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Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread Empty Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread

November 8th 2019, 11:40 am
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Alright all, now we move over from the Dark Jedi, to the Jedi Knights of the Galactic Republic! Those Guardians of peace and justice, while many know of course the bigger named ones, I think much of the time, the lesser don't get enough love, they certainly have quite a fair bit of accolades and feats.

So let's jump right into it!

Link to: Dark Jedi respect thread


Jedi Knight

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 4936812-7818139148-latest

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

As Jedi Initiates you were learn and hone many abilities that draw upon The Force. These abilities fall under 3 themes: Control, Sense and Alter. Control is centered on one's own body and is the focus of training for Initiates. Used properly your Control abilities will allow you to survive injury and decay, extending your service to the Order by decades.

- Taken from Jedi Path

The Jedi learn abilities under 3 themes of Control, Sense and Alter, with Control being the focus of their training for Initiates. Proper use of Control allows them to survive injuries and extend their lives decades to serve the Jedi Order.

Tutaminus, or energy absorption is the ability to channel or diffuse potentially harmful radiation by using the benevolent energy of The Force. It can be as simple as shielding the skin from excessive sunlight or as advanced as deflecting a blaster bolt with an outstretched palm.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Jedi learn how to channel or diffuse energy/radiation. Now not to say that all Jedi can deflect blaster bolts with their palm, but they can to a degree manipulation energy sources.

Curato Salva is a family of abilities that emphasizes the healing of self. As a Jedi Knight you will be expected to master this facet of Control to heal your own injuries, to flush out mind-altering drugs from your bloodstream, to locate and burn out clusters of disease, to nullify the effects of poison and to reduce your perception of pain when true healing is not possible in the moment. The Jedi hibernation trance is the most extreme position and can be used as a last resort to sustain vital signs.

"Especially useful in a battle!"

- Taken from Jedi Path

Jedi Knights are expected to master Curato Salva which enables them to heal injuries, flush out mind control drugs in their blood stream, kill diseases, nullify poisons and reduce pain when they can't fully heal and as noted to be useful in a battle.

Altus sopor is the traditional term for the ability to increase one's focus in The Force. You can practice this self-directed ability during your 5 daily meditations. In time you will learn to merge into The Force so that you become nearly invisible to others.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Jedi Knights can increase their Force focus, enabling them to become nearly invisible to others. Wouldn't say of course this would work on ya know, more powerful Force Users, but like the regular human being and so forth.

As Initiates you should be meditating 5 times a day. That's not enough, whenever you have a moment to yourself, even if you're standing outside a training chamber waiting for a session to begin, center yourself as you been taught. The Force will rejuvenate your body and sharpen your mind, even in brief moments.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Jedi Knights meditate 5 times a day and even then, not enough whenever they have a spare moment. This rejuvenates their body and sharpens their minds even if the meditation is brief.

Moving Meditation is an awake-state that reduces distraction and increases focus on a task, you may find it improves your ability to repair a device, your skill in shifting through data or your combat drills.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Jedi Knights can increase focus on their tasks with Moving Meditation, this may be anything from repairing something to their combat drills.

As Jedi Initiates you will concentrate on one only one form, Form 1 or shii-cho, is the oldest of all forms and the first to evolve from the ancient discipline of swordfighting. Form 1 teaches the basic moves of attack and parry, focusing on the humanoid body's target zones: left side, right side, head and legs.

- Taken from Jedi Path

As Initiates, Jedi Knights focus on Form 1 of fighting which is the oldest of all the lightsaber forms, evolved from swordfighting which teaches them the basics of attacking and parrying, focusing on the body of their enemy.

Form 1 is the foundation of which the other forms build. It is not the best style for blaster deflection or lightsaber combat, but it's a superior all around form you can fall back on in combat. Thus you must demonstrate mastery of this form before you can continue.

- Taken from Jedi Path

It's a good all around form that a Jedi can fall back on if needed, Initiates need to master this form before they can continue.

There are 7 forms of lightsaber combat. Form 1 was the focus of your training as a youngling. Padawans must extend their combat skills by mastering 1 or more of the following forms.

- Taken from Jedi Path

As Padawans, Jedi Knights have to master 1 or more of the 7 lightsaber forms of combat.

As Jedi Initiates you worked to master your body's reactions and to enhance your limitations through your instruction in Control. As Padawans, you will spend far more time developing the discipline of Sense and the Force abilities the emulate from it.

- Taken from Jedi Path

As Initiates they have mastered their bodies reactions and enhanced their limitations through Control and as Padawans they develop their Sensory abilities.

Life detection is the most basic of Sense abilities. Through this ability, you can feel the presence of living things and track their positions over long range.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Jedi Knights can track living things over long ranges.

Magnifying the senses is an obvious application of The Force but one that many Padawans struggle to apply. Padawans who need help in this area are advised to practice Force-boosted hearing while meditating with all other senses such down.

Program a training remote to travel away from you at one meter per minute. After listening to the quite hum of the repulsorlift, you may be shocked to discover that it has already left your chamber and is halfway through the Temple. Through this same technique you can gain improved eyesight that exceeds the range of Macrobinoculars.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Jedi Knights can magnify their senses such as hearing and eyesight.

Do not bother to anticipate what type of lightsaber challenge you will encounter during the Trial of Skill or what opponent you will face. The popular rumor among Padawans is that you must outlast the Jedi Battlemaster in a session that may span hours. Yet you may face multiple opponents at once; a succession of fresh opponents while you become increasingly exhausted. A duel with a Jedi while another manipulates your perceptions or shifts the floor tiles beneath your feet.

Or perhaps even a duel with a member of the Council, including our venerable Grand Master- a rare privilege indeed.

- Taken from Jedi Path

The Trial of Skill is random, ranging from anything from outlasting the Jedi Battlemaster which can span hours, fighting multiple opponents while becoming exhausted, a duel with a Jedi while another throws off their perceptions or shifting the floor tiles, or fighting one of the members of the Council or even Grand Master.


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 4936871-675

Such challenges are not meant to be unfair. All are designed to mimic challenges you may one day face if you are to serve the Order. The latest feature in the Jedi trials Chamber is a holographic projector, introduced after the victory of Ruusan capable of creating enemies from the air itself. With this tool, you might face Darth Ruin, Lord Kaan or any of the worst monsters to ever rise from the dark side.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Jedi Padawans might also face a holographic projections of famous Sith Lords.

This would also include the Sith Lord Darth Desolous.



Link to Darth Desolous RT: Darth Desolous



Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 4936891-08

The Trial of Insight tests the ability of a Padawan to see through illusion and judge the person beneath, to filter out distractions in search of the truth. Over the centuries many challenges have been employed to assess this ability, including finding a grain of sand within a field of stones, determining the content and frequency of a fragmentary test from scattered pieces and solving any of the High Riddles of Dwartii.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Must be able to see through illusion, what is and isn't real.

As a Jedi Knight you are the arms and legs of the Order and the Council requires you to stay fit and prepared for the moment when you will be asked to end threats to the citizens of the galaxy.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Jedi Knights are required to stay fit and prepared the moment a they are called upon for a threat.

Telekinesis is the most fundamental of Alter ability, forming the basis for the familiar Force push and Force pull. Your training should focus on precision and control, but also lifting on great weights. The oxygen bottle is a fine exercise for precision, since it requires a Jedi to fill an empty bottle with oxygen molecules plucked one by one from the air.

- Taken from Jedi Path

TK is focused on precision and control and also lifting great weight, an exercise is a Jedi taking air molecules and filling an empty bottle.


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 4936945-345

For control visit the Temple's Kuddaka chambers where the Muntuur Stones are kept. Each of these stones weigh several tons, so merely jostling one can be marked as a success.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Control training is with practicing on the Muntuur Stones which weigh several tons, the picture above shows smaller stones and yet even they are pretty big.


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 4936953-98

Alter Environment describes a family of abilities that stand as evidence of the Force's ability to control the natural world. With this a Jedi can summon a whirlwind or lighting strike, or can direct hailstorms and crashing waves against the walls of an enemy fortification.

- Taken from Jedi Path

Jedi Knights can alter the environment to bring whirlwinds, lighting strikes, direct hail or crashing waves.

As a Jedi who has reached the rank of Knight, you have recieved instruction in Forms I-VI combat. By now you have undoubtedly settled on one that suits your physical strengths and battle philosophy.

Yet some Jedi might find advantage in a hybrid style that draws upon any or all forms.

- Taken from Jedi Path

They recieved instruction through Forms 1-IV, mastering Form 1 and one other Form as a Jedi Padawan, they can also go to make themselves a hybrid form.

Few enemies can match the raw power of a trained Jedi Knight. These brave champions spend their entire lives mastering the Force and testing themselves against all manner of challenges and opponents. By the time they are ready to pass their final trails to become Jedi Knights, young Jedi Padawans have already spent more time in battle than the average veteran soldier.

- The Old Republic Encyclopedia

Few can match the raw power of a Jedi Knight, mastering the force and testing themselves against challenges and opponents, as Padawans becoming Knights they've already spent more time in battle than the average Trooper.

Jedi Masters have reached the top of their craft within the Jedi Order. A deep understanding of The Force is a must, for a Jedi Master is able to unlock powerful secrets that few Jedi even dream of comprehending. It is not a journey made quickly, and few Jedi survive long enough to complete it.

- Taken from Threats of the Galaxy.

Jedi Masters are the top of the heap in the Jedi Order, they know powerful secrets that few Jedi even can comprehend and only few survive to even make it to Jedi Master.

Jedi Masters are sent on important and dangerous missions by the Jedi Council. Whether or not a Jedi Master is encountered in the company of his Padawan Learner, he is an opponent who cannot be underestimated. Few mundane opponents can stand against the skill and ability of a Jedi Master.

Taken from Threats of the Galaxy

Jedi Masters do dangerous missions, with or without their Padawans they are opponents not to be underestimated and few can stand against their skill and ability.

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Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread

November 8th 2019, 11:40 am
Comic Feats


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 4936905-6140225852-blz15

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 4936907-7645362964-blz16

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 4936908-6706420616-blz17

These scans show Jedi showing blaster deflection, TKing rockets and Force Pushing. Jedi jumping so high to intercept a Mandalorian as he flies, cutting him in half and landing without so much an issue.
People site this battle as a feat for Jango and sure it is, but the Jedi themselves also show stuff as they fight the Mandalorians.


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5789369-6975315708-57893
Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5789370-6345727990-57893

These two scans shows a Padawan about to unstuck an AT-TE from the mud, she ends up getting killed from behind so not an actual showing persay, but she seemed rather confident in her ability to get the AT-TE out of the mud with TK. Plus given it also seems to be getting help from the Clones, it doesn't seem unlikely that she wouldn't be able to at least assist with getting it out.


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5789371-2886782914-RCO01

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5789372-5526876068-57893

The 1st scan shows Padawans being able to sense/read through Anakin's thoughts while he was outside on a speeder.
The last scan speaks of a Jedi Padawan's Uncle, noted as a true Jedi Master that outstripped all of the Padawans there in knowledge, wisdom and power. (Not including Anakin of course least in raw power, though perhaps maybe in knowledge/wisdom.)


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5789440-2665429921-57893
Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5789441-5520666392-RCO02

1st scan shows a Padawan being able to sense mines buried underground, while the 2nd scan shows a Padawan detonating several of the mines.


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5789376-2647719671-RCO00

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5789377-9591305883-RCO01

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5789378-8340276035-RCO02

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5789379-1616477314-8_zps

So here we have these Padawans fighting for...a month and a half, killing A-series assassin droids, showing Jar'Kai and deflecting a blaster shot precisely into someone's head. The last scan showing a wounded Padawan, exhausted holding back several IG-227 Hailfire missiles before letting them go.


Side Note: A-Series Assassin Droids

Poi constructed an increasingly lethal string of assassin droids. These killers eliminated Hutts three to fourteen in the Gejalli succession hierarchy. The Gejalli survivors exacted their own revenge, taking out a contract on Poi's life. Poi fled to the darkest underlevels of Kashyyk's worshry tree canopy to escape from the merciless Dashade shadow killers.

What followed was nearly two decades of what Pollux Poi calls 'the shadow game'. Inside his leafy hideout, Poi tinkered with new designs as his droids felled Dashade assassins, making Poi one of the most notorious unclaimed bounties in Hutt history.

The creations of Pollux Poi lived on, discovering a primeval machine in Kashyyyk's forest. Establishing contact, this small family led itself to be overhauled and replicated by the ancient intelligence they called the Builder Forge.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Droids.

So these assassin droids were created by Pollux Poi(an insane scientist) which killed several Hutts which prompted them to take out a contract on the guy. He fled with Dashade assassins coming after him, for 2 decades his droids killed these assassins, they then were overhauled and replicated by the Builder Forge. (Rakata technology)

Dashade are known for being mercenaries, elite assassins and killers and only the best Dashades can be called Shadow Killers.

The Dashade are known throughout the galaxy as elite assassins, mercenaries, and killers. Particularly due to their partial immunity to Force abilities of the Jedi. The most feared and deadly Dashade are given the honorary title Shadow Killer.

- Taken from Galaxy at War



Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 6695626-3855983376-eahCZ

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 6695627-5825555848-F4kBv

Here during the month and a half battle, a Jedi Padawan survives a near point blank explosion, doesn't even knock him out, he then takes out a Hellfire tank.


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 6695632-7760225538-seMni

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 6695633-0489532493-nxHdO
Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 6695634-1393413830-KpQhe
Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 6695635-0556745394-Xmbgv

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 6695636-7213863326-OStD5

So here Jedi Master Tohno infiltrates a Sep base, gets confronted by a horde of Geonosians, showing great durability with surviving multiple sonic weapon attacks, using saber throw as she cuts through them before blowing up the base with the explosives she had.


Link to RT


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 6218835-5586375981-WBLpuoNydXug1K8MKm1S7PPiNN9-wOSffCgJ-203oQNt718QCP3Y58E9t1g4lPUOyBfhdCa98RxLeA%3Ds1600

Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 6218836-1230453094-Lmivse3cA02-V3jNGo-8BZRTykVr4otLHkXzhL19Ab9YTT3sKTMP_r3v7bnmHHLZiebbupjwz_fpfg%3Ds1600

Dass Jennir would be an example of someone who hasn't a strong connection to The Force as noted he had a weak/average Force connection, yet is still none the less a very capable Jedi Master. His showings thusly aren't out of realm for any other Jedi Knight or Master when taking into account everything within this thread.

Dass Jennir respect thread

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Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread

November 8th 2019, 11:40 am
Novel Quotes

He turned to see a male Zabrak, a Jedi, emerge from one of the burned-out buildings that lined the street. The blue line of a lightsaber glowed in each of his hands. He studied Malgus sidelong.
"Malgus, " the Jedi said.

Malgus did not know the Jedi's name and he did not care. The Zabrak was merely the focus of his anger, a convenient target for his rage.

Malgus fell into the Force, roared, and bounded down the street, his anger lending him speed.
The Jedi held his ground. At twenty meters, the Jedi raised his lightsabers aloft to either side and drew them both down with a flourish.

Too late the rumble of the falling buildings penetrated the haze of Malgus's anger. An avalanche of duracrete and transparisteel crashed down on him from either side of the street...

- Taken from The Third Lesson

Here a Zabrak Jedi collapses two burned out buildings with The Force ontop of Malgus.

So what was left? Her own fighting skills. These were not inconsiderable-Jedi were trained in all manner of disciplines, both mental and physical, and the Masters knew there were times when use of the Force was not appropriate. Even without activating her lightsaber, she was someone to be reckoned with.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Jedi are trained in all manner of disciplines both physical and mental, without turning on their lightsabers they are still to be reckoned with.

Adventure Journal Quotes

Many years ago when my grandfather's grandfather was a General in the Old Republic, there was a group of marauding band of raiders who destroyed entire towns, killed many innocent people and stole riches beyond belief. They destroyed the entire spaceport on Wroona, and robbed the Vaults of Narner. Nobody knew who these terrible warriors were, because their faces were hidden behind cold masks of their battle armor.

What terrible battle armor it was. Every arm bristled with blasters, every back had a jetpack strapped to it, and every helmet surveyed the battle with targeting sensors and tracking computers. Trophies hung from ammunition belts and shoulder armor, and multicolored breastplates were blaster-scored from numerous battles. Nobody was safe from these vile marauders.

Despite all their great armor and powerful weapons, these mercenaries were defeated by a lone Jedi Knight called Soonis. Which only goes to prove that outward appearances can often be deceiving.

- Adventure Journal 3: Outlaw Battle Armor

A story tells of a lone Jedi Knight who defeated a group of marauding band of mercenaries using Battle Armor.

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Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread

November 8th 2019, 11:55 am


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5722030-2755415517-j2P1v

Here a Jedi defeats a Sith Warrior after an exchange of just 2 strikes.


Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread 5722034-7838834984-nZP1Y

Another Jedi defeating another Sith, elbow striking from behind and following up with his saber.


Here Jedi Master Ferroda takes out most of an entire Clone platoon, showing of great martial arts skill, Force and lightsaber abilities. This is more likely one of the best instances of showing what a true Jedi Master(that isn't named Kenobi, Mace, Yoda, etc) is capable of when factoring in what everything else is above.


Well there you have it folks! The capabilities of your Jedi Knight!

Now I realize I am probably missing a lot of info, but hey I figure this is a good deal chunk of it and people can get a better understanding of just what the average even are coming from compared to the more well known characters.
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Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Jedi Knight(Legends) respect thread

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