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Jaxxon(Legends) respect thread Empty Jaxxon(Legends) respect thread

November 24th 2019, 4:04 pm
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Alright now we're starting to wind down here finally on my last few RT. Now we're gonna be looking at yet another old character from the old Marvel days. Let's see what this Lepi smuggler is capable of!

I'm getting near the end of my RTs here.

Link: Beilert Valance

^ Relevant link to character Jaxxon has had encounters with.



Jaxxon(Legends) respect thread 4979269-3591839668-Jaxxo

Sourcebook/Gamer Quotes

Quick witted, 1.9 meters tall. Bipedal. Armed to the buck teeth. Green. Jaxxon is not a spacer to be trifled with!

- Taken from Star Wars Gamer 4

He's quick witted and armed to the buck teeth! Not to be trifled with!

Eventually settling on Nar Shadda, Jaxxon earned a living taking on odd jobs and learned the basics of streetwise survival. He learned marksmanship working with a group of cut-throat Mercenaries in the Corus system.

- Taken from Gamer 4

Is streetwise and worked with a Mercenary group, as noted before, the average Mercenary in Star Wars has seen lots of action and knows much about combat.


Lepi(Jaxxon's species) have large powerful feet which make effective weapons.


He is Ambidextrous, a Martial Artist, can fight with 2 weapons and proficient in simple weapons, blaster pistols and blaster rifles.

Comic Scans: Strength/Durability


Here in these scans shows Jaxxon withstanding a hit from Warto, before then he used his powerful feet to kick him down some stairs.


 Previously Warto withstood a chair being smashed onto him by Han, brushing it off like nothing


Here this scan shows him one shotting a High-Hound using his fists.

A species of semi-humanoid avians native to Aduba-3. Bloodthirsty, migratory beasts, they ravaged the planet's settlements.

- Taken from Complete Encyclopedia

High-Hounds noted as bloodthirsty and able to ravage settlements.

Comic Scans: Sight/Accuracy


Has some pretty good eyesight, a trait of his species in seeing over great distances.


Shows his dual wielding ability, able to tag High-Hounds with his blasters.

Comic Scans: Speed


Able to avoid a large boulder thrown by the Behemoth from the World Below.


Able to avoid an energy blast from the Behemoth, described as being fast, the swiftest of all Bipeds on all of Aduba-3. (This includes Chewbacca who was described as having incredible speed himself)

Side Note: Behemoth From The World Below


The Behemoth was able to tag fast moving modified Skyspeeders with his fists and energy blasts.


The modified airspeeders can go up to 218 mph or 350 km/h.


Jaxxon avoids a surprised arm blaster on Valance, his reflexes saving him appearing rather unharmed afterwards.

Comic Scans: Tactics


So along with Amazia, Jaxxon devised a plan to take out a group of Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters who were led by former Imperial Stormtrooper  Beliert Valance.


Well there you have it folks! The Lepi smuggler Jaxxon! Figured it was only fair since I did Valance, I bring him over too.

Anyway, another RT shall be coming up soon!
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