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Inquisitor Valin Draco(Legends) respect thread Empty Inquisitor Valin Draco(Legends) respect thread

November 11th 2019, 12:47 am
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Alright folks, we move on from the broader SW galaxy and into the more characters of the galaxy! Coming off from The Inquisitorius thread, I figured I'd start off with a couple of the more notable Imperial Inquisitors!

There shall be another one coming up after this, since these guys don't have many appearances, but none the less are quite powerful! So let's get into it!

Link: The Inquisitorius


Inquisitor Valin Draco

Inquisitor Valin Draco(Legends) respect thread 5666085-9443050910-latest

Campaign Guide Quotes

Nearly 2 meters tall, with closely cropped hair and a lantern jaw, Valin Draco looks every bit the heroic Jedi he once was. The former Padawan of Master Denia, Jedi Draco, the “Valiant Dragon,” embraced his role as a Republic commander in the Clone Wars wholeheartedly. Draco was thought lost in the chaotic Battle of Parein II 4, but he emerged after the Clone Wars as one of the new Empire’s Jedi hunters.

Left for dead and stranded on Parein II’s fourth moon, a weakened Draco was stalked by a nighthunter. Ultimately, Draco subdued the beast in a vicious confrontation, but not before the creature bit off his left thumb and clamped its massive fangs down around his throat.

Draco has since replaced the missing thumb with a cybernetic substitute, while masking the glaring scars around his neck with the high collar of his Inquisitor’stunic.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

Fought in the Clone Wars as a Jedi Knight Republic Commander, he had been left for dead on Parein 2's fourth moon, being stalked by a Nighthunter and then engaging the beast in battle before subduing it, though getting scars on his neck and losing a thumb.

Fate was not on Thorla’s side. Inquisitor Draco and his retinue arrived shortly thereafter, and a fierce lightsaber duel ensued. However, Draco’s Dark Jedi lapdog Raik Muun held Thorla's inexperienced Padawan hostage and induced a murderous rage into young Dorv with her evil t'salak, forcing him to attack his own master.

A tortured Thorla fended off his Padawan, while Draco threatened to turn the boy to the dark side if Thorla refused to fight. Remorsefully, Thorla finally severed Dorv from life and misery. At that moment, the Twi'lek master snapped and fell to the dark side, racked with guilt over losing another Padawan.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

As an Inquisitor, Draco fights against Twi'lek Jedi Master Thorla in a fierce lightsaber duel, before Draco's Dark Jedi Raik captured Thorla's Padawan, turning the latter into a rage to attack his master forcing Thorla to kill him and thus falling to the dark side as he lost another Padawan.

This is the holocron gatekeeper of Darth Rivan, which provides Draco with advanced knowledge of Sith techniques throughout the fight.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

Draco has advanced knowledge of Sith techniques from the gatekeeper of Darth Rivan's holocron.

This “dreambeast” is only a tenth the size of the truly gigantic k’kayeh that lurks in the depths of the Almas Academy, but it is still enormous. Similar to Sith dopplegangers, this k’kayeh dreambeast is an illusory clone of the actual living entity, spawned by Inquisitor Draco under the guidance of Darth Rivan’s holocron gatekeeper.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

Draco is able to summon Dreambeast K'kayeh due to his studies under the Darth Rivan holocron keeper.

Double the size of even the biggest bull rancor, the reptilian colossus drags its golden body into the chamber, scales shifting along its hide like impenetrable plates of anvilstone. The k’kayeh’s maw is a steely-toothed deathtrap, and its claws are eviscerating razors. As if that weren’t enough, instead of breathing fire, this dark side abomination can shoot Force lightning from each nostril of its monstrous snout.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

The dreambeasts are double the size of the biggest bull rancors and can shoot Force lighting from each nostril.

When Draco flees onto the bridge formation, he threatens to destroy the Quornah Holocron, holding it out over the chasm as tendrils of Force lightning flash from his hands.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

Just showing that he knows Force Lighting.

If the gatekeeper couldn’t retain control of Draco, he planned to summon the real k’kayeh dragon, which has grown to a massive 200meters (as big as some space slugs) since the Dark Lord first created the monster more than a thousand years ago. Still seething with the dark side of the Force from his tutelage under the Sith holocron gatekeeper, Draco is able to control the beast—at least enough to keep it from devouring him. Likewise, he bends the massive strikes of Force lightning to his will, causing them to lash out at the heroes while he nimbly steps between them.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

Draco is able to control a 200 meter K'kayeh dragon at least from eating him and he is able to bend Force Lighting to his will, causing strikes to lash out at a group while stepping between them.

When the heroes deal the killing blow to Draco, he drops the Qornah Holocron at his feet. With a gasp, he goes wide-eyed and tumbles from the side of the bridge into the abyss. As Draco plummets into darkness, the Force lightning stops, and the k’kayeh dragon descends into the abyss once more, presumably after the body of the Inquisitor. With Draco defeated and the holocron recovered, the heroes need to escape from the collapsing academy with haste.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

Draco is seemingly defeated, falling into darkness with the K'kayeh dragon going after him.

Draco stands and looks down. He’s changed—cybernetically. “I knew you would come, too. I don’t know how you made it here, but I’m better than I was before. This time, things will end differently!”

- Taken from Sword of the Jedi

But no! He survives the encounter and states he is better than what he once was before!

Master of the Dark Side–Inquisitor Draco is infused with the power of the dark side as a result of his time in the Citadel Inquisitorius, making him a more formidable opponent.

- Taken from Sword of the Jedi

Indeed, he has become a Master of the Dark Side, making him a more formidable opponent.


He's Mastered TK abilities, knowing also Force Lighting. Also knowing of course, other abilities when he had been a Jedi Knight

In that particular instance, Bane and Sidious were foiled, but Sidious' basic aims remained. He sought to create a network of Force-wielding agents loyal only to him. None would be trained sufficiently to be a threat to Darth Bane's insistence that there only be two Sith, nor would they be a threat to Darth Sidious or his apprentice, Darth Vader. The most powerful of these agents were "only" Sith adepts but would appear almost as dark Jedi - the likes of Asajj Ventress, Mara Jade, or Inquisitor Valin Draco (in fact, a fallen Jedi). The lesser agents were reduced to still-deadly faceless minions. Among their ranks were the Shadow Guard.

-- The Official Starships And Vehicles Collection 63

Is described as a powerful Force wielding agent, even moreso than the Emperor's Shadow Guards.

Side Note: Crant

Perhaps it’s the blood-red, blaster-resistant hide. Maybe it’s the claws, which are nearly as long as the fangs protruding up to its eyes and down to its chin. Or maybe it’s the fact that these creatures ambush their prey using the Force. Whatever it is, nighthunters give even Jedi pause.

The Force-using predators have been hunted almost to extinction, but the one guarding Master Thorla shares a peculiar history with Inquisitor Draco. The creature hunted an injured Draco in the aftermath of the Battle of Parein II 4, and they nearly killed each other.

However, after wounding the nighthunter, Draco nurtured it back to health, and the beast bonded to its savior. Draco kept the animal and gave it the Crant.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

During his time as a Jedi Knight(while wounded as noted above), Draco fought a Force Using Nighthunter, which can make Jedi pause. The creature uses The Force to hunt/ambush and they nearly killed one another before Draco restored it to health and had it be his companion named Crant. The beast also having a blaster resistant body

Force Stealth—Nighthunters may use their Use the Force check modifier instead of their Stealth modifier when making Stealth checks.

Keen Hearing—Due to their incredibly sharp hearing, nighthunters are considered trained in the Perception skill.

Scent—Nighthunters ignore concealment and cover when making Perception checks to notice opponents within 8 squares. This can vary depending on wind conditions and the strength of the smell. They also gain a +10 bonus on their survival checks to track by scent.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

Just ignore the game stats, but this is more showing the Nighthunter having sharp hearing, able to Force Stealth themselves(which makes it even a more deadly foe to Force Users) and has a great sense of smell(depending on wind and strength of the smell.)

The nighthunter runs at the heroes, makes a bite or claw attack, and runs away before they retaliate (the heroes can make attacks of opportunity). The beast circles around and stealthily comes back from another direction.

- Taken from Echoes of the Jedi

The Nighthunter attacks and runs before attacks can be made, doing stealth based attacks.


Well there you have it folks! The powerful Imperial Inquisitor Valin Draco!
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