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Wrenga Jixton(Legends) respect thread Empty Wrenga Jixton(Legends) respect thread

Wed 20 Nov - 23:53
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Alright now we move a bit back into Galactic Empire territory, this time we shall be looking at former Imperial Gunnery Sgt Wrenga Jixton!

Link: Imperial Stormtrooper

^ Relevant link to understand where the Gunney comes from.


Wrenga Jixton

Wrenga Jixton(Legends) respect thread 4311648-8200549891-Shado

Sourcebook/Encyclopedia Quotes

This Corellian underworld figure was known for his resourcefulness and ruthlessness.

- Taken from Complete Encyclopedia

Simple, known for being resourceful and ruthless.

He is often heavily armed favoring a blaster pistol strapped to each hip, he sometimes carries a blaster rifle in a shoulder back holster aswell. As an added precaution, Jix keeps a throwing knife concealed in his left glove, those who learn of this weapon's existence tend to fall prey to Jix's deadly aim.

- Taken from SOTE Sourcebook

Heavily armed and carries a hidden throwing knife, noted to have deadly aim.

Comic Scans

Here he takes a direct hit to his head from a Stormtrooper with an E-11(9 lbs), yet Jix appears just fine. He then goes onto to take out all 5 Stormtroopers, even holding one in the air and breaking his neck and then later one-shots one with his fist.


He was a former combat trainer from the Academy, so it makes sense he'd be able to take out Stormtroopers with ease.


Here he breaks into Darth Vader's castle, bypassing the security system and saying he did that because he could.

Vader's castle has sophisticated security stations

- Taken from SOTE Sourcebook

Vader's castle is noted to have sophisticated security.


He infiltrates an Imperial fortress, moving in almost a blur, he then snaps two necks of Stormtroopers before they could do anything.


Described as a living legend from the Academy, sentenced to Kessel but escaped.


1st scan is Jix killing a Dragon Slug using one of his blasters to shoot down some stalactites.

2nd scan is him killing Frija before she kills Droon as she was aiming a blaster rifle right at him about to fire.


1st scan is Jix blasting Big Gizz off his swoop bike, while riding a swoop of his own.

2nd scan is him one shotting Spiker.

The rumor that Spiker's unique armor given to him by Jabba is true. The Hutt wants to make sure his informant is well protected, both from the dangers that are part of the gang's operations and from possible assassination attempts if Big Gizz ever wises up.

- Taken from SOTE Sourcebook

The imposing trooper in the jagged armor swung a leg over his swoop and swaggered over to Gizz's side. Every surface was covered in armor, every piece bristling with metal spikes.

- Taken from SOTE Sourcebook 'Just another day at work.'
 Spiker having unique armor that covers him from head to toe, to protect him from the dangers of being apart of Jabba's gang and also assassination attempts.

3rd scan is a showing of his throwing knife, killing one of Jabba's aides before he is able to fire his blaster while aiming it right at Jix.


Well there you have it folks! Imperial Gunnery Sgt Wrenga Jixton!
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