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Mighella(Legends) respect thread Empty Mighella(Legends) respect thread

November 19th 2019, 6:36 pm
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Alright to end off my Black Sun related characters, we have a pretty nice Force User to look at! Though her appearance is short, it does speak volumes! So let's take a look at this deadly Nightsister who was a bodyguard for Alexi Garyn.

Link: The Black Sun

^ A broad overview of The Black Sun.



Mighella(Legends) respect thread 5028016-5122471774-90989

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

One of the more powerful witches of Dathomir, she was taken fom Dathomir by Alexi Garyn, the leader of the criminal organization Black Sun, to serve as his personal bodyguard.

- Taken from Complete Encylopedia

Noted as being one of the more powerful Nightsisters of Dathomir and picked by Alexi Garyn, leader of the Black Sun to be his personal bodyguard.

My sisters, the galaxy has taken note of us, and the powerful will pay for our service. Our skills are superior, honed on the wild beasts of Dathomir. The most skilled among our members will leave this world to act as bodyguards and hunters of those who require our services.

- Taken from Book of Sith

Only the most skilled on Dathomir leave it to serve others. So out of the entire planet of Nightsisters, Alexi chose Mighella.

Black Sun teaches its members how to take advantage of the weak, the innocent and corrupt for their own benefit. The Black Sun demands that its agents be stronger, faster, smarter and more perceptive than the agents of other criminal organizations and failure usually results in severe punishment.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

The Black Sun only take the best, their agents needing to be the best.

As girls you learned to speak with our planet's native rancors and ride them.

- Taken from Book of Sith

Nightsisters learn a form of Beast Control as girls, so Mighella knows how to do this.

The means to produce the finest warriors and assassins in the galaxy are at our fingertips, and they have commanded a high price on the galactic market. All Nightsisters and Nightbrothers have trained since they were young to use our weapons: the pike, the mace, the spear, the axe and the chain-sickle. Those worthy to become warriors or assassins must be tested to prove their skill. In the arena of the Crucible, the candidates will face three tests- the tests of Fury, Night and Elevation. Any who fail will be elimination.

- Book of Sith

Dathomir produces the finest warriors and assassins, all Nightsisters/Nightbrothers have trained since they were young and those who are warriors or assassins must pass 3 trials or be eliminated.

In the Test of Fury, the candidates are pitted against one another or their instructor

When the moons are low and all light as been extinguished, the Test of Night may be held.The candidates fight much like they do in the Test of Fury, but without eyesight.

During the Test of Elevation, the Crucible's moving pillars are activated. Combatants are left unsure of their footing, as if fighting on shifting sand. The most skilled candidates will not only survive the Crucible, but will dominate the battles. These are the most fit for offworld assignments.

- Book of Sith

A brief rundown of what warriors/assassins and of course what Mighella had to go through to become a warrior, being the most skilled then led her to being picked by Alexi(as noted already) to serve as his Bodyguard.

Our warriors wear the cuffs and shoulder armor of those who withstood the Crucible. Their weapons, such as pikes are infused with powerful magick and can cut through any substance.

- Book of Sith

Mighella's weapon(in this case her sword) is infused with magick and able to cut through various substances(I wouldn't say every single one though.)

Comic Scans


Able to sense Maul's presence and come to the conclusion that even the most elite of Black Sun operatives, trained killers from every end of the galaxy would be unable to stop him.


Here she has a pretty decent fight against Darth Maul, even able to bring him down briefly with Force Lighting after Maul breaks her sword in two.


Maul having previously killed 7 of the most deadliest beings in the galaxy in less than the time it takes to say it.


Well there she is, the powerful Nightsister Mighella!
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