO Jedi trouble, IG-88 would have been the perfect weapon against the Vong....and it would have been ironic.

Before answering Vader's call to capture the Millennium Falcon, IG-88B had achieved legendary notoriety. He had killed over 150 beings and had a "dismantle on sight" warrant in over 40 systems.

- Taken from the New Essential Guide to Droids

Straightforward really.

TCG Quotes

The IG-88 model, produced by Holowan Laboratories, was given the most sophisticated programming ever bestowed on any assassin droid.

- Taken from Faces of Evil

Just reiterating really of what was said up top, IG-88 is an assassin droid unlike any other!

An antenna on the head intercepts and decodes transmissions, and a sensitive sound sensor at the base of the head also detects any sounds its intended victim may make.

- Taken from Faces of Evil

Straightforward really.

IG-88 is known as one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy – second only to Boba Fett himself.

- Taken from Faces of Evil

Again straightforward, 2nd best bounty hunter behind Fett.

The assassin droid's most powerful weapon, however, is its unprecedented self-sufficiency and intelligence. Programmed with an experimental sentience system and sophisticated combat programs, the full extent of IG-88's capabilities is still unknown. All surviving programmers of the IG-88 assassin droids were hunted and slaughtered by their creations to ensure that no one would exploit any design flaws.

- Taken from Faces of Evil

Full extent of his abilities are still unknown and any programmers were all killed to make sure no one would exploit any design flaws.
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IG-88(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: IG-88(Legends) respect thread

November 13th 2019, 9:08 pm
Novel Quotes

As the first technician-Target Number One- lunged for the emergancy alarm, IG-88 moved with blurring speed to the component lab table.

-Taken from I think, therefore I am.

He can move in blurring speed.

The scientists had not armed him yet. A smart move, but ultimately irrelevant. IG-88 was an assassin droid, a sophisticated mercenary and killer. He would find other methods with the raw materials around him.
He snatched up a disconnected droid arm.

With its metal fingers, it made the perfect projectile weapom. He scanned the surface of the metal limb, calculated a flight path and expected deviation due to air resistance, then hurled it like a spear.

- Taken from I think, therefore I am.

Despite not being armed, it didn't matter as IG-88 used his creativity and used a droid arm as a weapon, he also calculated a flight path, expected air resistance before hurling it.

The disconnected droid arm plunged into the back of the turning technician, tore through his spinal column, and followed through his sternum. The lifeless metal hand protruded through splintered bone infront of his chest, holding the technicians quivering heart in rigid metal fingers.

- Taken from I think, therefore I am.

A nice strength feat, he threw the afore mentioned droid arm and it went straight through the technicians back, tearing through his spine, through his sternum and then coming out the other side holding the heart of the guy.

hief Technician Loruss -Target Number Two- yanked a high-powered laser rifle from her station. Being one of his primary designers, she knew exactly where to fire at IG-88, and he was momentarily concerned. She must have kept the weapon at hand just in case one of her creations went renegade. This showed surprising forthought.
Loruss pointed the rifle and fired without hesitation-but a human’s aiming capabilities were not as sophisticated as IG-88′s.

As the bolt roared toward him, IG-88 assessed his body parts, chose the smooth reflective portion on the palm of his left hand, and raised it in a flash, calculating the precise angle of incidence. The burning laser bolt struck the mirrorized hand and sprang back toward Loruss. The beam struck her in the center of her bald forrehead, and her skull popped in an explosion of wet black-and-red smoke.She tumbled.

- Taken from I think, therefore I am

This is rather an impressive reaction feat, IG-88 looked over his body parts, calculated the angle of his palm and raising it in a flash to send the blaster shot that had already been fired mind you, right back at Loruss striking her on her forehead and killing her instantly.

IG-88 took control of the Death Star's superlaser, playing along and firing when the Death Star gunners gave their signals. Many times their aiming points were slightly off, their coordinates skewed and IG-88 modified the targeting mechanism, guaranteeing that the superlaser strunk its intended victim each time.

- Taken from I think, therefore I am

IG-88 as the Death Star was able to use its systems and manipulate the targeting mechanism of the superlaser to be precise and accurate.

IG-88 stood like a monolith, the lasers in his fingers in his fingertips powered up and ready to fire at anyone who might stumble upon his covert activity. It took IG-88B several minutes to upload and condense the entire database from the Executor's computer core; a huge feast of information he would digest in the privacy of the IG-2000.

As the IG-2000 cruised on autopilot in a random course to baffle any tracking attempts, he sat back and mentally scrolled through the millions of files he had stolen from the Empire.

- Taken from I think, therefore I am

IG-88 downloading ALL the information from the Executor's database within several minutes. This is quite impressive, considering that it's the Executor and it was millions of files. What's more he did this without being spotted, quite an impressive feat and showing just how fast he could download files and get into the Executor which was one of the greatest weapons that the Galactic Empire had.

Using the newly forged connections to the global security systems, IG-88D instantly downloaded full details of Mechis 3: the industrial complexes, the assembly factories, the amount of human interference, a map of the planetary surface in various portions of the electomagnetic spectrum and, most important, a complete linear mapping- like a natural diagram- of the brainwork of the computer systems that ran Mechis 3.

IG-88A took the lead and transmitted his self-replicating sentience programming into the main hubs of Mechis 3, secretly taking over the vast electric complexes and giving the immensely powerful computers something they had never conceived before-self-awareness....and loyalty.

Less than a minute after their arrival in the system, IG-88 was pleased to see that the groundwork for his total takeover had been laid.

- Take from I think, therefore I am.

Again...very impressive, he hacked into an entire planet's security system, into the factories and complexes, downloaded a diagram of the computer systems, a map of the planet's surface, the amount of humans...and then he transmitted his self-replicating sentience programming into the main hubs, taking control of the complexes....all in less than a minute after their arrival in the system he had taken over a planet without anyone realizing it.

The insurrection on Mechis 3 was quick and bloody and very efficient. Within the space of a few minutes the newly coordinated planetary computer mind supervised a simultaneous uprising of droids, killing all seventy-three human inhabitants before any of them could sound an alarm-not that the unified communication network would have allowed transmission of such messages anyway.

- Taken from I think, therefore I am.

Just straight to the point really, uprising started, killing of all the humans on Mechis 3 within the span of just a few minutes.

In less than a second, the other IG droid was an exact copy of IG-88, down to the most basic memories. "We think, therefore we are. Therefore we will propagate. Therefore we will remain." IG-88 performed the same procedure on the remaining two blank droids, and soon found himself one of four exact duplicates.

- Taken from I think, therefore I am.

Just reiterating really and quite impressive speed of download, in less than a second the other IG droid was an exact copy as soon were the other 2. 4 bodies with 1 mind essentially.

Internal chronometer activated. BEGIN
Electricity flooded through circuits, a power surge racing through a billion neural pathways. Sensors awakened, producing a flood of data- and with it came questions.

Who am I?

His internal programming finished the tedious two-second long initialization procedures and poured out an answer. He was IG-88, a droid, a sophisticated droid-an assassin droid.

Where am I?

A microsecond later, images from his exterior sensors snapped into focus. IG-88 had no sense of smell, and no eyes and ears as humans understood them, but his optical and auditory sensors were far more efficient, able to absorb data in a broader range than any living being. He froze a static image of his surroundings and studied it, collating more answers.

He had awakened in some sort of large laboratory complex, white and metal, sterile, and-acording to his temperature sensors-colder than humans generally preferred. IG-88 noted mechanical components strewn on silvery tables: gears and pullets, durasteel struts, servomotors, an array of delicate microchips from frozen into a slab of transparent protective gelatin.

Struck motionless in a pinpoint of time as his extremely fast neural processors digested the details, IG-88 counted fifteen scientists/engineers/technicians working in the laboratory. With infrared scan he observe red their body heat as bright as silhouettes in the coldness of his birthplace.

Interesting, he though.

Then IG-88 detected something that focused his entire attention. Four other assassin droids, apparently identical to his own bodily configuration-a bulky structural skeleton, armored arms and legs, a torso plated with blaster-proof armor sidling, a cylindrical head that was rounded on top and studded with sensor nubs providing him 360 degrees' worth of precise observation.

I am not alone.

IG-88 recognized each droid's full complement of weapons: blaster cannons built into the structure of each arm, concussion grenades and a launcher attached to his hip, as well as other weapons not easily recognizable into the body structure-poisonous gas canisters, throwing fletchettes, stun pulser, paralysis cord… and a computer input port. IG-88 was pleased with his list of capabilities.

IG-88's first round of questions had been answered. He had only to study his memory banks and his external sensors. He was designed to be self-sufficient. He was an assassin droid, resourceful. He had to accomplish his mission… though, checking his newly initialized programming, he saw that he had not yet been given a mission. He would have to acquire one.

Three seconds had already passed, and another important question surfaced in his burning-awake brain.

Why am I here?

- Taken from I think, therefore I am.

In the space of 3 seconds he asks himself a number of questions and answers them by absorbing every single little detail around him. Thought process and ability to absorb information works in microseconds.

With infrared scan he observe red their body heat as bright as silhouettes in the coldness of his birthplace.

-Taken from I think, therefore I am.

Has inferred scanner.

Then IG-88 detected something that focused his entire attention. Four other assassin droids, apparently identical to his own bodily configuration-a bulky structural skeleton, armored arms and legs, a torso plated with blaster-proof armor sidling, a cylindrical head that was rounded on top and studded with sensor nubs providing him 360 degrees' worth of precise observation.

I am not alone.

IG-88 recognized each droid's full complement of weapons: blaster cannons built into the structure of each arm, concussion grenades and a launcher attached to his hip, as well as other weapons not easily recognizable into the body structure-poisonous gas canisters, throwing fletchettes, stun pulser, paralysis cord… and a computer input port. IG-88 was pleased with his list of capabilities.

- Taken from I think, therefore I am.

List of armaments that each IG-88 droid carries, blaster proof armor, 360 degree visuals.

He traced sensations through his computer ore and out the jack, which he now realized had already been connected to the lab's central computer-a treasure trove of information.

IG-88 immediately began a search, scouring at hyper-speed through file after file, searching for anything that referenced his model number or the code name of the assassin droid project. He gulped it all into his empty circuits, gorging himself with information without digesting it. That would come later. It would take many seconds to learn everything there was to know about himself.

He selected one file for immediate perusal, a smeary/PR tape that had been compiled for the technical sponsor-in particular, an Imperial Supervisor Gurdun who had apparently funneled a great deal of funds into the creation of IG-88 and his counterparts. Without outwardly moving, IG-88 scrolled through the file at high speed, absorbing the information.

The presentation opted with a brilliant orange logo that displayed orange flames and crackling lightning that merged into the words "Holowan Laboratories-the Friendly Technology People." The logo dissolved into an image of a smiling but hideous ugly woman. He head was shaven completely bald and glistened with perspiration under harsh white recording lights that gave her lantern-jawed faced a cadaverous look.

Her teeth were spaced with broad gaps, and she spoke by opening her mouth wide and clicking down on the words, gnashing her teeth on every consonant. Circular blue lenses without frames were implanted over her eyes like frameless spectacles. A credit line slugged across the image under her ferociously smiling face. "Chief Technician Loruss, Manager IG Series Prototype Project."

"Greetings, Imperial Supervisor Gurdun," she said. "This report is to serve as a synopsis of the final phase of our project. As you know, Holowan Laboratories was commissioned to develop a series of assassin droids with sophisticated, experimental sentience programming. They were to be resourceful and innovative and absolutely relentless at carrying out whichever missions the imperial authorities chose to program them."

She rubbed her hands together. Her knuckles were very large, like boils in the middles other fingers, . "I am pleased to report that our greatest cyberneticists have presented me with numerous breakthroughs, all of which have been incorporated into the IG series. Because of our timeframe is so short and the Empire's need is so great for efficient covert assassins, we have not gone through the usual rigorous testing procedures, but we are confident that they will function admirably, though a bit of fine-tuning may be required before operational status is achieved."

She continued with a long and tedious explanation of improvements to droid neural pathways, how the usual inhabitation systems had been bypassed. IG-88 studied all this information, but believed none of it. It was obvious Loruss didn't know what she was talking about, but her words sounded technical, and she spoke them impressively, no doubt to befuddle Imperial Supervisor Gurdun.

IG-88 closed the file. He could sense that his crackling neural pathways had already progressed far beyond anything his designers had anticipated.

Now he knew who he was and why he was here in this laboratory. He and his identical counterparts had been built to serve the Empire, to fight and kill, to seek out and destroy the targets selected by Imperial masters. G-88's assassin programming was strong and compelling, but he was less pleased that he must follow order from these inferior biological beings. He was a special kind of droid beyond the capacities of other machines. Superior.

I think, therefore I am.

By now, five seconds had passed since his awakening. It was time for action, so he looked at the biological creatures near him inside the laboratory.

- Taken from I think, therefore I am.

In the space of 2 seconds following the 3 second feat, he watches an entire video on Chief Loruss explaining how impressive IG-88 is and what all the new breakthroughs had been implemented in him.

IG-88 decided to accelerate his clock speed, to watch the events unfolding at the rate humans operated.

-Taken from I think, therefore I am.

Able to increase how fast he perceives the world around him.

They marched toward the armored doors that sealed the Holowan Laboratories' inner-complex. Rather than taking many minutes to repair the computer systems sufficiently to delve into the passwords and break through the cyberlocks, the five powerful assassin droids worked together to literally rip the nine-metric-ton door away from the wall. They tossed it aside, where it pulverized the remaining data-storage systems.

-Taken from I think, therefore I am.

Here the 4 IG-88s and IG-72(an inferior model) rip apart a 9 metric ton door. So each IG unit had to lift 1.8 tons, although considering IG-72 is a slightly inferior model, the IG-88 units probably had to lift more.

IG-88 had to dampen his auditory pickups to avoid damage from the loud sound.

-Taken from I think, therefore I am.

Can manipulate how loud he hears things.

He analyzed the vibrational signature and noted where the structure of the metal now showed fine crystalline cracks.

-Taken from I think, therefore I am.

Vibrational scanner.

He strode down the dark corridor, knowing that even now the target would be rallying his defenses, set-ting up ambushes along the way. But IG-88 knew the path he must take. Blueprints of the stronghold as well as locations of weapons emplacements and comple-ments of mercenary guards had been on Grlubb's datadisk.

From a fortified cul-de-sac, five guards began firing at him with blaster rifles. Their bolts spanged off IG-88's duraplated armor. No simple energy weapon could damage him unless the beam struck exactly the right spot-only a few of IG-88's original designers knew such vulnerabilities, and most of those designers had been slaughtered at the Holowan Laboratories' massa-cre.

-I think, Therefore I am

Tanking multiple blaster shots with no damage, only specific hits could damage him and only a few of the original designers(which most of them were killed upon activation and then later across the galaxy) know.

Another group of guards attacked him by spraying instant-hardening epoxy in a novel defense that clogged his gears and servomotors. IG-88 pondered for a moment then raised his body temperature until the epoxy bubbled and smoldered, finally snapping when he bent his powerful limbs. When the guards contin-ued to fire on him, he launched one of his concussion grenades into their midst.

- I think, Therefore I am

Showing of Temperature Control, breaking through an instantly hardening substance.

IG-88 crashed through the rest of the wall, then scanned for three seconds, analyzing the containment systems and cataloging the inventory of deadly toxins. Finished, he calculated the best way to release them all.

-I think, Therefore I am

Crashing through a wall.

Without slowing, he picked up the durasteel table, ripping its legs free from thick bolts on the metal plate floor and scattering droid components in all directions.

Charging forward, pumping his legs like pistons, IG-88 used the table as a battering ram to crush four technicians at a time. They ran about without a place to go, locked within the security-sealed door. Though nearly a full minute had passed, no one had yet managed to sound the security alarm.

- Taken from I think, Therefore I am.

Here 88 picks up and rips a durasteel table from thick bolts and uses it as a battering ram.

IG-88 used laser cannons in each arm as he methodically struck down one target after another, blasting through armor shielding when necessary.

- Taken from I think, Therefore I am

His laser cannons in his arms can blast through armor shielding.

IG-88 went to the contamination-sealed door, de-cided it would be too difficult to rip free, so he targeted the observation window instead. Both durasteel hands struck five times with planet-cracking force until the thick transparisteel shattered.

- I think, Therefore I am

Shattering thick transparisteel.

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IG-88(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: IG-88(Legends) respect thread

November 13th 2019, 9:09 pm
Comic Feats


IG-88(Legends) respect thread 3951829-1066462957-39517

IG-88(Legends) respect thread 3951830-3011000355-39517

IG-88(Legends) respect thread 3951832-3895999366-39517

IG-88(Legends) respect thread 3951833-8223284905-39517

1st scan shows his lifeform scanner.

2nd scan shows him accessing the galactic crimminal database

3rd scan shows him being able to hack into a city wide network.

4th scan shows him blasting Boba with a missile.

IG-88(Legends) respect thread 3952007-5301735339-53_zp

Being accurate enough to hit a speeding Y-wing as it was blasting into orbit.


IG-88(Legends) respect thread 4054994-9959138272-78_zp

IG-88(Legends) respect thread 4054995-0178294786-w_zps

IG-88(Legends) respect thread 4054996-3255945852-G_zps

1st-2nd scans show IG-88 being able to blast apart an R4 droid from a considerable distance and those droids are rather small.

3rd scan shows him already having done the math and being able to avoid the Falcon's auto turrets with Han piloting the ship.

IG-88(Legends) respect thread 4163829-1416674459-41637

Showing of his sonic disruptor.


IG-88(Legends) respect thread 4167035-1936896648-416654

IG-88(Legends) respect thread 4167036-4942899112-416655

IG-88(Legends) respect thread 4167037-5481392320-416655

1st scan shows him tanking a blaster shot and then blasting a Gamorrean.

2nd/3rd scans show him breaking through a carbonite constrictor net and using a smoke grenade.
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IG-88(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: IG-88(Legends) respect thread

November 13th 2019, 9:26 pm
Well folks there you have it! IG-88!
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IG-88(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: IG-88(Legends) respect thread

November 14th 2019, 12:05 am
IG-88(Legends) respect thread 1289255181
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IG-88(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: IG-88(Legends) respect thread

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