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Suspect Insight's 2019-2020 Top Fifteen Tournament Results Empty Suspect Insight's 2019-2020 Top Fifteen Tournament Results

June 17th 2020, 9:00 pm
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Thank you everyone for participating in our TOP FIFTEEN TOURNAMENT. These fifteen rounds were an amazing success, generating over 100 pages of debate and many original arguments. Never before has a Star Wars versus tournament of this scale and duration driven so much activity or actually lasted until completion. Please check out the New and Updated Format thread, where you can post your own top fifteen list for it to be added to an aggregate list better reflecting community consensus.

Suspect Insight's 2019-2020 Top Fifteen Tournament Results


1. Luke Skywalker
2. Palpatine
3. Valkorion
4. Irek Ismaren
5/6. Anakin Skywalker
5/6. Darth Krayt
7. Yoda
8. Darth Plagueis
9. Mace Windu
10. Revan
11. Darish Vol
12. Alliance Commander
13. Vaylin
14. Darth Caedus
15. Kueller

INFORMATION: The tournament ranked characters based on their overall combative threat level, not simply their raw Force potency. The specific metric was the extent that Darth Malgus—as of the novel Deceived—would need an amp to defeat them. All characters were assessed at their peak actualized iterations barring circumstantial or momentary amps. All characters were fighting in-character but intending to kill Darth Malgus as quickly and efficiently as possible with nothing held back. 

EXCLUDED CHARACTERS: Mortis Father, Mortis Son, Mortis Daughter, Abeloth, Force Priestesses, Bedlam Spirits, Waru, Wutzek, Yuuzhan'tar, Sekot, Mnggal-Mnggal, Mother, Soa, World Razer, Sel-Makor, Darth Nihilus, Talzin, Charal, Ewoks, Shimrra Jamaane, Onimi, UnuThul, Welk, Lomi Plo, Tadar'Ro, Tsilis, & Sarasu Taalon
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