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Ewok(Legends) respect thread Empty Ewok(Legends) respect thread

November 2nd 2019, 8:10 pm
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Wellp, here's yet another more native species respect thread! We move on from the desert world Tatooine to the forest moon of Endor!

Yeeep, it's the Ewoks! They are more formidable than you might think, which this RT will show, more of a "don't judge a book by its cover thing."

So...let's get to it!



Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165389-3949427164-latest


Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

Intelligent, furred bipdeals standing at one meter tall, they are brave, suspicious and alert. Although technologically primitive, Ewoks are clever and inventive. They are experts at creating tools, weapons, traps and other contraptions, using wood, cloth, vines and stone. They can even learn to operate some machines and fire blasters, but they are more proficent by far with their traditional bows and slings.

- Taken from Star Wars Sourcebook 2nd edition

Intelligent, clever and inventive. Experts at making contraptions from wood, cloth, vine and stone and can even learn to operate machines and blasters. Though being more proficient in their bows and slings.

The Ewok's heightened sense of smell compensates for somewhat poor vision. A sixth sense, perhaps rudimentary Force sense, alerts them to danger as if they could smell it in the air.

- Taken from Star Wars Sourcebook 2nd edition

A heightened sense of smell, a sixth sense of sorts that alerts them to danger.

When first introduced to machinery, they are skittish and weary, but Ewok curiosity soon overcomes fear, leading to wild and inventive experimentation. Ewoks can eventually learn to operate any item of technology.

- Taken from Ultimate Alien Anthology

Can learn to operate any item of technology.

The Ewok people are fierce fighters, brave, suspicious, cautious and loyal.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Aliens.

Brave, fierce fighters and loyal.

I've seen the holo-thrillers, and those directors should admit they're paid to tell New Republic lies. They make those things- those Ewoks- look cute, like stuffed toys. I was there, Miss Towani. They weren't anything close to cute.

The first wave of troopers died with arrows through the gaps of their armor. The indigenes were primitive, but later I read about the bows they'd used, how they were engineered for immense leverage. I saw troopers falling with arrows that had gone completely through their throats. They were the lucky ones- some of our men took what looked like minor wounds, and minutes later they were clawing their helmets off and gasping for air.

The abos had dipped their arrows in some kind of nerve toxin that paralyzed every muscle in the body. Troopers who got hit suffocated because their lungs wouldn't work. I saw dying men staring at the sun, trying to blink.

Some of our men chased the indigenes into the woods and fell into hidden pits lined with stakes fixed in the ground. Scout Troopers flew into trip wires that broke their necks.

Elsewhere the indigenes overpowered troopers through sheer numbers, holding them down until they got their helmets off and other abos could kill them with stone axes and knives made of volcanic glass.

And every time one of our men fell, the indigenes had another blaster. They knew every tree and rock, and they picked us off one by one.

You look like you don't believe me, but I was there. I saw what those Ewoks did. The historians love to talk about alleged Imperial atrocities, but what about what I saw on the Forest Moon? They slaughtered us like animals, Miss Towani. Shouldn't that count as an atrocity?

- Taken from Hume Tarl, survivor of the Battle of Endor

An interview from a survivor of Endor, the Ewok bows were designed around immense leverage, arrows getting shot through Stormtrooper necks, said arrows even minor wounding were coated in a nerve toxin, paralyzing their bodies and suffocating because their lungs wouldn't work.

They set traps such as pit falls with stakes in the ground, trip wires which broke Scout Trooper necks, overpowering troopers with sheer numbers, taking their helmets off and bashing their heads with axes made of stone and knives made of volcanic glass.

They knew every tree and every rock, picking them off.

Movie Gifs


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 3f3s1g

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 3f3s63

Group of Ewoks taking out a large boar wolf with spears and a blow dart gun.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 3f3sa6

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 3f3sfd

Utilizing traps, arrows, spears, ambushing to take down Sanyassan Marauders.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 3f3sk9

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 3f3sog

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 3f3sq0

Utilizing blasters against the Marauders.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 3f3suj

An Ewok shaman using The Force to control a spider.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 3f3t8f

Ewok shaman using The Force to drop a stalagmite on a Gorax.

Comic Scans


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165347-0

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165350-capture

Here Teebo saves Wicket from a Condor Dragon, using a stone axe to chop at its leg.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165353-756

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165354-8

Teebo, Latara and Wicket fighting against some Griagh.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165357-o0

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165359-09

Using the power of the Sunstar, Logray the Ewok shaman creates an illusion of water monsters against some Scout Troopers causing them to flee.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165361-4

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165362-7

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165364-3

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165367-6

Here Logray and his apprentice fight against the Nightsister Charal, Logray using the sunstar to briefly push Charal while the apprentice fights against her undead summoning. The apprentice then using a slug to hurl a rock at Charal, hitting directly in her hand which activates her ring, transforming her into a raven.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165368-1
Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165369-76

Utilizing traps against Stormtroopers.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165371-9
Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165376-98

Ambushing Stormtroopers, utilizing vine rope, arrows through their necks.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165379-i

Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165382-67

Picking off Stormtroopers one by one in the middle of the night.


Ewok(Legends) respect thread 5165384-p

With their unorthodox tactics, terrain advantage, help from Rebel Commandos and Chewie with a hijacked AT-ST, they are able to hold their own against the Imperial forces.


Well there you have it folks, the Ewoks are awesome, don't judge something by its cover just because it's small and looks friendly, Ewoks are vicious little things.

The Fallen Warrior
The Fallen Warrior
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Ewok(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Ewok(Legends) respect thread

November 3rd 2019, 8:53 am
This is easily the best Ewok respect thread i have ever seen. Thank you so much for bringing respect to thes furries
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Ewok(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Ewok(Legends) respect thread

November 3rd 2019, 3:38 pm
Isv wrote:This is easily the best Ewok respect thread i have ever seen. Thank you so much for bringing respect to thes furries
Thanks. They are underrated yeah.
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Ewok(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Ewok(Legends) respect thread

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