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Dengar(Legends) respect thread Empty Dengar(Legends) respect thread

November 24th 2019, 4:12 pm
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Alright now here's a character and bounty hunter who I think is kinda underrated and overlooked by a lot of people, one of the best hunters in the galaxy let's get to it!



Dengar(Legends) respect thread 6117317-1432707956-latest

Sourcebook/Gamer/Guide/File Quotes

Dengar, a former gladiator, is also a capable bounty hunter, having scored 23 captures, 6 of them alive.

- Taken from GG3: Empire Strikes Back, 2nd edition

He's a former gladiator and a capable bounty hunter, having 23 captures, 6 of them alive.

Dengar- Of the many feared bounty hunters operating in the galaxy, Dengar's story was probably the strangest.

- Fact File 38

One of the most feared hunters in the galaxy.

A product of the Empire's twisted experiments, Dengar was refashioned as the perfect killer. Driven by hatred, he became renowned throughout the galaxy.

- Fact File 38

He was refashioned by the Empire into the perfect killer, becoming renowned throughout the galaxy.

Not many humans approaching sixty continue working the bounty hunter trade. Those who haven't retired are usually dead. Dengar is neither retired or deceased. He has pursued his deadly career for five decades.

- New Essential Guide to Characters

For 5 decades he has continued to hunt, whereas not many usually continue as they either are retired or dead.

The riot gun is a powerful area of effect weapon used by law enforcement to incapacitate large crowds with minimal damage. Dengar uses a modified version of this weapon that affects a single target with a much more powerful blast. Dengar's riot gun has been modified to focus on a single target. The bounty hunter's modifications focus the concussive force into a beam for greater range and power.

As a result Dengar's modified riot gun performs the same as any other ranged weapon, except that it always deals stun damage.

- Gamer 6

He carries a modified riot gun which focuses the concussive force into a beam for greater range and power, operating as any other ranged weapon just including stun damage.

He also carries a Valken-38 blaster rifle, concussion grenades, vibroblade and blaster carbine.

Novel Quotes

Dengar jumped up and hurried down the mountain trail, watching in the dark, careful not to snap a branch or dislodge a rock. He ran with long strides, with incredible swiftness. The Empire had enhanced him physically, designed him for great deeds. Dengar was stronger than other men, faster. He saw better, heard much that was inaudible to men with lesser ears.

And he felt? almost nothing. Little pain. Little fear. No guilt. No love.

They'd sought to make him a perfect assassin, and so when he was a youth, nearly killed in a fateful accident on a swoop. the Empire's surgeons had cut away his hypothalamus and put in its place the circuitry for his enhanced auditory and visual systems.

- Taken from Payback: The Tale of Dengar

Basically going over what the Empire did to him, making him a perfect assassin. He was stronger, faster, hearing better, seeing better than other men, feeling little pain, little fear, no guilt and no love.

"Here I am," Dengar said, taking a step into a shaft of light.

"Who are you?" Kritkeen said, shaken, demanding. He reached down to his hip, to press a portable alarm that would call more stormtroopers.

Before he could blink, Dengar crossed ten paces of ground, then reached down and snapped Kritkeen's index finger. Dengar pulled the alarm from Kritkeen's belt, placed it in his own pocket. Then Dengar pulled his blaster with one hand and shoved the barrel into Kritkeen's mouth until it clicked against the enamel of his teeth. All of these actions took him less than a second, and Kritkeen stood with his mouth open, dumbfounded by Dengar's speed.

- Taken from Payback: The Tale of Dengar

Before Kritkeen could blink, Dengar crossed 10 paces, pulling the alarm from his belt, then pulling out his blaster and shoving the barrel into his mouth, it all taking less than a second.

"Did you have a good run?" Dengar asked.

Kritkeen swiveled his weapon, fired.

Dengar watched the barrel, calculated where the shot would hit, and found that he had to step aside to avoid taking a blast in the chest. The white-hot blaster fire sizzled past him, and Dengar moved back into place so quickly that Kritkeen cried out in shock, believing that the blaster bolt had somehow gone through Dengar.

Dengar stepped forward, pulled the blaster from Kritkeen's hands, and lifted the man off the ground with one hand. Dengar squinted in the darkness, holding his prize, gazing at him.

He held Kritkeen in the air, high over his head, and twisted him until he looked him in the face in the moonlight, in just the right angle, until he could really see.

- Taken from Payback: The Tale of Dengar

Dengar calculates where a blaster bolt would go, stepping to the side after it was fired, then moving back in place with Kritkeen thinking the bolt had gone through him. He then lifted the man off the ground with one hand, holding him high in the air over his head.

"What?" Kritkeen cried, trying to wriggle free from Dengar's grasp. But the Empire had boosted Dengar's strength. Any struggle was futile. Dengar shook him till he quit struggling.

- Taken from Payback: The Tale of Dengar

Kritkeen's struggle is futile in Dengar's grasp due to his enhanced strength.

"But what can I do?" Kritkeen asked, and he moved to his desk beside the window. Dengar had his cybernetic eyes set at 64X magnification, and he could see Kritkeen clearly. The man was tall, with a lean build and thick brown hair. He was perhaps a bit stockier than Han Solo, and he had a hatchet nose, but he looked enough like Solo.

- Taken from Payback: The Tale of Dengar

Has 64x magnification in his cybernetic eyes to see Kritkeen clearly.

They had operated. His wounds were so grievous, that only the Empire could have restored him so well. But they judged the risky operations to be a good investment. Dengar had superb reflexes, which could well be put to the service of the Empire.

And after he'd healed, they began training him to become an assassin, using dangerous mnemiotic drugs that left him with a flawless memory while being susceptible to hallucinations.

- Taken from Payback: The Tale of Dengar

Only the Empire could have made Dengar into what he was, he has superb reflexes. After the operations, he was trained by the Empire as an assassin, giving him a flawless memory though being susceptible to hallucinations.

The stormtroopers swiveled their heavy blasters toward Dengar, and one shouted, "Put your hands on your head."
Dengar watched them for a half a second, then took one step to his left, pulled his blaster, and killed both men.
"Make me," he said, as they dropped to the ground.

- Taken from Payback: The Tale of Dengar

Dengar kills two Stormtroopers within half a second, with them having their blasters aimed at him.

The Hutt laughed, a deep and throaty laugh that shook his great belly. "You would deprive me of my amusement? No, I will have the bomb dismantled, and I will make certain that Tessek is with me when it is set to explode. I will enjoy watching him squirm. As for Barada?I will make him wait for a few weeks for his punishment."

"What of Dengar?" Boba Fett asked. "You can't toy with him. He's too dangerous."

- Taken from Payback: The Tale of Dengar

Boba Fett notes that Dengar is too dangerous to be toyed with.

Zekk streaked across the glacial plain, pushing the Lightning Rod's engines to greater speed. He certainly knew of Dengar, one of the most fearsome hunters in the galaxy.

- Taken from Young Jedi Knights: Deliusions of Grandeur

Noted as one of the most fearsome hunters in the galaxy.

The bounty hunter opened the hatch and leapt out. His shoulders were broad, and he carded two massive blaster cannons--each of which usually required two arms to lift, though Dengar easily held one in each hand.

- Taken from YJK: DoG

He wields two massive blaster cannons in each arm easily, which require normally two arms just to lift.

Tyko Thul in his colorful robes confidently followed the two droids out onto the rooftop.

"IG-88, I order you to protect us!" The assassin droid aimed his built-in weapons.

Dengar reacted with lightning speed, whirling away from Tenel Ka and letting loose a volley of blaster bolts. Most ricocheted harmlessly off the assassin droid's durasteel torso, leaving cherry-red spots of absorbed energy.

- Taken from YJK: DoG

He reacts with lighting speed, blasters at IG-88.(Note this isn't the 'real' 88, but Tyko had reactivated the empty body of IG-88A that he found and programmed to be his bodyguard.)


Well there you have it folks! The Bounty Hunter Dengar!

Now my next respect thread will be my last one posting here, but I won't post it right away. I'm gonna hold off on putting it up, just to keep everyone in suspense.

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Dengar(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Dengar(Legends) respect thread

December 1st 2019, 9:19 am
Nice thread, check the title though
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Dengar(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Dengar(Legends) respect thread

December 1st 2019, 9:53 am
Cheth wrote:Nice thread, check the title though

Ah dang, didn't notice that, thanks! Fixed.
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Dengar(Legends) respect thread Empty Re: Dengar(Legends) respect thread

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