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Sand People/Tusken Raider thread(Legends) Empty Sand People/Tusken Raider thread(Legends)

October 31st 2019, 2:19 am
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Alright folks, well now we're kinda branching away from the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance and moving to the wider scope of the galaxy and see what they have to offer.

With that folks, we're starting off with the natives of Tatooine!


Sand People/Tusken Raiders

Sand People/Tusken Raider thread(Legends) 5158342-3803133431-latest

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

Although they are guarded by adults, the children are not considered real people until they have survived the rite of passage that all must undergo. Many do not make it, but rather than regretting this, the Sand People take pride in the fact only the fittest survive.

- Taken from Fact File 42

Only the fittest of Sand People survive their passage into adulthood.

To be accepted as an adult Tusken is no easy thing. Adolescents must carry out a feat of daring and skill, and survive to tell the tale. An old tale tells of the time four of them banded together and slew a krayt dragon without any help from their banthas.

- Taken from Fact File 42

To be accepted isn't easy, having to perform a daring feat of skill and survive to tell the tale. An example being a group of 4 took down a krayt dragon without any help from their banthas.

With their weapons culled from dead moisture farmers or stolen from nearby dwellings, Tusken Raiders adapted to the use of initially unfamiliar arms with alarming speed. Even more impressive was their ability to develop a high level of marksmanship, given how little most Sand People understood rifle technology.

- Taken from Fact File 83

They adapted rifle technology at an alarming rate, despite how little they understood it and more impressive they developed a high level of marksmanship.

Blessed with innate battle instincts, Tusken Raiders are adept at mastering any scavenged munitions and making their own. Their weapon of choice however, is the rifle, which the tribeman operate with alarming speed.
- Taken from Fact File 83

They have innate battle instincts and can master any scavenged munitions.

Typical of the slugthrower variety, these long-range weapons include a magnetic pulse accelerator. Ammunition is mainly limited to the generic slugthrower variety, though in rare cases, tribes have acquired explosive slugs. The Sand People fix telescopic sights with leather straps for consistent aiming, result may look clumsy but the effects are highly deadly.

- Taken from Fact File 83

Tribes have also acquired(abit rare) explosive slug rounds and have fixed telescopic sights which are deadly effective.

From an early age, Tusken warriors are trained in the use of the gaffi stick. Engaging in savage duels with each other for combat training. The gaffi stick can quickly be mastered as a brutally efficient killing tool.

- Taken from Fact File 61

At an early age they fight in savage duels for combat training, mastering the gaffi stick.

Many a moisture farmer met his or her end at the end of a gaffi stick, the weapon was designed to pierce flesh and crack skulls.

- Taken from Fact File 61

The gaffi stick can pierce flesh and crack skulls.

Constructed using krayt dragon horns, durasteel tubing, salavaged starship plating or other metals, these crude weapons are extremely deadly and take advantage of the Sand Peoples’ preference for stealth and surprise. Although each gaffi stick can be personalized, most follow a similar design in that one end usually consists of an extremely sharp axe blade with a pointed tip, while the other end sports a spiked club.

- Taken from Fact File 61

Constructed with krayt dragon horn, durasteel tubing and other metals. extremely deadly having an axe blade with a pointed tip on one end, the other having a spiked club.

A gaffi stick’s blade has been reportedly sharp enough to slice a blaster in two with a single stroke. Alternatively, gaffi sticks with club heads are frequently used to knock targets unconscious or break apart larger objects, such as droids, speeders and moisture vaporators.

- Taken from Fact File 61

The blade is sharp enough to cut a blaster in two with one stroke, while the club heads can knock out targets or break apart large objects.

In addition Sand People are known to dip their pointed tips in sandbat venom to improve their chances of severely wounding or killing an opponent.

- Taken from Fact File 61

They also are known to dip the pointed ends in sandbat venom.

The gaffi stick can be wielded one handed, or double handed, depending on the combat scenario. A double handed blow is difficult to block and can be powerful enough to shatter an opponents skull.

- Taken from Fact File 61

Can be wielded one or two handed, a double handed blow is difficult to block and can shatter skulls.

This tall, strong, aggressive and nomadic race has made the desert wastes of Tatooine their home. They are masters of stealth and regarded as fierce, powerful fighters, the Sand People fear little.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 1: ANH

Tall, strong and aggressive, masters of stealth and fierce/powerful fighters.

Novel Feats

"There they are!" Sholh Dorr cried, pointing straight ahead, while keeping his speeder bike at full throttle.
The twenty-nine others saw the target, the rising dust of a line of walking banthas. With a co mmunal roar, the outraged farmers pressed on, determined to exact revenge, determined to rescue Shmi, if she was still alive among this band of Tusken Raiders.

Amidst the roar of engines and cries of revenge, they swept down the descending wash, closing fast on the banthas, eager for battle.

Cliegg pumped his head, growling all the while, as if pleading with his speederbike to accelerate even more. He swerved in from the left flank, cutting into the center of the formation, then lowered his head and opened the speederbike up, trying to catch the lead riders. All he wanted was to be in the thick of it, to get his strong arms about a Tusken throat.

The banthas were clearly in sight, then, along with their robed riders. Another cry went up, one of revenge.
One that fast turned to horror.

The leading edge of the farmer army plowed headlong into a wire cleverly strung across the field, at neck height to a man riding a speeder bike.

Cliegg's own cry also became one of horror as he watched the decapitation of several his friends and neighbors, as he watched others thrown to the ground.

- Taken from Attack of the Clones Novel

Several farmers are decapitated from wire that was strung across the field as the 30 farmers went after a group of Tuskens to rescue Shmi.

"We can't live huddled in fear!" Cliegg scolded, but he calmed at once and turned back to Anakin. "All signs were that we'd chased the Tuskens away. We didn't know how strong this raiding band was-stronger than anything any of us have ever seen. Thirty of us went out after Shmi. Four of us came back."

Anakin traveled through great canyons of multicolored stone, across dunes of blowing and shifting sand, and along an ancient, long-dry riverbed. His only guide was the sensation of Shmi, of her pain. But it was not a definitive homing beacon, and though he suspected he was moving in the general direction, the landscape of Tatooine was vast and empty, and none knew how to hide among the sand and stones better than the Tusken Raiders.

- Taken from Attack of the Clones novel

Of the 30 that went after Shmi, only 4 survived, Also noted that no one knew how to hide better in the sands than Tusken Raiders.

A'Yark charged toward the old farmer who had given the cry. The raider's metal gaderffii smashed into the human's naked chin, shattering bone. A'Yark surged forward, knocking the victim to the ground. The settler struggled, coughing as he tried to repeat the cry. "Tuskens!"

Years earlier, other settlers had given that name to the Sand People who obliterated Fort Tusken. The raiders back then had welcomed the name into their tongue; it was proof the walking parasites had nothing the Sand People could not take. But A'Yark couldn't stand to hear the proud name in the mouths of the appalling creatures-and few were as ugly as the bloody settler now writhing on the sand. The human was ancient. Apart from a bandage from a recent head injury, his whitish hairs and withered flesh were exposed to the sky. It was horrible to see.

A'Yark plunged the hefty gaderffii downward, its metal flanges crushing against the settler's rib cage. Bones snapped. The weapon's point went fully through, grinding against the stone surface beneath. The old settler choked his last. The Tusken name again belonged only to the Sand People.

- Taken from Kenobi

Showing how good the gaderffi(gaffi stick) is, it shatters a man's chin and then snaps his rib cage, the pointed tip going straight through.

A weapon stood beside the doorway leading outside. The old human's, left by accident? Rifle to silvery mouthpiece, A'Yark sniffed.

No. With one swift motion, A'Yark smashed the weapon against the doorjamb. The rifle had been used to kill a Tusken. The smell of sweat from another day still clung to the stock.

It differed from the old human's scent, and that of the white creature the settlers called a Bith. Someone else was here. But the rifle could not be used now, nor ever again.

- Taken from Kenobi

Here a tusken with one blow, destroys a rifle making it unusable.

I'm here to protect the child. When it comes to the Tuskens, the locals' help might come in handy. It's a threat they're familiar with. I had a brush with the Sand People years earlier, when you and I brought Padme here; they're formidable warriors. If something happens such that I can't continue my watch-

- Taken from Kenobi

Noted by Kenobi to be formidable warriors.

And then Biggs saw it too. A Tusken Raider, standing on the rocks less than three meters away from them, close enough that they could smell his filthy robes. He was clutching a gaderffi, a long metal weapon with a sharp-tipped spear on one end and a blunt club on the other. He was poised to attack.

Although Luke and Biggs were carrying rifles, they both knew that Tuskens were notoriously fast. There was a definite possibility that the Tusken might deal a deadly blow with his gaderffi before either of them could fire a shot.

- Taken from ANH: The life of Luke Skywalker

Noted as being notoriously fast and that even with rifles, it was a definite possibility that Luke or Biggs would be hit with the gaffi stick before they could get a shot off.

Biggs muttered, “Blast them and their ability to pop up out of nowhere.” He placed one foot forward, bracing himself to jump back, as he said, “Move away from me, Luke, so instead of swinging that gaderffi, he’ll be forced to throw —“

Biggs was still talking as the Tusken flung the gaderffi. Biggs tried to dodge it. He failed.

“No!” Luke shouted as the gaderffi struck Biggs. Biggs stumbled back, and the heavy spear fell away from his body.

- Taken from ANH: The life of Luke Skywalker

A Tusken throws his gaffi stick at Biggs who tried to dodge, getting struck in the shoulder and stumbling.

“Good shootin’, hotshot,” Biggs said as Luke helped him to his feet. “He only got my shoulder.” Suddenly, Biggs trembled. “But from the way I f-feel, that point may have been dipped in sand bat venom.”

"Hang on, Biggs,” Luke said, helping him walk to the skyhopper.

- Taken from ANH: The life of Luke Skywalker

Noted said stick was dipped in sandbat venom.

But as he steered the T-16 up through the opening, he received an unexpected greeting. A Tusken Raider scouting party was waiting outside the cavern, and, hearing his skyhopper’s approach, they raised their pilfered blaster rifles and fired.

Luke angled up and away from the Tuskens, but a moment later he heard a hammering sound from behind as blasterfire struck one of the T-16’s afterburners. He knew that the skyhopper was bound to catch fire from the assault, but he held tight to the controls as he launched forward at top speed, heading southwest.

He rocketed over the Mospic High Range and Bestine and was angling toward Anchorhead when a warning light flashed. His starboard airfoil was on fire. As smoke trailed from behind the T-16, he feared the craft might explode. He knew that his best chance to prevent an explosion was to plow the skyhopper into the sand, and not near a heavily populated area.

- Taken from ANH: The Life of Luke Skywalker

Tagging Luke flying a T-16 Skyhopper.

The skyhooper cruises through the atmosphere at the E-16/x ion engine's top speed of 1, 200 kilometers per hour.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels

T-16 Skyhoppers can go 1, 200 km/h or 745 mph.

The Sand People were great warriors; they fought creatures many times their size, slaughtered entire settlements, tamed wild banthas.

- Taken from Tales of the Mos Eisley Cantina

Noted as great warriors, fighting creatures many times their size, slaughtering entire settlements and taming banthas.

But unless the cliff magically swallowed them up, they'd be in plain sight when the gang of Tusken Raiders arrived. And, unarmed, they'd be an easy target.

Not unarmed, Luke thought. I have my lightsaber.

A lot of good it would do him against a horde of determined Sand People. Luke had heard rumors of the Tusken Raiders flaying their victims, tossing their corpses to the banthas. If he and Jaxson were here when the Sand People arrived, it wouldn't be a fight, it would be a massacre.

"We should run for it," Jaxson urged. "Now, before it's too late."

Luke shook his head. "It's wide open out there. They'll spot us, and then it's over."

- Taken from Rebel Forces: Renegade

Even with Luke having a lightsaber, it wouldn't be a fight against a horde of Sand People, he and Jaxson would have been massacred. Jaxson being described as having broad, muscular arms and able to one shot a man, sending him tumbling back into a table and able to throw Luke around with one arm.

As I gather myself for a combination move that will strike him down, several other Sand People suddenly appear out of nowhere. They spill out from behind dunes, underneath sand, from what appear to be mere cracks in the cliff face.

It is then that I recall another lesson about the Sand People: they travel in single file to hide their numbers.

There are at least thirty of them. They are all heading for me.

Entry Eight

Impossible as it may seem, I have made an error. Out of impatience or a residue of exhaustion, who can say.

The Sand People advance on me angrily. In their breath masks and goggles they are protected from the sand that now stings my eyes and clogs my mouth.

The howling intensifies. The Raiders shake their gaderffii and begin to surround me. There are just too many of them. I can take out four or five in the flicker of an eyelash, but that will just infuriate the rest.

Frustration boils inside me. These interruptions deflect me from my mission.

- Taken from Episode 1 Journals: Darth Maul

30 Sand People take Maul by surprise and are overwhelming even for Maul. Abit Maul was wounded in this instance, along with sand stinging his eyes, so not at peak capability, but even still it's Maul we're speaking of.

He glanced through the opening and found a dozen storm-troopers only ten meters away, still coming despite a hail of Tusken slugs. One fell to a hit through the lens, another with a wound through his throat, but most were simply falling as the projectiles splattered against their armor, then popping back up an instant later

- Taken from Tatooine Ghost

Sand People are accurate enough to make shots through lenses of Stormtrooper helmets and throats.

Movie gifs


A Raider takes Luke by surprise, destroying his rifle and knocking him back.


Shooting and destroying Podracers.

Podraces involve up to several dozen of these craft careening through winding courses at speeds in excess of 800 kilometers per hour.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels

Podracers exceed 800 km/h or 497 mph.

Comic Scans


Noted as being among the most resourceful beings in the galaxy and masters of one of the harshest worlds in the Outer rim.


Cracking a man's skull with one blow of a gaffi stick and then taking down a Dewback with one well placed shot.


The Raiders overwhelm Jabba's men making him call for a retreat(until reinforcements arrived.)


Well there you have it folks! The formidable and deadly Sand People/Tusken Raiders of Tatooine!

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Sand People/Tusken Raider thread(Legends) Empty Re: Sand People/Tusken Raider thread(Legends)

October 31st 2019, 3:00 am
Interresting RT on people not known enough !
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Sand People/Tusken Raider thread(Legends) Empty Re: Sand People/Tusken Raider thread(Legends)

October 31st 2019, 11:09 am
xolthol wrote:Interresting RT on people not known enough !

Yep thanks.
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Sand People/Tusken Raider thread(Legends) Empty Re: Sand People/Tusken Raider thread(Legends)

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