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Han Solo(Legends) respect thread Empty Han Solo(Legends) respect thread

November 26th 2019, 2:21 pm
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Alright folks, we now reach the last of my RTs that I shall be posting here. Now we're gonna be looking at one of the best characters within the SW Mythos, the smuggler turned Rebellion Hero turned to New Republic General, the best friend of Luke Skywalker! 


Han Solo

Han Solo(Legends) respect thread 5836550-7605626703-94821

Sourcebook/File Quotes

Unbelievably, the truth is not far removed from myth. During his career, Solo has smuggled weapons, contraband and people. He has fought slavers, Imperial frigates and TIE squadrons. He has singe-handedly brought down Imperial corporations and outwitted the galaxy's worst crimelords, dozens of bounty hunters are on his trail, hoping to collect the death-mark price promised by Jabba The Hutt.

The Empire has also placed a price on his head for crimes against the Empire, including high treason, aiding and abetting Rebel spies, conspiracy, breaking into an Imperial facility, liberating a known criminal, breaking out of an Imperial facility, espionage, operating a starship without a licence and destruction of Imperial property.

He is currently the 4th most wanted individual in the entire Empire; the dread Lord Darth Vader himself oversees the search for Solo.

- Taken from The Star Wars Sourcebook 2nd edition

Myth isn't far from the truth for Solo, he's the 4th most wanted in the Empire and having a long list of crimes, outwitted the galaxy's worst crimelords, being chased by dozens of bounty hunters, fighting slavers, Imperials and doing a bunch of other stuff.

In his youth, Han's blindingly fast draw became almost legendary among the gunmen, petty criminals and smugglers who haunted the fringes of society. On numerous occasions, he outdrew some of the galaxy's most ruthless gunfighters, until his reputation meant that few would risk taking him on in a straight contest of blasters.

- Taken from Fact File 6

He has a blinding fast drew, outdrawing some of the galaxy's most ruthless gunfighters. It came to a point, where he had such a reputation that few would want to go against him.

The short-range power of Solo's blaster made it effective against stormtrooper armor, while it's owner's skill made him a match for several opponents at once.

- Taken from Fact File 6

His skill with a blaster is so great, he can take on several opponents at once.

Despite being old and well used, the blaster remained deadly accurate, while Han Solo's reflexes seemed little dulled by the passing of time.

- Taken from Fact File 6

Despite getting up in the age post-ROTJ and into the NR era, Han's reflexes only dulled a little bit.

By the age of 17, Han had built a considerable reputation as a swoop bike racer, had picked up a number of alien languages, and was a considerable thief and con-man.

Over the next four years on Carida, Solo showed natural ability, though he never accepted standard Imperial attitudes. Despite graduating top of his year, Solo's military career was abruptly ended on a disciplinary charge after Han refuse orders from Commander Nyklas

Fact File SOL 1

By age 17 he already had a great reputation as a swoop bike racer, picking up several alien languages and was a considerable thief/con-man. He then graduates at the top of his class at the Academy.
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Han Solo(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Han Solo(Legends) respect thread

November 26th 2019, 2:21 pm
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Novel Quotes

All that remained of the Forum itself was broken rubble strewn across a huge empty lot. Han stepped off the sidewalk, into the lot. Glass and gravel crunched beneath his feet as he walked across it, toward the main entrance.
He stood in the empty lot, staring at the desolation, with a cool wind tugging at him and suddenly it struck him as though he were there, that moment, all those years ago:

Standing in the ring. Facing the opponents, with the screams and cheers and taunts of the crowd in his ears. His heart pounding and his breath coming short, as the match flag fluttered down toward the ground, and the other three fighters came at him.

Han took a running leap at the nearest. He got up two meters off the ground and landed a flying kick into the face of the onrushing first fighter. The man's nose broke, his head snapped back.

- Taken from Tales of the Bounty Hunter

Here Han flashbacks to when he was in a Free-For-All fight, he leaped up to one of the 3 fighters that were coming at him, landing a flying kick to his face, breaking his nose and snapping his head back.

Young Han Solo watched the ring attendant, a Bith, hosing the blood from the previous bout out of the ring, and wondered how he'd gotten himself into such a mess.

Well, not wondering, exactly, that wasn't accurate, since actually he remembered the events with a certain painful clarity. Wondering how he'd been stupid enough to get himself into the current mess was more like it. Han stood in the tunnel with the other three fighters, watching the blood get cleaned off the mat he would shortly be standing on, fighting on, and swore to himself that if he got out of the current mess with his skin still holding his insides inside, he'd learn to deal seconds so well that no one would ever catch him at it.

Anyway, how was a traveling man supposed to know that cheating at cards was a felony in some jerk backwaters? "A felony, "Han muttered aloud. He glanced over and up and up some more at the fighter standing next to him. "What did you get sent to Jubilar for?"

The man looked down a considerable distance at Han and said slowly, "I killed some people."

Han looked away. "Right? me too," he lied after a moment. "I killed lots of people."

- Taken from Tales of the Bounty Hunters

The 3 other fighters that Han fought were so big, Han had to look up, one of them having killed some people.

Three of the fighters were what Fett would have expected, big bruisers for whom the Free-For-All ring had been the obvious alternative to conscription. The fourth surprised him; Fett zoomed in on the man?

The face jumped into focus.

- Taken from Tales of the Bounty Hunters

Indeed, 3 of the fighters were big bruisers compared to Han and he was only 17 at the time.

Fett stopped walking and looked sideways at the man. A small motion, but the Imperial found himself staring into the bounty hunter's darkened visor.

Fett's harsh voice sounded like an attack. "He won. It was one of the bravest things I ever saw." He paused. "I'll enjoy collecting him."

- Taken from Tales of the Bounty Hunters

Han had won, Fett noting it was one of the bravest things he'd ever seen.

She shook off his hold as easily as she would have waved off an annoying insect and roared at Shrike. The captain drew his blaster, and chaos erupted.

"Noooo!" Han screamed, and leaped forward, his foot lashing out in an old street-fighting technique. His instep impacted solidly with Shrike's breastbone. The captain's breath went out in a great whoosh and he went over backward.

- Taken from The Han Solo Trilogy 1: Paradise Snare

Han leaped and smashed his foot into Shrike's chest, knocking his breath out and sending him over backwards.

With a muffled curse, Thrackan backhanded Han across the face so hard it split the younger boy's lip. "Shut up!" he snarled. "You've got no right to talk about her. There's nothing wrong with her, hear me? Nothing!"

The blow stung, but Han had been hit often, by experts, and one thing he knew was how to take a punch and stay on his feet. For a moment he was tempted to fly at the older boy's throat, but he made himself relax. There had been genuine pain in Thrackan's eyes as he defended his mother. Han figured he might have done the same thing, if he'd ever had a mother. I have to stay here, he reminded himself. Anything is better than Shrike . . .

"Sorry," he managed to say.

- Taken from Han Solo Trilogy 1: Paradise Snare

Here Han gets backhanded so hard that his lip gets split, but he knows how to take a hit and stay on his feet, getting hit by experts who know how to hit often.

All the insults, all the cuffs and blows and beatings--Shrike's as well as Thrackan's--seemed to come to a head.
With a bellow as loud as a Wookiee's, Han went berserk. He slammed his fist against Thruckan's arm, sending the knife flying, and slammed his other elbow into Thrackan's stomach. The breath whooshed out of the older boy, and before Thrackan could recover himself, Han was all over him.

Kicking, biting, punching, gouging--Han used every dirty trick he'd learned on the streets to beat up Thrackan. Stunned and reeling from Han's fury, Thrackan never did recover, until the fight ended with Han sitting astride Thrackan, holding the knife to the older boy's throat.

"Hey . . ." Thrackan's eyes glittered like a trapped vrelt's. "Hey, Han, stop kidding around. This isn't funny."

- Taken from Han Solo Trilogy 1: Paradise Snare

Here Han mauls Thrackan, kickinig, biting, punching, gouging, using every dirty trick he learned on the street.

Veham! With a hideous crunch that Han could feel through his entire body, the Ylesian Dream crashed into the surface of the planet, shuddered once, and was still.

Han was thrown violently across the cabin. His helmet impacted with the bulkhead, and he lay there, arms and legs flung wide, dazed. He fought to stay conscious. If he passed out, he'd never wake up again.

Trying to pull himself up into a sitting position, Han grunted with effort. Waves of blackness threatened. He triggered his suit communications channel. "R2... R2 ... come in!"

"Yes, sir, I am here, sir." The droid's mechanical tones sounded a bit shaken. "If you don't mind my saying so, sir, that appears to have been a most unconventional landing. I am concerned that--"

"Shut UP and OPEN THE CARGO AIRLOCK!" Han wheezed. He managed to push himself up into a sitting position, but he was afraid he wouldn't be able to stay up. He was swaying like a drunk in a high wind.

"But, sir, I warned you that in the interests of security, all entrances would be sealed pending--" Han found the blaster he'd stuck into the outside pocket on his suit and, drawing it, leveled the weapon at R2. "R2, YOU OPEN THAT AIRLOCK NOW, OR I'LL BLAST YOUR METAL HIDE INTO ATOMS!"

The droid's lights flashed frantically. Han's finger tightened on the trigger as he wondered whether he'd have the strength to crawl to the airlock. Blackness hovered at the edges of his vision.

"Yes, sir," the R2 said. "I am doing as you request."

Moments later Han felt the concussion as air whoomped into the Dream with near-explosive force. Gasping, he counted to twenty, then, with the last of his remaining strength, wrenched off his helmet. He let himself sink back down onto the deck.

He gasped, found he could breathe, and gulped huge lungfuls of fresh air.

- Taken from Han Solo Trilogy 1: Paradise Snare

Han remains conscious after a starship crashes onto a planet, getting thrown violently around across the cabin and crashing to the bulkhead.

He was very tense during the eye exam, but Nici's droid had been an expert. The Imperial medical droid found nothing wrong.

Han passed the physical with flying colors. His reaction time and reflexes were in the topmost percentile.

- Taken from HST 1: Paradise Snare

Enlisting into the Imperial Navy, Han passes the physical with flying colors, his reaction time and reflexes were at the topmost percentile.

Imperial Fighter pilots form an elite group within the Imperial Navy. Only 10% of those accepted into training graduate with commissions.

- Taken from Episodes IV-VI Visual Dictionary

To note, only %10 are accepted into training that graduate with commissions.

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Han Solo(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Han Solo(Legends) respect thread

November 26th 2019, 2:21 pm
Novel Quotes(Con.)

And I'm afraid . . . Garris . . . that I can't go along with this little scheme of yours . . ." As he spoke, Han had begun lowering his voice, little by little, speaking more and more softly.

Unconsciously, Shrike leaned forward slightly to hear--just as Han, with a wild scream, leaped straight at him. One arm swept up in a block, sweeping Shrike's arm, and almost at the same moment, Han brought his knee up into the man's groin. As Shrike doubled over with a grunt, Han punched him in the jaw, hard. The captain went down.

The blaster dropped out of Garris's hand, and Shrike grabbed for it.

Han kicked it away, sending it skittering into the black, sharp-edged shadows.

Then he leaped over Shrike's crouched form and bolted for the ramp leading up to the tallest roof. From there he could hide and catch a horizontal tube or a turbolift.

Han couldn't believe he'd actually managed to down Shrike in a fight.

- Taken from HST1: Paradise Snare

Here Han(post Imperial Navy training) beats down Shrike in two strikes.

The turbolift doors opened. Shrike looked up, just as Han lunged up off the permacrete.
The element of surprise served him for a moment. Han managed to knock the blaster out of Shrike's hand again, but then Garris was on him.

Iron-hard hands clamped around the younger man's throat. Han's eyes bulged as he hooked a leg behind Shrike's and sent the man over backward. Shrike didn't release his grip, so Han went down with him, and they landed in a kicking, punching sprawl.

Han slammed a fist into Shrike's midsection, heard the man grunt in pain.

The fingers around his throat loosened for a second--then Shrike released his grip and tried to gouge Han's eye.
His right eye. The viciously gouging thumb skidded in Shrike's own saliva, and Han turned his head and snapped like an animal. His teeth closed on Shrike's thumb, clamped down. Shrike screamed as Han tore his flesh. The Corellian tasted blood.

Han took advantage of the man's momentary distraction to bring his knee up into Shrike's midsection. The older man's breath whooshed out in a stinking rush of white, into the cold night air.

Han heaved upward, throwing Shrike off him. The man lost his grip and went sprawling backward. Han scrambled for where he'd heard the blaster land--and his fingers found it.

Shrike was already up and heading purposefully for the younger man, when Han came up onto his knees, the blaster pointed directly at him.

Han ostentatiously thumbed the intensity level up to its highest setting.

- Taken from HST1: Paradise Snare

He beats Shrike again even as his hands were around Han's throat(described like an iron grip), kicking, punch, biting into his thumb and throwing him off before grabbing Shrike's blaster.

Shrike's orders aboard the Luck were always obeyed; he was not a man to cross without a good reason and a fully charged blaster. He ruled the clan of traders as a less-than-benevolent despot.

A slender man of medium height, Garris was handsome in a hard-edged way. Streaks of silver-white above his temples accentuated his black hair and iceblue eyes. His mouth was thin-lipped; he seldom smiled--and never with good humor. Garris Shrike was an expert shot and had spent his early years as a professional bounty hunter.

- Taken from HST1: Paradise Snare

To note, Garris Shrike wasn't a man to be crossed with, a former professional bounty hunter and expert shot.

The only time Han had been beaten more severely was after the debacle on Jubilar, when he was seventeen. Han had already been bruised and sore from the gladitorial Free-For-All he'd been forced to fight in, after being caught cheating at cards. That time, Shrike hadn't bothered with a strap, he'd just used his fists--battering the boy's face and body until Larrad and several others had pulled him off Han's unconscious form.

And now he's killed Dewlanna, Han thought bitterly. If anyone ever needed killing, it's Garris Shrike.

- Taken from HST 1: Paradise Snare

To note beforehand when Han had won the free for all, Shrike gave him an even worse beating than he had gotten in the Arena.

To this day Han had no clear memory of the next several minutes. They'd recorded the fights, and he'd seen the recording; but the knowledge of what had happened did not connect to his blurred memories of the events themselves. The boy had been hurt, and hurt badly, walking off the mat with a broken arm and a broken jaw, two broken ribs and a concussion and bruises across half his body; the bruises turned purple the next day.

- Taken from Tales of the Bounty Hunters

To note, the beating that Han took in the arena match he won, left him with a broken arm and jaw, two broken ribs, a concussion and bruises across half his body which turned purple the next day.

The bounty hunter gestured with the blaster. "Drop your blaster, kid, or I'll stun you right in the head and scramble your brains good. The Hutts want you alive, but they didn't say nothing about in your right mind. Drop it."

Shaking, Han dropped the blaster from his nerveless fingers. With a grunt of effort, he tried to get up, but his right leg buckled beneath him.

"My leg . . ." he mumbled. "Right leg won't take my weight . . .Shrike kicked me."

"Yeah, I saw him. Not very professional of him, but old Shrike always was hot-tempered," the bounty hunter said. Moving forward, he added, "Now I'm going to give you a hand up. Don't try--" With a demented howl, Han hurled himself headfirst into the bounty hunter's midsection.

This man was younger than Shrike, stronger and faster. But Han was fighting like a madman, with the strength borne of utter desperation.

He had nothing to lose, and he knew it.

The bounty hunter went over backward with a yell of surprise. Han threw himself after him, pummeling the man. Recovering himself, the bounty hunter slammed Han across the temple with the muzzle of his blaster.
Blood spurted, ran into Han's left eye, but the Corellian didn't let it slow him down.

He clawed his way up the other's body as though it were a jungle vine and head-butted the bounty hunter, slamming his forehead into the man's nose. Han heard and felt cartilage break against the bone of his skull. The man's shrill scream rang through the night.

Cursing, the bounty hunter grappled with Han, slamming him on the back and in the kidneys with the blaster. Han grabbed his arm and slammed his hand against the permacrete, wham... WHAM! The blaster dropped from the man's fingers. Han butted the bounty hunter in the face again, ignoring the splitting of his own skin.

"You're NOT taking me!" the Corellian yelled, slamming his head into the man's face repeatedly. With a yell of terror, the bounty hunter heaved upward with all his strength and sent Han flying.

The Corellian hit, tried to roll, and slammed up against the structure that housed the turbolift. The bounty hunter, his face a gory mask from his broken nose and split lips, rushed for Han, murder in his eyes.

Han waited until the last possible second, then dodged. As the man went by, Han slammed his full weight into the other's shoulder.

The bounty hunter's head impacted with the stone structure with a crack that seemed to echo throughout the icy night.
The man jerked, went limp, then slid down the wall, to lie motionless on the permacrete.

Weaving, biting his lip, and swallowing bile, Han lurched to his feet and stumbled over to the man.

- Taken from HST1: Paradise Snare

So literally right after his fight with Garriss, another Hunter comes in, by this point Han has a busted leg and yet he throws everything he has at this guy. This Hunter, being stronger and faster than Shrike, Han withstands a blaster muzzle being smashed into his face yet that doesn't slow him down.

 He headbutts the Hunter breaking his nose and taking all kinds of hits and throws before killing the Hunter by slamming him into stone, his head cracking open and going limp.

Chewbacca wondered aloud what Han was doing. "Fixing my weapon so it won't ever hang up in my holster again," the Corellian explained.

"That was a bad couple of seconds in that tavern, there, when I couldn't draw. I'm a good shot--losing the sight won't affect my aim."

Chewie watched as Han worked.

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Notes as he takes off the scope to his blaster, that his sight won't be affected.

They were halfway there, strolling casually and chatting, when Han suddenly stopped in midsentence and swung around, alarmed--and not even sure why. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of a paleskinned humanoid with two long fleshy tails instead of hair. The Twi'lek was just stepping out of a doorway behind him. There was a drawn blaster in his hand. As Han turned, the Twi'lek shouted, in accented but understandable Basic, "Halt, both of you, or I shoot you now!"

Han knew instinctively that if he obeyed the command to stop, he'd wind up dead, sooner or later. He didn't hesitate for even a second. With an earsplitting yell, the Corellian threw himself to the side, hit the ground, rolled, and came up on one knee, blaster in hand.

The Twi'lek's weapon spat a blue-green burst. Han dodged.

Stun blast!

Han aimed, fired, and the reddish beam struck his attacker midtorso.

He went down, dead or incapacitated.

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Han throws himself to the side, rolls and comes up with his blaster, avoiding a stun blast and killing a bounty hunter.

Han stared at the weapon, his mouth dry. A bounty hunter. Great. Why am I not surprised? This must be Teroenza's doing. He's found out I'm alive, and he wants me.

If not for instinct and fast reflexes, Han knew, at this very moment he'd be out cold and on his way back to Ylesia to face a terrible vengeance . .

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Noted to have fast reflexes and that without those and his instincts he would have been out cold.

That night, asleep in his narrow bunk aboard the transport, Han dreamed he was a cadet again, back in the Academy on Carida. In his dream, he was hurrying to finish polishing his boots, then he was assembling in formation on the parade ground, his uniform impeccable, every hair in place, boots shining until he could see his face in them.

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

One of the several planets in the Caridan system, it was a large high gravity world with a wide variety of terrain. It was the site of the Empire's most important training center.

- Taken from Star Wars Encyclopedia

He went to the Imperial Academy on Carida for his Navy training, noting that this planet has a higher gravity than normal.

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Han Solo(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Han Solo(Legends) respect thread

November 26th 2019, 2:22 pm
Novel Quotes(Con.)

His hand dropped to the butt of his blaster---just as a blue-green splat of energy from a stun beam came out of nowhere!

Han's reflexes had always been quick, and weeks of living on the run had honed them to a sharp edge. Before the beam splashed against the wall, he threw himself out of the way, landing flat. He rolled across the permacrete, sideways and down. When he came up, his blaster was ready in his hand.

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Han has always had quick reflexes, honed to a sharp edge.

Activating the comm, Han shouted, "I'm coming about, hard to port! You guys get that blasted pirate off my rear!"
The Wookiee snarled as he worked frantically on the shields. Han sent the Star Jewel into a hard port turn, then a second later he felt the faint jolts as the gunners fired.

Another miss!

Han cursed and activated the comm. "Listen up, you guys! I want portside gunner one to target the following coordinates, and fire on my order!"

Glancing at his sensors, Han located the position of the first Drell ship, saw that it had swung far out, then turned and was coming back for another run. Han checked his X-Y coordinate grids and made a rapid calculation. He spat out a string of coordinates.

"Coordinates acknowledged, sir!" the portside gunnery chief said.

"Gunner two, target the following coordinates and fire your burst five seconds after gunner one! Got that?" Han reeled off another string of coordinates.

"We copy, Captain!"

"Gunner three, target the following coordinates and fire your weapon five seconds after gunner one." Again, Han gave the prescribed coordinates.

"Yes, Captain! Ready!"

"Okay . . . gunner one . . . prepare to fire!"

What Han was attempting was a military technique called a limited barrage pattern. It was designed to make a ship dodge a burst of fire, only to run right into another blast. Tricky, but if they could get the timing right .
. .
Han counted seconds in his head as he angled his stern slightly toward the Drell, offering the most tempting target he could. Three two.., one!

"Portside gunner one--fire!"

The deadly beam shot out, but as Han had figured, the agile Drell vessel evaded the blast.

Four... three.., two.., one... Han counted, watching the portside viewscreen. "Yes!" he shouted as the evading ship ran straight into the blast from portside gun two!

Incandescent white fire blossomed against the blackness.

"You got him!"

Cheers erupted from the comm unit.

"Another assassination attempt . . ." Jabba sounded very thoughtful.

Han knew that devious mind was working at lightspeed.

"I think so, sir."

"Interesting," Jabba grunted. "Captain, may I ask where you learned those . . . unorthodox . . . maneuvers?"

"At the Imperial Academy, Your Excellency."

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Not so much a solo showing, but shows that Han can take command when needed as he flies the Star Jewel(Jabba's ship) against some pirates, commanding the Gunners. He later notes to Jabba where he leaved his maneuvers, from the Imperial Academy.

"Hey, pal, you got questions, let's go somewhere and talk about this," Han said. "I can answer every--" Breaking off in midword, Han flung himself at Tedris, using a very dirty Corellian street-fighting trick.

Bjalin went down, then lay on the deck, wheezing for breath, his eyes accusing. Han stooped down, appropriated his old friend's blaster.

He went down on one knee beside his friend. "Listen to me, Tedris," he said softly. "You're not gonna die, though you won't be real comfy for a while."

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Just showing more than Han knows how to street fight very well, taking down Tedris, making him wheeze for breath on the deck.

At the last instant, the warship's captain's nerve gave. The tractor faded as the lighter began a desperate evasion maneuver. With reflexes that were more like precognition, Han threw everything he had into an equally frantic bank.

The two ships' shields couldn't have left more than a meter or two between them in that blindingly fast near miss.
Chewbacca was already shifting all shields aft. The Falcon's main batteries, trained astern, hammered at the Authority vessel at close range. Han scored two hits on the lighter, perhaps no more than superficial damage, but a moral victory after a long, bad night.

- Taken from HST 2: At Stars End

His reflexes noted more like precognition.

A fighter could hold only so much gee-compensation equipment, enough to lessen simple linear stress and get to a target or scrap in a hurry, but not enough to offset the punishment of tight maneuvering and sudden acceleration. Dog-fighting remained the testing ground of young reflexes, resilience, and coordination.

Once, Han had lived, eaten, and slept high-speed flying. He'd trained under men who thought of little else. Even off-duty life had revolved around hand-eye skills, control, balance. Drunk. He'd stood on his head and played ring-toss, and been flung aloft from a blanket with a handful of darts to twist in midair and throw bull's-eyes time and again. He'd flown ships like this one, and ships a good deal faster, through every conceivable maneuver.

- Taken from HST 2: At Stars End

During his Imperial days, his life was all around hand-eye skill, control and balance. Drunk he could stand on his head and play ring toss, flung from a blanket with darts, twist in mid-air and throwing bull's-eyes time and again.

Torm jumped to his feet with impressive speed, gun drawn. Atuarre pulled her out too, and pointed it at him. But neither Torm's shot at Han nor Atuarre's at him worked.

"Two malfunctions?" Han inquired innocently, unlimbering the blaster at his side. "I betcha mine works, Torm."
Torm heaved his pistol wildly. Han reacted with a star pilot's reflexes, slapping the gun out of midair with his left hand.

- Taken from HST 2: At Stars End

Here he slaps Torm's blaster pistol out of his hand in mid-air, noting with star pilot's reflexes and Torm had noted impressive speed too.

Then he noticed Han and Bollux and swung his weapon to bear. With only a microcharge in the blaster, Han had to make a quick head shot. The Espo dropped.

"Brown nose," Han grunted, still hanging on to the droid.

- Taken from HST 2: At Stars End

Makes a quick head shot on an Espo Trooper who was swinging around his weapon.

"Hmm. Not perfect," Han noted, "but if you supplied the machine with local materials, it would work. And for different serial numbers on each bill you just program that into the machine. That consulting firm must've been a cutrate operation; they didn't even bother to set up a secure currency." The New Regime had obviously been the victim of aggressive salesmanship.

"Well, Keek, what do you-" Keek had snapped the end off his scroll's wooden core and pointed it directly at Han, who didn't doubt for a second that he was looking down the barrel of a gun. "Lay, your pistol on that table, alien primate," hissed Keek. "You will now have your automaton take the hand truck and he, you, and the traitor Hissal will precede me down the ramp."

Han gave Bollux the order as he carefully put his blaster on the gameboard, knowing Keek would shoot him if he tried to warn Chewbacca. But as Keek reached to take possession of the blaster, Han inconspicuously touched the gameboard's master control. I Miniature holo-monsters leaped into existence, weird creatures of a dozen worlds, spitting and striking, roaring and hopping. Keek jumped back in surprise, firing his scrollweapon by reflex.

A beam of orange energy crashed into the board, and the monsters evaporated into nothingness. At the same instant Han, with a star-pilot's reflexes, threw himself onto the security chief, catching hold of the hand holding the scroll-gun. He groped for his blaster with his free hand, but Keek's shot had knocked it from the gameboard.

The security chief possessed incredible strength. Not stopped by the pilot's desperate punches, Keek hurled him halfway across the compartment and brought his weapon around. Just then Hissal landed on his shoulders, making Keek stagger against the edge of the acceleration couch.

The two Brigians struggled, their arms and legs intertwining like a confusion of snakes. But Keek was stronger than the smaller Hissal. Bit by bit he brought his weapon around for a shot. Han got back into the fight with a side-on kick that knocked the scroll aside so that the charge meant for Hissal burned a deep hole in one of the safety cushions.
The scroll-gun was apparently spent, and Keek began to club Hissal with it.

Han tried to clock him, but Keek knocked the pilot to the deck with stunning force, then turned to grapple with the other Brigian, their feet shuffling and kicking around the downed human. Unable to get around them and recover his blaster, Han tripped Keek. The inspector sank, taking Hissal with him. Suddenly the scroll, which Keek had dropped, rolled into Han's palm. As Keek was kneeling over the fallen Hissal, Han swung the scroll, connecting solidly with the security chief's skull.

Keek's lank body shook with spasms and stiffened. Hissal merely pushed him, and the security chief toppled to the deck. A roar came from behind them. Chewbacca, seeing his partner unharmed, was visibly relieved. "Where were you?" Han cried. "He just about put out my running lights!" Rubbing the bruises he had received, Han recovered his pistol. Hissal, collapsed in an acceleration chair, tried to catch his breath. "This isn't my usual line of endeavor, Captain. Thank you."

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo and The Lost Legacy

Noted again with star pilot's reflexes, throwing himself on the security chief, Keek hurling him halfway across the compartment, Han getting back into the fight, knocking the scroll-gun away, saving Hissal. Han gets knocked to the deck with stunning force, but he recovers his blaster and trips Keek and then grabbing the scroll-gun, smashing it against Keek's skull taking him out as he toppled to the deck.

"Half the galaxy, it feels like sometimes. " There had been many runs,, many deals, jobs, and foul-ups. "How should I know?" But his expression hardened, and Badure thought Han had a very good idea who might be seeking him. Han stood in the middle of the forward compartment, listening.

The tech station and most of the other equipment in the compartment had been shut down to lower the noise level, He could feel the vibrations of the Millennium Falcon's engines. He heard a quiet sound behind him. Han spun, crouching, in execution of the speedraw, firing from the hip.

The target-remote, a small globe that moved on squirts of repulsor power and puffs of forced air, didn't quite dodge his beam. Its counterfire passed over him. Deactivated by his harmless tracer beam, the orb hung immobile, awaiting another practice sequence. Han looked over to where Bollux, the labor 'droid, sat; his chest panels were open. Blue Max, the computer module installed in the 'droid's chest cavity, had been controlling the remote.

"I told you I wanted a tougher workout than that thing's idiot circuitry could give me," Han reprimanded Blue Max. Bollux, a gleaming green, barrel- chested automaton, had arms long enough to suggest a simian. The computer, an outrageously expensive package built for maximum capacity, was painted a deep blue, whence came his name.

Part of Han's post-Corporate Sector splurge had included the modification the two mechanicals had requested, because without them he and the Wookiee might never have survived. Bollux now contained a newer and more powerful receiver, and Max had been provided with a compact holo-projector.

"That was," the little module objected. "Can I help it if you're so flaming fast?"

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo and The Lost Legacy

Here Han hears the quiet sound of a Remote, executing his speedraw, firing from the hip and hitting the Remote. He then complains that he wanted a tougher workout, the droid saying that was a tough workout and just that Han was so dang fast.

"I know, I know," Han said wearily, sitting down, "now. If I'd known who he was then, I'd have put a few parsecs between us, at least. But what does a character like that want with me?" Badure spoke as to a slow-witted child. "Han, don't make someone like Gallandro back down, then walk away making a fool of him: His kind live on their reputations.

You know that as well as I do. They accept no insult and never, never back down. He'll make you his career until he settles with you." Han sighed.

"It's a big galaxy; he can't spend the rest of his life looking for me. " He wished he could believe that. There was a sound behind him, and he threw himself sideways out of his chair, firing in midair, rolling to avoid the remote's sting-shot. His tracer beam hit the dodging globe dead center. "Good try, Max," he commented.

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

As he's having a conversation, he hears the Remote again from behind, he throws himself sideways and fires midair at the Remote taking it out.

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November 26th 2019, 2:22 pm
Novel Quotes(Con.)

"Keep it then," Han told Skynx. "But stay down; we're going for a ride." Skynx's muffled voice came from the shoulder bag, "Perfect idea!" They made their way back to the dock. Men from Kasarax's shore gang blocked their way to the embarkation float. Others, not of the gang, had appeared and leaned against walls or stacked cargo, carrying spring-guns, firearms, and makeshift weapons. Han remembered what Shazeen had said: these people had been forced out of a living by Kasarax's racket.

None had been willing to risk riding with Shazeen, but they would see to it no weapons were used to keep Han's party from doing so. The rest of the shore gang was scattered around the docks, holding weapons of their own.

As Han understood it, any shooting would trigger a general bloodbath, but anything short of that was allowable. When Han was within a few paces, the shore-gang chief addressed him. "That's close enough." Several of his men were whispering among themselves, seeing the size of the cloaked and hooded Chewbacca.

Han moved closer, giving out a string of bland cordialities. He had the impression that the man was a good brawler and thought: Victory first; questions later!

The chief reached to shove him back, with a warning. "I'm not telling you again, stranger!" How right, agreed Han silently. He speeddrew, blindingly fast, and placed his gun against the chief's head. The man was shoving and warning one instant, falling the next, with a look of surprise on his face.

Han had time to backhand another man and give the shore-gang chief a stiff shove, such was the surprise he had generated. Then he had to duck a truncheon, and the scene erupted.

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

Here Han is approached by the chief of the Kasarax shore gang, noting that the chief was a good brawler. Despite that, he speeddrew his blaster, the man falling with a look of surprise, Han backhanding another man, shoving the gang chief and then ducking a truncheon.

The shore-gang chief felt the vibrations in the hawser, saw Han, and sawed more furiously at the tough fiber. The chief took a moment to slash at the pilot. Han suddenly realized how impetuous he had been; as if another man entirely had occupied his body for a moment.

He didn't quite avoid the stroke and the knifepoint cut across his chin. The water pulled at them both. But Han avoided the back-slash with dexterity gained in zero-gee acrobatics drills. He lashed out flat-handed in a disarming blow, and the knife plunked into the water.

As the knife fell, the shore-gang chief began to lose his grip on the hawser. He grabbed at Han, and both men plunged into the water.

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

Here Han fights the gang chief, avoiding the knife the latter had, thanks to his zero-g acrobatics drills, he then disarms the chief before Han and him plunge into the water.

"There's nothing on her at all. And what's it doing out here anyway? Look, they had to have carved away half that cliff to build it." Han was concentrating on the field with his remarkably acute vision. There, guidance lights and warning beacons were dark, understandable at a hidden base; but they seemed to be of a very outdated design.

He could make out several craft that appeared to be about the size of spaceboats, and five larger ones. It was difficult to see any details because their tails and afterburners were pointed in his direction. Then he knew what was bothering him.

"Badure, they've got those ships parked and tied down with their rear ends into the wind." Since the craft on the field followed common aerodynamic design principles, the sensible way to position them would have been with their noses into the prevailing air currents.

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

Noted to have acute vision, spotting several craft in a field.

Swaying, clasping his wounded arm to him, Han heard Gallandro say, "That was very good, Solo; you came closer than anyone's come in a long time. But now I'll take you back to the Corporate Sector-not that I care about the Authority's justice, but there are those who have to be shown what it means to stand in my way."

- Taken from Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

Here Gallandro who was the fastest gunman in the galaxy(before Han) notes that Han came closer than any other he had went up against in a draw.

The swoop-rider turned to the woman with an odd smile. "I thought you said Zlarb sent you alone. " He then stared at Han.. "You have a fatal sense of timing, friend. " His hand dipped into the utility pouch on his belt. When it came up again it held something that filled the air with an insistent hum.

Han identified it as some sort of vibroblade, perhaps a butcher's tool or surgeon's instrument that the weapons scanners would register as an industrial implement. It had been home-altered to include a large blade, and its haft was fitted with a bulkier power pack.

The blade, half again as long as Han's hand, was difficult to see, vibrating at an incredible rate. It would cut through flesh, bone, and most other materials with little or no resistance.

Han jumped backward as the vibroblade slit the air where he had stood, its droning field sounding aroused now. The woman's voice rang out firmly, "Just stop right there!"

Both men saw that she had produced a small pistol, but when she motioned with it the vibroblader turned on her, blade held ready. His defiance put doubt on her face, but she still pointed the weapon directly at him.

"Quit fanning him with it and shoot!" Han yelled. He saw her finger convulse at the trigger.

Nothing happened. She looked at the pistol in amazement and tried to fire again with no more success. The vibroblader turned to advance at Han again, light-footed, making quick cuts and exploring Han's defenses, which, in brief, were retreat and avoidance.

Against a regular blade Han might have tried to block or parry; a simple laceration, even a deep one, could be set right with the contents of any medi-pack and would have been a price he would have accepted to end the match. But a vibroblade would simply lop off anything that got in its way; standard responses would only get him carved to bits slowly.

Whoever he was, the vibroblader was good. Han was suddenly and tardily sorry he had descended. The man advanced on him more confidently now, weaving his blade in the air, driving Han back step for step, ready to leap forward in an instant if the pilot turned to withdraw.

Han caught sight of his scooter out of the corner of his eye. He side-stepped that way hastily, still facing his opponent. The man circled that way just as quickly, slashing where he thought Han would be, assuming he meant to escape.
But Han stopped and bent sideways at the last moment, snatching his safety helmet off its clip. Enraged at having been tricked, the vibroblader hurried a clumsy backhand stroke.

Han swung the helmet by its chinstrap with all his might but only caught the man with a badly aimed blow that bounced from his shoulder and glanced off the side of his head. The light material of the helmet wasn't enough to down him.
The vibroblader brought his weapon around and up in a move that would have opened Han vertically, but he had jumped back out of range.

They shuffled on again, Han still retreating.

The fight had changed subtly. Han swung away with the helmet, aiming for the hand that held the weapon. Though he was still at a tremendous disadvantage, he just might connect, opening the vibroblader's guard. Then he might close with the man and immobilize his wrist, the only chance he needed.

But his opponent knew that as well as Han. His advance was still strong, but he was careful to avoid the flailing helmet. Then the vibroblader caught the safety helmet with a slash; a broad segment of the tough duraplates went flying free. Seeing that the helmet was too slow and clumsy, Han whirled what was left of it underhand and flung it upward at his opponent's face.

The man avoided it, ducking * quickly to one side, but in that split second Han was inside his guard, his left hand around the wrist that held the weapon. Their free hands locked and they strained against one another. The man was far stronger than he looked; he forced his vibroblade nearer. Han heard the dull burring of the knife's field by his left ear and, distracted by it, fell victim to a deft leg-trip. He fell to his back and the vibroblader fell with him, the two still locked together.

Han managed to roll over, gaining the top position, but his antagonist used the momentum to force another roll, regaining it and bringing Han up sharply against some unseen obstruction. The vibroblader rose a bit, using his weight, straining to bring the blade down. Its drone filled Han's ears as the duel narrowed to a singleminded contest over the few centimeters that separated the blade from Han's neck.

Suddenly the atmosphere of Bonadan seemed to be filled with a tremendous roaring, a flood of sounds. The vibroblader was ripped away so quickly that Han was almost dragged with him. As it was, he was hauled around, nearly wrenching his shoulder before his grip was torn free of the other's hand and wrist.

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo's Revenge

So here Han goes up against a swoop biker, who held a modified Vibroblade, it having been altered, being as big as Han's hand. He avoids the blade, using a helmet as a weapon and then getting into the other man's hand, grabbing around the wrist that held the weapon, they fall to the ground, rolling around and Han holds back the other, who was noted to be far stronger than he looked before he gets pulled off of Han.

There were three full-grown Wookiees in prison uniforms hunched together in the corner, squatting together, sloshing around in what looked like an entire ocean of blood.

Han could see that the fur of their faces was slathered in gobbets of meat, and they were snorting and smacking and breathing heavily as they tore into a pile of human remains sprawled around them. The corpses they were devouring appeared to be wearing Imperial guard uniforms.

Han breathed, "What the ... ?"

All at once they looked up.

It happened instantaneously-a blur of bloody hair and hot, shaggy musculature jolting toward him faster than his eyes could process. Han's reflexes took over and he opened fire on the closest one, the point-blank assault tearing the Wookiee's chest apart, laying it out flat on the floor where the thing flopped and coughed and tried to right itself.

The one behind it went pinioning sideways and landed on its side, scrambling to get up while the third trampled over it. Han shot it in the face, snapping it backward. Then he opened on the one that had been trampled, blasting it until he'd reduced it to a mangled heap of trembling fur.

- Taken from Death Troopers

Here Han blasts 3 full grown Death-Wookiees, they moved in blurs but his reflexes took over as he blasted 3 before they could get to him.

"It means Drop everything and run like hell" Han said. Leia looked back over her shoulder at the massed rock creatures that still kept pressing forward no matter how many Han blasted. "He always was the brains of this operation."
"I was thinking the same thing." Han had to leap back and dodge, ducking toward her as the rock creatures started to flow out of the walls to either side of him.

"Go! Chewie, get the droid! I'm right behind you!"

Chewbacca swept R2 up in his massive hairy arms and shambled off unsteadily, though his gait was strengthening with every step. R2 kept his holoprojector aimed at the ceiling to provide as much light as possible. Leia pelted along after them, throwing glances back to make sure Han was still right behind her, which he was, running hard, firing at random back over his shoulder.

The rock creatures came after them in a swelling wave of stone.

They ran.

Han drew even with her, puffing. "Got any idea... where we're going?"

"Sure." Leia's breath had gone short, too. "Away from them."

"I mean... do you have a feeling... what might be up ahead?"

"You went pretty fast. .. from it's one thing to see Luke do it to Use the Force, Leia, didn't you?" She tried for her usual crisply tart tone, but the wheeze of her breath only made her sound tired. "My line of work... you gotta be a... flexible thinker."

"Just keep running. Follow.. . him." She waved a hand toward Chewbacca, who pounded along the cavernway ahead of them.

- Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Han runs even with Leia, noted that she went pretty fast, possibly using The Force to an extent.

Before Han could make sense of what he saw, the man had leapt across the floor and seized Han by the throat with one enormous hand and lifted him effortlessly into the air. Han smacked him across the face with his empty blaster hard enough to lay open one cheek to the bone, but the huge man didn't seem to notice; he only cupped Han's chin with his other hand and began to push his head back, and back, while pulling with the hand that wrapped Han's neck and growling.

Cartilage crackled and something popped in his cervical vertebrae, and the only sound Han could make was a thin gargling rasp. He was starting to seriously wonder if maybe Leia'd had the right idea with her don't antagonize him thing, until she shouted something that sounded, blurred and vague through the roaring in his ears, like Stop!

If he dies so do I!, which Han thought was a pretty darn silly threat to make, since both of them dying appeared to be the point of this whole exercise-but to his foggily half-conscious astonishment, the pressure on his neck slackened and the roar in his ears faded as blood began to circulate again.

"Let him go." Leia stood with the empty hold-out's emitter jammed up under her own chin and her finger on the trigger.

"I mean it."

The huge hand opened, and Han sagged to the floor, gasping. The man stood with hands once again open and spread. Leia said, "Now back away from him. Slowly."

The huge man took a step back, but only one. "Keep going."

The man dropped to one knee and slowly lowered his right hand to the floor, and in the instant his palm touched the luminescent lichen, the entire cavern went dark.

Han felt an inhumanly swift rush pass by him; he kicked blindly in the darkness but missed. All he could do was croak, "Leia, look out!"

"Han..." Whatever she'd hoped to say was smothered to snorts and gasping; then there were only muffled sounds of struggle. Han scrambled to his feet in the darkness and lunged toward the noise. Something hit him across the legs and he fell-And the floor he fell on splashed.

This can't be good, he thought. He managed to make it to his hands and knees.

- Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Han gets grabbed by the throat and lifted effortlessly into the air, he smacks the guy across the face hard enough to open a cheek to the bone.

 His cartilage in his neck cracked and something in his cervical vertebrate popped, even half-conscious at this point, he was still able to kick after he had been let go and then even getting to his feet and lunging, hitting the floor again and getting up once more.

Han's vision had cleared enough now for him to see Dracmus, and it was plain that the Selonian was more than prepared to give a good fight. She had her mouth open, putting her needle-sharp teeth on clear display.
The only thing Han had going for him was surprise, and he decided to use it He shouted at the top of his lungs and charged straight for Dracmus, his head down.

He got under her guard, if just barely, and managed to give her a good solid head butt to the gut. He hit her hard enough to knock down a human, but she managed to use her tail to steady herself against the floor and stay upright. She took a swipe at his head with her left handpaw.

She didn't connect fully, but it was enough to send him sprawling.

He slammed his left shoulder into the side of the raised platform and almost fell. He recovered and spun to his right just in time to dodge another open-handed slap at his head.

And in that split second Han knew he could trust her, at least part of the way. He saw her claws retract in the split second before her hand-paw whipped past his face, and she had missed by less than the length of those claws.
No claws. She could have raked them across his face twice by now.

She was playing fair, or would be until it came down to killing Han or Thrackan's goons killing them both. He would have to lose fast, and convincingly.

That ought to be easy. He could do it with both hands tied behind his back. At least he'd better be able to do so. He pulled at the bindings on his wrists, but it was clear that they weren't going to give.

Han dodged another swing from the left, but ran straight into the sucker punch to his chest. The blow knocked him clean off his feet.

He landed on the hard stresscrete floor, taking most of the fall across the top of his back, even though he managed to crush his hands and bounce the back of his head off the stresscrete.

Dracmus was lunging for him before he could even begin to recover, and it was either Han's dumb luck or Dracmus's superb reflexes that sent her diving left as he rolled right.

Han managed to roll to his feet one more time-and almost collapsed again. His ankle had somehow gotten twisted in that last fall. Just what he needed. A bad sprain. He swore under his breath and hobbled to the far side of the chamber as fast as he could. His right eye was beginning to swell, and he was pretty sure his nose was bleeding.

If this was going easy on him, he'd hate to deal with Dracmus in a bad mood. But he was going to have to trust her.
Either she was going to change her mind and kill him, or she wasn't.

She swung around and came toward him in the stalking, wide-stepping gait of a wrestler, her arms spread wide, her tail slashing back and forth. The men on either side of the chamber were hooting and cheering and cursing. The air was getting thick, and the lights in the room seemed to have dimmed. Han shook his head again to try to clear it, and instantly regretted it as his dizziness got worse.

He was not going to last much longer.

Finish it. He would have to finish it quick, and go down fighting, satisfy Thrackan that he had gotten a good show. Han knew that Thrackan, at least the Thrackan of old, would only be satisfied if Han were knocked out by a blow from Dracmus. He'd feel cheated if Han simply passed out, collapsed in a heap, but that was going to happen if Han stayed in this thing much longer.

And Han did not want Thrackan to be dissatisfied. Not when he had a blaster handy to vent his frustrations and Han available as a convenient target Han thought that Thrackan wanted him alive, but he wasn't sure enough to bet his life on it. Besides, a wellaimed blaster bolt could maim him and still leave him perfectly alive.

Keep fighting. Han staggered to the right, circling around.

Dracmus came no closer, but circled as well, watching for her chance.

Han yanked once more at his wrist restraints, out of frustration as much as anything else, and was astonished to feel them snap.

Either the restraints' locks had been damaged in the fall or, more likely, Thrackan had put him in gimmicked restraints to start with, something that could released by remote control at whatever moment seemed most amusing to the operator. It didn't matter. He had his hands.

He spread his arms wide in a wrestler's stance and moved in on Dracmus.

Dracmus was at least as surprised as Han to realize her opponent suddenly had his hands free. She back pedaled a bit, putting a bit more distance between Han and herself. She snarled, a sound full of anger and frustration, and Han felt sure she meant it. She wasn't acting.

She might or might not want to kill Han, but she had every intention of beating him.

Well, he was going to make her work for it. The advantages were all still with Dracmus, but maybe, now, he had a fighting chance. He feinted to the left, once, twice, and then to the right before diving straight in, grasping his hands together in a pile-driver punch to the gut, to knock the wind out of her. He remembered at the last possible moment to strike higher on her abdomen than he would on a human.

He caught the right spot, but just barely. She staggered backward, and Han scrambled to regain his own balance and follow up. She had sagged down enough that Han could try for a punch in the snout, a delicate spot on the Selonian anatomy. He swung and connected cleanly-and then instantly wondered if doing so was such a good idea.

From the expression on Dracmus's face, it clearly hurt a lot-but it also got her good and mad. Those sharp jaws swung around and snapped down on thin air a centimeter from Han's arm, and even before he had stopped dodging, an iron-hard fist hit him square in the chest.

If it had hit him in the stomach, he would have doubled over in pain, but Dracmus had placed her blow too high. As it was, Han was thrown onto the floor. He recovered and winced with pain as he got back to his feet. It seemed likely that either the blow or the landing had bruised or cracked a rib.

Dracmus's tail was lashing back and forth, and she had her fangs bared-but she did not dive in to get her teeth around his throat, or rake her claws across his eyes.

She was still restraining herself, at least somewhat.

Han realized that he had to throw this fight immediately, before she lost all control of her anger and moved in for the kill. "Use your tail he bellowed to her in Selonian. "Batter me with that!"

The mad, angry light in her eye seemed to dim for a moment, and she looked at him, as if she were surprised to see him there. Good.

Maybe that meant the words were reaching her-though Han could not be altogether sure. She swung toward him and snapped her jaws at him again, and Han dodged back to his left. Even though he had urged her to make the move, he didn't even realize she was still swinging around, pivoting on one foot to bring her tail around. She had it raised high, and caught Han neatly in the head with it.

Han staggered one last time, and lurched backward, slumping over until he was facing his cousin on his throne. Han's vision was going, going black, but he could see Thrackan grinning at him, laughing, that face that was so similar to his own contorted by a cruel, sadistic leer.

Han was almost glad when the darkness closed over him.

- Taken from Corellian Trilogy: Assault at Selonia

So here Han fights Dracmus(a Selonian) while handcuffed, he hits her hard enough with a head butt to knock down a human, but she using her tail to steady herself. She swipes at him, and though not fully connecting, it still sent Han sprawling, his shoulder slamming to the side of the platform.

In short Han takes a serious of blows, yet he still keeps going, getting some bad injuries yet still standing, even though Dracmus wasn't wanting to kill him, she was wanting to beat him, she was restraining herself somewhat during the fight.

This being more an endurance, durability feat as Han takes some pretty nasty blows, yet still able to avoid and take her attacks despite all this before finally falling unconscious.

'I'm sorry, too,' Han snapped. In that instant, he cleared his blaster from its holster, aimed it directly at the figure in black, and began to pump laser bolts Vader's way.

But the man who may have been the fastest draw in the galaxy was not fast enough to surprise Vader.

- Taken from ESB novel

Noted as the man who may have been the fastest in the galaxy with a blaster.

Mara winced in sympathetic pain as Solo was thrown backwards into the guardrail at the front of the hologram pit. Through the crackle of the lightning she heard Organa Solo shout her husband's name and jump to his side, dropping her blaster and igniting her lightsaber just in time to catch the third blast of lightning on the green-white blade.

Abruptly, C'baoth shifted his aim upward to the damaged catwalk hanging precariously over their heads. The lightning flashed again—
And with a crack of exploding metal the center of the catwalk split apart. Pivoting on its last remaining support strut, it toppled ponderously downward toward Organa Solo.


Her head movement must have caught Karrde's eye. He looked up at her, his face expressionless. Still patting the vornskrs, he tilted his head fractionally toward Solo and Organa Solo.

Frowning, Mara followed his gaze—
And froze. Beside the section of catwalk wreckage still half covering his wife, Solo was moving. Slowly, a couple of centimeters at a time, he was creeping across the floor.

Toward the blaster Organa Solo had dropped.


"They're not too bad," she said, catching his arm to help steady him. "But Han's going to need medical treatment—he's got some bad burns."

"So does Mara," Karrde said grimly, coming up the steps holding an unconscious Mara in his arms. "We have to get her to the Wild Karrde as quickly as possible."

"So give them a call," Han said. He was kneeling over the dead Luuke clone, gazing down at him. "Tell them to come pick us up."

- The Last Command(In-Sidiousvader)

Here Han gets thrown back by C'baoth's lighting, yet he's still able to move if not slowly towards a blaster Leia had dropped. Later noting to have some bad burns.

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November 26th 2019, 2:28 pm
Comic Scans


Here Han takes hits from Warto(a Boltrunian), getting sent flying yet not really injured, he then one shots another bar patron after avoiding his swing before getting hit again and again not really being injured.

Warto- A hulking green-skinned Boltrunian, Warto was working as a laborer aboard a Corellian freighter. He made a meager living mugging weaker beings and as a starport crate-buster, hauling strong-boxes for spacers who couldn't afford to rent binary load-lifters.

- Taken from Gamer 4

Warto was a laborer, being a starport crate buster and hauling strong-boxes for those who couldn't rent load lifters.

Heavy Lifting- The Droid's lifting arms are equally powerful and able to lift several tonnes without straining their hydraulic pivots.

- Taken from Fact File 30

Now load lifters can lift several tons without strain, now I doubt that all the boxes Warto handled were in that range. But the fact that people would need Load Lifters to move strong boxes, would suggest even one box would be considerably heavy, probably taking more than 1 or 2 with human strength to lift


These scans has Han avoiding a hit from a large droid, then taking a hit, being able to remain conscious. The droid was able to send Chewie flying.


Surviving a speeder crash.


These scans has him withstanding torture, Choba saying that Han was the stronger than anyone he's ever had.


Here he is reacting and firing at a Garrals which leaped at him from behind.

Garrals are the guard beasts genetically engineered by the Empire. Decades ago, Imperial ground commanders realized that no matter how well a trooper was trained, it was still possible for guards to lapse and allow an enemy to pass in Imperial territory. An Imperial garrison commander, Luthos Garral, bred a predatory animal, crossbreeding the Mantessanpanthac and a number of similar domestic and wild beasts.

The result of Garral's experiment was named in his honor: a two-meter long gray-furred killing beast.

- Taken from The Last Command Sourcebook

Garrals were genetically engineered killing beasts, to help with patrol, using them as watchdogs as Mara Jade notes.


In a rage, Han breaks free of an Imperial Sentinels Iron-like grip. These guys towering over even the likes of Chewbacca, even able to hold him.


Here Han takes on a group of Trandoshans, taking a few hits from him and dealing hits of his own, actually able to stagger and push them back with his.

Trandoshans are fiercely strong, predatory, and natural hunters. They have scaly, foul-smelling hides, powerful, three-clawed limbs and ugly, canine-like skulls, characterized by sharp teeth and bulbous, hypersensitive eyes.

―Star Wars Fact File: 32

Trandoshans are fiercely strong, predators and natural hunters.

From infancy, the males are trained as warriors and are shown many different methods of hunting.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Aliens

The males from infancy are trained as warriors and in hunting.


Here Han fights with Jahan Cross against a group of thugs while holding a conversation with the latter, Han able to knock down a Gamorrean with a single hit.(Which are noted for their strength.)


So getting stranded on Raxus Prime, Han is being chased down by Mandalorians. Yet despite old age and getting wounds, he comes out on top. Here he is fighting one in H2H and being crafty with a trick.


He travels halfway across Raxus Prime and for a week he's been fighting Mandalorians all the while having no real supplies other than what he's able to scrounge up. 

Finally Boba Fett calls it quits and thanks Han for weeding out the Mandalorians who weren't gonna be apart of his army and there were still a bunch of Mandalorians around.

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November 26th 2019, 2:32 pm


He takes a backhand from a Imperial Scout Trooper, getting sent to the ground, he gets up and prevents the Trooper from drawing his pistol, throwing him against a tree and engaging him in H2H.

They flattened to the ground and watched.

Han was engaged in a rousing fist fight with one of the scouts -he hadn't looked so happy in days.

- Taken from ROTJ novel.

Han has a rousing fist fight with the Scout.

Recall folks that Stormtroopers are highly trained combatants.


Faster than the wink of an eye, Han draws his blaster and pops off a couple of shots directly at Vader.

- Taken from ESB script

Draws faster than the wink of an eye at Darth Vader.
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November 26th 2019, 3:00 pm
Well there you have it folks! 

Han Solo! A bit, I probably have missed some stuff here and there, but I feel this is pretty good in gauging his abilities. So enjoy folks, this ends my respect thread migration.
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November 26th 2019, 8:00 pm
This is genuinely amazing Wolf, very well done.
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November 26th 2019, 8:10 pm
LadyKulvax wrote:This is genuinely amazing Wolf, very well done.

Thanks, it was a loooot of reading and digging, but I feel I did Han a good service.
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November 28th 2019, 9:34 am
This is great. But, you missed Han’s best feat: he can draw his blaster before Luke can even react.
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November 28th 2019, 11:18 am
IdrisianGraecus wrote:This is great. But, you missed Han’s best feat: he can draw his blaster before Luke can even react.

Thanks, though as noted I didn't get everything.
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November 28th 2019, 11:20 am
Wolf's on rampage. Respect for making these threads mate.
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November 28th 2019, 11:55 am
HellfireUnit wrote:Wolf's on rampage. Respect for making these threads mate.

I'm done now though heh, but thanks. I hope they have all helped in some capacity.
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Han Solo(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Han Solo(Legends) respect thread

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