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The Fringe(Legends) respect thread. Empty The Fringe(Legends) respect thread.

November 4th 2019, 10:27 pm
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Now this thread will be a tad bit different than the others so far, this one will look at some minor characters who have appeared here and there, yet despite being minor have shown some incredible skill and abilities.

This could help further gauge a few bigger characters too by comparison and really it's showing that, despite the galaxy being a huge place, it's not short of great and powerful characters and not just including the bigger named ones.

So let's get to it!


The Fringe

The Fringe(Legends) respect thread. 5276898-4534618604-latest

Phow Ji

She said, "A couple of years ago there was a teras kasi tourney on Bunduki-that's where the art originated, you know. In the final match, a Jedi Knight, Joclad Danva, met the local champion."

"A Jedi? Against a local? That hardly seems fair."

"Danva had the peculiar skill of being able to divorce himself from the Force at times. He never used its power in his matches; only his personal skill, which was con-siderable. He was a virtuoso with twin lightsabers, one of the few ever to master the Jar'Kai technique. I've seen holos of him, and he was a fantastic fighter. He could hold his own with most of the Jedi in practice."


"And he was defeated in the Bunduki match."

Jos raised his eyebrows, then looked away from her toward the bare-chested men on the mat. The ref backed away, and the men assumed fighting positions.

"No," he said.

"Yes. Master Danva was beaten by the local teras kasi champion, Phow Ji. Your new combat instructor."

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Barriss recalls that Phow Ji, defeated Jedi Knight Joclad Danva in a Teras Kasi tournament, the latter even without The Force aiding him at all was noted of a person with considerable skill, yet Phow Ji defeated him. He is also noted as the local Teras Kasi champion from Bunduki.

As they watched, the two fighters circled, watching each other. Cley kept his left side facing his opponent, his legs wide in a bantha-riding pose, left hand high, right hand low, fingers formed into loose fists.
Ji stood aslant to Cley, his right foot leading, his arms held wide, hands open. He looked vulnerable, but the in-vitation was false, Barriss knew.

They were a step and a half apart, and Barriss recognized this as knife-fighting distance-just outside the range of a short blade.

They kept circling. Cley was too wary to fall for the obvious trap. It looked more like a jetz match than a fight, the delicate balance between them holding as one man shifted, ever so slightly, and the other responded with an equally subtle move.

The onlookers rumbled uncertainly, aware something was going on, but not sure what.
Then Cley made his move. He lunged, driven by pow-erful legs churning hard, and he was very fast. He launched a two-punch combination, a left and a right, low and high, and either would have been enough to end the fight, had they landed.

Ji didn't back away, but instead stepped in to meet the attack. His own punch crossed the centerline and de-flected Cley's highline strike a hair, just enough so that his hit missed. Then Ji's punch caught Cley flush on the nose, but that wasn't the end of it.

He continued his step in, put his right leg behind Cley's leading foot, caught the man's throat in the V of his thumb and fore-finger, and swept him, shoving him down onto the mat hard enough to momentarily imprint Cley's form into the resilient foam. Then he dropped into a deep squat and drove the elbow of that same arm into Cley's solar plexus. Cley's breath burst out in a rush.

Ji stood, turned his back to the fallen man, and walked away. Cley lay on his back, trying to regain his wind, unable to rise.

Just like that, the fight was over. Once the attack had been launched, the entire sequence had taken maybe three seconds, total.

"Sweet soalie!" Jos said. "What did he do?"

"Looks like he just cost you ten credits, Captain Von-dar," Barriss said.

Jos watched as the fight medic checked Cley over and decided that the man wasn't hurt badly enough to need more than first aid. He had never seen anything like that before-a fighter as experienced as Cley getting floored so fast and so easily.

Phow Ji was good.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here Ji dominated Cley, a man noted as being fast and an experienced fight and with two punches could have ended the fight. However Ji instead dominated him, the entire fight being all of 3 seconds long.

And Zan was about to find out...

The holo flickered again as Ji moved in and the three Salissians went for him-A moment later, all three mercenaries were on the ground, and darned if Jos could tell what had happened.
Maybe he'd had enough to drink for today, after all.

Dhur said. "Let's look at the replay on that." He touched a control on the sphere. Everyone sat up and watched carefully as the scene began again at one-quarter speed.

Even slowed down, it wasn't easy to see exactly what Phow Ji did, but Jos knew enough anatomy to recognize what damage had been inflicted as the three mercenar-ies fell.

One had a crushed larynx, one a broken neck, and the third had taken an elbow to the temple that had surely cracked the skull. All three injuries were apt to be fatal if not treated, and he didn't see any Separatist medics in the jungle clearing.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here Phow Ji destroys 3 Salissian mercenaries, moving too fast for the group to see from a holocam. Even at a one quarter speed, it was hard to tell what he had done. He crushed a larynx of 1 merc, broke the neck of another and cracked the skull of the third.

It had been murder, for it was obvious that the three mercenaries had not had much, if any, of a chance of defeating Ji. Even three against one and barehanded, the odds had still been in his favor-and, of course, he had known it.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Noted that the 3 mercs didn't stand a chance against Ji, the odds even when he was barhanded were in his favor.

It should be noted, that mercenaries in Star Wars have a ton of combat experience on a number of different worlds, so they aren't slouches in fighting.

Ji smiled and spread his hands in a gesture of inno-cence. "I was unarmed, one against three, on a battle-field in a war, my dear Padawan. I was but utilizing the skills that I am paid to utilize. I'm a soldier. It is not considered murder to kill the enemy."

Barriss had stopped stretching; now she stood, arms folded against her chest, looking at the Bunduki master. "You're an expert fighter, and your hands and feet are as much weapons as a vibroblade or a stun baton," she told him.

"Those men had no more chance than they would have had you used a blaster on them. Pretending otherwise is disingenuous."

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Barriss notes that Ji's hands and feet are as much weapons as a Vibroblade or Stun Baton.

Second, Bleyd's plans to redeem his family's honor were still paramount, and a physical squabble with an-other officer, for whatever reasons, would draw un-wanted attention from uplevels. He did not want to risk that.

Third-and this reason came hard, but he could not deny it-he wasn't at all sure he could beat Phow Ji in a fair match. There was no doubt that he was stronger and faster, but the human was a combat champion, and his skills had been honed in dozens of matches, some of which had been to the death.

Size and strength and speed all mattered, of course, but an opponent with enough skill could level that field.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Despite Bleyd(will get to him later) being stronger and faster than Ji, it wouldn't help him against Phow who was a combat champion, his skills honed in dozens of matches, some to the death.

She emerged from the swamp vegetation, pushing through a last clinging cluster of snarlvines, and saw Ji-the only one still standing amid the carnage. Seven men, all wearing Separatist uniforms, lay dead about him. He had a shallow vibroblade wound on his right forearm, and a blistered left cheekbone where a laser beam had narrowly missed. Other than that, he was unmarked.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here he killed 7 Sepratists troops, getting only a shallow vibroblade wound and a blistered left cheek where a laser narrowly missed, but otherwise remaining unmarked.

Phow Ji must have seen the truth of this in her face, because his eyes widened in slight surprise. "Do you se-riously think you can stand against me? I am a master of teras kasi, of Hapan, echani, tae-jitsu, and a dozen other deadly styles."

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here Ji notes that he is a master of Teras Kasi, Hapen, Echani, Tae-Jitsu and a dozen other deadly styles. Note that masters of Echani have a form of precog much like Force Users do.

Phow Ji stepped into view in the foreground, his back to the cam. He wore a pair of blasters in low-slung hol-sters on his hips. The droid didn't appear to see or hear him, but this changed when Ji yelled, "Hey, mechani-cal! Over here!"

As the droid turned toward him, Ji snatched the blasters from their holsters so fast that the action was a blur, and fired. The twin bolts caught the droid's visual sensor array, instantly blinding it.

Ji ran to his right, five or six fast steps, and dropped prone. The droid fired his laser cannon at the spot where Ji had been standing a moment before.

Ji rolled up to his knees and shot the droid again, and the bolts-there must have been at least six or seven hits-lanced into the chink under its control box. This was, Den knew, a weak spot on this model's armor, but so small that it was seldom a problem in battle.

It was a problem this time. Blue smoke erupted from the droid's casing, the thing listed to one side, then ground to a halt, critically damaged.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here Ji draws his twin blasters so fast and fires so fast, that the action was a blur. He then took down the droid in a weak spot that was so small it was hardly a problem in battle, yet he did it.

A trio of Salissian mercenaries came out of the woods, blaster rifles working. Streaks of incandescent plasma scorched the air.

Ji dodged, dodged left, then right, then stutter-stepped as enemy bolts fell short or to the sides. He also shot as he ran, once, twice, thrice-and all three merce-naries were hit with fatal body strikes. They went down.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

He once more takes out a trio of mercs, this time they having blaster rifles. But he is able to dodge their blaster shots(thanks to Echani) and take all 3 of them down with fatal blaster shots.

A heavily armored super battle droid emerged from the woods, followed by two more mercenaries, but Ji was on top of them almost before they realized it. He bodyslammed into one of the mercenaries, shot the other, and fired three times more at the droid, which erupted in fire and smoke as had the one before. Den watched in astonishment.

Mother's milk, but this was incredible shooting, extremely accurate for sidearm fire, especially from a man running full out over uneven ter-rain and using both hands.

Ji holstered his blasters, straddled the remaining merc, who was still alive and trying to get up. He grabbed the man's head from behind and jerked it powerfully to one side. Den could clearly hear the Salissian's neck snap.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here Ji gets the drop on 2 mercs and a heavily armored super battle droid, taking them all down before they even realized it, he then grabs the remaining merc and snaps his neck.

He'd thought his capacity to be astonished had reached its limit. But then his jaw dropped as two more mercs emerged from the woods, and Ji drew both blasters and shot the guns out of their hands!
Den had never seen anything like this, not even in en-tertainment holodramas.

The small 3-D image of Ji holstered his weapons again and ran to engage the surprised Salissians in hand-to-hand combat. The first man went down from a hammer fist to the temple; the second caught an elbow to the throat. Then Ji drew his weapons again, so fast that they seemed to just appear in his hands, and fired into the woods at unseen targets.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Ji then blasts the blasters out of 2 mercs hands, before then taking them down in just 1 hit each, then drawing his weapons so fast that they just seemed to appear in his hands, blasting more targets.

A moment passed-then a mercenary pinwheeled into the clearing and hit a patch of rocky ground head-first. Again, the snap of cracking vertebrae was audible.

Another mercenary staggered into view and collapsed, clutching a blackened, smoking wound in his midriff.
Ji backed into the clearing from the woods, a blaster rifle now in hand. He was firing on full auto, hosing more hidden enemies.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here he is snapping vertebrae and firing full auto from a blaster, hosing more hidden mercs.

More Salissians emerged from the forest, shooting rifles and blasters of various makes. A pellet from a slugthrower hit Ji a glancing blow high on the right leg, ripping open the cloth and the flesh. Blood oozed, soaking his pants. He spun toward the man who'd shot him and blasted him squarely in the face.

Another discharge took Ji low on the right side, vaporizing cloth and punching through his body. Not fa-tal, because the beam's intense heat instantly cauterized the wound, but serious nonetheless. Ji turned calmly and shot his attacker in the chest.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here he takes a slug to the right leg, yet just spun towards the merc and blasted him in the face. He then takes a blaster shot, which vaporized the cloth and punching through his body, yet he turns calmly to blast the merc.

A large shadow obscured the light. Ji looked up, and the angle of the recording cam tilted as well, to frame a large drop ship hovering about fifty meters overhead. A dozen Separatist soldiers, using repulsor packs, settled down into the clearing, firing as they did so.

Ji shot eight of them, leaping, dodging, and rolling as plasma bursts peppered the ground all around him. It was a Jedi-like display of acrobatic skill, but finally the Separatists found the range. Phow Ji went down in a hail of sizzling blaster bolts.

He lay on the ground, obviously mortally wounded. The remaining soldiers approached him cautiously.
As they reached the dying man, he pulled a thermal grenade from his pocket and held it up. He smiled as he triggered it.

They tried to run, but there was no escape. The grenade blasted the clearing into a blaze of heat and light that, even with the cam's automatic dampers, whited out the 3-D image. When the glare cleared, all that was left of Phow Ji and his enemies was a smoking crater in the damp ground.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

A dozen mercs come in with repulsor packs and blasters, Ji killing 8 of them, leaping,dodging and rolling, displaying Jedi like display of acrobatic skill, before finally he went down, triggering a thermal detonator and taking the rest of the mercs with him.


So as one could see, Phow Ji was pretty much a 1 man killing machine, it taking a dozen troops just to kill this one man and even then he took out 8 of them.
Anyway, next up!



he highly evolved Sakyian brain is nearly twice the size of the average human brain. While the Bith brain remains one of the most advanced among the common alien species, the parts of the Sakyian brain that process sensory imput are superior to even to the Bith.

- Taken from Ultimate Alien Anthology

A Sakyian's brain has superior sensory imput to even the Bith.

In fact the Sakyian possess what other species consider nigh-supernatural perception. Sakyian use their acute perception as a limited danger sense, improving their reflexes.

- Taken from Ultimate Alien Anthology

They are considered to have supernatural perception, it being a limited danger sense.

The full-spectrum light in his office was dimmed as a Sakiyan, Admiral Tarnese Bleyd could see farther into the infrared than most beings, and he preferred to spare himself the harsh glare that many of the galaxy's species needed for illumination.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Bleyd, his species specifically can see farther into infrared than most beings.

Bleyd frowned. He knew himself to be one of the Republic's most capable admirals: smart, clever, and deft. Given the proper venue, he could have risen easily to the top of the military's chain of command in short order. Become a fleet commander, at the least; perhaps even a Priority Sector High Commander. But instead, his superiors had seen fit to shunt him to this Maker-forsaken, backrocket planet in the hind end of nowhere.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

He was one of the Republic's most capable admirals and could have easily risen to the top of the chain of command in short order.

Mathal nodded. "Smart. You know, when this war is over, you might consider coming to work for Black Sun, Admiral. A being like you could do all right there."

"You are too kind." Bleyd politely gestured for the other to precede him.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Noted by Mathal(A Black Sun member/representative) that he could do well within the organization. This is a pretty good accolade, as the Black Sun only hires the best.

The man from Black Sun couldn't believe it.

"This is a joke, right? You're tapping my buttons."

Bleyd said, "Not in the least." He had disarmed Mathal at blasterpoint, and the man was nearly having a seizure in his disbelief.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here he had disarmed Mathal of his weapon despite being at blaster point.

Mathal glared. "Yeah? What's to stop me from breaking your neck right now?"

"You could try, even if I didn't have a blaster, but I wouldn't advise it. I am stronger than you, and my heritage is... somewhat fiercer. Your chances of victory would be exceedingly small. Even with the knife and me barehanded, the odds are probably no better than fifty-fifty."

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Notes that he is stronger than Mathal and fiercer due to his species, even with Mathal's vibroblade his odds of winning would be no better than 50/50.

Bleyd gave him the rest of the allotted time, enjoying the slight, lingering, sour odor of the man's sweat, then started down the corridor opposite the direction Mathal had taken. The weapon was closer this way, and there were several places wherein he could hide to watch it and wait.

He would allow the man to collect the knife that was only fair, since a Sakiyan's muscles and ligament-attachment angles were mechanically superior to those of a human's, making Bleyd at least half again as powerful as a strong man, and a good deal quicker as well.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

The muscles and ligaments of a Sakiyan are superior to that of a human, making Bleyd as powerful as a strong man and a quicker as well.

Hardly in Bleyd's class, of course. Bleyd was a first-rate hunter. Armed with naught but a lance, he had stalked Shistavanens on Uvena III.

He had taken a rancor with a pulley bow and only three quarrels.

He had tracked and killed unrepentant Noghri with a pair of hook-blades whose cutting edges were no longer than his middle fingers.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Noted as a 1st rate hunter, he stalked Shistavanens(wolfmen noted as having highly acute sense of smell and hearing, they train in hunting and tracking, the Empire found them useful to use.).

Killed a rancor with nothing but a pulley bow and three quarrels. (This is ridiculously impressive, given how powerful rancors are)

Tracked and killed unrepentant Noghri. (Highly trained assassins, some of the best, Vader has used them as a personal guard.)

The knife was a good weapon, one of Bleyd's favorites. It had a thick haft; the blade as long as the man's forearm and nearly as wide as his wrist. It was made of hand-forged and folded surgical stain-free flex-steel, a drop-point fighter with a circular guard of flex-bronze and a handle of hard and pebbled black rass bone, so it wouldn't slip in a sweaty or bloody grip.

After all, it would hardly be sporting to provide one's prey with a poor weapon. And his research had told him that Mathal was an expert knife fighter. Bleyd knew he would need skill and strength to prevail. Luck was not a factor.

He took a final breath, pivoted the grate cover aside, and dived for the man, headfirst. He screamed the blood cry of his pride:


Mathal looked up, terror on his face. Too late, he raised the knife. Bleyd brushed it aside and reached for the man's throat.

Then they were joined...

Getting rid of the body on board the MedStar would have been easy. A little messy work with an industrial vibroblade, then a trip down to the waste station with a bulky, liquid-proof bag, and hatoo! Mathal, the dead human, would be no more than garbage by now, indistinguishable from the rest of the all-purpose trash that was sieved from waste disposers and even-tually spaced.

The admiral first treated his own wounds-Mathal had been skilled enough with a blade to mark him. Bleyd had known that would be the case going in. It was the way of knife fighting-only a fool believed that facing an opponent with a knife would end without bloodshed.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeon

He kills Mathal even when he had a knife and Mathal as noted, was an expert knife fighter and though Bleyd had gotten the drop on him, he was still able to mark him. Which understandable, the Black Sun doesn't have scrubs, it's both impressive for Mathal and for Bleyd.

Bleyd was suddenly across the room and at the Hutt's throat. He'd moved so fast that the moon moth had only registered a blur. "You deserve," the Sakiyan hissed, "to have your innards rearranged, you swamp-sucking-"

He stopped abruptly. Filba's eyes were even more bul-bous and distended than usual. His wide gash of a mouth opened and closed, either questing for air or try-ing to speak, and apparently not succeeding at either.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here he moves fast enough across a room, being registered as nothing but a blur to a Moon Moth spy droid, holding the Hutt's throat making him unable to breath or speak.

Kaird whipped his hand back suddenly, snapped it forward, and threw the knife-!

It came too fast to dodge. Bleyd instinctively swatted at the incoming weapon, and, with reflexes honed by centuries of natural selection, managed to deflect it - barely. It nicked him on the hand, but that was all. A mere scratch.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here he deflects a knife using his own knife with reflexes honed by centuries of natural selection. Said knife being thrown by Kaird who was very fast.( Will get to him below.)


Well there's Admiral Bleyd, a pretty good combatant in his own right.



Bleyd was immediately beset with the idea of testing himself against the new agent. The Nediji was much faster than he was, and tricky as well. No doubt he was well trained in many combat arts. Avian predators would have a different way of viewing prey than those who were ground-bred. Here was a foe worthy of Bleyd's mettle.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Noted as being a worthy foe for Bleyd and being much faster than he was.

Bleyd shifted his attention to the sound for a heartbeat-The Nediji vanished.
No, that was not strictly true. The being had moved, but so fast that Bleyd couldn't believe what he was seeing. Of a moment, he was sitting on the cot, and then in an eyeblink he stood next to Bleyd, out of the blaster's line of fire, close enough to touch.

Bleyd started to shift his aim, but stopped. If the fellow could move that swiftly in a one-gravity field, he would never be able to line up on him in time if he had a weapon of his own and wanted to use it.
He lowered the blaster.

"Wise move, Admiral."

Bleyd caught a flash of light on something in the Nediji's hand, then whatever it was disappeared.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Here Kraid moves so fast that even Bleyd can't keep up, faster than an eyeblink. Given Bleyd's own speed and reactions, it's pretty impressive.

Kaird laughed again. "Pardon me, but I take my death very personally." And with that he lunged, impossibly fast, and the short knife flicked out in a blur.

Bleyd saw it coming, but even so, he barely had time to get his own knife in position for the block. Durasteel clashed with durasteel, and Kaird hopped back, grinning, before Bleyd could counterattack.
"Just checking to see if you're awake, Admiral."

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Moves impossibly fast, his knife flickering in a blur with Bleyd barely having enough time to block it with his own.

"You could have taken me just then," he said. "If you'd come in fast enough, you might have backed me into the corner before I could have maneuvered around you. But you hesitated. And now you've lost."
"Lost? Nothing has changed. I still have you cor-nered." Bleyd smiled, a feral gleam of teeth. "Frankly, I was hoping for more of a fight, Nediji. I expected better of a Black Sun killer. Now we finish this."

"I don't think so," Kaird said. His posture was quite casual now; he could have been carrying on a conversation on a Coruscant street corner. Despite himself, Bleyd felt a slight sting of uneasiness.

"Something has changed," the bird-being continued. "Time has passed. And all of a sudden, you feel... tired, don't you, Admiral? As if you can hardly hold your weapons. As if all your strength has been used up."

Bleyd snarled. "Are you a Jedi, to try infantile mind tricks? Trust me, I'm immune to such claptrap."
"But you're not immune to dendriton toxin."

Bleyd blinked. Then, suddenly, the pulse of uneasi-ness bloomed into full-blown shock.

The Nediji's knife! The cut on his hand!

Bleyd gathered himself to charge, but his legs abruptly would no longer obey him. He tried to leap, and instead staggered to one side. Tried to take another step, and his left leg, now completely numb, gave way. He fell to one knee. He kept his grip on the knives, but he was so weak! And now a sudden fire raged within him, roasting his muscles, torching each individual nerve...

Kaird moved toward him, reached out, and took one of the knives from Bleyd's burning fingers. The other one fell from the Sakiyan's nerveless grasp.

"Dendriton toxin is a bad way to go," Kaird said. "Painful, slow-you're literally immolated from inside out. But you were a brave adversary, Admiral, and I ad-mire bravery. So, even though my superiors wish you to suffer, I'll spare you the toxin's effects."

He stepped to the side, caught Bleyd's head in one hand, and tilted it back.

Bleyd felt the touch of the knife against his throat, but it wasn't painful, just cold. An almost pleasant momentary respite from the fiery agony.

His consciousness started to fade, then, the colors of his office leaching into grayness. He realized numbly that he wouldn't be able to cleanse his family's honor. That knowledge hurt even more than the molten venom in his veins.

He managed to shift his eyes, to look at the Nediji before he faded out completely. Kaird gave him a small and slow bow, a final salute that held no mockery.

"Nothing personal," he said.

And the darkness claimed Tarnese Bleyd, forever.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

His knife has a toxin, slow and painful making one immolated from the inside out, killing Bleyd with it.

Kaird had not become one of Black Sun's best operatives, an assassin who had taken out scores of the organization's enemies without ever once being arrested or even suspected, by being greedy or stupid. You made a plan. Then you made a backup plan-Then you made a backup plan for the backup plan.

- Taken from Medstar 2: Jedi Healer

Kaird is one of the Black Sun's best operatives in an organization which already hires the best and has them be greater than any other organization operatives. He's taken out scores of Black Sun enemies, without being arrested or even suspected, making a plan, then making a backup plan and then making a backup plan for the backup plan.

Kaird had violet eyes. They were capable of excellent vision; after all, his avian ancestors had evolved on the high, snow-dusted peaks of Nedij, an outlying world on the eastern spinward rim.

They had occupied themselves, among other things, with hunting humanoid creatures not unlike the Falleen. His kind no longer possessed the power of flight, and. while he was still stronger and faster than most other beings.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Kaird's species has excellent vision, hunting and his species were stronger and faster than most other beings.

Kaird was well versed in killing matters also, but his training was in methods indirect rather than direct. He could fight, however, when there was no other recourse, and he had no problem at all with fighting dirty.
There was no doubt that Xizor was a formidable opponent. Kaird knew he'd be a fool to try to take him on physically, one-on-one.

Fortunately, as an assassin, he had a variety of alternatives. He could easily pick the Falleen off right now, put a load of toxin so virulent in him that he'd literally be dead before he hit the grimy duracrete. But it wasn't going to be that simple. Just as Kaird had access to state-of-the-art weaponry.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

He's well versed in killing, indirect more than direct, but even still he could fight if needed and he had no problems with fighting dirty. He has access to state of the art weaponry.

Though he was many generations removed from his ancestors who hunted on the wind, his vision was still that of a raptor: keen enough to spot a shifter lizard blending into its background from a hundred meters away. His gaze found Xizor immediately, even though the latter was two levels below him and on the opposite side.

Xizor, Kaird knew, was the scion of a predatory species as well. Like Kaird, his vision scanned both vertically and horizontally with equal facility. He spotted Kaird almost as quickly as Kaird spotted him.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

His vision is just as keen as Xizor's.

Kaird stared in disbelief. The Underlord of Black Sun was the last person he'd expected to see in a run-down, abandoned droid-manufacturing plant in the Factory District. But it was him, there was no disputing that.

Kaird was standing less than two meters away, and he was quite familiar with disguises, bodysuits, and the like. He could spot someone so camouflaged far more easily than most could.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Kaird could spot someone camouflaged far easier than most others could.

Kaird could see deeper into both the near infrared and ultraviolet than most species. He could see the heat waves that Perhi's body was shedding, and abruptly realized that they were cycling to extreme degrees between hot and cold.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

He can see deeper into both infrared and ultraviolet moreso than other species.


Yet another deadly combatant, Kaird the assassin, one of Black Sun's best.


Egome Fass

Enforcers are generally noted for their physical prowess(the typical Enforcer can usually lift a ton, if not spell it.)

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations

Egome Fass is an Enforcer, as such it's noted Enforcers are known for their physical prowess and can usually lift 1 ton.

Chewbacca was less fortunate. Preparing to enter the fray, he was unaware that the massive Egome Fass had stolen up behind him. The enforcer's hard fist crashed into the base of the Wookiee's skull. Chewbacca staggered, nearly falling to his knees, but his tremendous strength bore him up again.

He turned groggily to give battle, but Egome Fass's first blow had given the enforcer a formidable edge. He avoided Chewbacca's slowed counterpunch and landed another blow, bringing his fist down on the Wookiee's shoulder. And this time the Falcon's first mate went down.
- Taken from Han Solo Trilogy 2, book 3

Egome, 2 shots Chewbacca with hard fist blows, sending the Wookiee to the floor.

Chewbacca would have torn the hysterical woman from his friend, but at the same moment he was struck from be hind, a heavy blow from a thick forearm. The Wookiee fell to his knees, losing his bowcaster, as a huge weight fell upon him: Egome Fass, the enforcer. The two huge creatures rolled over and over, wrestling, tearing at one another.
- Taken from Han Solo Trilogy 2, Book 3

Drops Chewie to his knees with an elbow before falling ontop of him, starting to wrestle with the Wookiee.

Chewbacca and Egome Fass had gone to war. It had been the second time Fuoch's enforcer had struck the Wookiee from behind. What the Falcon's first mate felt now could only pallidly be described as outrage. Han waved Badure off when the old man would have shot Egome Fass.

The two punched and grasped at one another while Han leaned against the rail to watch the honor match., "Aren't you going to help him?" Hasti puffed, her face showing the scratches and abrasions of her own match.

- Taken from Han Solo Trilogy 2, Book 3

Egome takes on Chewie who is in a rage, the two trading blows with one another and grasping eachother.

"Chewie wouldn't appreciate that," Han told her, keeping one eye on the rallying of robots at the end of the bridge. But he eased a pistol from Badure's belt in case the match didn't go as it should. Egome Fass had gotten a choke-hold on Chewbacca.

Rather than squirm out of it or apply an in-fighting trick, the Wookiee chose to lock both hands on his opponent's arm and turn it into a contest of pure strength. Egome Fass was bulkier, Chewbacca more agile, but the question of brute force was still open.

Their arms quivered and muscles jumped in the straining backs. Bit by bit the arm was levered away from Chewbacca's throat. The Wookiee showed his fangs in savage triumph, and burst free of the hold. But Egome Fass wasn't done with tests of strength. He lunged at his antagonist for a -deadly hug. Chewbacca accepted it.

They staggered back and forth, first the Wookiee's feet leaving the bridge, then the enforcer's. Both applied their full brawn in fearsome constriction.

Egome Fass's feet were lifted clear of the bridge and stayed that way as the Wookiee held him aloft, muscles standing out like cables under Chewbacca's pelt. The enforcer's struggle became more frantic, less aggressive. Panic crept into his movements.

Then there was a crack, and Egome Fass's body slumped. Chewbacca let go, and the enforcer slid limply to the bridge's surface.

- Taken from Han Solo Trilogy 2, Book 3

Egome is able to match Chewie's strength, even lifting him off his feet, of course Chewie won in the end. Still that's pretty impressive.


Not as big as the others thus far, but regardless a nice showing of just how strong an Enforcer can be.


Eogan Truax

That?" The boy gave it a sidelong glance. "It's too much! And my arms are already burned out from those dead lifts!"

"Excuses won't save you." Artagan gazed at his son sternly. "Do you wish to survive this place or not?"

Eogan nodded and shut his eyes. He was stripped to the waist, his bare torso pale and nearly hairless. He'd spent the last few hours chasing prison rats across elevated girders, attacking them with both hands tied behind his back.

They were large, disgusting things, but they moved fast, and pursuing them required absolute focus and determination.

Afterward he'd practiced punching, kicking, swinging, ducking, lifting, pulling, Artagan coaching his son through the various holds, locks, and attacks that might one day make all the difference in a bout.

- Taken from Maul: Lockdown

Eogan Truax, 16 years old, spends hours chasing large prison rats, noted as quick, then he went onto practicing his fighting abilities, punching, kicking and so on until his arms were burned out from dead lifting.

"Whenever you're ready."

Reclining backward, Eogan tilted his head back and reached for the makeshift crossbar that his father had jimmied up beneath the pallet. Artagan waited while his son tested the bar to make sure the load was balanced, and he watched his son's features tense up in anticipation of the lift.

"Get under it," Artagan said.

"How many?"

"Start with one."

The boy shut his eyes and pushed. Muscles leapt out across his shoulders, chest, and abdomen, biceps straining, arms extending until he held the debris pile at arm's length off the floor. He started to lower it, but Artagan spoke.

"Hold it on my count."

Eogan didn't argue. The load trembled. The boy's jaw clenched, fighting gravity and fatigue every passing second. Throughout it all, Artagan stood over him without expression, watching the weakness drain from his son's body, feeling the familiar mingling of deep pride and dismay that came with the realization of how hard the boy was working, and ultimately how little it mattered.

Eogan grunted. "Father-"

"Five more seconds," Artagan said. "You can do it."

The boy tucked his chin. By now his face had gone a dark, plummy shade of scarlet, all the way up to his hairline. Veins stood out in his temples. A slight, involuntary whimper escaped his throat, and Artagan heard the load beginning to rattle as the boy's arms trembled harder than ever, threatening collapse.

"I can't-"

"Two more seconds," Artagan told him. "One├┐..." He nodded. "That's enough."

The load dropped with a crash, and Eogan let out a gasp of relief, sitting up slowly, rubbing his shoulders, and trembling with the lactic acid buildup in his muscles.

Artagan tossed him the towel and waited while the boy mopped his face and glanced back at the cube before finally lifting his gaze to look up at Artagan. His face was pale now, drained but clearly pleased.

"How much?" Eogan asked.

"A hundred and twenty."

"I've never lifted that much before!"

"You asked for a true test," Artagan said. "I gave you one." Reaching down to ruffle his son's sweaty hair.

- Taken from Maul: Lockdown

Here he holds 120 load for 7 seconds, this right after his muscles having his arms burned out from dead lifting, chasing rats and practicing combat.

"Now," he said, "the Fifty-Two Fists."

Eogan's eyes widened. "Father..."


Reluctantly the boy assumed the position of readiness, neck straight, body rigid, arms upraised, a veil of doomed hopelessness already descending over his face. Comprising a blizzard of lightning-fast attacks over a period of less than five seconds, the attack known as Fifty-Two Fists required total commitment to absolute destruction of the opponent.

Done properly, it could kill a man three times Eogan's size and weight. But the slightest tremor of intent left its unlucky practitioner wide open to all manner of retribution.

"Now," Artagan said.

The boy launched himself at his father, arms scissoring in a blur of punches. At first the results appeared promising. But all too quickly, Artagan saw a hole, lunged forward, and threw his son to the floor.
Eogan lay supine, gasping for air, eyes shining, cheeks and forehead blazing. Only now did the anger come, belated, impotent.

- Taken from Maul: Lockdown

Here Eogan tries the Fifty-Two-Fists, even in his exhausted state he is able to leave a blur of punches, though he had yet to fully grasp the technique.

The Fifty-Two-Fists being noted as a blizzard of attacks over a period of less than 5 seconds. Properly it would kill a man three times Eogan's size and weight.

Eogan shook his head.

Not anymore.

Something changed inside him, something deep and final. Without even being aware that he was doing so, he leapt forward and felt his body-his muscles and his adrenaline and the very blood in his veins-flying into motion, launching into a series of lightning-fast strikes.

Every part of him was in motion at once, fists and feet swinging out, delivering a blizzard of punches and kicks that seemed to connect with the six blind men simultaneously in a blur of speed and shattering bone.

They were falling at either side of him now, their blades clattering to the cell floor, and Eogan knew that up until this moment, if he'd ever attempted such an assault, he almost certainly would have died.

It was nothing like what he'd imagined-as if he'd given up his body and had been brought back to life by something profoundly faster and more powerful than himself, resurrected for a singular moment of triumph.

When it was over, he dropped his fists to his sides and stood gasping amid a pile of bodies, his arms soaked in blood to the elbows.

- Taken from Maul: Lockdown

Here Eogan is able to pull off the Fifty-Two-Fists, every part being in motion at once, taking down 6 inmates simultaneously in a blur, shattering bones.


Short appearance, but that kid is deadly none the less.



She had no chance to answer. The lift doors slid open. Outside, in the corridor leading to the Millennium Falcon's berth, was a tall Anomid dressed in some sort of formfitting metalloid body armor. The lower half of his face was concealed by the typical vocalizer mask his species-which had no vocal cords-wore to enable communication with other species.

But it was what he carried in one six-fingered hand that caught Dash's immediate attention: a Kerestian darkstick-its long, sharp-tipped blade curved like the talon of some mythical beast. Nor was that the end of his weaponry. A repulsor razor-thrower and a Wookiee ryyk blade dangled from his belt, and a force pike and a Morgukai cortosis staff were crossed on his back, their handgrips extending up behind his head.

Dash took in all this in a heartbeat, which was all the time he had to shove Javul back into the lift and yell, "Emergency close!" as he dived in behind her. As the door slid shut, he saw the glint in the Anomid's orange eyes, saw the arc of the Kerestian weapon as the assassin whipped it toward them, heard it strike the door.

The tip punched through the five-centimeter-thick durasteel as if it were paper, driving a good part of its length into the lift, level with Dash's eyes.

- Taken from Shadow Games

What he caries really, body armor, a Kerstian darkstick, a repulsor razor thrower, a Wookiee Ryyk blade, a Force Pike and a Morgukai cortosis staff. The darkstick easily being able to penetrate 5 centimeter thick durasteel as if it were paper.

As if to illustrate, Han raised his heavy blaster and fired a series of shots down the corridor.
Dash looked up, seeking his target. The assassin had just left the shelter of the Bay 2 docking port and was making his way toward them along the wall.

One hand was extended in front of him, palm out. The other was reaching for another of the weapons on his belt.

Neither the particle beam from Han's blaster nor the energy bolts from Eaden's seemed to have much effect on the Anomid, save to slow him down. As Dash watched, he saw another energy bolt, fired by either Eaden or Mel, hit an invisible something a few centimeters in front of the Anomid's outstretched palm.

"Personal shield!" shouted Dash over the sound of blaster volleys.

Dash obliged, fanning his shots as Han dropped to his belly, aiming his blaster along the floor. He could see that the Anomid had a new weapon mounted on the back of his right hand. A flex-tube ran from it down his index finger. It was a dart spitter.

- Taken from Shadow Games

He also has a personal shield, which protects him from blasters, as shown when Han and Eaden's shots didn't have any effect. He also has a dart spitter.

He stood, frozen in apparent mechanical confusion, as Edge drew a large-bore dart shooter from his belt and aimed at the holographic Javul as if he could see the real woman at the heart of the projection.

Eaden, uttering a freakish sound that would have put the fear of the Force into a bull wampa, flew out of nowhere to land gracefully atop the 3C security walk, no more than a meter from Edge.

The assassin barely flinched, but it was enough to allow the teras kasi master to dive, catch the edge of the catwalk roof, and swing his long legs in a swift arc that ended in Edge's midsection.

The Anomid was bowled backward over the rail. His dart gun-a heavy Velocity-7-rattled to the catwalk floor, half dangling by the cable he'd run out to the crystal Helix.

- Taken from Shadow Games

He also carries a Velocity 7 dart gun.

Dash became one with the deck, willing himself to be flat enough to avoid the darts. When they stopped coming, he hauled Han to his feet and ran. Eaden was already in motion, scuttling sideways down the corridor. And now Mel and Javul-who'd reached the relative safety of the docking port-laid down a barrage of fire that might have an effect.

As Dash rounded the corner into the docking ring, he glanced back up the terminal at the fallen Anomid. He'd been hit several more times, and the armor along his back was smoking in places. Blood the color of sunset's last gasp oozed from the shin guard Han's careful shot had pierced.

The momentary sense of victory and safety Dash felt was crushed by his last sight of the assassin. He'd raised his pale lavender head from the floor and, just for a second, Dash felt the venom of his gaze. The message conveyed was clear:

This is not over.

- Taken from Shadow Games

He gets shot in the shin, then several more times, his armor smoking. Yet it wasn't over.

"I have met Edge before. He... he assassinated the head of my order."

Suddenly all eyes were on the Nautolan, a situation that he obviously found disturbing.

"Your teras kasi order?" asked Dash.

Eaden nodded. "I am... was... a member of a religious order called Hidden Hand. All were at least minimally Force-sensitive. Some time ago-when the Empire implemented Order 66, wiping out the Jedi-the Hidden Hand was targeted as well because of our potential to wield the Force.

They systematically hunted us down and exterminated us, one by one, until only three initiates and our master, Neaed Fisto, remained."

"Fisto?" repeated Dash. "Any relation to General Fisto?"

Kit Fisto, Jedi Master, was famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) for his marshaling of Republic forces during the Clone Wars. He'd later served on the Jedi Council until its destruction by the Emperor. Who knew he'd had relatives back on the Nautolan homeworld?

Eaden nodded. "A brother of his mother. An uncle, I believe you would say. The Force was, perhaps, as strong in my master as it was in Kit Fisto. Neaed was an impressive being and so much a mentor to my family that my mother chose to name me after him."

"This Edge character murdered him?" Han asked, dropping onto a small container that had been repurposed as a stool.

"Yes. I was present in the clan house of our order when Edge came for my master. Neaed Fisto sacrificed himself that I and the other initiates might escape."

Dash could only guess at the depth of feeling behind the simple words. Eaden was unmatched in the art of hiding his emotions when he wanted to.

- Taken from Shadow Games

Edge killed Neaed Fisto, who was related to Kit Fisto and who had a Force connection that was just perhaps as strong as Kit himself. Neaed being a master of Teras Kasi, yet Edge was able to kill him.

Edge loomed just below them now. Clinging to the Helix with his legs, he reared back, now with a vibroblade in each hand. Javul opened her eyes again and, for a breath, the assassin was caught in the blaze of her regard before the knives descended.

Dash had one charge left in the Q2. He aimed, willing his hand to be steady-

As he squeezed the trigger, the assassin swept upward with one long arm, lunging as he did. He caught the muzzle of the hold-out blaster with the vibroblade's tip and knocked it away, his blade continuing downward to slice through the calf of Dash's boot and into his flesh. Dash roared in pain and jerked his legs upward.

The masked face loomed over him, eyes blazing.

The ululating sound that cut through the air was one Dash had expected never to hear again. For a split second he thought Edge was making it. But then the Anomid was broadsided by another large body. Dash recognized the mass of tresses and the huge, seemingly lidless eyes of a Nautolan.

"Never turn your back on an enemy," Eaden rasped as his arm came around the assassin's neck. "Especially a dead one." Then the momentum of his attack broke Edge's hold, and carried both men off the crystal Helix and into the darkness below.

Javul closed her eyes, her body going limp beneath Dash's. They swung back and forth in the dark for several more moments before the Helix trembled yet again, then tilted crazily, finally coming to a stop on an off-kilter diagonal, its lower end at last tethered by a grapple.

"It's over," murmured Javul.

Dash barely heard her. His one good eye was trying to find the spot in the moonlit gray cloud-tops below where Eaden Vrill and the assassin had fallen. He hoped that his friend had died before he hit the ground.

- Taken from Shadow Games

He also has a pair of vibroblades, he stops Dash Rendar's Q2 hold-out blaster, knocking it away and then slicing through Dash's calf, through the boot and into his flesh. Edge then gets blind sided by Eaden(student of Neaed Fisto and also master of Teras Kasi) and then two get sent over a railing to their suppose deaths.

Breath knocked from his body, he looked down between his knees-and saw the impossible. Edge-battered, torn, but still alive-was rising out of the cargo compartment like an avenging demon, his body armor holed and awry. He wielded a cortosis staff in one hand and a darkstick in the other.

Dash saw immediately that the Anomid assassin had not made the same mistake twice-the end of the darkstick's horrific claw dripped with a red liquid Dash knew was lethal.

He pushed himself farther up the access and scrabbled for his laser pistol, only to recall as it met his hand that the Alderaanians had removed its power cell and he hadn't yet reloaded.

No time for that now. The big Anomid already loomed over him, one knee on the edge of the cargo compartment.

Without warning the assassin swept the cortosis staff toward Dash's midsection, its plasma blade spitting fire. Dash lashed out with booted feet. His heel connected with Edge's left hand. The staff spun from his grip, searing across the top of Dash's left thigh. He gasped in pain and kicked again, knocking the staff away, but Edge had the darkstick raised, ready to strike.

Dash met the strange orange eyes. They had been cold before-implacable, emotionless. Now they were filled with fire. This had obviously become personal. Edge probably wasn't used to having his prey skitter to safety or unseat him not once, but twice.

Dash felt a supreme sense of betrayal in the frozen moment before the darkstick began its downward descent toward his heart. Not his own betrayal, but Eaden's. He was angry. Angry that the Universe-or the Force or the Deity or whatever-had allowed Eaden to die and this death machine to survive. The injustice was galling and Dash roared aloud with it.

From out of nowhere, Leebo's pet MSE droid shot through from one side of the corridor to the other. The sudden, unexpected movement distracted Edge-only momentarily, but that was all that was needed. Two pulses of light flashed from behind the Anomid.

One energy bolt hit his shoulder where the armor had been shot away. The other caught him with pinpoint accuracy in the back of the neck where the body armor met his helm. He jerked upright, his knees slipping from the rim of the compartment.

Han! Dash felt a surge of relief... until Edge toppled forward, the darkstick continuing its downward plunge.
Dash rolled half on his left side and the weapon's tip buried itself in the deck plating, roughly where his right lung would have been. He looked down the length of his body.

The Anomid was laid out with his head between Dash's feet, his long, muscular arm stretched upward, his hand still clutching the weapon. His body was smoking where the energy bolts had caught him. Dash gagged on the smell of burned flesh.
The big sentient quivered, not yet done, and tried to push himself up.

"Oh, blast it!" said a voice from the main corridor. Two more energy bolts took out the hydraulic assists on the cargo compartment's hatch.

The heavy durasteel deck plate dropped shut, crushing the Anomid's lower body. He made a horrible, strangled bleat of rage and pain and looked up at Dash through those burning eyes. With a last, tremendous effort, Edge pulled the tip of the darkstick out of the decking, its tip dripping venom. He lifted it high, preparing to swing it at Dash-

And died.

Dash saw the light go out of his eyes, draining away like water from a broken bowl, and was glad he hadn't witnessed that moment with Eaden. The thought of it would haunt him anyway.
Edge went limp, his hand releasing the darkstick, which clattered to the deck. His body released its last breath.

- Taken from Shadow Games

Yet nope...Edge was still alive, battered, his armor wrecked and his darkstick dripping with blood as he had killed Eaden. He goes after Dash, yet because he's the bad guy he eventually does get shot from behind and promptly dies.


Well there you have it folks! Some interesting and pretty powerful combatants among the galaxy at large!
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