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The Black Sun(Legends) respect thread Empty The Black Sun(Legends) respect thread

November 18th 2019, 9:54 pm
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Alright so I was gonna post up a few Black Sun character respect threads. But I realized that I completely forgot about my Black Sun Organization respect thread, so will be posting this now and do the characters tomorrow.

The Black Sun is a powerful organization as this thread will show. So let's get into it!


The Black Sun

The Black Sun(Legends) respect thread Latest?cb=20130810171527

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

Black Sun maintains thousands of agents and spies within the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, planetary and local governments large and small, other criminal organizations and law enforcement agencies.

- Taken from Rebellion Era sourcebook

Thousands of agents....pretty much everywhere you could think of, even the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

The organizations is involved in every illegal activity in the galaxy be it gambling, gunrunning, smuggling, political corruption, assassination, bribery or spice running, from the Corporate Sector to the Outer Rim.

- Taken from Rebellion Era sourcebook

Straight forward really, does every illegal activity known.

Black Sun operates primarily in busy, cosmopolitan areas where a large number of people are available to be exploited. Whereas the Hutt crime families spend most of their time on remote, Outer Rim worlds, most Black Sun agents focus their efforts on planets that have both a high population and high crime rate.

This strategy makes it easier for Black Sun agents to blend in with other criminals, thus avoiding drawing attention to the syndicate and also provides a breeding ground for potential organization members.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

They operate on high populated/high crime worlds to blend in and avoiding attention to the organization while also possibly getting new members.

Black Sun operates in a variety of crime fields. Each Vigo(high ranking member) typically specializes in a particular crime or vice. Example one Vigo might specialize in extortion and thus would be in charge of a massive protection ring on Coruscant. Another might be a former assassin and be in charge of the syndicate's band of galaxy roaming professional killers.

Black Sun agents deal in everything from confidence scams, gambling rings, and extortion rackets to high level thievery, corporate espionage and terrorism. For the right price, Black Sun is willing and able to do perform any task outside the law.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Again really, they operate in a number of different crime fields with specialization with the Vigos and for the right price they are willing to do any task outside the law.

Black Sun is highly capable and equally ruthless. Crossing a Black Sun agent is a good way to ensure misfortune will come your way. Crossing a high ranking operative usually earns the offender a one way ticket to a block of carbonite at the bottom of a Mon Calamari ocean. Black Sun is also willing to take out its own members when they displease the Vigos or Underlord. Many well known criminals have been found dead as a result of infighting between members of the Black Sun syndicate.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Highly capable and just as ruthless, best not to cross them.

Black Sun teaches its members how to take advantage of the weak, the innocent and corrupt for their own benefit. The Black Sun demands that its agents be stronger, faster, smarter and more perceptive than the agents of other criminal organizations and failure usually results in severe punishment.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Their agents need to be better than any other agents of any other criminal organization or face severe punishment.

Pike Sisters, this deadly and beautiful duo are prime examples of the kind of operatives Xizor hires, well trained, among the best in their field and with no ties whatsoever to the Black Sun. The Epicanthix twins Zan and Zu Pike are professional fighters in the remote Pacanth Reach, a small cluster of stars in the Outer Rim Territories.

The sisters are masters of the Bunduki martial art Teras Kasi since they were young quickly raising through the ranks of the other Teras Kasi students, receiving many honors from their teachers.

- Taken from Shadows of the Empire sourcebook

To give an example of operatives that the Black Sun employs, they have hired the Pike Sisters who are masters of the deadly martial art Teras Kasi.

Anyone who says the Hutts are the leading example of crime have never heard of the Black Sun. Black Sun differs from the Hutt criminal syndicate chiefly in that, not being a sovereign state, it operates covertly and does so with the tacit approval of the Emperor. Black Sun deals in information much like the Bothan Spynet, but Black Sun acquires it in a much more aggressive and ruthless fashion.

Through blackmail, coercion, intimidation and sometimes assassination, Black Sun learns what others would rather keep secret, then uses those very same techniques to turn information into credits.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

The Black Sun operates with the approval of the Emperor(which if anyone knows Sidious, that's a big deal) and they deal with information much like the Bothan Spynet only in a more ruthless fashion.

Taking note the Bothan Spynet...has mastered the art of information/espionage.

What Imperial Intelligence cannot discover for itself, Prince Xizor's operatives often can garner with ease. Because Black Sun frequently gathers information, it has informants not only within the Rebel Alliance, but also the Corporate Sector, Hutt space and even the Unknown Regions.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

What Imperial Intelligence cannot find, they go to the Black Sun. Take note folks, the Galactic Empire's Imperial Intel network is galaxy spanning and they themselves are able to gather a ton of information, utilizing their own highly trained agents and high technology.

Yet even they sometimes go to the Black Sun when they cannot gather the information.

The only other organization that the Black Sun hasn't infiltrated is the Bothan Spynet, it's only real competition in terms of galactic intelligence.

Like the Bothan Spynet, Black Sun conducts its business in secret. Its members might be well known but they lead double lives and their real agenda is only known to the Black Sun.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Straight forward, much like the Spynet, Black Sun does business secret, members have double lives.

To increase his standing, he constantly plots and schemes Darth Vader's downfall, just as Vader plots Xizor's. Emperor Palpatine meanwhile plays one off against the other, perhaps to keep the two from allying against him.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Again this really goes back to what was spoke before, Sidious knows how dangerous Xizor and thus the Black Sun really is and so he plays Xizor against Vader to make sure they don't ally against him.

No one has ever managed to 'resgin' from the Black Sun. Membership is for life and leaving the Black Sun especially following some sort of transgression is an effectively a request for execution. Some members have tried to run and hide, only to discover Black Sun agents can find and kill nearly anyone, nearly anywhere.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

You don't resign from the Black Sun....EVER, you try to 'resign' you die.

Comic Scans


Even Darth Sidious acknowledges the Black Sun's power, it having virtually limitless resources and able to pretty much do anything. Noting that they could be more useful rather than just destroying them, Sidious taking note that the organization could threaten his plans if they weren't crippled.

Sidious notes that they are formidable, each of the 9 Vigos controlling an entire star system with their own armies and bases under Alexi Garyn. This is at the time when the Black Sun wasn't even at its peak of power.

Novel Quotes

The knife was a good weapon, one of Bleyd's favorites. It had a thick haft; the blade as long as the man's forearm and nearly as wide as his wrist. It was made of hand-forged and folded surgical stain-free flex-steel, a drop-point fighter with a circular guard of flex-bronze and a handle of hard and pebbled black rass bone, so it wouldn't slip in a sweaty or bloody grip.

After all, it would hardly be sporting to provide one's prey with a poor weapon. And his research had told him that Mathal was an expert knife fighter. Bleyd knew he would need skill and strength to prevail. Luck was not a factor.

He took a final breath, pivoted the grate cover aside, and dived for the man, headfirst. He screamed the blood cry of his pride:


Mathal looked up, terror on his face. Too late, he raised the knife. Bleyd brushed it aside and reached for the man's throat.

Then they were joined...

Getting rid of the body on board the MedStar would have been easy. A little messy work with an industrial vibroblade, then a trip down to the waste station with a bulky, liquid-proof bag, and hatoo! Mathal, the dead human, would be no more than garbage by now, indistinguishable from the rest of the all-purpose trash that was sieved from waste disposers and even-tually spaced.

The admiral first treated his own wounds-Mathal had been skilled enough with a blade to mark him. Bleyd had known that would be the case going in. It was the way of knife fighting-only a fool believed that facing an opponent with a knife would end without bloodshed.

- Medstar 1: Battle Surgeon

So Mathal(Black Sun operative) was noted as an expert knife fighter, he engaged Bleyd in combat where he had been skilled enough to get a hit on him.

Side Note: 

The Fringe

^ If one looks at Bleyd's section there, you'll find that this guy was a superhuman in just about all physical attributes. Despite that however, Mathal was so skilled, that Bleyd stated he had a 50/50 shot against him with his vibroknife.

Also in that thread, you'll find Kaird, another Black Sun operative, one of the best in fact.

End of Side Note

Just as Kaird had access to state-of-the-art weaponry, his opponent had, he knew, a full slate of sophisticated defenses. He might be wearing a location confounder, a combination of holoproj and cloaking technology capable of making observers think he was a step or two ahead or behind, leading them to shoot at a target that wasn't there. Or a bounceback, a tightband feedback reflector that would reverb an energy beam back to the attacker, with less-than-salutary results. Or any of a hundred and one other protective devices.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Kaird has access to state of the art weapons much like Xizor, more than likely due to being an operative of the Black Sun with their limitless resources and reach.

But as Xizor walked along one such enclosed path, his four bodyguards ahead of or behind him, an interloper appeared in front of them and started shooting at the Dark Prince with a blaster.

One of the pair of bodyguards in front took a bolt in the chest that pierced his concealed hardweave armor and dropped him. Xizor noticed the chest wound smoked as the guard groaned and rolled onto his back.

The second guard, whether through skill or luck, re-turned fire and scored a direct hit on the assassin's blaster, knocking it from his hand. The threat was over.

The attacker screamed and charged at the remaining guards and Xizor barehanded.

- Shadows of the Empire

Despite getting surprised by an attacker, one of Xizor's bodyguards was able to blast the blaster from their hand. Another Guard had taken a direct bolt to the chest, but still appears to be alive given he was still moving and wearing hardweave armor.

Xizor left his four bodyguards in the antechamber and went into Darth Vader's personal meeting room. The guards were trained in half a dozen forms of hand-to-hand combat, each armed with a blaster and each an expert shot.

- Shadows of the Empire

All 4 of Xizor's bodyguards were trained in half a dozen hand to hand styles of combat and an expert shot with a blaster.

"Gone to Rodia to connect up with Black Sun." Luke nearly dropped the container of cold water he held. "Black Sun! Is she out of her mind?" Dash smirked. "Oh, you're an expert on them, are you?"

"No, but I talked to Han a lot while we were cooped up on Hoth during the cold, stormy nights. He had dealings with them. He said they were more dangerous than the Empire." He paused a second. "Why would Leia want to contact Black Sun?"

- Shadows of the Empire

Luke notes with his talks with Han, that the latter had dealings with them and noted that the Black Sun was more dangerous than the Empire.

Leia repressed a smile. Direct and to the point, this woman. But Leia had been too long a diplomat to blurt out what she wanted to a stranger. There needed to be some ritual circling, a few feints, a bit of misdirection. One did not leap from a high cliff into unknown waters; there could be dangerous things lurking just under the surface. It was a good idea to probe carefully first

. She didn't know anything about this icy blonde, what her status was in her organization, what their goals were, what they wanted from those they dealt with. While the Alliance would not enter into a partnership with criminals, Leia was not above using whatever eyes and ears she needed to keep Luke alive, and she did not represent the Alliance in this meeting-though she would keep that to herself.

"I understand that Black Sun has a first-rate intelligence-gathering capability," she said. Guri flashed a smile. "We hear things from time to time."

- Shadows of the Empire

Leia notes that the Black Sun has a first rate intelligence gathering capability which fits above that they are only 2nd to the Bothan Spynet.

Precisely." Boba Fett pointed toward the viewport. "As you can see, everything Dengar told you about the incident was the truth. Xizor's cleanup crew didn't leave much of Kud'ar Mub'at's web. Black Sun operatives are known for their thoroughness."

- Bounty Hunter Wars 3: Hard Merchandise

Noted that Black Sun is thorough in their cleanups.

Of course, he had Vader under constant surveillance, too, every time he set foot outside his castle. On Coruscant-yes, it had been renamed the Imperial Center, but Xizor did not care for the new name-virtually everyone of any importance had his or her own spynet keeping track of all the other people of importance. It was necessary. And Black Sun's spynet was second to none, not even the Empire's own. Well. Perhaps the Bothans were slightly better...

- Shadows of the Empire

Noted as having a better Spynet than the Galactic Empire's, with only the Bothans being slightly better.

Now, at the beginning of this meeting, he had nine lieutenants at this table, each of whom was responsible for several stellar systems.

At the end of this meeting, he would have eight lieutenants.

"A final item on our agenda, my Vigos. One of your number has seen fit to use his office to betray us. Not content with the millions of credits he has made by my largesse, the awards, bonuses, dividends, and unreported skim that all of you indulge yourselves in, this... person has dishonored the title of Vigo."

Guri strolled behind the seated lieutenants slowly. Xizor watched them. Those who could, sweated or flushed or otherwise showed signs of fear they could not hide.

She passed Durga, Kreet'ah, Clezo, reached the other end of the table and circled around it.

Xizor continued speaking, slowly, evenly, betraying nothing in his tone. "There are sublieutenants among your ranks who would cheerfully wipe out entire planets to be given such an opportunity as you all have been given. To be a Vigo in Black Sun is to enjoy more power than all but a handful of beings in the entire galaxy."

- Shadows of the Empire

The Vigos of the Black Sun rake in millions of credits, they have more power than all but a handful of beings in the entire galaxy. Each of the 9 Vigos controlling several star systems under Prince Xizor compared to a single system under Alexi Garyn.

Who was likely to have the nerve to make such an attempt? Here was another matter. Black Sun was nearly invulnerable, and while many would cheerfully lop off its leader's head if they thought they could get away with it, not many would be so certain they could do the deed undetected. So narrow that down to somebody powerful, somebody who might, should it become known, survive not only Black Sun's wrath, but the possible ire of the Emperor himself.

Well, that narrowed it down a whole lot more.

Xizor leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers. This was a little game he sometimes played with himself, pretending that he was using reason and logic to arrive at a conclusion he had already made intuitively. He knew who had caused the attack, just as he knew it had not really been meant to succeed. It was no more than a small thorn set in his path, a tiny sticker upon which he was to step and be irritated, no more.

A small grief offered to his person by a man who feared neither Black Sun nor the Emperor's displeasure. There was only one such man.

- Shadows of the Empire

The Black Sun is noted to be nearly invulnerable, even if someone did kill the leader, not many would get away with it.


So there you have it folks, The Black Sun.

I'll be putting up the character respect threads centered around the Black Sun tomorrow.
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