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Gallandro(Legends) respect thread Empty Gallandro(Legends) respect thread

November 22nd 2019, 9:24 pm
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Alright well now we're gonna be looking at quite an interesting character. This is the Gunslinger who was the fastest draw in the galaxy before Han Solo! So let's get into this guy and see what he's capable of!



Gallandro(Legends) respect thread 4722540-8076884050-85e11

Sourcebook/Essential/Encyclopedia Quotes

In his teen years he enlisted in the planetary militia. His service record was exemplary. As he volunteered for increasingly hazardous duty, he became a hero to some.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Authority

As a teen he joined the Ylix militia in fighting against terrorists and revolutionaries which had been something common and longstanding due to an ancient feud that no one remember what it was about.

Once his unit attacked a hospital, Gallandro led the assault. While exploring the wreckage he heard a gun charge up. He'd always been fast, but this time his draw was blindingly quick. An old woman, guarding undernourished brats, fell dead.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Authority

He was fast already, but he only got better now with a blinding quick draw.

For years he drifted from one hot spot to another; for awhile he had a death mark on over a hundred worlds. He was a mercenary, a bodyguard and finally a bounty hunter. Along the way he made many enemies, none of them lasted long.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Authority

He drifted for years, earning a death mark on over 100 worlds. A mercenary, bodyguard and bounty hunter, many enemies....and yet no one took him down.

Let's put this into perspective for a moment folks, 100 worlds is a lot...the galaxy is an even bigger place, you'd have mercenaries, bounty hunters, assassins each of which would have a degree of skill if they wanted to survive in such a big galaxy, yet none of them took down Gallandro.

One funny thing was some idiot claiming to be a member of the Assassin's Guild, a Makite poisoner yet. She claimed she had a contract and he'd ruined it all. Gallandro told her to get to the point. She muttered something about payback. "Are you threatening me?"he asked. She never got to finish, that started his feud with the Guild.

They were a select breed in most folks' eyes, overstuffed clowns to him. Poisoners, snipers, bomb throwers-cowards the lot of them, over the next 10 years they tried just about everything but tossing poisonous insects at him. He walked away from it all.

Finally with half of their Inner Circle depleted they offered him a position by a way of apology.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Authority

In remembering what I typed up above, here for 10 years he was targeted by the Assassin's Guild which is a Guild of professional killers with different subdivisions such as a bounty hunter.

A secret society of professional mercenaries, the guild comprised members who were specialists in death by contract. There were subguilds-the bounty hunter unit among the most feared- and an Elite Circle, whose membership could be elected only by fellow terminators.

- Taken from Complete Encyclopedia

He killed half of the Inner Circle and THEY offered him a position as a way of apologizing for trying to kill him.

So let that sink in for a minute folks....a galaxy wide Assassin organization with professionals who specialize in killing...had half their Inner Circle killed by this 1 man and then apologized to him by offering a position.

"I don't mean to come down on the speed draw. It's just for all the times I've pulled, aimed and fired under a second, most were against the wrong targets or useless. To me the real test is the look before the guns come out.

"There were two times when I felt everything working together-my arm, shoulder, fingers, the whole deal. The first time I was up against...yeah he musta been the fastest gunman alive. Gallandro had me dead to rights, I was just thinking how impressed he would be when I got the blaster aimed at him....when I smelled something burning. It was me.

- Han Solo, Taken from Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Authority.

So Han Solo the guy known for his quickdraw, noted Gallandro as being the fastest gunman alive, when everything was working together, Han's arm, shoulder fingers, it still wasn't enough to beat Gallandro.

Wanna know the other time that Han had, that his quickdraw failed him?.....Was when he drew against Darth Vader on Bespin.

Gallandro's exploits became legendary. He single-handedly hijacked the Quamar Messanger on its maiden voyage and flew with the Marso's Demons. He incurred the wrath of the Assassin's Guild, but when he killed off half their Elite Circle, they decided to leave him alone. The gunman gained the death mark on over one hundred worlds, but he was too tough for anyone to take down.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Characters.

Just a quick rundown of his exploits which became legendary.

Dozens of lasers shot towards Gallandro at the speed of light, igniting his body in a flaming inferno. And so the fastest gunman in the galaxy met his match.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Characters

Noted as being the fastest gunman in the galaxy.

Novel Quotes

Gallandro nearly laughed. Suddenly, he had spun, dropped into a half-crouch, drawn his blaster, and put four bolts deadcenter into each of four holotargets along the wall. He had straightened, his sidearm spinning twice around his finger and ending up in his holster, before most of the people in the room had grasped what he'd done:

"Another time, perhaps," Gallandro repeated quietly. He sketched a shallow bow to the women, the surgeon included, gathered the Reesbon second in by eye, and strode away, his steps carrying back to them loudly.

"It worked," sighed Fiolla. "But you shouldn't have traded digs with him, Solo. He seemed sort of-dangerous." Han gazed at the four holotargets registering perfect hits, then back at the departing Gallandro. He ignored Fiolla's vast understatement. Gallandro was far and away the most dangerous gunman Han had ever seen; faster, he was nearly certain, than Han himself.

- Taken from Han's Revenge

Gallandro makes 4 dead hits on holotargets, spun his blaster twice and then placing it in its holster before the people in the room could even register what he had just did. Also noted as being far and away the most dangerous gunman Han had ever seen, faster than him too.

"Gallandro? Slick, you're talking about the guy who single-handedly hijacked the Quamar Messenger on her maiden run and took over that pirate's nest, Geedon V, all by himself. And he went to the gun against the Malorm family, drawing head bounty on all five of them. And no one has ever beaten the score he rolled up when he was flying a fighter with Marso's Demons. Besides which, he's the only man who ever forced the Assassins' Guild to default on a contract; he personally canceled half of their Elite Circle-one at a time-plus assorted journeymen and apprentices."

"I know, I know," Han said wearily, sitting down.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Again just a saying of his exploits, including taking a pirate's nest by himself and no one beating his score in a fighter when he flew with the Marso's Demons.

"Gallandro! " The gunman gave him a bare, stark smile that held nothing Han could read. Han drew without thinking, then remembered his blaster was empty. Just then a robot appeared behind Gallandro, closing in on him, arms wide. Han never made a conscious decision, but pointed and shouted a warning.

The gunman was too far away to have heard, but he saw Han's expression and understood. He spun and ducked instinctively. The robot just missed with a blow of enormous power. With an incredible display of agility and reflexes, Gallandro seized the arm and rode the robot's recoverybackswing, at the same time putting two quick shots into its head. Letting go, he was flung clear to land lightly and put a last bolt into the robot as it fell.

Han watched the incident with awe. By far the most dangerous machine there was Gallandro. The gunman gave Han a sardonic bow' and a mocking grin, then, like a ghost, was gone again in the swirl of battle. The air was hot with the unleashed energies of the battle.

With Skynx's and Badure's help, Chewbacca had squirmed free - of the fallen robot, while Hasti stood nervous guard. Taking back his bowcaster, the Wookiee made a quick motion toward the robot that had so narrowly missed nailing Han and barked a question.

"It was him, Gallandro," Han told his partner. "A fifty-, maybe sixty-meter tight-beam shot. " The Wookiee shook his head in bewilderment, mane flying.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Here Gallandro avoided a Xim War Droid attack, displaying incredible agility and reflex he destroyed it with two quick shots to the head and then another taking it out before going back to fighting. This being a 50-60 meter tight shot.

Take note folks, the Xim War Droids were pretty much withstanding everything that Han, Chewie and some miners were using against them. Such as Rocket Launchers, Chewie's Bowcaster and other things. Yet Gallandro is taking them out with precise shots.

Among the drifted dust and smoke he could see bridge timbers and the gleam of crumpled armor, the flare of circuit fires, overloaded power packs, broken leads, and shorted weapons. Suddenly Bollux appeared at the other side of the crevasse, waving stiffly, having divested himself of the scavenged equipment. Han returned the wave, laughing. From now on those two are full crewmembers.

A new sound made him look around in surprise and anger, mouthing a Corellian oath. The Millennium Falcon was lifting off. She rose on blaring thrusters, swinging out over the abyss. Han and Chewbacca watched in despair as they saw their ship whisked from under their noses despite all their efforts.

But the freighter settled gently on their side of the crevasse. They got to her just as her ramp-bay doors opened and the main ramp lowered, beneath and astern the cockpit. The main hatch rolled up, and there stood Gallandro. He welcomed them with a smile, his weapon conspicuously holstered.

His fine clothing and beautiful scarf were soiled, but other than that, Han reflected, he looked none the worse for someone who had just waded through a horde of war-robots. The gunman sketched a mocking bow.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

So after the battle with the many Xim war droids, Gallandro appeared with nothing but soiled clothing and a scarf...and he had just waded through a horde of them.

He waded...through a HORDE of Xim War Droids, these droids aren't to be underestimated as they are quite deadly and this guy is just wading through them with no issue.

"You tracked me all the way from the Corporate Sector to tell me that?" Chewbacca had his bowcaster aimed at Gallandro, but Han knew that even that was no guarantee against the man's incredible speeddraw.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Even with Chewie aiming his bowcaster right at Gallandro, it would do no good against his incredible quickdraw.

"Old-fashioned hypno, " Han dismissed it, "nothing you can't overcome if we scare you enough." Gallandro stepped forward with a wintry smile, pulling his pistol in one fluid motion, adjusting it one-handed. A low-power, high-resolution beam sizzled into the ground at the captive's feet, blackening and curling the grass.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

His draw is one fluid motion.

Among the things their captives had revealed was the fact that the treasure vaults were equipped with defensive security devices; the presence of a firearm in any protected area would trigger automated weapons. They went deeper into the gloom of the cavernous vestibule, abandoned by the Dellaltians, who had wisely sought other refuge: Han didn't see a man appear to one side, weapon raised, but Gallandro caught the movement, drew, and fired all in the same instant.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Gallandro draws and fires in the same instant after seeing a man come up with a weapon raised at Han.

"You require chastening, Solo. Who do you think you are? Truth to tell, you're nothing but a commonplace outlaw. Your luck has run out: now, call the play! Han nodded, knowing Gallandro would if he didn't. "And this'll make you feel superior, right?" His hand blurred for his blaster, the best single play of his life. Their speeddraw mechanics were very different.

Han's incorporated movements of shoulders and knees, a slight dipping, a partial twist. Gallandro's was ruthless economy, an explosion of every nerve and muscle that moved his right arm alone. When the blaster bolt slammed into his shoulder, Han's overwhelming reaction was surprise; some part of him had believed in his luck to the end. His own draw half-completed, his shot went into the floor.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Despite Han's own quickdraw, Gallandro proves to be his better.

Gripping his blaster, Gallandro smirked. "It's a pity, my little friend, but there's too much at stake here: Solo's the only one I can afford to take alive. I shall make this as easy as I can. Hold still." Drawing a bead on Skynx's head, he stepped forward. Energy discharges flashed from hidden emplacements; even Gallandro's fabulous reflexes gave him no edge against the speed of light.

Caught -in a flaring crossfire of defensive weapons, the gunman was hit by a dozen lethal blasts- before he could so much as move. He was the center of an abrupt inferno, then his scorched remains fell to the corridor floor and the smell of incinerated flesh clogged the air.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Sadly with all of his skill, his draw and reflexes, he is no match for the speed of light.


Well there you have it folks! Gallandro, the fastest draw in the galaxy before Han Solo.

Gallandro(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Gallandro(Legends) respect thread

November 23rd 2019, 10:58 am
Very nice.
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Gallandro(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Gallandro(Legends) respect thread

November 23rd 2019, 11:21 am
Gᴏᴀᴛ wrote:Very nice.
Yup, pretty great character.
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Gallandro(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Gallandro(Legends) respect thread

November 24th 2019, 2:57 am
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Gallandro(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Gallandro(Legends) respect thread

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