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X-7(Legends) respect thread Empty X-7(Legends) respect thread

November 18th 2019, 6:57 pm
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Yes y'all get 3 respect threads today! I'm on a roll, well they have been short today so I guess I haven't really been burning out with the whole transferring over from one to the other.

Anyway, now we're gonna be looking at the Galactic Empire's greatest assassin!



X-7(Legends) respect thread 5310994-4379334672-146803600411194

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

K'tara is a martial arts style often practiced by Special Forces units in order to maximize damage to an opponent while minimizing the amount of noise made by the attack. K'tara focuses on short, quick motions, a soldier using the K'tara style can quietly disarm an opponent and reduce him to unconsciousness within a single round of combat.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

X-7 is trained in the Special Forces martial art K'tara, which maximizes damage to an opponent and one could disarm and bring an opponent to unconsciousness within single combat.

Novel Quotes

He is grateful to the Commander for eliminating it.
"I have to admit, I always thought X-3 would be the one," the Commander says, shaking his head. "He seemed somehow . . . impervious."

But he had not been impervious to X-7's vibroblade in their final training bout.

X-1 and X-6 had been easily dispatched. X-2 had malfunctioned, tried to escape. X-5 had malfunctioned as well, begun muttering about alliances, encouraged the others to see the Commander as their enemy. That was before X-7's emotions had died away - he had been able to enjoy the kill. X-4 hung himself with a laser whip.

- Taken from Rebel Force 1: Target

X-7 became the only one out of 6 others to pass through training, he killed X-1, X-3, X-6 and X-5. All of them were to become deadly superhuman assassins, yet their emotions got in the way.

As the Preybird hurtled toward the Rebel Base, X-7 skimmed the datapad, soaking in every piece of information that existed on Leia Organa. His training had given him the ability to read and memorize information with great speed, and soon he had become an expert on the Alderaan princess.

Everything the Empire knew about Leia, X-7 knew.

He knew what she liked and what she hated. What she respected. Whom she respected.

And that was the person he would become.

- Taken from Rebel Force 1: Target

Able to read and memorize information with great speed, becoming an expert on Princess Leia, knowing everything that the Empire knew about her.

The Yavin 4 hangar deck was a hub of bustling activity.

"Actually, I haven't said who I am, yet," X-7 pointed out. Any respect he might have had was quickly fading. This was no way to run an interrogation. They hadn't even confiscated his weapons: He could kill half the men in this hangar without breaking a sweat.

- Taken from Rebel Force 1: Target

He could kill half the men in Yavin 4's hanger without breaking a sweat, the hanger noted as bustling with activity.

Ignoring the localized nerve anesthetic, he used a small durasteel mallet to crush his nasal bones. He set them with the bone fuser, adding a bump and a slight curve that gave his face a completely different look. Colored lenses turned his eyes a bright green, and a black tattoo across his neck marked him as a member of the A'mari. This was the former ruling class of Malano III, the planet he would claim as his own.

The chances of Leia knowing anything about Malano III or the A'mari were low, but X-7 left nothing to chance.
His new identity was that of a warrior, and a warrior needed scars. He raked the sonic scalpel in a jagged line from his left eye to his chin, pleasuring in the pain. There were easier ways, but he preferred the pain.

It kept his mind clear. Reminded him of the stakes. Reminded him of the Commander, and the only home he'd ever known.

A blaster set on stun, aimed at the chest, the back, t he shoulders.

A simple applicaton of bacta, and his false identity was complete: a battle-scarred warrior, fresh from the front lines.

- Taken from Rebel Force 1: Target

He ignores nerve anesthetic, crushing his nasal bones, fusing them, then raking a sonic scalpel across his left eye to his chin, then setting a blaster to stun to hit his chest, back and shoulders, finding pleasure in pain.

"Drop it." Han didn't wait for X-7 to comply. He kicked the weapon out of X-7's hands. It toppled off the roof, crashing into a Jawa trading post below and clanging against an unsuspecting R2 unit. The unit beeped and sparked, skidding wildly toward a tethered eopie. The spooked beast reared up on its hind legs, slamming back to the ground squarely atop a stall of fresh pallie and pika fruits. A clutch of angry Jawas and fruit vendors gaped up at the roof, shouting in squeaky voices and shaking their fists.

"Get up," Han ordered. "Slowly."

As he climbed to his feet, X-7 did some quick calculating. He could kill Solo now-the smuggler's blaster was nothing against X-7's speed and K'tara fighting skills. But he couldn't do it now, not with half of Mos Eisley watching from below.

-Taken from Rebel Force 3: Renegade

He would be able to kill Han even with him being at blaster point, due to his speed and K'tara fighting skills.

The docs brought him into the building and onto the turbolift. But when he reached the sixty-second floor, he stepped out with his dart shooter in hand. It was small enough to be concealed in his palm; the guards never knew what was coming. He aimed for the small pocket of flesh just below their helmets and above their body armor-a little-known but fatal weakness.

One stormtrooper, two, three, toppled to the floor with a satisfying clatter. Three more dropped, leaving only one on his feet. On a whim, X-7 decided to give him a chance to fire. Lasers shot from the blaster, peppering the wall of the turbolift as X-7 dodged the beams. The stormtrooper charged, and X-7 leapt out of the way, firing a blaster as he soared through the air.

The stormtrooper screamed and dropped to the floor beside his friends.

- Taken from Rebel Force 5: Trapped

He kills 6 Stormtroopers with a hidden dart shooter, aiming below their helmets and dodged blaster fire from one, soaring through the air and blasting the Stormtrooper.

He blasted the lock on the Commander's office door. Soresh leapt out of his chair, reaching for a switch above his desk. "What the..."

X-7 streaked across the room and slapped a hand over the Commander's mouth. He pressed a blaster to the Commander's temple. "Your security team has been taken care of," he informed the Commander. "All the same, I'd prefer you not to press your silent alarm. Please."

Very slowly, the Commander lowered his arm.

- Taken from Rebel Force 5: Trapped

He streaks across a room and has his hand over Soresh's mouth before he could activate a switch underneath his desk

"You are X-7, agent to the Emperor," the Commander said. "The Empire's most skillful assassin... until recently, that is."

- Taken from Rebel Force 5: Trapped

Noted by Soresh as the Empire's most skilled assassin.

X-7 closed his fingers around the enemy's neck and squeezed. He would throttle the life out of this imposter. Punish him for daring to believe he could fool X-7. That level of idiocy deserved death. Div gasped for air as red bloomed across his cheeks-blood vessels bursting in the struggle for oxygen.

The enemy jerked his hands up in a reverse Moravian maneuver. X-7 toppled backward, and the enemy was on him in a heartbeat. They rolled across the carpet, knocking over a synthstone table. Dishes and glasses clattered to the ground, shattering on impact. X-7 raised an arm to protect himself against the spray of jagged fragments. But his enemy grabbed a wrist and flipped X-7 onto his back.

As he fell, X-7 hooked his leg behind his foe's and brought him down, too. But the enemy had seen the move coming, and grabbed a fire poker from the fireplace on his way down. He slammed the durasteel rod down at X-7's face.
X-7 rolled out of the way just in time. He drew his blaster. With lightning speed, the enemy knocked it out of his hand. It skidded across the room, disappearing under a couch.

The enemy was a blur with the poker, lashing and lunging like a master swordsman. Driven by instinct, X-7 reached blindly, his hands closing around a curtain rod and ripping it off the wall. Some part of him must have noticed it earlier and filed it away for later use. That was why X-7 was invincible. He fought like a machine. No emotion, no passion. Only speed and observation and power. He moved with grace and without hesitation. He was like a force of nature. He had been bred for battle. He was a deadly weapon.

And yet the enemy matched him. Move for move.

Their makeshift weapons clashed and clanged. X-7 launched an attack, but the enemy countered with a Phr'shan maneuver. A Griggs-Barnay was the next logical move, but instead, X-7 opted for the unexpected, slashing at the enemy with a modified Ptann attack that he had picked up on Tarivo III. The enemy danced backward almost before X-7 had begun to strike, as if he knew what X-7 was going to do even before X-7 himself did.

They were too evenly matched. X-7 needed to regain the advantage. He began consciously to speed up his breathing, as if he were struggling for air. Sweat streamed down his face. "Hold," he gasped, panting. He let the enemy take the offensive and back him further and further across the room. "We need to talk."

The enemy lashed out with the poker. X-7 parried the blow but let his arm sag just a bit. He didn't want to look too weak. Just weak enough that it would be believable for him to stop the fight.

"You break into my home, attack me without cause or warning, and you expect me to take pity on you?" the enemy growled. He pounced on X-7, who shifted his weight and leaned into the attack, using the enemy's momentum to throw him across the room.

"Not pity," X-7 said, dropping into a crouch behind the sofa. His blaster was under there somewhere. If he could just reach it... "But if you're at all curious why I'm here... "

There! His hand closed around the blaster. He lodged it into his belt, tucking it beneath his shirt. Then he stood again, arms out to his sides. "A temporary ceasefire, that's all I'm suggesting. Time for explanations."

The enemy took a few cautious steps toward him, the fire poker lowered to his side. He nodded. "Fine. Explanations. You start."

X-7 could tell when a man's defenses were dropped. It was a predator's instinct, knowing exactly when to strike. "My pleasure," he said. Then raised the blaster, squeezed the trigger, and-

Somehow, the enemy wasn't there anymore. The blasterfire blew a hole in the wall. A cold blade pressed against X-7's neck. Warm blood trickled down his skin. The enemy was behind him.

The enemy had proven faster than him. Stronger than him. Smarter than him.

"Your adopted brother, you mean," X-7 said, correcting him.

It was like the man's face turned to durasteel. His expression went completely blank. "What do you know about it?"
There was something strangely familiar about the dull eyes, the toneless voice, but it took X-7 a moment to pin it down. Then he realized that it was the same blank and pitiless gaze he saw in the mirror. This was the only man he'd ever met who was able to shut himself down as completely as X-7.

Just as he was the only man X-7 had ever met who could so evenly match him, strength for strength, move to move.

- Taken from Rebel Force 5: Trapped

He is able to have a great fight against Lune Divinian, a Force Sensitive who had been trained in ways of the Force by Masters Ry-Gaul and Garen Muln. Though the latter still being faster, stronger and smarter than him, noted by X-7 as the only man who could evenly match him.

X-7 did his best to ignore Soresh. Automatically, he surveyed his surroundings, eyes alighting on any possible means of escape. The office, clearly a temporary one, was mostly bare, although the Commander had stupidly left his files and datapad sitting out on the desk. Perhaps he'd forgotten that he'd equipped X-7 with a photographic memory. Once the information passed in front of his face, it was in his mind forever.

- Taken from Rebel Force 5: Trapped

Has a photographic memory, once information passed in his face, it was in his mind forever.

"Believe me; don't believe me. That's irrelevant. Haven't you figured it out yet?" The Commander twisted his face into a gruesome smile. "It doesn't matter who you were. Trever Flume, or some other fool, whoever it was, that man is dead. There's no going backward, no hiding in the past. No becoming ordinary again. Why would you ever want such a thing? You're better than that. Stronger, faster, smarter. Harder. Better because I made you that way. You think you can make yourself soft again? Make yourself stupid? Please. You're a weapon, razor sharp. Be grateful."

- Taken from Rebel Force 5: Trapped

Noted by Soresh as not being ordinary, but stronger, faster, smarter, a razor sharp weapon.

X-7's finger twitched toward the trigger. Div launched himself at X-7, knocking him off balance. They tumbled to the ground. X-7's blast rifle flew out of his hand. He slammed a fist into Div's shoulder, jabbing it squarely into Div's wound. Div clenched his teeth, trying to ignore the pain, but his shoulder spasmed. X-7 hit the wound again, harder, and shoved him aside. Div struggled to fight back, but his strength was failing.

And then a glowing blade slashed down. X-7 threw himself out of the way just in time. Ferus struck again.
"I know what you are," X-7 gasped, springing to his feet and moving out of the way of the beam. "I've always known. You don't scare me, Jedi."

Ferus advanced, lightsaber raised. "I should."

Ferus slashed at X-7 with the blue blade. X-7 jumped-sidestepped out of the way, and suddenly, the assassin produced a lightwhip, crackling with deadly laser energy. He flicked it at Ferus, who leapt over the snakelike rope and somersaulted along the catwalk.

"Not bad, old man," X-7 said. "But not good enough." Swinging the whip in a deadly arc with one hand, he wielded a blaster with the other. The weapon sent a wide spray of laserfire at Ferus, who was trapped against the railing with no cover. He slipped between the bursts of laserfire with nearly impossible speed and agility, then nimbly hopped onto the railing and balanced on the five-centimeter-wide durasteel.

X-7 released an icy chuckle and struck out with the whip, trying to knock Ferus off his perch. But Ferus used the height to his advantage, his lightsaber bearing down on X-7's arm. X-7 stifled a cry of pain and dropped the blaster. A bloody stain spread across his shirt. He went into a frenzy, hacking and slashing with his good arm. The whip whistled through the air. It caught Ferus on the leg, only a light blow, but enough to knock him off balance. He toppled backward-and disappeared from sight.

Div gasped.

X-7 laughed again. It was a hard, inhuman noise, like grinding gears. He leaned over the railing. Div didn't want to imagine what X-7 saw below. Ferus's broken body, smashed on the duracrete.

"Where are you, old man?" X-7 sounded surprised.

He turned around-just in time to see Ferus spring over the opposite edge of the catwalk, his lightsaber pointed straight at X-7's heart.

His aim was true.

X-7 dropped to the ground, his eyes glassy, his body limp. Blood pooled beneath him.

- Taken from Rebel Force 5: Trapped

He has somewhat of a fight with Ferus Olin, being able to avoid his lightsaber and even able to knock him off his feet, also showing being able to dual wield two different weapons at once, a blaster and lightwhip. (Abit it's probably more a shock whip rather than a lightwhip, cause it doesn't really make much sense for him to pull a lightwhip out of nowhere and it can be rather confusing to tell the difference between the two.)


Well there you have it folks! X-7!
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