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The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. Empty The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread.

November 9th 2019, 9:45 pm
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Alright folks, now we get into a look see at what the Imperial Inquisitorius of the Galactic Empire(Legends) can do!

So let's just jump straight into it!


The Inquisitorius

The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. 5741347-6668649586-latest

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

A secret division of Imperial Intelligence, the Inquisitorius, consists of Force-trained agents called Inquisitors. This select group performs various functions for Intelligence, including intelligence gathering and surveillance missions, but the Inquisitors are most often called upon to assist with prisoner interrogations.

When time permits, the leader of the Inquisitorius, the Grand Inquisitor, orders his agents to conduct searches of the farthest reaches of the Empire, most notably the Outer Rim Territories. The target of these searches is Force Users- adapts, shamans, dark side devotees and alien students of The Force in all their forms, as well as any ancient Jedi that may have escaped the purges of the previous generation.

- Taken from Rebellion Era Sourcebook

An overview of what the Inquisitorius does, from helping out Imperial Intelligence, to hunting down Force Users and Jedi that have escaped the purge.

Side Note

^ What the Imperial Inquisitors go after, just to give an idea.


Side Note: Force Adept

The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. 5741446-1826814198-latest

Force adepts use The Force to survive on fringe worlds, and they often have signature Force powers that they use particularly well.

- Taken from Star Wars Core Rulebook

The Inquisitors also go after Force Adepts, who use their abilities to survive on fringe words and have Force Powers that they use particularly well.

Force Treatment: You are considered trained in the Treat Injury skill. You can administer first aid, treat disease, treat poison and treat radiation without the requisite medpac or med kit.

Fortified Body: The Force shields you against aliments, toxins and radiation poisoning, making you immune to disease, poison and radiation.

Attune/Empower Weapon: You can imbue weapons and objects with the power of The Force.

- Taken from Star Wars Core Rulebook

The Adepts can treat injuries without a medpac or med kit, can fortify their bodies making them immune to disease, poison and radiation. They can also empower their weapons with The Force making the weapons stronger. 

Example of a more well known user of this, is Vodo-Siosk Baas with his Force Attuned Quarterstaff.

They can also of course use TK as shown above with the image.

Spirit Adept- On worlds far removed from the hyperdrive routes and galactic events, the Force is understood only in terms of local superstitions and traditions. In primitive cultures where the accepted belief system includes ancestor worship, the will of the Force seems like the murmurings of ancient spirits to those who can perceive it.

The spirits of the ancestors grant strength and vision to the chosen ones who can hear their voices and who heed their counsel. These 'spirit adepts' learn to perceive the spirits, to focus their energies and call upon their power.

The spirits give adepts the power to look into the hearts and minds of others and walk into the spirit world. Frequently, the spirits speak of the future and the past, and of other worlds beyond the sky.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Force Adepts also can be called Spirit Adepts, can call upon their ancestors to grant them strength, they can perceive these spirits and focus them to call upon their power, able to look into the hearts and minds of others and walk into another world. The spirits can speak of the future and past and worlds beyond the Adepts primitive world.

But not all spirits are kind and wise. Some whisper dark secrets, tempting the unwary into performing evil acts. The dark spirits give their worshipers the power to hurl bolts of lighting and to choke the life out of others from afar. Dark spirit adepts have been corrupted by the evil of their ancestors and if not stopped, can wreck havoc across the land.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Though some spirits are evil and corrupt the Force Adepts, enabling them to hurl lighting bolts and choke others and if not stopped, they can wreck entire lands upon their homeworld.

^ So even Force Adepts aren't ones to take lightly as they can be pretty powerful.

End of Side Note


The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. 5741413-5

Your standard Imperial Inquisitor has Force Grip, Mind Trick, TK, Improved Force Sense and Surroundings, their focus is on lightsabers and they are proficient in lightsabers, pistols and simple weapons. They carry a lightsaber and blaster pistol.
They can also enhance their battle prowess(Battle Strike), can absorb or deflect a Force Power(Rebuke)

The Dark Jedi are Force-Attuned Individuals who reject the teachings of the Jedi and, for some, the Sith. Every Dark Jedi is a tragedy, a terrible shame that stains the illustrious history of the Jedi Order, but when a Jedi Master falls, it is tragedy beyond compare.

Although many Dark Jedi Masters have grand designs of their own, some, such as Jerec, are actually in the employ of the Sith, serving as Imperial Inquisitors, Hands of the Emperor or in just about any other capacity the Dark Lord of the Sith can conceive.

- Taken from Threats to the Galaxy

A Dark Jedi Master is something described as tragedy beyond compare in the Jedi Order and some of them serve as Inquisitors to Darth Sidious in the Galactic Empire. An example being Jerec.

The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. 5741480-45

A standard Dark Jedi Master is as you can expect folks, a powerful foe able to do much more than a standard Imperial Inquisitor(far as experience wise goes) and obviously the regular Dark Jedi who are powerful themselves as shown in my Dark Jedi blog.

The Dark Times, the years between the establishment of the Empire and founding of the Rebellion, was truly the lowest point in the history of the Jedi. During that period, the Jedi were all but exterminated; only a handful survived. Very few Jedi exist during the Rebellion era, since most were hunted down and destroyed by Darth Vader and the Emperor's other minions.

Although the Empire wiped out the Jedi Order, for at least some time, many survivors of Order 66 continue to train Padawans. Most of these apprentices, along with their Masters, are tracked down and killed by the Empire. Typically when Jedi fall to the dark side, the Emperor gives them a place in the Inquisitorius.

- Taken from Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

Most of the Jedi were hunted down by Vader and the Emperor's other minions, which of course includes the Inquisitors, even those few Jedi Masters who do train Padawans are eventually tracked down and killed or if they fall to the dark side they join the Inquisitors.

Potential Inquisitors were carefully tested and examined, first by Imperial Intelligence, then by the Grand Inquisitor and finally by the Emperor himself.

Applicants had to convince the Emperor of their ability with The Force without seeming either too powerful or too critical of the Emperor's cause, as such extremes indicated that his or her quarry, could prove unreliable.

- Taken from Jedi v Sith: Essential Guide to The Force

Potential Inquisitors were tested by Imperial Intelligence, then the Grand Inquisitor and then the Emperor.

Imperial Inquisitors are known for their ruthless determination. A lone inquisitor can easily divert a fleet and destroy half a world just to find one Jedi trainee. He may torture a village full of innocents to draw a Jedi ambassador into a trap, or crush the windpipe of a Jedi Padawan simply to fill the youth's master with rage and the power of the dark side.

- Taken from The Dark Side Sourcebook

They are pretty ruthless, they can use whole fleets just to find a Jedi trainee, or torture a village or just crush the windpipe of a Jedi Padawan.


The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. 5741525-43

They have knowledge of Jedi lore, can Drain Knowledge, TK/Force Grip, Telepathy, Force Speed.

Few Imperials are feared more than the secretive Imperial Inquisitors. Adept at using the dark side of the Force, the intimidating Inquisitors pursue rogue Force user throughout Imperial space and beyond.

What is known is that few targets escape an Inquisitor for long, let alone defeat one in combat.

-- Force And Destiny Core Rulebook

Few targets escape an Inquisitor, let alone defeat one in combat.

My Inquisitors received Ultrachrome shielding based on a Haruum design- Darth Sidious, The Jedi Path

Sidious' Imperial Inquisitors have access to Ultrachrome metal which is a known lightsaber resistant metal.

Ultrachrome= This superconductive material is worn by the Brothers of Barbeen, among others. The blade of a saber will diffuse across the surface of an Ultrachrome shield, potentially melting the top layer, but an ultrachrome shield will stop any penetrative strikes.

- Jedi Path

A description of the material, able to stop lightsaber penetrating strikes.

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The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. Empty Re: The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread.

November 9th 2019, 9:45 pm
Novel Quotes

Grand Inquisitor Malorum

Ferus circled him slowly, holding his dark gaze. So. A former Jedi and a Sith pretender were about to fight. Interesting.
Malorum charged. The two lightsabers clashed. Ferus felt a surprising amount of power from Malorum. Maybe this wouldn't be so easy.

But it would be done.

He whirled around in a one-hundred-eighty degree turn, kicking out with his foot at the same moment. He missed Malorum's chin by a whisker.

Ferus liked to fight with his boots as well as his lightsaber. He had learned to fight without a lightsaber when he'd been a regular citizen of Bellassa. Sometimes that meant fighting dirty. Looking for openings, using whatever materials came to hand. He could still street-fight if he had to.

He fought without urgency just yet, circling Malorum, challenging him, watching him for weaknesses. Ferus ticked them off in his head. Malorum relied on agility but had little grace. He had strength but did not know how to use it effectively.

But most of all - and this was what Ferus was sure would defeat him - Ferus could feel Malorum's emotion in his style. Anger fueled his attacks. It was a mistake many made. Not a Jedi.

- Taken from The Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo

So here Malorum squares off against Ferus Olin in a lightsaber duel, Malorum described as having a surprising amount of power and it wouldn't be easy for Ferus to defeat him.

The energy gates sprang open. Ferus jumped forward, swinging his lightsaber. Malorum parried and came a little too close to connecting to Ferns's shoulder. He had to leap backward, and the energy gates shut again.

"I've learned from the best," Malorum grunted through his teeth.

"SIN Tachi. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Soara Antana. Yoda himself." Ferus didn't know if Malorum could hear him, but he felt the names of his teachers resonate inside him like a powerful chant. "You don't know what the best is."

The energy gates opened again and Ferus surged forward, driving Malorum backward. "Want to be a Sith, Malorum?" he taunted. "Is that it? Palpatine's puppy is tired of biting ankles?"

Rage darkened Malorum's face. Good. Exactly what he'd hoped.

Malorum sprang forward in a fast combination that Ferus had a tough time parrying. The dark side of the Force hummed with him now as his anger grew.

Okay, maybe it was time for a new strategy.

- Taken from The Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo

As the two fight, Malorum parries an attack and almost connects to Ferus' shoulder, then when Malorum gives into his rage Ferus has a hard time parrying his attacks.

Malorum reversed directions and was able to run out onto a catwalk. Ferus leaped to follow him. He wondered if Malorum was heading for an exit. He knew if Malorum was able to get out of here, he would lose him. It was almost as if Malorum knew the way and was leading him on. Maybe he was trying to lead him back to the Imperial army, hoping they were still fighting.

They fought furiously now, using every inch of catwalk. They fought around the deep central core, hundreds of meters down. Ferus used his advantage of Force agility to leap and somersault, giving power to his thrusts. He fought using the lightsaber only, saving another kick or an elbow for when he needed it, when Malorum wouldn't be looking for it.

He pushed Malorum back, forcing him to rely on balance to avoid falling into the pit below. Malorum twisted and turned, but he was beginning to sweat.

Ferus saw his chance. He left himself slightly open, and Malorum charged. As he came in, Ferus slammed his elbow directly into Malorum's forehead. It stunned him for a split second, and Ferus used the hilt of his lightsaber to smash Malorum's lightsaber out of his hands. The lightsaber shot outward, directly over the pit.

Malorum's mouth opened in a cry that echoed off the walls. "No!" he shouted. Ferus could feel the Force pulsing as Malorum leaped into the air, straining to catch the lightsaber as it spun. Straining to harness the Force to push the lightsaber hilt toward him and carry him safely to the next catwalk.

Don't . . strain ... Ferus watched Malorum make the elemental mistake of any early-year Jedi student.

He saw that Malorum was blinded by need. If he lost the lightsaber, he would be disgraced. He would never be a Sith.

Malorum's lightsaber dropped like a stone. Still in midair, Malorum lost his grip on the Force. His cape flapped around him, and Ferus saw the panic in his eyes.

Then he dropped down, down, down, into the central core. And Obi-Wan's secret went with him.

- Taken from Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo

So they continue to have a furious fight, until it is ended rather...anti-climatic with Malorum showing the ability to Force Leap...but unable to Force Pull his saber to him due to panic and need.

A pretty short appearance as far as Force/Saber combat goes for Malorum, but from what is noted the fight was a nice one against Ferus Olin. Olin is pretty powerful himself and of course being a former part of the Jedi Order.

Inquisitor Shynne

One of the most devout among all the Inquisitors, Inquisitor Shynne is a hard woman with dark features and an angular face that gives her body an appearance of sharpness. Trained in the powers of the dark side by the Inquisitors on Prakith, Shynne chose the Deep Core itself as her jurisdiction in order to remain close to the Citadel Inquisitorius, where she was raised.

- Taken from Byss and the Deep Core

One of the more devout Inquisitors, trained by the Inquisitors on the planet Prakith.

The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. 5742350-7

She knows Affect Mind, Battlemind, Drain Knowledge, Enhancing her abilities, Force Grip, Fore Stealth, TK, Telepathy, proficient in lightsabers, blasters and simple weapons. Can dissipate energy, sense and Force Speed.

3 Inquisitors


Jax's first view of the scene on Gallery Row was from inside the first-level entrance of their building. What he saw-and felt-made his blood run cold. People fled something that was going on farther up the block near the corner with a main cross-street-Rainbow Parkway it was called, though it had no park, and no rainbow had been seen by the citizens of this level of Coruscant for uncounted centuries.

Until now.

Now they saw a display of the Force that shot brilliant ribbons and pinwheels of power in every direction-an explosion of variegated energy near the corner of Rainbow Parkway and Gallery Row-an explosion being generated by more than one Force adept.

He hesitated, checking the street for angles of egress. He did not want to be seen coming out of this building or sensed coming from this direction. Pol Haus and I-Five caught up with him as he was considering his options.
"I take it we have a situation," Haus said.

"There's a Force battle going on down there," Jax said.

"Our rogue adept?"

"Yeah. And at least three others, maybe four. Hard to tell when some of them arc wearing taozin."
"And you need to get there without being noticed."

The caves and buttresses of the buildings were his best chance of that. Maybe if he worked his way down a back alley toward the comer ...

"We'll take my speeder." Haus was already on his way toward the rear of the building, along a corridor that housed a warren of small studios and conapts.

Jax turned and sprinted after him, leaving I-Five to bring up the rear. "You can't be seen with me."
Haus let out a dry laugh. "No kidding. I've no intention of it. But I can lend a hand ... or an airspeeder."
With the three of them squeezed into a speeder built for two, Haus darkened the windows and darted the vehicle down a long, dank alley that roiled with greasyfog. He came out on Rainbow Parkway and turned a sharp right, then stopped his speeder at the corner, tucking it skillfully beneath the buttressing of a tower that housed three restaurants and a purveyor of artist's supplies.


"This is as close as I dare get," he told Jax. "But if you like I can at least keep the Imperial goons out of it. Tell them the Inquisitors are on it and don't need their interference." He grinned, showing sharp white teeth. "I try to run interference between the Inquisitorius and the Imperial regulars whenever I can. It's good for department morale."

Jax popped the canopy and leapt out of the speeder. "Thanks. I-Five, why don't you stay-?"

"As if that would ever happen," the droid retorted, extricating himself from the small cargo area behind the passenger seat.

Jax threw him a grim smile and darted to the corner, drawing his lightsaber as he ran. The street was emptying quickly of its last few inhabitants, leaving as audience only the people trapped within the businesses on cither side. He took in the scene at a glance: Kaj was about twenty-five meters distant on the right side of the street. Jax realized with a jolt that Laranth was with him.

The two stood in a strangely distorted bubble of air-a Force shield that Kaj was using to hold off the two Inquisitors prowling just beyond its perimeter while he stared up into the smudgy air, looking for something.

Jax's hesitation was minuscule-only long enough for him to assess the situation-then he ignited his lightsaber and hurled himself at the Inquisitors, hoping that with their attention on Kaj, they'd never see him coming.

In the same instant that he saw Jax's crimson lightsaber our of the comer of his eye, Kaj beheld the resurrected Inquisitor above him on a high, narrow ledge high up across the street.

That he'd wounded him horribly in their previous meeting was obvious from the scars on the man's face and the nadulterated hatred in his eyes.

He glanced at laranth, then flicked his eyes upward to telegraph his intentions. She, too, had seen Jax round the corner, and stepped lightly toward the Inquisitor'to her right, leveling her blasters at him.
Kaj shut down his Force shield and leapt straight up into the twilight.

From where Rhinann cowered in the apothecary, peering out through the thick transparisteel, it looked as if the boy had taken flight or simply teleported. One second he was there, staring upward, the next he had rocketed out of sight, leaving laranth at the mercy of the two Inquisitors.

Even as Rhinann was reacting to that, Jax's lean form soared into the picture from the left, his blade a slash of gleaming red against the window. One of the Inquisitors spun to engage him. while the second was forced to somersault backward to flee a blast from Laranth Tarak's weapons. She charged after him, disappearing from view.
Rhinann twisted around to look at Dejah. "We've got to get out of here. Surely, there must be some way we can slip out..."

"Are you mad?" she asked. "That street is a war zone. The most intelligent thing we can do is stay here and hope that Jax wins."

Rhinann snorted his disagreement and, seeing that Jax was battling his adversary into the middle of the street, started toward the door. As it slid open before him, the facade of the building began to crumble.

Rhinann quickly changed his mind and dived for cover.


Jax didn't have time to think about where Kaj had gone. He met the Inquisitor blade-to-blade in a sizzle of brilliant energy. Within the obscuring cowl of his robe, the Inquisitor's face showed momentary astonishment that the lightsaber locked with his was the same shade of gleaming crimson. His astonishment lasted but an instant. Then he was all business.

He parried Jax's first stroke, but he had leaned away from the attack and put himself at a disadvantage. Jax pushed him back toward the middle of the street in the direction Laranth had dashed after the second Inquisitor.

This would be a test, he knew, of his raw talent and his training. The Inquisitors were said to have received advanced instruction from Darth Vader himself, and were rumored to be far more powerful than the Jedi by virtue of their not being limited by what they thought of as a pacifist philosophy.

Jax suspected this was little more than propaganda aimed at inspiring fear-the Emperor would hardly care about truth in advertising-but even so, he could feel the tentativeness of his own strokes, as if he were fighting a complete unknown.

He rejected his own trepidation. He'd fought Aurra Sing and Prince Xizor-he doubted this one could do anything more unexpected or accomplished than those two.

He feinted, his blade meeting the Inquisitor's blade at the hilt. Continuing the movement, he swept it down and around, catching the adept's robes and charring them. Simultaneously, he leapt, using the point where the two lightsabers crossed as a fulcrum. He somersaulted through the air, landing lightly on the far curb.

The moment's respite gave him a chance to look for Kaj. He glanced upward just in rime to see the facade of the building housing the apothecary ripple like the surface of a stormy lake. Masonry began to rain down from above, narrowly missing the charging Inquisitor. Still there was no sign of his boy.

Kaj came to rest in the high support scaffolding of the apothecary building. He barely noted that he'd leapt many times higher than he'd ever managed before, but was pleased with the vantage point. He'd seen Scarface just there-across the street on that ledge, several stories down.

He was gone now, but to Kaj's eyes, he left an oily smudge in passing, not unlike the phosphor-trailing spotted slugs back on his parents' farm. Mind going back to that day-the day the Inquisitor assigned to his village had taken their farm-Kaj aimed his stored outrage at this Inquisitor.

His eyes followed the slug trail along the ledge. It stopped abruptly. So he'd leapt from there to . . . Kaj swept the front of the building, seeing no movement, catching no recommencement of the trail.

Where had he-?

The realization struck Kaj as suddenly as if someone had flung open a window in his mind. He leapt again, arcing across the street to a higher ledge even as a bolt of Force-lightning struck the spot where he'd stood, dancing across the durasteel frame of the scaffolding.

Kaj's heart hammered in his breast, frip, but that had been close. He'd forgotten the taozin's deadening effect. He leapt a third time, straight up, and lost himself in the shadows beneath a docking station. He did not lose track of the Inquisitor, though. Nor had the Inquisitor lost track of him. Scarface had dropped to the buttress he'd just fried with his Force-lightning and was taking aim at the docking station.

Kaj shielded with one hand and held the other out, cupped to collect whatever there was that could be collected. He needed ammunition-the energy and matter in the air would provide it.

The salvo of Force-lightning from the Inquisitor enveloped the docking station and sundered it, exploiting every crack and crevice in its aging fabric. It blew apart dramatically, chunks of duracrete flying in all directions. Beneath it, in his Force cocoon, Kaj waited until he was sure the docking station had shed its last loose piece. Then he dropped his shield and thrust energy and matter away from him in a huge wave, sweeping everything in its path directly at the Inquisitor.


Masonry bombarded the scaffold, carried on a tide of Force energy. The solid surface beneath it heaved, then rippled like a banner in the wind. Bits of the facade broke loose and fell away, crumbling beneath the metal buttressing until the huge bolts lost their grip on the masonry. With a groan of surrender, the scaffolding toppled toward the street, carrying a trail of debris with it.

At first Jax wasn't sure who had fired the volley; then he saw the flutter of scarlet robes among the falling debris. The Inquisitor who only seconds ago had been charging him had vanished. Taken out by the debris? Unlikely. He was too resourceful for that.

Jax dodged back under the overhanging eaves of the building behind him, scanning the sidewalk for Laranth. He saw her just up the street to his left, craning her own neck to sec where her opponent had gone. She didn't see him leap from the concealing debris, because she was spinning toward Jax, leaving her own flank exposed.

In an instant too brief to measure, he saw what Laranth saw-the cloaked figure atop the overhang, lightsaber drawn, preparing to plunge it downward through the duracrete into the top of his head. His reaction was instantaneous: he dodged sideways, shoving his own weapon up through the ledge and raking it sideways with a strength borne of desperation.

It parted the duracrete as if it were a dense, heavy liquid. There was an answering shriek of agony from above him.

A split second later he heard Laranth's blasters fire. He turned and saw her adversary evade the shot, catching one bolt with the blade of his lightsaber and vaulting backward into the street. A large chunk of masonry rolled from atop a heap of rubble to obscure him from view.

Jax somersaulted out from beneath his protective overhang, angling toward Laranth, but ready to defend against attack from above as well. He rolled to his feet just as the wounded Inquisitor reared up for another attack. His left leg was gone from the knee down, leaving a charred stump, but he was not about to surrender. He loosed a charge of Force-lightning from his free hand and dived at Jax like a stooping raptor.

It was a shrewd move. Jax was forced to parry the lightning with his lightsaber and was out of position to defend against his enemy's blade. Time slowed to glacial speed. Jax knew that if he leapt out of the way, the second Inquisitor, hidden in the rubble on the street, stood a very good chance of striking him down.

He'd have to take his chances with the lightning.

He dropped to his knees, hoping the Inquisitor wouldn't be able to adjust his flight. There was a strange, sharp tingle in his Force sense and a split second later a thin line of blue-white energy cut through the thick air and made the wisdom of his maneuver academic. The beam severed the Inquisitor's sword arm at the shoulder.

The Inquisitor was carried to the ground several feet past Jax on his own momentum. His arm and weapon took their own trajectory.

A second laser beam sliced through the Inquisitor's throat, stopping his howl of pain.

Jax looked to the source of the blasterfire. I-Five stood, gleaming, in the dust and debris, the index finger of his right hand still aimed at the crumpled enemy.

"Thanks," Jax murmured, then realized that his awareness of Laranth through the Force was gone. He pivoted, lightsaber still armed, and was flooded with relief to see her racing toward him.

The relief was short-lived. The second Inquisitor had moved since he'd gone to ground, covered by the fury at his cohort's death. He fell on Laranth from a ledge above the sidewalk, aiming one bolt of Force-lightning at her unprotected back and a second at Jax and I-Five.

Jax leapt, trying desperately to angle himself above the flow of searing energy. But he knew even as his feet left the ground that he would be too late to save Laranth.


Kaj had touched down gently amid the debris, senses thrumming, waves of Force issuing from him like ripples from a pebble in a still pool.

Oh yes, his enemy was still here somewhere, still present. And if his sense was true-and he knew it was-the taozin ward had been destroyed or stripped away.

He heard and felt the battle going on down the street as he searched the rubble, seeking the Enemy. All of the anger he'd felt over his parents' dispossession, all the loss of being sent away from them to Coruscant, all his hatred of the Imperial Order roiled beneath his breastbone and he invested it in this quest. If there was any life left in the scar-faced Inquisitor, Kajin Savaros would extinguish it.

He followed the dark ripples in the Force to a twisted mound of wreckage where the bulk of the scaffolding had fallen, letting the pure flow of energy seep in among the randomly toppled blocks and struts. He felt frustrated. The trail told him the Inquisitor was nearby, and the inconstant Force energies told him the man still lived, but something was obscuring his ability to sense it clearly and find it.

But wait-there was movement in that wreckage, a flutter of power like a flame fighting to take hold. Kaj moved closer, his eyes on the spot where the Force emanations were strongest, where Scarface struggled to rise.

A tug at his senses caused him to pause and glance across the street. Laranth Tarak had turned to run toward where Jax and I-Five stood near the body of another Inquisitor. Kaj allowed himself a moment of fierce celebration, then saw the danger Laranth was in.

In the duracrete barrow, not two meters away, the third Inquisitor used the Force to thrust rubble away from him.

Torn, Kaj swung back toward where his enemy rose, again, from what should have been his grave. He knew he had the means to send him back again-once and for all this time.

But the Inquisitor high above Laranth's head had leapt, Force-lightning sparking from his hands in two deadly, dancing streams.

Kaj turned and raised his hands, delivering a massive

Force-push from every angle against the Inquisitor. One moment the Inquisitor was falling toward Laranth, power streaming from his hands-the next he was simply gone. Where he had been there was only a fine swirl of ash. In seconds it, too, was gone, tugged apart by the air currents above the street.

Laranth had half fallen against a slab of tilted masonry and was staring up into the empty air; Jax and I-Five raced to her side, hurling aside obstacles as they ran. Jax using the Force, I-Five using his innate strength.

Kaj breathed out a sigh of relief; the Twi'lek would be fine.

He swung back to his own target now .. . and found it gone. He swept the area with the Force, uncaring at that moment if every Inquisitor in the sector felt him.

It did no good. The Inquisitor was gone.

His first impulse when he had emerged from the rubble-where he had lain twisted painfully despite his effort to cocoon himself-was to continue the fight, to let his sheer rage empower him. But then he had seen that boy-that untrained adept-use the Force to . . . atomize Mas Sirrah. Destroy him so thoroughly that not even an echo of his Force signature remained. It was as if he had never existed.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Ok so these Inquisitors do have names, but they were just mentioned as Inquisitors in this fight(far as I know). This fight having The Force being thrown around, Force Lighting being shot out, lightsaber fighting and all other things.

Now I know some will notice that an Inquisitor was completely disintergated to the point where his Force signature wasn't even a thing anymore.

 That was Kajin...who throughout the novel and as I recall others, was an extremely powerful Force Wielder...wasn't completely trained, however he wasn't a novice in using The Force either, but just from this fight you can see him throwing up Force barriers, using omni-directional TK to disintergrate others, throwing things and so on.

Inquisitor Probus Tesla

Tesla blinked. A new quest? He had yet to complete the old one. "My lord, I am close to finding Jax Pavan," he said in cool, even tones. "I am sure of it. I've been working one sector at a time, and..." A horrific thought occurred to him. "Do you believe me incapable?"

Vader paused in his pacing and raised a gloved hand. "Nonsense. I believe you quite capable. It is because of that that I am giving you this new mandate.

When you find Pavan, you arc neither to challenge him nor to harm him. Your mission will not be complete until you have found the protocol droid that has been his sometime companion-the I-Fivewhycue unit that reportedly was the property of Pavan's father. Pavan is a means to an end: find Pavan and let him lead you to the droid. Of course, if you should be able to locate the droid in some other way, Pavan can wait."

Had he heard right? Tesla shook himself mentally. It took every bit of discipline he possessed to remain stone-faced. He was somewhat taken aback when Vader sensed his dismay.

"Is there a problem. Inquisitor?"

"No, my lord." No, no problem, save that he had just been assigned to the scut work of locating a droid.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Here Tesla is noted by Vader himself as being quite capable.

He bit back a chuckle of dark mirth. That would be futile. Probus Tesla knew without ego-or nearly so- that his abilities were exceptional. He had been trained by one of the greatest masters in the College of the Inquisition, and he had earned his place in the Inquisitorius by utterly defeating that master.

It hardly mattered. Tesla reached out with the Force and grasped the fleeing figure, yanking it to him. The boy fell backward, his tattered cloak fluttering about him. Tesla could feel the presence in his hand almost as an actual, tactile sensation. He tightened his Force grip and dragged the boy toward him.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Tesla was trained by one of the greatest masters of the Inquisition....and then he defeated him.

One pale hand reached out of the tattered cloak as if to try to arrest his headlong slide. Tesla smiled grimly and squeezed-then cried out in surprise and consternation as his feet were wrenched out from under him. He landed hard on his back, air driven from his lungs, and dropped his lightsaber.

He took only a second to recover, by which time his quarry was gone again. The boy might be young, but he was obviously no novice; Tesla would not allow himself to be lulled into stupid complacency again.

He picked up his lightsaber and hooked it to his belt, then went after the boy with both hands. This time he would not be deflected or caught off-guard. He would capture this prize for his master. Failure was not an option.

At the mouth of the energy corridor, he reached out anew with the Force, using one hand to restrict his target's limbs and the other to haul him in. Concentrating his full attention on his task, he almost failed to catch the sudden movement of a five-meter-long section of fallen buttressing that swung suddenly toward his head.

Tesla whirled, using both hands to deflect the deadly length of metal. In his frustration and anger he did more than deflect it-he sent it flying. It hit the edge of one of the repulsor fields and exploded skyward. By the time it fell, hitting the ground with a shriek of metal on stone, Tesla was in motion, pursuing his elusive quarry into the wriggling corridor of energy.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Here he Force Pulls Kajin to him, then he swings to deflect a 5 meter long piece of metal...or well actually send it flying.

The boy reached into the transparent energy fabric of the repulsor field-something that should have been impossible-and literally wrenched out a blazing ball of energy, molding the mass of writhing static between his hands as if it were made of modeling gel instead of highly charged energy particles. Then he flung the blindingly bright ball at Tesla.
The Inquisitor whipped into a defensive position, erecting a barrier against the salvo.

It seemed to matter little; it still took him by storm, knocking him backward almost to the entrance of the corridor. Only his own well-honed control of the Force kept him from tumbling out of control. He jackknifed in the air and came at the boy again, this time with his lightsaber lit.

He saw the boy's face clearly as he charged. The cowl of his cloak lay back on his narrow shoulders, his hair floated wildly about his head, and his eyes were huge with fear and fury.

Feeling the youth's anger, Tesla was exultant. He had a fleeting thought of what a prize this child would make for his lord, but the proud thought was swamped by survival instinct-and by his own wrath. He would not be bested by a mere boy! He roared aloud, using the Force to amplify the sound, and saw the teenager's eyes widen farther.

Tesla was ready when the second ball of repulsor energy came flying at him. He raised his lightsaber to parry it-and was blown upward into the heights of the field tunnel in a flash of scaring crimson light. At a height of seven or eight meters, he collided with a ripple in the energy barrier that deflected him downward again with just as much force.

He came down on the gritty duracrete surface face-first, only just gathering the presence of mind to wrap the Force around him like a cocoon. It was all that kept him from breaking bones.

He levitated back to his feet, enraged, and threw back his own cowl. "Fool!" he roared at the retreating form. "I offer you freedom and you choose to hide with the vermin!"

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Here Tesla faces Kajin who uses repulsor energy in a blazing ball against the Inquisitor, Tesla shows himself being able to defend himself rather well, using The Force to erect barriers and keeping his bones from breaking. Noted as having honed his Force abilities well.

The boy turned back, his gaze meeting Tesla's so strongly that the Inquisitor heard it as a rending sound in his head and felt it as a scaring pain behind his eves. His heart pounded, his breath was suddenly constricted - he felt like a lidded vessel tilling with some white-hot substance until it must surely burst. The fire gnats were crawling over him again, inflaming every nerve in his body.

"Leave me alone," the boy said quietly, and the words sounded in Tesla's head, each one like an icy dagger in his paralyzed brain. "Just leave me alone."

Then suddenly he was free. He stumbled to his knees, fury and humiliation sweeping through him in waves. Tesla lifted both hands and fired a bolt of Force-lightning at the corridor just above the boy's head, uncaring of the result. If the wretch would rather die than be taken by an Inquisitor, then so be it.

The lightning struck the rippling surface and bifurcated, each sizzling lash recoiling to strike again centimeters apart. They twinned again, then quadrupled.

Tesla cut off the flow of Force-lightning from his body, but it had little, if any, effect. Suddenly the corridor was filled with a dozen random lightning strikes, then twice that many. They were advancing on him in a trenchant storm, eating up the passageway before him. He couldn't see what had happened to the boy; his figure was lost in the erratic pulses of light. Tesla threw up a defensive barrier and backed swiftly away from the advancing lightning. Surely, with its motive energy cut off, it would soon fade.

He kept moving, staying just ahead of the scaring, draining discharges until he was certain the exit must be directly behind him. He glanced over his shoulder. It was not. In fact, only a meter or two farther along the passage, what had been an open passageway seemed to end in a pocket of charged and warped air.

He hesitated, heart thudding. How was this possible? The interstice in which he stood was formed by a cancellation effect. The two fields' overlap was unstable, but the instability was linear. There was no way the two opposing fields could meet and meld in that way, no power that could...

He peered beyond the barrier, through the fluctuations in the cul-de-sac. Beyond them, out in the open debris field, he saw a lone figure standing atop a slab of ferrocrete. A figure with a bright mane of pale hair, rippling and warping as if viewed beneath the surface of a storm-tossed sea.

The dance of energy on the left side of his face alerted Tesla to the fact that he had hesitated too long. He had barely enough time to stiffen his Force shield against the lightning before it struck, exploding the tiny pocket of relative calm in which he stood...

"He's a traitor then. He's chosen his side."

"Has he?" The Dark Lord turned, and Probus Tesla saw his distorted reflection in the curved black surfaces of the Dark Lord's optic panels. His image was warped, but the marks of his brush with death were still clearly visible on his face, notwithstanding the hours spent in a bacta tank. No matter. The scars served their purpose.

- Taken from Courscat Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

So here Tesla shows Force Lighting, being able to send multiple bolts enough to fill a corridor and showing of Force barrier to shield himself from the lighting as it exploded where he stood. Later he's shown with just scars on his face from it.

The Inquisitor, Tesla, immobilized by shock, seemed to come to himself suddenly. He ignited his own weapon and met Jax blade for blade, intent on keeping the Jedi from his obvious purpose. With the place coming down around them, and with no way of reaching Vader, Jax found himself in a standoff with the Inquisitor.

He glanced at Kaj, huddled with Laranth in their corner, face white and terror-filled. What had Vader done to him, to keep him from even attempting to use the Force?

How had the Dark Lord turned him from an unpredictable and implacable enemy into a pet he dared let out of its cage? Jax knew he'd never get any answers to those questions if he couldn't end the stalemate.

Above the sizzle and clash of the two crimson blades, Jax heard a blessed sound behind him: the whine of I-Five's laser. The droid had freed himself and was working on the doors. Jax caught his breath when he saw the condition his friend was in-one arm all but severed, dangling by a few wires, and most of his upper torso crushed. He'd had to drag himself to the doors, and his single functioning laser was sputtering badly. Nevertheless, he persevered.

Marshaling all his energies, Jax bore down on the Inquisitor, pushing him back toward his dark master. He handled the Sith blade as if it were an extension of his body, as if his mind wielded it without the intermediary of his arms and hands. Thrust, parry, thrust; high to low, then high again.

Tesla, his face shiny with sweat and twisted into a rictus of pure rage, tried to hold, but was forced to give ground. His gaze bored into Jax's as if he might do him physical damage with that as well. Jax knew he wanted to.

Back and back, closer and closer to Vader the two fought, until a clever feint by Tesla pulled Jax slightly off-balance. The Inquisitor's grimace became a death's- head grin of elation. He shifted his blade to one hand and whirled it in an arc toward Jax's side.

A glancing blow of Vader's erratic power struck the Inquisitor and tumbled him, head over heels, into a tangle of wrecked machinery and optical fibers. His lightsaber extinguished and spun away, clattering to the floor.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Later Tesla has a fight with Jax Paven meeting him blade to blade and fighting among Darth Vader, though Tesla is KO'd by a glance blow of Vader's power, ending the battle.

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The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. Empty Re: The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread.

November 9th 2019, 9:46 pm
Adventure Journal Quotes

Inquisitor Adalric Brandl

"Truth is, Ross, Brandl never touched her. Never laid a hand on her," he puffed, "yet there she lies dead. And there ain't nobody on the planet, not even you, who can tell me Brandl didn't do it."

Before Ross could question him, Brandl turned and started along the trail. "What did the Najib tell you about me?" "He said you killed a Twi'lek girl," Ross blurted. After a moment he pressed. "Did you?" The Jedi's reply was abrupt and forthright. "Yes."

"How? You never touched her." "I asphyxiated her." "She suffocated? In an open room?" "A sophisticated talent," Brandl sneered, "not meant for the faint of heart."

- Taken from The Last Exit, Adventure Journal 4

Showing of Force Choke, or well...implied, but he killed a Twi'lek.

Provoked by the sinister edge in Brandl's voice, Ross drew his blaster. The Jedi apparently heard him, and spun around to face the blaster. Ross fired a three-round burst at the Jedi. Honed by several seasons as a bounty hunter, he centered the bolts to explode in the square of Brandl's broad shoulders. Before the deadly energy could land their mark, Brandl deftly snatched a cylindrical object from his belt.

Momentarily, a narrow shaft of white brilliance ignited from the base, feinting and parrying with the precise motions of the Jedi's wrist. Deflected by the lightsaber, the blaster bolts were harmlessly shot off into the field.

- Taken from The Last Exit, Adventure Journal 4

Deflecting a 3 round burst from Ross, a seasoned former bounty hunter and doing it after Ross had already fired.

Thaddeus Ross is a handsome, easy-going spirit of 28 who comes from a long line of smugglers. A non-traditionalist, he broke free of the family legacy and became a bounty hunter. His ability to capture particularly dangerous criminal personalities quickly gained him a reputation as a good enforcer.

- Taken from The Last Exit, Adventure Journal 4

Just a quick note about Ross, he had gained a reputation as a good hunter with capturing dangerous criminals.

Aghast, Ross could only watch as the destructive rounds dissipated into oblivion. Abruptly, he felt the crushing pinch of invisible fingers clenched against his throat, constricting his airway and lungs. Choking, the smuggler dropped to his knees as the serene landscape of Trulalis blurred before him.

"There is one rule of the theater that applies to real life, Captain Ross," Brandl declared. "Only heroes die."

- Taken from The Last Exit, Adventure Journal 4

An actual showing of Force Choke from Brandl, dropping Ross to his knees.

"Never mind!" Ross shouted, strapping himself into the acceleration chair. "Brandl has one of my thermal detonators and I think he plans to-"

A muffed explosion reverberated through the docking corridors, blowing smoke and debris into the auxiliary bay. Several smaller explosions echoed from the passage, rattling TIE fighters and shuttle craft in the nearby racks.
Bewildered, Kierra gasped. "What would ever possess him to pull such a stunt?"

"He had to protect his family." The smuggler replied wearily. "But with him dead, there's no guarantee the Empire won't find them."

- Taken from The Last Exit, Adventure Journal 4

He uses a thermal detonator in a 'suicidal death', causing several explosions.

"An Imperial Inquisitor? Brandl's father is a Jedi-killer?"

"Evidently Brandl went rogue and took off, prompting a galaxy-wide manhunt. They found him, following a string of corpses that he left from one sector to the next. And when they finally caught him, he went berserk and committed suicide." The status line scrolled over Brandl's face, flashing the word 'deceased' across the screen.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kokehng, Adventure Journal 8

Brandl left a string of corpses as he went from sector to sector.

Recognizing Brandl's profile, Fable slowly walked down the center aisle towards the stage. Waves of black hair betrayed streaks of silver running through the closely cropped sides, shadowing Brandl's solemn face. At his right temple, obtuse veins of scar tissue erupted from otherwise smooth skin, winding a cruel path around the outer edges of his eye. Severely traumatized, the eye itself was damaged, sheathed in pupilless, irisless remains of a clear, yellowed orb.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Turns out though, Brandl survived the thermal detonator, obviously not coming out unscathed with some scars and a damaged eye. But given a thermal detonator's power, that's pretty impressive for him to survive such a thing.

Brushing off the possible insult, Fable shrugged. "But he is powerful." Shaking her head remorsefully. " I can't beat him. At least, I don't think so."

"When we seek the dark side, we seek our doom. Too often, we are successful."

"So you'll help me?"

"Viaclo's undoing is inevitable. Even I have seen this."

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

He is able to see the downfall of Viaclo(an Inquisitor who was trained by High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne.)

Up the steepest mound, she halted at the crest, finding herself surrounded by wax cylinders, hundreds of them. Metalic ball bearings were precariously perched on each cylinder.

Brandl slowly descended from the mound, stepping inside the perimeter of the training circle. Fable flinched as he drew his lightsaber and moved towards her. With a resonating power that spread out from it in all directions, the lightsaber became a smear of brilliance as Brandl worked his way through the wax cylinders.

He destroyed one ball bearing after another, leaving no perceptible mark on the wax. Fable watched in awe as the weapon danced through a score or more ball bearings before Brandl completed the cadence and disengaged the weapon.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

He moves his lightsaber in a dance like manner, striking through ball bearings without leaving a mark on the wax.

Like other Masters before him, Jedi Master Vo'ren Faalo developed his own formal lightsaber training for his young apprentices. Some Masters studied his practice techniques(which he called "cadences") and adopted them as part of their own training for their Jedi.

Duration: One Hour, First Cadence

Steel ball bearings of no more than 1 millimeter in diameter are recommended for these exercises. Make a batch of 19 wax cylinders(10 centimeters high and half a centimeter in diameter. Also obtain 190(idealy steel) ball bearings.

Duration: Two Hours, Second Cadence

The second Cadence requires 72 cylinders and 2,701 ball bearings.

Duration: Three Hours, Third Cadence

The third Cadence requires a total of 180 cylinders and 16,290 ball bearings.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments From the Rim

So this explains the whole candle and ball bearing thing above, developed by Jedi Master Faalo. Given that above, there were hundreds of Cadence, this means that Brandl did the Third Cadence which had 180 cylinders and 180 ball bearings and he completed it without leaving a single mark.

Fable chewed anxiously at her lower lip. "Jaalib, why didn't you become a Jedi?"

"All I ever wanted was to become an actor." he remarked, swinging his legs against the stage. "And that's exactly what I've become. I've learned the lightsaber and other meditations of the Jedi, mostly to appease my troubled sense of loyalty. Beyond these, my father seems reluctant to teach me anymore. And I'm reluctant to ask."

Staring at the row of candles, Fable was reminded of the wax cylinder exercise. "The lightsaber exercise, the one using the ball bearings? Can you do it with candles?"

Jaalib shrugged. "That's how he taught me. I never used wax cylinders until much later."

"Can you show me your secret? Your execution is almost flawless, elegant and equally effective."

He removed the lightsaber from her hands and began the cadence. His movements were slow and deliberate so she could follow him; but even those movements were faster than her most frenzied attempt to complete the exercise. Fable swallowed doubtfully, wondering how she would follow such a flawless performance.

- Taken from UhlEharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Now Brandl had a son who he trained in the use of a lightsaber and other techniques, showing that he can perform the Cadence flawlessly and that even his slow deliberate movements were faster than what Fable had tried to perform when she was giving it her all.

She then later with his help, completes the first and second Cadence.

Fable heard the pulse of the lightsaber before she saw it. Wondering how Vialco had gotten hold of his weapon without sensing it, she whirled, igniting her lightsaber. Vialco arced his blade toward her vulnerable legs. In a wild strike, she severed his head from his body, never losing momentum.

But as he fell, she clearly saw his empty hands. The lightsaber was still on the ground, several meters from his body. "Who's tricking who?" Fable hissed, enraged by Brandl's careful deceit.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Able to cast illusions, making it appear as if Vialco had his lightsaber, forcing Fable to kill him.

Lunging towards her mentor, she met the abrupt thrust of his lightsaber. Dominating and powerful, he knocked Fable off her feet and drove her back into the opposite mound.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Easily dominates Fable even after her training, knocking her off her feat.

Feeling the subtle constriction of his throat, Jaalib resisted panic as his wind pipe contracted, sized by invisible fingers. "No less arrogant than my father," he rasped. Desperate for air, he dropped to his knees, slowly losing consciousness as the grip tightened around his throat. His father abruptly released him and the cool, damp air flowed through his body.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Another showing of Force Choke, choking Jaalib.

The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. 5746674-5t

He can absorb/dissipate energy, accelerate healing, control his pain, resist stun, Farseeing, projective telepathy, Affect/Control mind, Dim another's senses.

Inquisitor Vialco

Trained under the infamous High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne, Vialco assumed at one time he would be chosen to replace the Jedi Lord, should the need for a replacement ever arise. Vialco made every effort to turn or kill any Jedi or latent Jedi he encountered. His favorite hunting techniques include stalking his victims from a distance, haunting their minds and senses with disturbing images.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Trained under High Inquisitor Tremayne, hunting and killing or turning Jedi or latent Jedi, able to stalk victims from a distance, invading their minds and senses with disturbing images.

"Didn't do Arecelis much good," Fable scowled. Her body was bruised from her momentary encounter with Vialco, a dark Jedi assigned to the garrison. One feint and one block was all he needed to launch her across the width of the construction corridor.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Vialco easily dominated Fable, with one feint and block that launched her across a construction corridor. This being a pre-trained Brandl Fable, though even before her training with Brandl, Fable had been trained by her mother, enough to use The Force for combat sense, controlling pain, enhancing her physicals and telepathy.

Yanking the lightsaber from her belt, Fable lunged savagely. She faked a left feint, deftly bringing the lightsaber down and across to the right. "That's it, girl! Anger is the control. Your fear is the power. And your fear is great, little one." His voice reverberated through the darkness, washing over her consciousness.

He's in my room! Fable thought frantically, struggling with the nightmare. The lightsaber flared in her grip, burning her hand and she dropped it to the floor. As the weapon clanked against the deck plates, Fable woke frantically to find herself standing in the center of her cabin.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

He's able to invade the minds of others over vast distances.

Sensing her peripheral thoughts, he whispered. "No, no more bad dreams, girl. I've come for the harvest." A sinister determination shadowed his pallid face. "What shall it be, hmm?"

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Able to sense Fable's thoughts.

Vialco's face flushed with rage as he began a series of short lunges, forcing Fable to move back along the perimeter of the muddy basin. Feinting to the left, she swung around behind him, delivering a swift kick to Viaclo's backside.

Enraged by her insolence, Vialco turned on her, gripping his lightsaber tightly in his hands. Deliberately stretching her defenses, he attempted to penetrate her confidence.


Fable heard the soft spoken voice from the past and without turning toward the shadowy image on the edge of her peripheral vision, she knew the illusion to be Arecelis.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Able to force Fable back, who at this point is better trained under both Brandl and his son, also showing the ability to cast illusions while in combat.

"Wretched girl!" Vialco hissed. "If you will not be turned, you will die!" Summoning the corrupt powers of the dark side, Vialco felt energy coursing through him. He extended his arms, curling his fingertips as the first tendrils of lighting surged from his hands. Fable flinched, awkwardly balanced as she tried to back away. The arc of lighting shot through her, ripping into her flesh.

Screaming in pain, she dropped to the ground, curling into a fetal ball as the agony washed through her. Before she could collect herself, a second and third blow left her tortured body paralyzed.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Showing of Force Lighting, immediately dropping Fable to the ground with one blast, then two more paralyzed her body.

The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. 5746738-76

Knowing Absorb/Dissipate energy, Feed on Dark Side, Force Lighting, Telepathy, Affect Mind, Control Pain, Resist Stun.

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The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. Empty Re: The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread.

November 9th 2019, 10:33 pm
Alright folks, well there you have it! The Inquisitorius(Legends) of the Galactic Empire!

Honestly I have to say, the New SW Canon really, really let me down on the Inquisitors....I vastly prefer this incarnation of the organization.

Anyway folks, this ends the more broader look see at the SW Galaxy. I'll be getting into my character respect threads here soon, so be on the look out for them! These will also have a few of the more noted Inquisitors!

I hope all these threads, have really expanded everyone's horizons on just where certain characters stand, if they've changed at all in your mind or whatever!
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The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread. Empty Re: The Inquisitorius(Legends) respect thread.

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