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Wampa(Legends) respect thread Empty Wampa(Legends) respect thread

November 4th 2019, 9:39 pm
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Well here we are again folks, another native respect thread! We move from the forest moon of Endor, to the snow and ice filled planet of Hoth to take a look at the terrifying Wampa!



Wampa(Legends) respect thread 5200698-00

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

Because of their acute sense of smell and well camouflaged coat of thick, white fur, Wampas are excellent hunters and are rarely themselves vitcims of predators.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Alien Species

Have an acute sense of smell and camouflaged, making them excellent hunters.

Through extensive research into the records of other creatures similar to the Wampa, evidence has been found that suggests mass coordinated attacks made by these monsters. In some cases, these attacks have laid waste to entire outposts of colonists. The Alliance's experience with these beasts bears out this theory.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 3: Empire Strikes Back.

Groups of Wampas can make coordinated attacks, enough to lay waste to entire outposts.

The beasts came to us, crashing through our carefully carved walls of ice and snow as if those walls were made of flat-foil. The apparent intelligence of these beasts were as chilly as any Hoth night. They worked together in coordinated attacks.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 3: Horror By Night(ESB)

They crash through carved walls of ice and snow as if the walls were made of flat-foil.

Novel Feats

"Not exactly," Slipher told her. "The IBC was briefly involved in arbitrating a former client's involvement in a black market fur-trading operation in the Outer Rim. Nothing we were personally involved in, of course, but apparently poachers and big-game hunters had been tracking those creatures for decades." He shook his head. "Mortality rate among the poachers was often worse than the creatures themselves. You're talking about a predator two and a half meters tall, sometimes weighing two hundred kilograms or more, with razor-sharp teeth and claws. They're singularly vicious creatures."

- Taken from Maul: Lockdown

Big Game Hunters and Poacher mortality rates were higher than the Wampas themselves they capture, Wampas being two and a half meters tall(8.2 feet, sometimes 3 meters, 9.8 feet) and weighing 200 kilos(440 pounds) or more, with razor sharp teeth and claws.

Burrk backed against a rough rock that protruded from the carved snow. In each hand he held one of his metal spears, thrusting and jabbing, trying to intimidate the ice creatures-but though the blades were sharp and the points long, the spears were pitiful against the bloodthirsty monsters. He stabbed and lunged, making no out-cry. He wore a grim, defeated look as he fought-until the mass of attacking snow monsters swallowed him up.

- Taken from Darksaber

Metal Spears are useless against Wampas.

Luke's hand blaster never cleared its holster. The huge claw of the Wampa Ice Creature struck him hard and flat against his face, knocking him off the Tauntaun and into the freezing snow.

Unconsciousness came swiftly to Luke, so swiftly that he never even heard the pitiful screams of the Tauntaun nor the abrupt silence following the sound of a snapping neck.

- Taken from ESB novelization

With one claw swipe, a Wampa knocks Luke off his Tauntaun knocking him out, before then snapping the neck of his Tauntaun.

The wampa was in chains, bolted to the floor of its cell with heavy Nylasteel manacles around its legs, wrists, and throat. It stood almost three meters tall, its thick fur matted with filth, grease, and blood. One of its horns had snapped off midshaft, creating a jagged ocher-colored dagger that curled only halfway around the right side of its head.

Across its chest and abdomen, great swaths and patches of its white pelt had been ripped away to expose a puckered landscape of scar tissue-no doubt the results of previous battles. Its lips wrinkled back to reveal rows of razor-sharp teeth, and spittle flew as it unleashed a bellow of hungry, frustrated rage and jerked at its restraints.
Maul stood his ground. He gave himself a few seconds to evaluate the space where they would be fighting-the height of the ceiling, the diameter of the chamber-before turning back to stare the thing straight in its yellow, semi-sentient eyes.

Come, then.

As if hearing his thoughts, the wampa leaned down, gathering its strength, and at that moment the manacles fell away. Maul never heard them hit the floor.

- Taken from Maul: Lockdown

A Wampa, who was bolted to the floor with heavy chains around its legs, wrists and throat, hungry and having been in previous fights, breaks out of its chains to attack Maul.

The thing came at him.

Maul leapt upward, dodging the initial attack-but the creature's massive arm swung around as it passed, its claws raking his back, ripping through flesh to gouge deep into the muscle along his spine. Maul felt his breath sucked from his lungs. A cruel, hot spike-even now he refused to think of it as pain-took hold of that entire side of his body, settling deep inside his nerve endings. The sudden smell of his own blood, sharp and coppery, filled the cell.

- Taken from Maul Lockdown

Wampa claw rips through Maul's flesh deep along his spike.

Maul took a breath and centered himself. Things were happening too quickly. He needed to slow it down. But the wampa was already lunging again, its long, apelike arms swinging, claws carving shadow, smashing him back into the curved steel wall as its jaws snapped inches away from his face.

Maul slid down through the pool of his own blood, rolled free, and sprang up behind the thing faster that it could turn. Cocking back one arm, he tensed his shoulder and snapped his elbow into the base of the creature's skull, putting every ounce of upper body strength into a blow that should have shattered its neck.

Nothing. It was like launching an elbow strike against solid stone covered with a layer of thick fur.

- Taken from Maul: Lockdown

The Wampa smashes Maul back into the steel wall and tanks a blow to the base of the skull which should have shattered its neck, but it didn't.

Its next move would be its last.

Maul sprang straight upward into it, driving his horned head into the thing's lower jaw, pulverizing its mandible and slamming needle-sharp bone fragments into its cranial vault. Maul could actually feel the joints and fissures shattering inside the wampa's skull and knew intuitively that he'd dealt it a killing blow.

But when he looked up again, the thing was on its feet and advancing toward him, howling and keening, a blind colossus. The head-butt had left its face a caved-in mass of blood and exposed bone. Somewhere within the cauldron of his anger, Maul felt a wave of disbelief.

How was it still fighting?

- Taken from Maul: Lockdown

Tanks getting stabbed by Maul's horn head into the lower jaw, even when said blow shattered the joints and exposed bone.

In defiance of all logic, it launched itself at him, all claws and teeth, a mass of unwavering death. Planting his feet against the wall behind him, Maul grabbed the thing by its remaining horn and put every ounce of his strength into twisting its head to the side. He wrenched the thing's head away from him, and realized at the last second that he couldn't hold it back.

Whatever was inside the wampa was far more durable than he'd initially expected.

The thing lunged again, sinking its teeth into Maul's shoulder, hitting crucial nerve bundles. All the strength disappeared from his hand and wrist, his body turning traitor at the worst possible moment. His arms fell slack and he stumbled backward, staring up at his adversary.

Darkness like he'd never known before was swarming through his peripheral vision, thick and pulsating, tightening with every second. For the first time the impossible occurred to him-the prospect that he might actually lose.
He lifted his head, wiped the blood from his eyes.

- Taken from Maul: Lockdown

Its teeth sink into Maul's shoulder, hitting nerves and making Maul's arms useless(if for a brief moment, because it's Maul).

Note: Yes Maul was hiding his ability to use The Force here, but this doesn't negate the fact of his martial arts training and the fact he's in peak physical condition of his species. 

It should also be noted too, that the Wampa wasn't even in prime physical condition either.


Well there you have it folks! The dreaded Wampa of Hoth!

Now since this was a short respect thread, today is another 2 for 1! So expect another to pop up here!
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