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Prince Xizor(Legends) respect thread Empty Prince Xizor(Legends) respect thread

November 19th 2019, 5:11 pm
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Alright as I said I would, here is the leader of the infamous Black Sun Organization! The Falleen Prince Xizor!

Link:  The Black Sun

^ For a broad overview of the Organization and what they have/do.

Link: The Fringe

^ To get an understanding of one of the characters(Kaird) that is involved with Xizor.

Link: Guri

^ To see what his bodyguard is capable of.


Prince Xizor

Prince Xizor(Legends) respect thread 5033669-6228855117-Princ

Sourcebook Quotes

Though the Falleen Prince looks to be about only 30, he is really more than a century old. Xizor uses myostim units to keep himself in top physical shape.

- Taken from Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook

More than a century old and yet still in top physical shape using myostim units, note he's in top physical shape of his species and his species is much stronger than a human.

He also devotes his himself to training in the martial arts and spends several hours per week at his personal firing range, honing his already formidable marksmanship skills.

- Taken from Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook

Trains in martial arts and spends several hours a week at his personal firing range.

In the Rebellion era, the leader of the Black Sun, the Falleen Prince Xizor has close ties to the Emperor, almost as close as Darth Vader himself. As such, Xizor is perhaps the 3rd most powerful man in the galaxy. Prince Xizor is certainly not its first leader, though he is most definitely its best.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Is considered the 3rd most powerful man in the galaxy and is the best leader of the Black Sun. Meaning that out of all the leaders of the Black Sun that have ever been, taking into account all these leaders coming up the ladder by being the best and are deadly figures. Xizor is the best out of them all, taking note the Black Sun stretches back all the way to the Old Republic era.

Novel Quotes

As a species, the Falleen were secretive and insular; little was known of them by the rest of the galaxy, since they tended to keep to their own system. In their dealings with other species, they were usually soft-spoken and silver-tongued. They were not unctuous and wheedling, like the duplicitous Neimoidians, and they were far more clever and indirect than the plainspoken Dressellians. The Falleen were physically imposing as well, averaging over one and a half meters in height, and possessed, for the most part, of a sleek and mesomorphic body design.

With their classically symmetrical features, skin pigmentation that ranged from verdant to orange-red, depending on the individual's mood, and lustrous hair, they were not unattractive as featherless bipeds went, Kaird supposed. The attraction was enhanced, of course, by the wide range of pheromones they could produce. This latter fact was not generally well known, as the Falleen were rarely encountered, and they weren't in the habit of pointing out their advantage to others. But Kaird had known a female Falleen named Thula in the recent past.

He knew that the airborne triggers, secreted from specialized apocrine glands of both male and female Falleen, could cause various intense reactions, romantic and otherwise, in others of their own species. In addition to pheromones, they could also produce allelochemical transmitters that evoked various emotions, such as fear, desire, anger, doubt, and confusion, among most species with similar body chemistry.

The Falleen were quite adept at manipulating others via these subliminal means, and Xizor, Prince of House Sizhran, one of the oldest of the Falleen monarchies, was an adept among adepts.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

A description of the Falleen species(which Xizor is), being imposing physically and able to produce pheromones which could cause various reactions, they can also produce allelochemicals that envoked emotions such as fear, desire, anger, doubt and confusion, they are adept at manipulation, among other things. Xizor being one of the oldest Falleen monarchies was an adept among adepts.

Impressive. He knew that Xizor was a practitioner of various forms of martial arts and weapons fighting. He'd seen the Falleen fight once, in a duel of honor. His opponent had been a human, also well versed in sundry arts of killing. He'd stood almost two meters tall and been grotesquely muscled, but withal limber and blindingly fast.
It hadn't been much of a contest.

- Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Xizor knows various forms of martial arts and weapons fighting, once in a duel he had faced an opponent who was well versed in the art of killing and grotesquely muscled, limber and blindingly fast, yet he hadn't been much a contest for him.

Just as Kaird had access to state-of-the-art weaponry, his opponent had, he knew, a full slate of sophisticated defenses. He might be wearing a location confounder, a combination of holoproj and cloaking technology capable of making observers think he was a step or two ahead or behind, leading them to shoot at a target that wasn't there. Or a bounceback, a tightband feedback reflector that would reverb an energy beam back to the attacker, with less-than-salutary results. Or any of a hundred and one other protective devices.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Just some of the few of hundreds of protection devices, that Xizor could have on him, access to state of the art weaponry/defenses.

He had one card left to play, a bit of knowledge that Xizor didn't know he had, and a reasonable chance now of implementing it before the Fallen could, quite literally, hand him his head. If he could get the drop on Xizor for just a second, he might be able to delay the prince long enough for the rest of his plan to work. He doubted he'd get much more time than that; Falleen were much stronger than humans, and their reflexes much faster.

- Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Noted that Fallen(Xizor's species) are much stronger than humans, their reflexes also being faster.

He didn't know how close he'd come to grabbing the weapon's hilt, but it wasn't close enough. Even though taken by surprise, Xizor was able to backhand Nick away, knocking him across the chamber and against the far wall. He felt a searing pain in his chest as he fell.

- Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Even getting taken by surprise, Xizor was able to backhand Nick away, knocking him across a chamber and into the wall.

Kaird was well versed in killing matters also, but his training was in methods indirect rather than direct. He could fight, however, when there was no other recourse, and he had no problem at all with fighting dirty.
There was no doubt that Xizor was a formidable opponent. Kaird knew he'd be a fool to try to take him on physically, one-on-one.

- Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Kaird who was an assassin notes that it was foolish to try and take Xizor on directly. Kaird who not only being an assassin in the Black Sun(take note again the Black Sun doesn't take in scrubs, but the best.) he also is a Nedji who are extremely fast.

Though he was many generations removed from his ancestors who hunted on the wind, his vision was still that of a raptor: keen enough to spot a shifter lizard blending into its background from a hundred meters away. His gaze found Xizor immediately, even though the latter was two levels below him and on the opposite side.

Xizor, Kaird knew, was the scion of a predatory species as well. Like Kaird, his vision scanned both vertically and horizontally with equal facility. He spotted Kaird almost as quickly as Kaird spotted him. He fired repeatedly, the blaster bolts striking the underside of the platform along which the Nediji was running.

Kaird realized his enemy's strategy too late; the plasteel surface beneath his feet sagged, and then the piece he was standing on cracked and dropped abruptly. Screaming Ugnaughts and Kubaz scrambled frantically, trying to get to safety, and inadvertently blocking Kaird's attempts to do the same.

He fell. He had time to seriously regret the decision of his ancestors' genes, millennia.

- Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Kaird thanks to his species has sharp vision, able to spot a shifter lizard blending in from 100 meters away, Xizor has equal vision, spotting him just as quick as Kaird spotted him.

Xizor then shows pretty good strategy in taking down Kaird, firing upon the platform's underside causing it to crack and drop thus causing Kaird to fall.

He didn't care that Xizor had his lightsaber, or that the Falleen prince was a master of teras kasi, a martial art designed centuries ago and refined through the ages to be particularly effective against Jedi.

- Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

One of Xizor's noted martial arts is Teras Kasi which is designed in particular to fight against Jedi, noted as being effective. Xizor being a master of it.

Xizor nodded, as if acknowledging the move. He turned to his left a bit and began to rotate the lightsaber over his wrist, nimbly switching hands at irregular intervals while moving forward. Jax tensed, waiting for the inevitable moment when his opponent would falter, when he could snap the energy braid forward and flick the blade from-Suddenly Xizor ceased the almost hypnotic movement of the blade and leapt over him, tucking and somersaulting while slashing downward.

Jax wouldn't have thought anybody but a Jedi could pull a stunt like that.

- Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Here Xizor pulls off a stunt that surprises Jax Paven(A Jedi) which was thought only a Jedi would be able to pull of such a maneuver.

He lunged after Jax as the lightwhip slipped free of the lightsaber, sending more sparks flying. Jax ducked, letting the luminous blade whistle by barely above his head, then dived into a roll as Xizor slashed again, missing him by a finger's breadth. He came up, half turned, and, while still moving, snapped his hand around at Xizor. The glowing whip lanced at the Falleen, almost as if it were a hurled spear.

Xizor ducked and spun in a full circle, dropping the blade to chest level as he moved, seeking to bisect Jax. But the Jedi was too fast-he was already in full backpedal, snapping the lightwhip to cover his retreat. Xizor had to parry the flailing energy line to keep the tip from taking an arm off.

- Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Here Xizor ducks from a Lightwhip and parries it.

Jax flicked the lightwhip again, sending a traveling wave down its length, snapping the tip with another supersonic crack!

- Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Lightwhips are noted as being supersonic in speed.

Jax accepted the fact. Now he would join the Force, and perhaps all those unanswerable questions would be-As if operated by some unknown puppeteer, his right hand shot out, palm forward. Xizor was hurled backward as if hit by a repulsor beam, to slam against the wall three meters away.

Jax felt the Force wrap itself around him, felt the familiar threads attach themselves to him once more. He let them move and manipulate him. He rose to his feet as if levitated. Another gesture, and the rock-tossing astromech flew back against the wall as well, hard enough to rupture its casing. Sparks flew and oil spewed. Its Binary echolalia dragged into low distortion as it ran down.

Xizor got to his feet, the shock on his face transmuting to anger.

-Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Here Xizor gets blasted back by a Force push from Jax, as if hit by a repulsor beam and slamming into a wall 3 meters away, yet he gets to his feet with nothing but an angry look.

Xizor laughed.

He leapt, covering the distance between them easily. The movement was fast, very fast. He flew toward Jax feetfirst, almost taking him completely by surprise. Even with his reawakened connection with the Force, it was hard to divine Xizor's purpose. The prince's mind was powerful, capable of concealing his intentions until the last second before he took action.

His reflexes were far faster than those of a human, and his muscles strong enough to propel him almost as far as the Force could propel Jax. The Jedi dodged, then turned quickly, whip and blade both ready to kill, if need be.
Xizor's insane, he thought. He has no hope of victory now, he-The Falleen landed nimbly on both feet, and Jax realized his intent-a moment too late.

Lying on the floor nearby was Nick Rostu's body-and, within Xizor's reach, the major's blaster. Xizor scooped it up, whirled, and fired at Jax all in one smooth motion.

- Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Here Xizor leaps 3 meters easily, moving very fast and almost taking Jax by surprise, noted his reflexes being far faster than a human and with enough muscle strength to propel him as far Jax could with The Force.
He then grabs a blaster, whirled and fired at Jax in one smooth motion.

Intrigued, Xizor watched the man come. The assassin was big, bigger than any of the guards and much larger than Xizor himself, built like a heavy-gravity weight lifter, and he was obviously crazed if he would charge three armed men without a weapon.

How interesting.

"Don't shoot him," Xizor said.

The running man was only twenty or so meters away and closing fast.

The Dark Prince allowed himself one of his tight smiles. "Leave him alone, " he said. "He's mine." The trio of bodyguards tucked their own blasters away and moved aside. They knew better than to question Xizor's orders. Those who did could wind up like the still-smoking guard lying on the polished marble floor.

The assassin continued his run, screaming incoherently.

Xizor waited. When the man was nearly upon him, the Dark Prince pivoted on the balls of his feet and slapped a hard palm against the back of the man's head as he charged past. The extra momentum of the strike was enough to off-balance the yelling man so that he overstepped and fell. He managed to turn the fall into an awkward shoulder roll. He came up, spun, faced Xizor. He was a bit more wary now. He moved in, more slowly, hands held in tight fists.

"What seems to be the problem, citizen?" Xizor asked.

"You murdering scum! You bog slime!"

The man lunged in closer, swung a roundhouse punch at Xizor's head. Had it connected it would have shattered bone. Xizor ducked and sidestepped, kicked the attacker in the belly with the toe of his right boot and knocked the man's wind out.

The attacker tottered back a few steps to catch his breath.

"Have we met? I have an excellent memory for faces, and I don't recall yours." Xizor noticed a bit of lint on the shoulder of his tunic. He reached up and brushed it off.

"You killed my father. Have you forgotten Colby Hoff?"

The man charged again, fists swinging wildly.

Xizor stepped aside and almost nonchalantly slammed a hammerfist into the man's head, knocking him down.
"You are mistaken, Hoff. Your father committed suicide, as I recall. Stuck a blaster in his mouth and blew the back of his head off, didn't he? Very messy."

Hoff came up from the floor, and his rage drove him at Xizor again. Xizor V-stepped to his right and drove his left boot heel at Hoff's left knee, hard. He heard the joint go with a wet snap as he connected.

Hoff fell, his left leg no longer able to support him.

"You ruined him!" He struggled up to his good knee.

"We were business competitors," Xizor said matterof-factly. "He gambled that he was smarter than I. A foolish mistake. If you cannot afford to lose, you should not play the game."

"I'm going to kill you!"

"I think not," Xizor said. He stepped in behind the wounded man, moving fast for one his size, and grabbed Hoff's head with both hands. "You see, to contend with Xizor is to lose. As far as any reasonable person is concerned, attacking me will also be judged a suicide."

With that, Xizor gave a sharp, hard twist. The crack of vertebrae was quite loud in the corridor.

- Taken from Shadows of the Empire

Here Xizor with casual ease(with the way he was talking and how he just brushed lint off him as he was being attacked) destroys Hoff, avoiding his attacks with ease, breaking his left leg and then moving quick behind him to snap his neck. Hoff noted as above, a big man, bigger than Xizor's guards and much bigger than Xizor built like a heavy-gravity weight lifter and yet was still quick.

In his most private chamber, the Emperor sat staring at a life-size holographic recording: Prince Xizor breaking the neck of someone who'd attacked him in a protected corridor.

The Emperor smiled and turned in his floating repulsor chair to look at Darth Vader.

"Well," the Emperor said, "it seems that Prince Xizor has kept up his martial arts practice, does it not?"

Unseen under his armored mask, Vader frowned.

"He is a dangerous man, my master. Not to be trusted."

- Taken from Shadows of the Empire

Noted by Vader as being a dangerous man.

"Tell your men to back off." Boba Fett used Xizor as a shield, putting the Falleen between himself and the two Black Sun guards that had been just behind in the web's corridor. "I want their blasters on the floor-now."

Xizor seemed more amused than surprised by what had happened. "Very well," he said calmly. "Do as the bounty hunter says." The two scowling guards lowered the blaster pistols they had so quickly unholstered, then tossed them into the center of the space. "You know-" Xizor turned his head, looking back at Boba Fett. "The guards are only a formality. I could kill you in a second. And I'd hardly have to move at all."

"You don't have a second." Boba Fett kept the blaster aimed straight at the prince's skull. "If you want to test your speed against mine, go ahead. But right now you've got a lot more to lose than I do."

- Taken from Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Wars 3: Hard Merchandise

Xizor is more amused than surprised by Boba using him as a shield, stating that he didn't need the guards to kill and he could kill Fett within a second without hardly moving.

It was not a question, and it was meant to remind Jabba that Xizor had more than a few sources of intelligence himself. This was a tricky game, and it had to be balanced precisely. Xizor needed information, but he could not reveal what it was and thus must circle around it. He also had to let the Hutt know who was in charge, and showing him he knew trivial things was part of that.

He saw Jabba get it.

"A minor smuggler," Jabba offered. "He has had his uses in the past, but he joined the Alliance and does owe me money."

"Some refreshment, Jabba?"

"Thank you. Something crunchy?"

Xizor waved a hand and a serving droid appeared almost instantly, bearing a tray of insectoids and some vile liquid Hutts were known to favor.

"Ah, thank you, Highness." He picked up one of the wiggling things and ate it.

Xizor leaned forward, as if to convey a sense of closeness. "I have had some dealings with Vader myself of late," he said. "Your presence here is most important, Jabba; information, even the smallest details about the Dark Lord of the Sith, will be most helpful to me in my present situation. This deal with Boba Fett, has it been finalized yet?"

"Not yet, my prince. I am awaiting delivery of Captain Solo."

As if remembering a small and insignificant fact, Xizor said, "Hmm. Wasn't this Solo part of a Rebel force that attacked the Death Star?"

"Yes, Highness. He and his friends were instrumental in its destruction. The Wookiee Chewbacca, Princess Leia Organa, and a young unknown player by the name of Skywalker, all were involved in the debacle."


Jabba laughed, a deep rumble that echoed from his huge bulk. "Yes, he thinks he is a Jedi Knight, so I understand," he said when he'd finished laughing. "He was until recently on Tatooine."

"Where is he now?" 

"Who knows? He took his X-wing off planet only a short time ago."

Xizor leaned back. "Hmm. It probably means nothing, but perhaps these things will be of use to me. If any of these people return to Tatooine, I would greatly appreciate knowing it."

"Certainly, Prince Xizor."

Xizor nodded. He was essentially done, but he continued to carry on a conversation with the Hutt, pretended that Jabba's opinion was worthwhile and that he needed to hear it. He let it run for another ten minutes, asked a few questions about Imperial troop movements and naval deployment so that Jabba would think that was the reason he'd been summoned. When he had done what he thought was enough of it, Xizor smiled. "Old friend, this information is most confidential," he said. "It must remain between us. Your cooperation will be suitably... appreciated."

The Hutt mirrored Xizor's smile. Sometimes the' touch of a soft word was more powerful than the impact of a hard staff. Jabba was not stupid, and he knew what happened to anyone who crossed the Dark Prince. But-let Jabba think instead he was privy to some vital bit of business, some twisted plot, that he was a trusted confidant. It would do the Hutt's reputation no harm if his underlings and enemies thought he had the ear of the leader of Black Sun. Fear was good; fear and greed were better.

Xizor nodded and took his leave.

- Shadows of the Empire

Not so much a feat, I just included this for laughs. But Jabba is nothing compared to Xizor.


Well there you have it folks! The leader of the Black Sun, Prince Xizor!

He is quite honestly in my Top 5 characters in the SWU, he's written so well.
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