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How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) Empty How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023)

August 19th 2023, 10:39 pm
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How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 9aa1ffea60d4570392773465abae5853

In this blog we will be exploring The Dark Lord of the Sith Lord Kaan, brining to light some integral concepts and connections that I think have gone largely unnoticed in the community, It is often thought that the Brotherhood of Darkness is the weakest of the weak a bunch of insignificant fools trying to be Sith, I could not disagree with this more, in this blog we'll explore why that is a common misconception and why Lord Kaan is in actuality one of the most unique and strongest Sith in Star Wars.


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How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) Empty POWER OF THE NEW SITH

August 19th 2023, 10:40 pm


Kaan was a young prodigy Jedi who was the 'great hope for the future' but he fell to the dark side and became its avatar single handedly killing all the worst Sith Warlords which very likely includes all of the Sith in Knight Errant (Which would include Lord Daiman) as alluded to in the endnotes that say they tried to fit it nicely with KE and that Kaan slew all the Sith Warlords, and especially seeing as it is only a mere 20 or so years before Kaan came to power, Kaan who then ruled his Empire with an iron fist as one of the worst monsters of the Dark Side

Essential Guide to Warfare wrote:The Jedi Council’s great hope for the future
was a slim, sophisticated young commoner from the capital named
Skere Kaan, an expert in battle meditation, fleet command, and
economic policy. Kaan had developed a radical theory about the
anarchy that had shaken civilization for a thousand years: He blamed
the Republic and the Jedi Order.
Evil Never Dies wrote:Eventually the prominence of the Darth lineage was reestablished. The narcissistic Dark Lord Kaan ruled the Brotherhood of Darkness with an iron fist in the final days of the New Sith Wars
The Essential Guide to Warfare wrote:Within months, Kaan had slain the worst of the Sith warlords and forced the rest to beg for peace.
The Essential Guide to Warfare Endnotes wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 76cf388630fdfd295597a56c8015e2e5
Jedi Path wrote:The latest feature in the Jedi trials Chamber is a holographic projector, introduced after the victory at Ruusan and capable of creating enemies from the air itself. With this tool you might face Darth Ruin, Lord Kaan, or any of the worst monsters to ever rise from the dark side
For a measure of the strength of the Dark Side that Kaan is the Dark Lord of, we can look at its progression and growth since the outbreak of the New Sith Wars a thousand years prior to Kaan.

After the collapse of the Reconstituted Sith Empire, Phanius, One of the greatest Jedi in history broke away from the Jedi Order bringing the current state of the Jedi, all his Jedi teachings with him and absorbing the ancient sith ways and immersing himself in the ancient Holocrons, inheriting the ancient Sith's power
The Sith species had died out two thousand years earlier, but their teachings lived on to be studied and absorbed by new darksiders. The word "Sith" itself came to mean a sect devoted to the dark side, though true students of Sith teachings were few and far between. One such student was a rogue Jedi who abscond from the Jedi temple with a rare Sith holocron. Armed with its corrupt knowledge -Dark Side Sourcebook
The Phantom Menace Novelisation wrote:Failing to gain approval for his beliefs from the Council, he had broken with the order, departing with his knowledge and his skills, swearing in secret that he could bring down those who nad dismissed him
-Official Starships & Vehicle Collection #34 wrote:Busts sculpted in bronze, placed there to pay tribute to some of the greatest Jedi in history. Among these were sculptures of the legendary Lost Twenty - those rare Jedi that has voluntarily left the Order

bringing his Jedi Knowledge and teachings with him and turning to the dark side to become Darth Ruin, a true student of the Sith, Phanius gathers followers and creates a New Sith Empire, which regains its previous power, meaning the dark side imbalance in the Galaxy regained its previous strength
Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:The Sith species had died out two thousand years
earlier, but their teachings lived on to be studied and
absorbed by new darksiders. The word "Sith" itself
came to mean a sect devoted to the dark side, though
true students of Sith teachings were few and far
One such student was a rogue Jedi who abscondeo
from the Jedi temple with a rare Sith holocron. Armed
with its corrupt knowledge, this Jedi founded a new
order of Sith
-Fact File 134 wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 4549b3c02690a9b8041c1a058095b892
Complete Encyclopedia wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 77bff2c7e8aa75603db3401e8c73c76d
-New Essential Chronology wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 2e60b7be279aa2a864101d1576e4130b
How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) Bd79cdb0aa81ccdf0e4daa2f55e1c033
The Sith were so powerful they even caught the attention of the ones with their unprecedented imbalance meaning the Sith are stronger than ever here (T-Canon), and then it only got even worse from this point on
A transmission has been intercepted far beyond the Outer Rim, deep in the crelythiumn system. Why the call has been made and from where cannot be established. But buried in the message is a Jedi distress code that has not been used in over 2, 000 years. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and his padawan Ahsoka are sent to investigate. - Overlords Script
Responding to a form of emergency distress signal that hadn't been used in over 2000 years. -Relaunched Fact File 75
There is only one reason why The One's summon mortals to Mortis, and that is because Mortals are getting too powerful, exploiting the One's power and getting into their power range

Then why reveal yourselves to us?  There are some who would like to exploit our power. The sith are but one. Too much dark or light would be the undoing of life as you understand it. When news reached me that the chosen one had been found, I needed to see for myself.
Overlords Script

And then the Darkness is growing past that for the next thousand years
Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:A rogue Jedi Knight turned away from the Jedi Code and the Order to found a new Sith cult. As Exar Kun before him, this Dark Jedi attracted other Knights to his banner. The followers of this new Sith Lord grew in size and power over the next millennium
-Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:One such student was a rogue Jedi who absconded from the Jedi temple with a rare Sith holocron. Armed with its corrupt knowledge, this Jedi founded a new order of Sith, who flourished over the next thousand Years.

This is largely due to constant war and fighting, growing power and skill through the survival of the fittest, battle hones their skills and culls the weak, and the survivors growth from constant battle is so great it seems to make up for the loss of numbers
Dark Forces: Jedi Knight wrote:Their ranks
were thinner now, much thinner, but no less intimidating.
Their banners flapped languidly in the breeze, their eyes
projected hate, and their hands rested on well-worn
weapons. For these were the survivors, the beings so
skilled at mental-physical combat that seven hard-fought
battles had not only failed to bring them down but served
to hone their skills.
Tal knew that they were - and would
always be -
dangerous. A double row of heads appeared,
Dark Forces: Jedi Knight wrote:"Yes, my lord." It took the better part of two hours to
spread the word, to bring what remained of the
Brotherhood into chambers, and to settle them down.
Once assembled, the Dark Army was woefully small.
Less than two thousand Jedi compared to ten times that
number that had followed Kaan into the first few battles.
Still, small though they were in number, these were the
smartest, strongest, and most powerful of the lot, for the
rest were dead, having been overpowered by Hoth
the Army of Light.
-Path of Destruction wrote:"By its very nature, the dark side invites
rivalry and strife. This is the greatest strength of the Sith: it culls the weak from
our order.
Yet this rivalry can also be our greatest weakness. The strong must be
careful lest they be overwhelmed by the ambitions of those beneath them
working in concert.'
-Knights of the Old Republic II wrote:Conflict forces one to better oneself. It forces change, growth, adaption... evolution... or death. These are not our laws but the universe’s. Without conflict you have only stagnation
New Essential Chronology wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) C11fbeb647f8de67c862468411e79811

Indeed Drew Karpyshyn (somebody who works on SWTOR and who's written sequels to the KOTOR Era Games confirms that comparing the New Sith War's Era with the TOR Era is like comparing the baseballl dead ball era to modern baseball, like comparing some dead ball era guy to Michael Jordan when comparing Revan and Bane, there is no contest

The Darth Bane Trilogy Interview wrote:INTERVIEWER: So because you don't like it; Bane vs Revan?
 KARPYSHYN: So as I said before about politically ducking questions... That's something I mean I really uh... For me, power levels, especially characters that are removed by that much time... I don't want to get into it. Let's pretend it's like comparing players from the dead ball era of baseball to modern baseball. That's my excuse, I'll go with that. 
INTERVIEWER: Sounds like Bane, Bane wins.
For some context here... the Dead Ball Era in baseball refers to a period in the early 20th century, roughly from the 1900s to the early 1920s, characterized by low-scoring games and a lack of power hitting. During this era, baseballs were not as lively as they are today, and they were often used for long periods without being replaced, resulting in softer and more worn-out balls. This, combined with the prevailing style of play, led to a style of baseball that heavily emphasized pitching, defense, and small-ball tactics rather than home runs and power hitting.

Not to mention this is the era where combat is taken to its logical extreme at its absolute peak, just the culmination and pinnacle of everything before
Insider 85 wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) Dd7a96c13c059fc09077184e98cf10de
So the darkness regained its old strength, from the previous Sith Empire and then grows in the bloodiest most gruesome war ever for 1000 years under perfect growth conditions before Kaan becomes its Avatar in the strongest era yet at the absolute pinnacle of combat

for another measure of how strong the NSW is...

By DF2 Kyle Katarn comes into his power and has grown into a powerful Jedi Knight, too strong for Jerec and then grows even stronger

Dark Forces: Jedi Knight Audiodrama wrote:Oh indeed yes he has grown into his power with the help of...ah, with the help of Rahn too stubborn even for death
Dark Forces: Jedi Knight wrote:But Kyle Katarn! But wait - the boy had changed, had grown into more than an annoyance: a Jedi Knight! Not entirely unexpected, since Jerec had been aware of the boy's potential before he had, but surprising nonetheless. A self-taught Jedi was nearly unheard of- unless!
Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:Jerec's followers held Kyle off long enough for Jerec to access the Valley's secrets and gain phenomenal Force powers. But even with his increased might, Jerec was unable to defeat Kyle or to prevent him from freeing the Valley's trapped Jedi spirits

Which is why they created Jaden Korr for the new game, so you could play as a New Student not a full fledged Jedi Knight, and who is actually apprentice to Katarn himself, needless to say Padawan Jaden Korr is a whole lot less powerful than Jedi Knight Katarn who has grown into his power and risen above previous threats

-Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Designer Diary #1 wrote:As we fleshed the idea out, we discovered two problems. The first was that Kyle ended Jedi Outcast as a pretty powerful Jedi. If he were to take these missions, wouldn't he just breeze through everything as a Jedi superhero? The second problem was that stand-alone missions felt a little disjointed in terms of any kind of plot progression. Fortunately, we had solutions to both. For the first, we decided you would play as a student, new to the Jedi Academy. In keeping with the idea of letting players customize their gameplay experience, we then also wanted to allow players to customize their own characters! You may already know this, but to reiterate, you can choose your species, appearance, and clothing style. Then, to keep building on the story of the Jedi Knight series, we made Kyle Katarn integral to the game by making him your teacher at the Jedi Academy!
Yet Jaden Korr is still more powerful than Marka Ragnos, who retains his living strength after death, so this the full power of Ragnos and Korr is fighting him on the strongest Dark Side Nexus in the Galaxy and he still win's there is a huge gap in power between Jaden Korr and Marka Ragnos 
Knights of the Old Republic II: Prima Guide wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 738C08D0-48A5-45FA-81DB-E29B68864DE8

Databank: Tavion Axmis wrote:"An apprentice of the Dark Jedi Desann who challenged Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy after the Battle of Endor. Kyle Katarn defeated her in a lightsaber duel but chose to spare her life, demonstrating his adherence to the light side of the Force. Shamed by her defeat, she went into hiding and emerged some time later as part of the Disciples of Ragnos. The Twi'lek Alora served as her student. Jedi student Jaden Korr confronted Axmis on Korriban, where she had used an ancient Sith artifact to reawaken the spirit of Marka Ragnos. Briefly possessed by Ragnos, Axmis wielded incredible power, yet she was still defeated by Korr."
Riptide wrote:"He’d fought the spirit of Marka Ragnos on Korriban, trying to redeem Rosh Penin."

The Complete Encyclopedia wrote:Briefly possessed by Ragnos, Axmis wielded incredible power, yet she was still defeated by Korr
So from that you get...
Kyle >>> Jaden > Marka on Korriban >>> Marka (Normally)

to top that off, Kyle is a much harder threat for a Dark Side version (stronger) of Korr than Ragnos is for the Light Side version(weaker)
-Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy: Prima's Official Strategy Guide wrote:After killing Tavion, Kyle tries to stop you. Kyle is much more difficult than Marka Ragnos. - Do not try to go toe to toe with the Jedi Master by crossing sabers with him, or you will die! protect is also crucial as it will help you take less damage. Heal as often as you can and keep coming back for more. If you are getting crushed by his Force powers you may want to alternate protect with absorb.

Yet Kyle would die in the presence of the creation of the Thought Bomb without actually taking part in the ritual himself
There are 1000 Sith at the creation of the Thought Bomb, all the strongest of the Brotherhood, the weakest of that bunch are driven mad or killed in the creation of the Thought Bomb, Kyle would die just being in the presence

Dark Forces: Jedi Knight wrote:Less than two thousand Jedi compared to ten times that
number that had followed Kaan into the first few battles.
Still, small though they were in number, these were the
smartest, strongest, and most powerful of the lot, for the
rest were dead, having been overpowered by Hoth and
the Army of Light.
-Dark Forces: Jedi Knight wrote:Time hung suspended, the air crackled with barely suppressed energy, and three of the Jedi died, their minds overcome by the violence of the process. Others went insane, rose with weapons drawn, and were executed by the master- at-arms. Kyle was a novice compared to those around him and might have been killed if it hadn't been for LaTor and the other Jedi's strength.
So there's a pretty big gap between the weakest of this last 1000 BoD Sith and Kyle

Thought Bomb Sith >>> Kyle
-Dark Forces: Jedi Knight wrote:Kyle was a novice compared to those around him and might have been killed if it hadn't been for LaTor and the other Jedi's strength. For LaTor was strong, very strong, and Kyle was impressed by the power resident in the dark side. The power and the relative ease of access... a temptation for anyone with the necessary talent. Finally, their robes soaked with sweat and their hearts beating like trip hammers, the Brotherhood was done. The thought bomb was complete.
And Kyle even mires Lord LaTor, Kaan's 5th in command there, needless to say Kaan is unfathomably beyond his 1000th most powerful member(Which ill expand on later), who is in turn above Kyle, who is above Jaden Korr who is above Ragnos who is one of the Greatest Ancient Sith and near top dog in the TOTJ Era

Kaan >>>LaTor >>> 1000th Strongest Thought Bomb Sith > Kyle Katarn > Jaden Korr >>> Ragnos

So that just goes to show the power we are dealing with here and how the New Sith Wars Era stacks up to earlier era's with Kaan embodying that Darkness in its prime...

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How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) Empty THE AVATAR OF DARK

August 19th 2023, 10:40 pm


Lord Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness was his answer to the Sith Paradox, leaving the Jedi Order and with his Jedi Knowledge incorporating a Jedi style power structure to his Sith Order, a dark twisted reflection of the Jedi Order.

The incorporation of certain Jedi ideals and structure is what lead the Ancient Sith Spirits and notably Bane disliking Kaan and his answer to the paradox, it is this philosophical difference why Bane and the Ancient Sith think he is not a worthy Sith, not because of power in the force, rather views of the Force, Bane even admits Kaan was never weak, though he may have been a fool.

Path of Destruction wrote:The Jedi would always remain united in their cause. The Sith would always be
brought low by infighting and betrayals. The very traits that drove them to
individual greatness and glory-the unrelenting ambition, the insatiable hunger for
power-would ultimately doom them as a whole. This was the inescapable
paradox of the Sith.
Kaan had tried to solve the problem by making everyone equal in the
Brotherhood. But his solution was flawed. It showed no understanding of the
real problem. No understanding of the true nature of the dark side. The Sith must
be ruled by a single leader: the very embodiment of the strength and power of
the dark side.
Path of Destruction wrote:Kaan had been many things- ambitious, charismatic, stubborn, and in the end a fool -but he had never been weak
Bane of the Sith wrote:They had been vanquished for their folly. Bane was glad to be away from fools with too
much power...
Path of Destruction wrote:"Of course," Bane lied. "He is acting for the good of us all." As he rose to his feet he thought, Kaan's acting like one of the Jedi. Worrying about the greater good. Seeking to bring harmony and cooperation to our order. The dark side withers and dies under those conditions!
Rule of Two wrote:"Equality is a chain, like obedience. Like fear or uncertainty or selfdoubt. The dark side will break these chains. But Kaan could not see this. He did not grasp the true power of the dark side. The Brotherhood of Darkness was nothing but a twisted reflection of the Jedi Order, a dark parody of the very thing we stood against. Under Kaan the Sith had become an abomination."

Now what exactly is this merging of philosophies, we know Kaan's order is a "twisted reflection" and "dark parody" (see above) of the Jedi Order's power structure, but what exactly is the Jedi Order's power structure

We see this demonstrated with Yoda, his spirit is made up of all the Jedi
Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary wrote:in his contest with Sidious, Yoda realizes he is overmatched and deserts the fight, perhaps because his spirit has been broken by so many Jedi deaths. However, he remains determined to achieve victory over the dark side.

Yoda has a force connection to the entire order, killing Yoda will sever all those bonds, breaking Yoda's spirit, thus cutting the Jedi off from the light side of the force, if you sever Yoda, you sever the light side
Voices Script wrote:I think we are overlooking an obvious thread. Which is? Count Dooku was Yoda's apprentice. And Count Dooku has fallen to the dark side. All of us have apprenticed to Master Yoda. He cannot be held accountable for Dooku's descent. But they are connected. Profoundly. Whoever the Sith Lord is, he may be using this relationship as a direct link to Yoda.

Yoda is the point where all those Jedi threads cross, like seen with the Heart of the Jedi, which Yoda also functions as
Heart of the Jedi wrote:It was a grid work of uncountable fine threads, running here and there to various points, connecting, linking, crossing, intertwining in a complex woven fabric that seemed to bind all into a whole tapestry. And many threads shot away from it into the surrounding space, as if stretching out to touch other worlds. “It’s the lines of energy!” said Luke. “I can see them!”
Heart of the Jedi wrote:It is strong with the Force. The threads of energy which interweave to bind all life together have many crossings there. It is a collection point, its concentrated power form a sort of gateway into the pure essence of all being
Relaunched Fact File 101 wrote:Master Yoda has travelled to Moraband. Once known as Korriban, this planet was the ancient graveyard of many past Sith Lords. The old Master was more vulnerable than ever before, and a chance to strike at him - and so arguably, at the heart of the Jedi order - was too good to be missed

which is what the Sith are doing in S6 trying to corrupt Yoda through that link fog him out and cut off all his threads
The Unifying Force wrote:Anger by itself is not of the dark side unless it is accompanied by a desire to dominate. When we act in harmony with the will of the Force, we disappear into it. When we struggle against it, we not only sever our ties with the Force, but also feed the needs of chaos. “The evolution of sentience reflects the constant movement between those two poles. Evil—the dark side—won’t be eradicated until it has been discarded as an option for acquiring power

Which would eclipse the light side of the force in the Galaxy and sever the Order's ties, if they defeat Yoda they defeat the Jedi
Sidious emerges from the glow of the sacrificial altar. The illusion has ended. Sidious has failed to break Yoda’s spirit. The Sith Lords will need more time to defeat Yoda and the Jedi -Sacrifice Episode Gallery
Sidious has one more task to perform before his conquest is complete: to kill Yoda. Then the light side of the Force will be eclipsed, and the Jedi order will cease to exist -Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary
"Are you so sure? If the Sith Lord wanted to attack the Jedi Order from within, Master Yoda would be the perfect choice. I fear we are more vulnerable than we think." -Voices Script
"I sense we have a great opportunity to strike a deadly blow to the Jedi Order. But we must act swiftly." -Sacrifice Script
"We have failed to break Master Yoda. He is strong. We will need more time if we are to defeat him and the Jedi." -Sacrifice Script
In a burned out, industrial sector of Coruscant, Count Dooku’s solar sailer sets down in a secret hangar. He is greeted by his Master, Darth Sidious, who senses a great opportunity to strike a deadly blow against the Jedi Order -Sacrifice Episode Gallery

Which is why later on, Anakin Solo warns against this Jedi Mantle Philosophy, because if the heart of the Jedi dies then the light goes out
Fate of the Jedi: Abyss wrote:Luke smiled, but shook his head. “Not at all. Ben is right.” He
squatted down so that he could be closer to Anakin’s face. “I have
high hopes for Ben, but there hasn’t been a Jedi Knight like you
again. Losing you was as great a loss to the Order as it was to your
Anakin’s eyes grew worried. “It shouldn’t have been. The Order
can’t wait for a great Jedi Knight to lead it. That’s what everyone
thought I was, and when I died, too much died with me.” He turned
to Ben. “Don’t make the mistake I did, don’t let anyone push you
into that. Every Jedi Knight has to be his own light, because the
light shouldn’t go out when one Jedi dies.”
-The Unifying Force: Round Robin wrote:We were stripped of the one character from the Bantam line who was ideally set up to inherit the Jedi Mantle from Luke. Even so, Shelly and I emerged with a lot to work with

this all means that the Jedi directly rely on Yoda as the avatar of light for their power, he keeps them all bound together and strong, united as an order. We see how these threads are created through emotions with Dooku as an example, only it is light side emotions with the Jedi
Shatterpoint wrote:I could feel the connections Dooku had forged among Jango and the Trade Federation, the Geonosians, the whole Separatist movement: connections of greed and fear, of deception and bald intimidation. I did not know what they were—I did not know how Dooku had forged them, or why— but I felt their power: the power of what I now know is a web of treason he had woven to catch the galaxy

The power of the Living Force in the galaxy is determined by the Jedi in the galaxy, that all make up Yoda's spirit
The Jedi are extinct, their fire has gone out of the universe. You, my friend, are all that's left of their religion. -A New Hope
it was only fitting that the Order's days were numbered; that the fire that had been the Jedi was guttering and dying out. -Labyrinth of Evil
The Father, unable to keep the balance, loses control. the light is extinguished. the dark rises, and hope is lose. these are a shade of things to come -Alter of Mortis Rewatch
“An explosion bright as a star,” Shryne said. “A forest world, intrepid defenders, escaping ships, and … you, I think, somehow at the center of it all.” His bloodstained lips formed themselves into a sublime smile, and a tear ran from his right eye. “Skywalker, it won’t matter if you find them. It won’t matter if you find and kill every Jedi who survived Order Sixty-Six. I understand now … the Force will never die.” -Dark Lord Rise of Darth Vader
Obi-Wan reached out to the Force to find him, but met only the thin stirring of a barren world. It was strange to live in a galaxy now that had no Jedi in it. He hadn't realized that he had once felt a humming presence, alive with the Force-ability of his fellow Jedi. It had fed him, and he hadn't even known it. -The Last One Standing
And was it any wonder that Shryne had lacked the strength to alter the course of Vader’s lightsaber? He had thought of his diminished abilities as a personal failure—owing to the fact that he had lost his faith in the Jedi order, allowed his two Padawans to die, grown thought-bound—when, in fact, it was the Force as the Jedi had known it that had been defeated. The flame extinguished. -Dark Lord Rise of Darth Vader
Yoda or just about any other Jedi Master would have been able to rid Climber of the battle droid with a Force push, but Shryne needed Climber’s help to move the sparking carcass aside. Years back, he would have been able to manage it alone, but no longer. He wasn’t sure if the weakness was in him or if, with the death of every Jedi, the war was leaching some of the Force out the universe. - Dark Lord Rise of Darth Vader

"The Jedi were hunted down by these deadly Sith knights. With every Jedi death, contact with the Ashla grows weaker, and the force of the Bogan grows more powerful. "Now, the Jedi are hidden; but many are still fighting to free the systems from the grip of the Empire... -The ADVENTURES OF THE STARKILLER EPISODE ONE: THE STAR WARS, (George Lucas, 1975)
-Revenge of the Sith Novel wrote:"Your time is over! The Sith rule the galaxy! Now and forever!" And it was the whole of the Jedi Order that rocketed from its huddle, making of its own body a weapon to blast the Sith to the ground. "At an end your rule is, and not short enough it was, I must say."
Each Jedi creates fire which is all linked combined and focused through the one in charge the great Jedi who leads the Order, The Heart of the Order, the focus point of the living force in the galaxy, the force uniting all the power in tapestry that feeds force users everywhere, the living force in the galaxy embodied in main Avatar

Indeed this is a real concept in Shamanism, the foundation for George Lucas' inspiration for The Force
"In shamanic practice, we seek to work in partnership with the living as well as with the spirits of the ancestors and other allies. By connecting with the energy of the living, we can draw on their strength and vitality to help us in our work." - Contemporary Shamanic Teachings

"All living things possess power, and by tapping into this power we can create change in the world. By working with the living, we can harness the collective energy of the community to create healing and transformation." - Traditional African Shamanic Wisdom

Luke who becomes the Heart of the Jedi after Yoda an dawns the Jedi Mantle, uses those connections to summon the entire Jedi Order throughout the galaxy, although it takes it all out of him and leaves him crippled 
Dark Nest: Swarm War wrote:The call had arisen a few hours earlier, in the middle of a StealthX assault that had failed to turn hack the Chiss task force. The summons was coming from the direction of the known galaxy, a sense of beckoning and urgency that was growing more powerful by the hour, calling the Jedi Knights back toward Ossus, demanding they return to the Academy at once.

"We all feel it," Tahiri said. She furrowed her scarred brow, then turned to Tesar and Lowbacca. "At least I think we do."

The Barabel and the Wookiee nodded in agreement. "It iz hard to ignore," Tesar said.

"And we shouldn't try," Jacen replied. "Something bad must be happening for my uncle to summon us all like this. Even Luke Skywalker can't pull on the Force that hard without suffering for it."


Luke's entire body felt stiff and sore, his head was aching, and his hands were trembling. He tested his legs and found them a little wobbly.

"I'm fine," he said. His stomach felt as empty as space. "A little hungry, maybe."

"I'll bet." Continuing to hold his arm, Mara turned to leave the meditation pavilion. "Let's get you something to eat ... and some rest."

Luke did not follow her. "I can last another hour." Through the Force, he could feel nearly the entire Jedi order gathered in the lecture hall, waiting to learn why he had summoned them. "We need to do this now."

"Luke, you look like you've been hanging out in wampa caves again," Mara said. "You need to rest."

This is the Jedi Power Structure and we get a lot of parallels with Kaan, firstly we have similar language used for the sickeningly final confrontations both transcending the personal with Yoda and Palpatine in ROTS and Kaan and Hoth - Kaan THE LORD OF DARKNESS
Revenge of the Sith Press Kit: Essential Star Wars, The Path of Evil wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 4c4233c0343fab40e7cd65505541f888
Dark Forces: Jedi Knight wrote:The final confrontation came in the Valley located above the chambers. It was there, in an amphitheater carved by the forces of wind, rain, and erosion, that the Brotherhood of Darkness had assembled and waited for death. And it was into the Valley that Tal dragged his aching body, knowing that death hovered nearby but determined to protect his master's back. And it was there that Kaan, the Lord of Darkness, met Hoth, Defender of the Light, and gestured to the cliffs that rose on every side. "Welcome, Lord Hoth. Welcome to the grave and darkness from which none will ever emerge.
New Essential Chronology wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) C2c8765f53fad5188c558e3fc5ff5a10
(Similar language used)
Revenge of the Sith Novel wrote:Their clash transcended the personal; when new lightning blazed, it was not Palpatine burning Yoda with his hate, it was the Lord of all Sith scorching the Master of all Jedi into a smoldering huddle of clothing and green flesh. A thousand years of hidden Sith exulted in their victory

Indeed much like Yoda, Kaan is the heart of the power, where all the threads cross, we know this for a number of reasons, for one he is called the embodiment/avatar of the dark side and he stands in as that same figure who feeds power to his Order from across the galaxy, so strong he radiates power, his presence hurts unprotected minds interferes with comlinks and even caused the air to shimmer
-Path of Destruction wrote:He radiated confidence and strength. He seemed to glow with a violet aura, as if he were the very embodiment of the dark side.
Dark Forces: Jedi Knight wrote:He had white hair, a prominent
forehead, and a finely pointed chin.
Power radiated away from the Jedi like heat off a sunbaked
rock. - It caused the air to shimmer, sent static
through pocket comms, and hurt unprotected minds. His
eyes were filled with hatred and probed the beings in
front of him.
-Path of Destruction wrote:
"The full power of the Sith Lords is now united here on Ruusan," he continued,
projecting his words to even the most distant of his followers. Reaching out to
them with the undeniable power of the Force, he fed them, rejuvenated them,
and filled their hollow spirits
. "We are strong. Stronger than the Jedi. We are the
champions of the dark side, and we will crush Lord Hoth and his servants of

And summons the entire Brotherhood from across the Galaxy through his connections to them, the same as Luke although Kaan does not suffer any of the strain and consequences that Luke does, he does it easily and casually, and with Kaan, the Sith he is calling simply cannot resist, he overrides their will with his own, they are extensions of him hence its a dark parody of this Jedi structure with these Living Force bonds

Darkness Shared wrote:He could sense his Master's summons in the Force, and he could not resist the beckoning much longer. Lord Kaan was calling them all, the entire Brotherhood.
As demonstrated further when he overpowers the minds and wills of the entire Brotherhood in a state of deep focus and meditation to pull them all out of Bane's ritual all together as one mind
Path of Destruction wrote:Heat and fire. There was nothing else in Bane's world. It was as if he had become the storm itself: he could see the world before him, swallowed up in red and orange and reduced in seconds to ash and embers by the unchained fury of the dark side.
It was glorious. And then suddenly it was gone.
There was a jarring thump as his body dropped from where it had been hovering five meters above the ground. For several seconds he was completely disoriented, unable to figure out what happened. Then he understood: the connection had been broken.
He rose to his feet slowly, uncertain of his balance. All around him were the forms of the Sith, no longer kneeling in meditation but collapsed or rolling on the ground, their minds reeling from the sudden end to the joining ritual. One by one they also regained their composure and stood, most looking as confused as Bane had been only seconds before.
Then he noticed Lord Kaan standing off to the side, over by the fliers.
"What happened?" Bane demanded angrily. "Why did you stop?"
"Your plan worked," Kaan replied curtly. "The forest is destroyed, the Jedi have fled to open ground. They are exposed, vulnerable. Now we go to finish them off."
Kaan had broken the connection, and somehow he had managed to drag the others out along with him, as if he had some hold over their minds.

And then making everyone participate in the creation the Thought Bomb without a second thought (no pun intended)
Path of Destrction wrote:He had promised them victory, as he had done so many times before. And, as they had always done in the past, the Brotherhood had followed him once again. Followed him here to this cave, though Githany wasn't sure if it was more accurate to say they had been led-or lured. She had followed him along with everyone else, compelled by the passion of his words and the sheer magnitude of his personality and presence. All thoughts that he might be unstable or unfit to lead them had been forgotten in the heady pilgrimage through the night to the shelter of this cave.

Furthermore channeling the power required to make the Thought Bomb through himself into the thought bomb
Dark Forces: Jedi Knight wrote:First came the creation of a mental construct that was analogous to a bomb casing.A container in which energy could be stored. Then came the process of turning the Force inside out, of tapping the darkness within and channeling that energy into the newly created vessel.

The power is going from the Brotherhood into Kaan who then acts as the switch for the Thought Bomb, with it detonating with his clap, he is the mind for the Brotherhood

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And although he was not powerful enough to resist it entirely Kaan was close enough to the power of the Thought Bomb to be able to escape its pull after his spirit had been disembodied (along with Qordis although the time of his death was retconned, earlier sources also describe Kaan still in the Thought Bomb although again this was retconned with Bane of the Sith and Path of Destruction) 
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The point here is that Kaan is also that central figure feeding power to the Order and keeping it together calling his followers etc acting as the heart, his order is a dark reflection of the Jedi and the way he functions is exactly the same as somebody like Yoda or Luke, he feeds them power and summons them through their bonds overriding their wills, So Kaan functions exactly like Yoda or Luke, being the Heart of the Orders Power but also the mind in his instance too

Path of Destruction wrote:"Of course," Bane lied. "He is acting for the good of us all." As he rose to his feet he thought, Kaan's acting like one of the Jedi. Worrying about the greater good. Seeking to bring harmony and cooperation to our order. The dark side withers and dies under those conditions!
Rule of Two wrote:"Equality is a chain, like obedience. Like fear or uncertainty or selfdoubt. The dark side will break these chains. But Kaan could not see this. He did not grasp the true power of the dark side. The Brotherhood of Darkness was nothing but a twisted reflection of the Jedi Order, a dark parody of the very thing we stood against. Under Kaan the Sith had become an abomination."
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Kaan and Yoda embody the same Force Concept, the Jedi power structure integration making the Brotherhood of Darkness the Dark Parody of the Jedi Order, Kaan the heart of the Dark Side power in the Universe that pumps blood (power) into the Order. The Ancients didn't like Kaan because he was trying to be Yoda but for the Sith.

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Darth Millennial the initial Sith apprentice of Darth Cognus, saw less sense in Darth Bane's Rule of Two than Kaan's Rule by the Strong ideology, and split off from the Order to pursue a merger of different philosophies Dark and Light, which is what Lord Kaan was doing with the Brotherhood, what is important here is that Millennial's instincts drove him to this conclusion, that essentially Kaan was right, now what does that mean exactly?
Evil Never Dies: Sith Dynasties wrote:The order of the Prophets of the Dark Side goes back nearly a thousand years to the three-eyed mutant Darth Millennial, a Sith Shadow Hand whose instincts drove him to see more sense in Lord Kaan's cutthroat Rule by the Strong than Bane's limiting Rule of Two. Gifted with the ability to foresee the future, Millennial was often at odds with his Sith Master, Darth Cognus.

One follows their instincts when they quiet their mind and its through this that they follow the will of the force and fall into the flow, something Sith generally do not do instead opting to replace that with efforts of their own willpower and rise above it individually and selfishly and control it
The Phantom Menace wrote:"concentrate on the moment, feel don't think, use your instincts"

But Millennial is no ordinary Sith, he has a third eye which allows him to foresee the future, that of course being an ability of the Cosmic Force, indeed that's the power inside of you, where the Dark Side lives, hence why the eye on the top is the red one, while the other two eyes remain uncorrupted by the Dark Side, indeed a third eye on the forehead is a symbol of enlightenment and inner self in various religions and mythology, the three eyes speak to Millennials relationship with the Living and Cosmic Force, most notably that he can juggle both of them without being lead astray down either one side. Be mindful of the future (Cosmic) but not at the expense of the moment (Living Force), Millennial doesn't have that problem, he has clarity, can see due to his nature with a third eye, and his instincts are a product of that.

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The Phantom Menace wrote:Keep your concentration on the here and now(Living),
where it belongs. Master Yoda says I should be mindful of the future(Cosmic)... But not
at the expense of the present. Qui - Gon waited until his young apprentice was
looking at him. Be mindful of the living Force
Matthew 6:22-24 wrote:“The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness! “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.
― Frederick Lenz wrote:“When your mind is clear and your third eye is open, you can see and know things that are taking place thousands of miles away from you.”
Jaggi Vasudev wrote:“That is why the yogis looked in a different direction. We looked inward. If you look inward, a different dimension opens up. Now instead of things getting more complex, you get to clarity.”
Manly P. Hall wrote:“This third eye is the link connecting humans with the spiritual world or, to be more correct, with the higher spiritual nature of them self. When Kundalini reaches this point, divine consciousness is attained. “
Carlos Santana wrote:The third eye is the doorway to the inner self
Frederick Lenz wrote:Enlightenment is to be outside the circle, the circle of death and rebirth. There is a circle inside you. If you meditate and focus on your third eye, you will see a circle of light.
Glove of Darth Vader wrote:“My father, the Emperor, had many powers of the Dark Side. But without three eyes he could never achieve perfection. It was known by the ancients that a Dark Lord with three eyes has a secret strength possessed by none other. And so it is my destiny to rule over my father’s Empire and bring us the glory that he never achieved!”
So this is not just a case of any random Sith thinking 'hey I liked Kaan's approach to things', rather a being of supreme enlightenment and clarity's instinct's leading him to believe Kaan was right, making him the central figure of a deep rooted Dark Side religion following in his tracks and being hailed as a god like Religious Prophet/ Deity Figure. The Progenitor of the Dark Force Religion

So we have Kaan integrating his Jedi teachings into the Sith Order creating the Brotherhood, which involves letting the Living Force flow like the Jedi but with a dark side twist, and everybody is in opposition to this radical change in the Sith Order...everybody...except Darth Millennial, one uniquely gifted with vision and understanding of the relationships between the Living and Cosmic Force, apparently much like Kaan. but why is that?
Path of Destruction wrote:The Sith needed a strong and charismatic leader, a man of vision, to quell the infighting that had
plagued their ranks. Kaan was just such a leader, and he was normally a brilliant
military tactician.

The Dark Force Religion incorporates a similar combination of Living Force and Dark Side, realizing the Living Force must also exist along with the Dark, sort of walking that line in between, the same as Lord Kaan, Kadann for example a member of the Dark Force and Supreme Prophet, uses the dark side but doesn't allow it to rule him, taking after Millennial, he also acknowledges the Living Force / Light Side must be preserved, also like Millennial, who of course take's after Kaan, this is necessary to go uncorrupted while being a Sith, and depicts a deep understanding of the nature of the Force, understanding the roles and values of both sides and acting accordingly to its nature, merging their own nature with the nature of the dark side
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Polyhedron 103 wrote:"Dark and light are illusions. There is only power and the will to use it and the wisdom to use it appropriately."
This is key to truly understanding and mastering the force, again understanding and vision is the whole thing with Millennial
Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:More of a thinker and philosopher than a man of action, Kadann strove to understand the ancient prophecies that concerned the balance of the Force. To these ends, Kadann struggled to reconcile balance with adhering to only the light side of the Force. He came to believe that dark and light in equal measures were needed to truly master and understand the Force. In time, he turned away from the Jedi Code and started to experiment with dark side powers. While his intentions may have been good, Kadann still managed to stray onto the path of corruption. He traveled the galaxy, exploring his theories and meditating on the dark side.

It opens up new pathways to power
Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:Kadann discovered that he had a special bond with the dark side of the Force. It revealed secrets to him, opening his mind to the streams of time and the possible outcomes of important events. These insights served him well, even if the revelations didn't always come true. He saw various paths opened to him, various futures waiting to be grasped. He struggled to decide if he should accept the things the dark side was offering him, for to do so would not serve balance any better than if he remained loyal to the Jedi Code.

And they see the will of the force in a different way it speaks to them in a unique way 
Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:Prior to the destruction of the Jedi Order, by Darth Sidious visited Kadann. The Dark Lord of the Sith was intrigued by Kadann and his unique view of the Force. After many long conversations and debates, Sidious revealed Kadann', true purpose. "The future you see isn't yours," the Dark Lord said. "You are merely the messenger. Serve me. Become my prophet. Reveal the will of the Force as you see it and I will make your predictions come true."

It is similar to the Aing-Tii Monks or the Ewoks for example, their belief in the force is different so it appears different to them, speaks to them differently etc and you can access certain pathways through certain beliefs and intent. 
Vision of the Future wrote:"The Aing-Tii have a different view of the Force. Not in terms of Jedi or Dark Jedi—of black and white, as it werebut in a way I like to think of as a full-color rainbow."
Vision of the Future wrote:"The Aing-Tii have an understanding of the Force; but it's a different understanding from that of the Jedi. Or perhaps it's merely a different aspect of the Force they relate to. I'm not really sure which."
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-George Lucas Notes on the Force wrote:Reality is what you believe
- Rising Malevolence wrote:Belief is not a matter of choice, but conviction
(Certain beliefs open certain pathways for power)
-Revenge of the Sith Novelisation wrote:He pushed this aside, drawing once more upon the certain knowledge of his personal invincibility to open a channel to the Force. Power flowed into him, and the weight of his years dropped away. He lifted his blade, and beckoned.
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"approach to the force" 

And this would be largely why the Ancient Sith could not come to grips with Kaan's philosophy, while Millennial a being of supreme enlightenment can. that's not to say one is better or worse than the other rather they oppose from the very belief upwards so their ideals and perspectives will never align.

There's this precedent set for you focusing on one at the expense of the other (Cosmic and Living Force, Kaan, Millennial and The Dark Force Religion are all about a focus on both. and we see this with how Kaan uses the Living Force.

Where as normal Sith typically are bound from within from the Cosmic Force, with their shared passions and lust for power, the Jedi draw from their connections to each other as outlined above, creating that web of force connections between them which is the Living Force, sharing their fire with emotions/energies towards others, Kaan is using the Living Force like the Jedi, but corrupting it with the Dark Side at the same time and they all share it
Revenge of the Sith wrote:The Sith rely on their passion for their strength, they think inwards only about themselves

And the Jedi don't?

The Jedi are selfless, they only care about others

Indeed Millennial believed himself a Prophet chosen by this unique will of the Force from this unique belief. the will of the force as they see it 
Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:the Dark Lord said. "You are merely the messenger. Serve me. Become my prophet. Reveal the will of the Force as you see it and I will make your predictions come true."
Evil Never Dies wrote:Hailing himself as a prophet chosen by the will of the Force, Millennial and his religion attracted many Force-users of considerable intelligence, as well as multitudes of naïve Sith cultists. Those who disagreed with the tenets of the Dark Force were labeled heretics and destroyed.
And this unique will of the Force, this unique power known as the Dark Force is a different power that feels different although is just as strong in its own way as the Sith Power, this is more Evil for Evils sake, insidious, which makes sense considering the Prophets possess a deep understanding for the nature of the force and the evil insidious role the dark side plays, they seem to be more integrating with their power as opposed to the Sith that use it as fuel to rise above it with effort of will and shape it themselves, the Dark Force surrendering to its core role through their belief and intent and sink into it.
Fate of the Jed: Ascension wrote:The noisome smell of fetid water and decay was borne to them on the still, warm breeze as they walked down the ramp, boots squelching in the muck. Ben thought that if the dark side had a smell, it would be this reek—almost sweet in the way that rot could be, stifling, and impossible to avoid. Dark-side energy, as Luke had warned, was extremely strong here, as strong in its own way as it had felt on Korriban. There it had been intense and almost arrogant, power-hungry. Here those dark energies felt more insidious, more purely evil for evil’s sake than fuel for a lust for power. Despite the warmth, the moist air felt clammy, like wet skin slapping against his own. Nausea, both physical and spiritual, rippled through him. Their destination lay straight ahead. Home to the Dark Prophets, site of an extremely powerful Dark Force nexus, the Sith temple loomed upward, a black, somber silhouette against the gray daylight sky, rendered mysterious and unclear by the mist that occasionally thickened to drizzle. No lights punctured its cold darkness.

But what is this belief rooted in, what is this unique view of the force? Well, The Dark Force Religion believe that their will of the Dark Side of the Force is The Dark One of Ancient Times...
Jedi Prince IV: Mission From Mount Yoda wrote:Kadann cleared his throat and began to speak. As always when he
prophesied, Kadann spoke in short verses that didn’t rhyme-verses called
quatrains-each one exactly four lines long.
Tormented and frozen alive
The three-eyed ruler commands no more.
Never again shall he receive
The dark blessing of the Supreme Prophet.
For a moment there was silence.
Then Jedgar spoke in a hoarse whisper. “Who then shall command the
Empire now, Master?” he asked.
Kadann continued his prophecy:
Eyes cannot behold the new ruler,
For the ruler is the Dark One of ancient times.
But from this day forth he speaks through me,
And I shall speak his commands to you.
Jedi Prince IV: Mission From Mount Yoda wrote:Kadann had just declared himself to be the true
spokesman for the source of all darkness in the galaxy.
Which is Lord Kaan, he is the Jesus to their religion, the spokesperson for all the dark energy in the Galaxy, the central figure of the Dark Force a Deity not dissimilar to say Talzin to the Frangawl Cult, Kaan is the will of the Force as they see it, the will that anointed Millennial and that gives blessings, the "True" spokesman for all the dark side in the Universe, It is the Dark Force and he is the Dark One
-The State of the Galactic Civil War, Abel Pena wrote:the Emperor at this point, given the time frame, likely being Kadaan. Also, Jerec’s ship The Vengeance appears in the continuation of the Stele Chronicles in the TIE Fighter Official Strategy Guide, and is frequently visited by the Secret Order, which has been suggested as being synonymous with the Prophets. And lastly, Kadaan makes reference to the “Dark One” -- the Sith Lord Kaan that is trapped the Valley of the Jedi -- whom Jerec is also searching for.
-The State of the Galactic Civil War, Abel Pena wrote:It is highly likely that the “Dark One” to which Kadaan referred was none other than the leader of the Brotherhood of Darkness, the Sith Lord Kaan, who, along with his army of corrupted Jedi, were referred to as “the Dark Ones” more than a thousand years before the rise of the Prophets
Dark Forces: Jedi Knight wrote:If anything, it was stronger, anchored by more than eighty
years of experience and alert to the slightest stirring of the
Force. Tal could feel what the Dark Ones had achieved.
The Force seemed to congeal like blood in a wound, to
thicken the air around them, to press against their chests.
Darkness Shared wrote:The song reverberated within her, changing, building. Now it was thunderous and cacophonous. Crian could sense the Dark One in the Force, could hear the terrible rhythm that made him tangible to her Jedi senses.
(Similar in nature)
Although they have little screen time in Star Wars, the Frangawl Cult might be one of the scarier threats to the galaxy. Seen in The Clone Wars two-part episode “The Disappeared,” this cult on Bardotta worshiped a demonic deity called Malmourral, the Bardottan demon of war. Like most deities, a physical manifestation of this demon didn’t exist, but that didn’t stop the Frangawl cult from praising a shrine of it in a subterranean temple.
 If worshiping a demon of war wasn’t enough, what makes this cult even more terrifying is its sacrificial tendencies. In “The Disappeared,” the Frangawl cult begins kidnapping and sacrificing members of the Bardotta Council (the ruling body of Bardotta) to Malmourral. These sacrifices were part of a ritual where the victims were sent to their deaths down a slide into the mouth of the demon’s shrine. The maw would electrocute them, and somehow transfer their Living Force to the cult’s “living orb,” which could then be used to restore other Force-users’ powers. How it all works is a mystery, but it’s safe to say that this cult was capable of supernatural phenomena. 
Kadann goes into a trance as Kaan possesses and speaks through him, overpowering Kadann's will completely, renouncing the blessing he had on Trioculus, It is Kaan giving these Dark Force blessings, their figure of worship speaking through them he gives the Dark Blessing, that is Kaan completely dominating somebody who is a near equal of Palpatine and overpowering their spirit, stealing their body(also yeah Kadann is spelt Kadaan sometimes idk why there's two different spellings here, blame Abel) Kaan also wants praising, likely to manifest more fully similar to Talzin and how certain emotions give Sith Spirits power, which is what was sustaining his lingering manifestation when latched to Bane
Jedi Prince IV: Mission From Mount Yoda wrote:The Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side continued speaking, with eyes half-closed,
as if in a deep trance: Ancient relics of Duro shall you bring
To place at my feet and praise me.
-The State of the Galactic Civil War, Abel Pena wrote:The moment Trioculus had removed the glove, it was already in transit to the Prophets by way of their network of spies (MFMY 49, PDS 4, 39-40).  Kadaan renounced his blessing on Trioculus and announced that the new ruler of the Empire was “the Dark One of ancient times” for whom Kadaan would now speak, effectively declaring himself the Galactic Emperor

The spirits of minor Sith Lords haunted Moraband, seeking to feed on the fear of hapless visitors to increase their own power -Relaunched Fact File #90
Relaunched Fact File 90 wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) A6645683bf2d0e0951b00d6b8efd7f6c

Palpatine needed to integrate with them and get this blessing to become Emperor 
The State of the Galactic Civil War, Abel Pena wrote:Clothed as they were in their eccentric, glittering black robes, they were often referred to as “acolytes” or the “Secret Order” by the ignorant  (CCG:P, PDS2 18, TFOSG 62, 82).  They were, in actuality, not at all the Emperor’s subordinates, but his perceived equals in an unholy alliance dictated by their contemporary service to the Dark Side (PDS2 19).  It is even said that Palpatine sought the Prophets’ “Dark Blessing” to become Emperor, having himself once been akin to their malevolent organization
Highlighted is the evidence which suggests that Palpatine would have needed Kaan's blessing
The State of the Galactic Civil War, Abel Pena wrote:Several factors such as the possibility of Vader’s glove being a Sith amulet, the Prophets’ connection with the Sith Lord Kaan, and the fact that Palpatine is a Sith Lord himself is all circumstantial evidence that further supports the theory that the Emperor did seek the Prophets’ “blessing” in some form as suggested in The Glove of Darth Vader, and might further suggest that the Prophets, like the Sorcerers of Tund (EC 41) and Mecrosa Order (LE:GG 64, 65), are a splinter group of the Sith apart from the one Darth Bane established when reorganizing the order.

Palpatine sought the Prophets' "Dark Blessing" because they are perceived as equals in the big picture of the Dark Side, they are no subordinates, It implies that the Prophets hold some significant power or knowledge related to the Dark Side, which Palpatine desired or needed in his pursuit of becoming Emperor. and the prophets connection to Kaan evidence of that.

It also mentions that Palpatine himself was once associated with the Prophets' malevolent organization, further indicating a potential connection and mutual understanding between them in order to get this blessing, naturally Sidious would need to discover and embody all aspects including the unique aspect and pathways that Kaan and the Prophets use to complete his conquest over the entire dark side

Labyrinth of Evil wrote:In self-exile for a thousand years, the Sith had not merely been waiting for an appropriate time to reemerge and exact revenge, but for the birth of one strong enough to embrace the dark side fully and become its dedicated instrument. This was Sidious: powerful enough to hide in plain sight. Powerful enough to instruct his apprentice, Dooku, to expose him, and still remain hidden from the Jedi.And as arrogant as the Jedi. Convinced that his way was the one and only way.

This tells us that if Sidious is the one to cover that unique area of the force for the Banite Lineage, then its not something that was known by Bane and passed down which would further explain Bane's inability to see anything good in Kaan's philosophy and also explains why Bane still had a lot to learn from Kaan and Qordis despite having a lot more knowledge about everything else outside of the Brotherhoods unique area of the Force, explaining Kaan's sort of guardian angel role in Bane of the Sith, Kaan is powerful... in a different way, the same way in which Kadann is to Palpatine.
Bane of the Sith wrote:He called up his Sith abilities, letting his mind expand to encompass the festering evil,
the brooding potential power available to him. Though under the tutelage of Lord Qordis,
Bane had never finished his training. He had listened to other instructors, studied some
of the ancient writings, but there was much about the dark side he had yet to learn.
Now, Bane had no choice but to teach himself, and he had the incentive to achieve Sith
skills. He hoped Kaan’s avatar would assist him, but even without its sinister aid, Bane
would do everything possible to resurrect the Sith Brotherhood.
(Note: remember that contradictions are taken on a case by case, Bane of Sith Kaan is the same Kaan, Jedi Prince Kaan, PoD Kaan, its all the same character with contradictions taken on a case by case)
So the Dark Force is nearly equal to the Sith power, which is why Kadann is an equal or near equal of Palpatine
-The State of the Galactic Civil War, Abel Pena wrote:However, given Triclops’ loyalty to his Rebel son, it is just as likely he intended to destroy him. Also, another factor in the fate of Kadaan is the known presence of Exar Kun on Yavin 4; as the Supreme Prophet’s power was the near equivalent of Palpatine, it is unlikely he went unnoticed by the Dark Lord of the Sith.
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But despite being his near equal in power, Kadann would still run from a fight and will not put on any big flashy force displays, he will run from people he could kill instantly, and that is because this Dark Force power is not so much a combat power as it is about the more intricate side of the force, the power manifests in different ways like foresight and more magical sort of abilities than the classic Sith power 
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And we can see this with Kaan too, Its all about precog and battle-med able to change the course of war in his favor and shatter strong wills, exactly like Kadann and the Prophets, the two of them even have mirroring personality traits as they follow this same path of the Force the same beliefs and ideals, both being kind and friendly to people not like your usual dark sider which of course are those outwards emotions of the Jedi 

Path of Destruction wrote:The Dark Lord, however, never even glanced at the screens. His perception extended far beyond the meditation sphere, far beyond the data spit out by the electronic readouts. He knew the location of each vessel engaged in the conflict: his own and those of the enemy. He could sense every volley fired, every evasive turn and roll, every move and countermove made by every ship. Often he could sense them even before they happened.
Path of Destruction wrote:The art of battle meditation-a weapon passed down from the ancient Sith sorcerers-threw the enemy ranks into chaos, feeding their fear and hopelessness, crushing their hearts and spirits with bleak despair. Every false move by the opponent was magnified, every hesitation was transformed into a cascade of errors and mistakes that overwhelmed even the most disciplined troops. The battle had only just begun, and it was already all but over.
The Republic fleet was in complete disarray. Two of its four Hammerhead-class capital ships had lost primary shields in the first strafing run of the Buzzards. Now the Sith Dreadnaughts were moving in, targeting the suddenly vulnerable Hammerheads with their devastating forward-mounted laser cannons. On the verge of being crippled and left utterly helpless, they were just now managing to scramble their own fighters to ward off the rapidly closing enemy cruisers.
The other two capital ships were being ravaged by Rage and Fury, the Sith battleships. The ponderous Republic Hammerheads relied on support ships to establish a defensive line to hold off enemy attackers while they positioned themselves to bring their heavy guns to bear. Without these defensive lines they were all but helpless against the much quicker and more nimble corsairs. Rage and Fury cut in along a vector that minimized the number of cannons the Hammerheads could target them with, then swept across their bows, firing all guns. When the Hammerheads tried to change direction to bring more guns to bear, the corsairs would pivot and double back for another pass along a different vector, inflicting even more damage. The savage maneuver was known as slashing the deck, and without the support of fighters or battleships of their own, the capital ships couldn't withstand it for long.
Aid from the Republic battleships, however, was not likely to come. The one on point patrol was already a charred and lifeless hull, obliterated in the first seconds of the attack by a direct hit from Nightfall's guns before it could raise its shields. The other two were being swarmed by interceptors and pounded by Nightfall's broadside laser artillery, and didn't figure to last much longer than the first.
Kaan could feel it: panic had set in among the Republic troops and commanders. His attack was pure offense; his strategy maximized damage but left his own ships exposed and vulnerable to a well-organized counterattack. But no such response was forthcoming. The Republic captains were unable to coordinate their efforts, unable to establish their lines of defense. They couldn't even organize a proper retreat . . . escape was impossible. Victory was his!
Path of Destruction wrote:No longer protected by the power of the light side of the Force, the Republic soldiers were completely demoralized by the terror and despair Kaan spawned in their minds. Those who were strong-willed gave up all hope save that of escaping the battle alive. The weak-willed were left so despondent, they could only hope for a quick and merciful death. The former didn't get what they wanted, but the latter did.
(It's also worth noting here that Lord Kaan takes all of his other talents to the same extent as his precog and battle med, he is equally proficient in everything else you see him do)

Path of Destruction wrote:It was one of many talents, and he had worked to develop them all equally.

One of which includes persuasion and manipulating the emotions of the bonds he creates to keep people loyal and chill in this Sith Jedi Order

“Lord Kaan knew he was no match for Bane, either physically or through the power of the Force. Yet he wasn’t about to surrender so easily. Not while he still had cunning, guile, and his unique talents of persuasion on his side.”
-Path of Destruction
-Path of Destruction wrote:

“He could change the course of a war with his battle meditation. He could inspire loyalty in the other Lords through subtle manipulations of their emotions. But he had never experienced a premonition like the one that had brought her to his tent in the middle of the dark night.”

And so its Kaan who embodies this Dark Force power and speaks for it, he is the will of the Dark Force power similar to how the Sith on Korriban are the will of the Sith Power for example Sheev hears all their voices upon his anointment as Dark Lord, upon killing Plagueis similarly to how Kaan is blessing Prophets and is their will, only you don't see Ragnos's spirit overpowering Sheev here do you?
Darth Plagueis wrote:A welter of voices, near and far, present and from eons past, drowned his thoughts. Raised in praise, the voices proclaimed his reign and cheered the inauguration of a new order. Yellow eyes lifted to the night sky, he saw the trembling stars flare, and in the depth of his being he felt the power of the dark side anoint him.

Kaan is the sole person who speaks for this will of the Force as they see it that unique will is not made up of many different Sith on Korriban, but Kaan himself, It is possible later Prophets' spirits merged with that same well of Dark Force but none since Kaan would have exceeded Kaan's mastery over it or it would be them speaking as its "true spokesman" so while that well of power Kaan embodies may have grown over the years to equal Palpatine's by the time of his reign, Kaan still maintains dominion over that power due to his mastery, but how does that work when Sith Spirits retain their Living Power? surely Kaan's spirit should be as powerful as his Living self, not growing with the well growing after his death, Ragnos who bestowed his power on Kun for example would not later be appearing as a spirit speaking on behalf of Kun's power after Kun's power grows that well of energy, Ragnos does not have dominion over that area of it, but Kaan does, he is the will for all of their energies. So it has to be a case of Kaan's Mastery and integration with that side of the force being deeper than any of the other prophets that came after him, the dark side(and /Dark Force) grows massively between 1000BBY and Palpatine's reign so unless Kaan and the Dark Force was already at Palpatine level in 1000BBY and far ahead of Bane, which is impossible given the growth and spirits added to the nexus then it has to be a case of deeper Mastery and integration with his power being the factor which allows Kaan to act as a spokesman/will for power/spirits proceeding him, his knowledge and mastery giving him access and full dominion over all the power available in 5ABY meaning he would have had to know all that they knew, but surely the Dark Force didn't learn nothing in that 1005 years, how could he know all of that? probably through his precognition?, since the Prophets are all about integration with power its probably the case that Kaan just achieved ultimate oneness with the flow of this certain aspect of the Force or created and shaped its flow entirely which I will touch on further down. maybe this was all a plan for his return given what I mentioned above.

Knights of the Old Republic II Prima Guide wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 738C08D0-48A5-45FA-81DB-E29B68864DE8

The point being that Kaan's mastery and integration with that aspect of the force allows him to embody a power near equal to Palpatine and this is all something that remains consistent in his life and death, he shouldn't be growing any stronger as a spirit so what he is displaying is his living power and he is that strong because his mastery and integration into that power makes up for the difference in actual power that Millennial or Kadann may have more of, they don't seem to wield Kaan's spirit like how say Vader wields the spirits before him in that well, its in reverse, Kaan is almost wielding them acting as their will shaping it all.

Fact File 133 wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) Image
Essential Guide to Characters wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) IMG_0763

The mechanics of it may be confusing and it all seem weird but... Kaan embodies a power = to Sheev and can dominate Sheev level guys, don't blame Vaelias, that is just what we see happen lol (not sorry) 

Millennial saw more sense in Kaan, left the Sith order, studied pre republic philosophers and came up with a philosophy to see the force differently through this new philosophy, and he is chosen by that unique will, which is Kaan, which leads me to believe that Kaan himself had implemented these same beliefs prior to Millennial and mastered that side of the force to such degree that he became the spokesman for it, and that's not just after his death, we see him operate as the will of the dark side as shown above with him summoning the entire Brotherhood from across the Galaxy, exactly like Luke does, Luke having a much more difficult time doing that same feat, Luke of course embodying this same concept, the Heart of the Jedi, he is the Living Force, Kaan is the Dark Parody of that, the Living Force and Dark side implemented together in a way only Millennial ends up seeing sense in with his third eye, he can see that relationship.
The Official Starships and Vehicles Collection #2 wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) Unknown
We know Kaan is an expert in economic policy so he he is exploring a lot of ways to govern and is quite the philosopher theorist etc. so it is likely he has a vast knowledge of different governmental structures theorists etc...
DEFINTION: Economic policy covers a wide range of measures which governments use to manage their economy.
Essential Guide to Warfare wrote:The Jedi Council’s great hope for the future
was a slim, sophisticated young commoner from the capital named
Skere Kaan, an expert in battle meditation, fleet command, and
economic policy. Kaan had developed a radical theory about the
anarchy that had shaken civilization for a thousand years: He blamed
the Republic and the Jedi Order.

but what exactly where the theories that Millennial implemented into his training to become a prophet of Kaan
Evil Never Dies wrote:Millennial fled to the planet Dromund Kaas. There he meditated on Sith teachings and combined them with the theories of early and pre-Republic thinkers like Plaristes and Dak Ramis. The result was an intricate religion the dark sider called the Dark Force.
-Evil Never Dies
The Complete Encyclopedia wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 1a7ccbaf12139afcb5aa4bd666875dd4

Plaristes was known for his denial of sentience in droids 
Droids, Technology and the Force: A Clash of Phenomena wrote:In his book Of Minds, Men, and Machines, the renowned pre-Republic philosopher Plaristes argued fiercely and eloquently, and convincingly about the impossibility of automata ever achieving Artificial Sentience 
-Droids, Technology and the Force: A Clash of Phenomena on Hyperspace

Which brings up questions about the Force and sentience and how droids can have emotion if they do not have living tissue etc, so it brings up questions about will, matter, sentience and how ultimately the force flows and exists to result in this, such beliefs would be centric to how Millennial Kaan and the Prophets see the Force and its that element of Plaristes' writings which would be what Millennial merged with the teachings of the Sith to develp a connection to Kaan and found the Dark Force Religion

Matter and Life Force:  there is a limit to the life force associated with matter. an that implies that matter itself is not inherently bound to the Force, but rather the will or intention of the user determines its interaction with the Force.

User's Will and Matter: the will of the user or the sentient being has power over matter. In this perspective, the will of the user/sentient being is considered more significant than the inherent nature of matter itself.

Rejecting Inherent Force Power: Plaristes rejects the idea of inherent Force power in every particle of matter. Instead, he proposes that the power dynamic is reversed, with sentience/will having power over matter

In Plaristes' view, matter is not inherently connected to you in the force without a sentience to bind it, thus the power of an individual's intention and focused will is considered paramount in establishing the connections in the force. By directing their intent towards a specific goal or outcome molding paths through their farsight an will. This belief comes with the idea that the universe is responsive to individual consciousness and that one's thoughts, desires, and intentions have the potential to manifest. By cultivating and directing their will and intent, Prophets aim to engage with these larger forces and create desired outcomes.

When The Prophets align their will and intent with the Force, they aim to channel and direct the power towards a specific purpose or outcome. By focusing their intention and connecting to the force they they seek an forge their own futures  through their will and intent, they influence the flow of the paths ahead of them, directing it towards their desired goals or intentions.

Which explains The Prophets immersion in the will of the and sentience of the Dark Side which is why the Dark Force energies feel more inherently evil for evils sake to Luke, they have sunk into that sentience of the dark side, seeing the sentience and relevance of both sides understanding the relationships between the Living and Cosmic Force, which links back to Kaan's Living Force Power Jedi Power Structure and Millennials Eyes, and Kaan is the sentience for this particular belief, Millennial taps into that and rises as a Prophet, Kaan speaking through Kadann here and not Millennial or even the real Kadann in hiding (There's two Kadann's because of some retcon stuff, but it doesn't effect anything really except the fact there's another Kadann even more powerful than the one who is close to Sheev, but he also is close to Sheev, so yeh we have 2 Kadanns) which suggests Kaan's greater Mastery over this particular side of the Force, he is fully integrated with that power before and after death, Its all the same energy in the galaxy but it looks and acts different based on how you view it, based on the belief you access it through, Kaan molded his own religion and aspect of the force, sunk into it and shaped it and thus has dominion over the entire lineage even after his death.

Vader's glove is fashioned around Lord Kaan's amulet
-THE STAR WARS SPY GAME: SPIN DECLASSIFIED wrote:Much to SPIN’s surprise, the mythical glove of Darth Vader found its way into the Prophet Kadann’s recent prophecies. The supposed mystic proclaimed that only the one who obtained the enchanted gauntlet would rule the Empire. What neither the public, nor SPIN, could know was that Vader’s right glove was fashioned around an indestructible Sith amulet of unimaginable power once belonging to Lord Skere Kaan during the New Sith Wars. For the Kadann imposter, the glove was only another trophy in an already impressive collection—largely amassed by Lord Cronal and Rajah Ubooki’s many junk dealer brothers—that included a set of blood-red Mandalorian armor seized in the Imperial enslavement of Mandalore and the Ryloth Ark, once in the possession of Emir Wat Tambor (though, whether this chest was in truth one of several known replicas was uncertain). But Sate Pestage, who had tipped the Bimm impersonator off to the talisman’s existence in the first place, had an altogether different motive for wanting the amulet retrieved—one that even Cronal in his immense knowledge had never guessed.

Palpatine was alive.

The Dark Lord’s body perished in the Death Star, but with Pestage’s help, Sidious’ wicked soul clawed its way out of Chaos and entered a clone body on Byss. Palpatine was still weak, but Kaan’s amulet could be very useful in amplifying the reborn Emperor’s dark side power and speeding along his return to the galactic stage
-SPIN Game Declassified

The Glove is something of Prophecy for the Prophets, further glorifying the significance of Skere Kaan in their religion, The Dark One speaks through us and guides us and he who wears his amulet, the greatest dark side trinket ever, shall become Emperor.
-Evil Never Dies wrote:They determined to bestow Emperorship on whomever secured the glove of the dead Darth Vader's severed right hand -- a Mandalorian crushgaunt which Vader had fitted around one of Lord Kaan's indestructible Sith amulets. The Imperial Grand Admiral Afsheen Makati eventually destroyed these prophet imposters, though one of them, Orloc, escaped to continue his con. Meanwhile, the real Prophets continued to plot from the planet Bosthirda, until they were found by their most dangerous and embittered pupil, Azrakel, on a tip from a mysterious source.
-Evil Never Dies
Jedi Prince IV: Mission From Mount Yoda wrote:With help from Grand Moff Hissa, Trioculus had fulfilled Kadann’s prophecy
about the new Imperial leader: After Palpatine’s fiery death
Another leader soon comes to command the Empire
And on his right hand he does wear
The glove of Darth Vader!
-Mission From Mount Yoda
The State of the Galactic Civil War, Abel Pena wrote:The Prophets of the Dark Side foretold that soon a new Emperor would rule the Imperium until the rebirth of Palpatine. The proof of his worth? On his right hand would rest the lost gauntlet of Darth Vader -- the glove of Vader was a Sith amulet with the ability to magnify the Force
-State of the Galactic Civil War
The amulet is indestructible, and the fact that 'even Jedi Masters' struggled to destroy Sith amulets implies that there's power component there, you have to be powerful enough to break the amulet because you barrage it with your energies, but nobody can break it, its truly indestructible, possessing unimaginable power it amplifies and magnifies your power, gives you unparalleled power...
The State of the Galactic Civil War, Abel Pena wrote:But Vader’s gauntlet was not a simple accessory. That his artificial right hand had been incinerated was of little doubt, but Sith amulets were notoriously difficult to dispose of -- during the aftermath of the Fall of the Sith Empire, the destruction of Sith talisman proved very challenging for even Jedi Masters; often the only means of destroying the artifact would have been battering it with Dark Side energies (TOJC 82). According to the Prophets, the Sith Lord’s gauntlet was indeed indestructible, and would give the wearer an unparalleled power (MFMY 49). The only question was, where was it? And who would get to it first?
-State of the Galactic Civil War

It is an everlasting symbol of evil, no greater symbol of darkness exists than Kaan's Amulet 
Jedi Prince III: Zorba the Hutt’s Revenge wrote:Three-eyed mutant who was the Supreme slavelord of Kessel. He is now Emperor. Trioculus is a liar and impostor who claims to be the son of Emperor Palpatine. In his rise to power he was supported by the grand moffs, who helped him find the glove of Darth Vader, an everlasting symbol of evil.
--Mission From Mount Yoda
Jedi Prince IV: Mission From Mount Yoda wrote:"No greater symbol of darkness was ever made than this glove — the gauntlet that once covered Darth Vader's right hand."
-Mission From Mount Yoda
So to recap, we have Lord Kaan mixing philosophies and everybody hates it except the one guy who has unique vision into mixed philosophy and he sees something in Kaan, his instincts lead him to it and he's like hey, Kaan was right and then he makes a religion worshipping Kaan as this deity that speaks the will of this philosophy, the unique will that the prophets follow and which Palpatine must receive a blessing from in order to become Emperor. everything revolves around Lord Kaan, worshiping him acting as a conduit for his voice acquiring his amulet which is the greatest everlasting symbol of darkness, there's this whole other view and different aspect to the Force that the Dark Force revolves around that Kaan embodies, and their seems to almost be some attempt here to bring Kaan back, praising him and trying to acquire the amulet, it's like they are piecing him back together.

The Prophets also told Jerec where to find Kaan too directing them to Ruusan the place of Kaan's Death "working in concert" with the Prophets to find him and its likely the Prophets used their connection to him to aid Jerec here, they do seem to infact be searching for Kaan given the "whom" there 
The State of the Galactic Civil War, Abel Pena wrote:In his purpose, Jerec found the one who could lead him to the Valley, Morgan Katarn, but the man was uncooperative, and the Dark Jedi killed him (SFE 27, 28). Little did Jerec suspect that in doing so, he had lost not only his main lead in finding the Valley of the Jedi, but made an enemy of the person who could stop him, Jedi-in-training Kyle Katarn, Morgan’s son. After years, and possibly working in concert with the Prophets of the Dark Side,24 Jerec finally found a another solid lead to the Valley when he captured the Jedi Master Rahn,
-State of the Galactic Civil War
-The State of the Galactic Civil War, Abel Pena wrote:And lastly, Kadaan makes reference to the “Dark One” -- the Sith Lord Kaan that is trapped the Valley of the Jedi -- whom Jerec is also searching for.
-State of the Galactic Civil War

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August 19th 2023, 10:42 pm


Now to conclude we will quickly go over what is commonly used to say Kaan is a weak Sith, now we have already covered how it is a difference in philosophy, view and belief of the Force and NOT in Force Power, I do not believe any of those quotes cannot be attributed to a differing belief and philosophy, a philosophy which lead The Sith down a Path of Destruction in their war against the Jedi, that is main problem with the Brotherhood.
Path of Destruction wrote:The Brotherhood of Darkness stood for everything that was wrong with the modern Sith. They had fallen from the true path. Their failure was the reason the spirits of the Dark Lords had vanished. None of Korriban—not Master, not apprentice—had been worthy of their wisdom; none worthy of their power. They had simply faded away, scattered like a handful of dust cast across the desert sand. Bane could see the truth so clearly now. Yet Qordis and the others were forever blind.
The mysteries of the dark side’s true potential were beyond his reach — and likely beyond the reach of every Master at the Academy.
Your wisdom has destroyed our order,” Bane explained casually, watching as Qordis struggled helplessly above him. “You have polluted the minds of your followers; you and Kaan have led them down the path of ruin.
Kaan had cast aside the true power of the individual and replaced it with the false glory of self-sacrifice in the name of a worthy cause.
The Brotherhood of Darkness stood for everything that was wrong with the modern Sith. They had fallen from the true path. Their failure was the reason the spirits of the Dark Lords had vanished. None on Korriban, not master, not apprentice— had been worthy of their wisdom, none worthy of their power.
The academy was an abomination, a testament to how far the Sith had fallen from the true ideals of the dark side.

These are all of the quotes brought up to discredit Kaan being above the Ancient Sith, but It is all explicitly about how he has fallen from their path, his own aspect of the Force, basically a Dark Prophet, who don't use flashy powers and run from fights more strategists and cosmic abilities more so than big destructive abilities lost or rejected by the Brotherhood replaced with that area/aspect of the Force that Kaan created or at the very least accessed and Mastered becoming its will, so it is a difference in Philosophy for which the spirits do not show up, for which Kaan is not worthy of the ancients Legacy, similar to how no Jedi, say somebody like Yoda somebody very powerful but would not be heir to the Legacy of the Sith because of their view of the force and their belief, Bane cannot see the sense in Kaan, Millennial can, it is an entirely different area of the force than the normal Sith power, although a force near equal which Palpatine must gain a blessing from and must integrate with in his conquest. When it comes down to it there is just a difference in Philosophy, a Philosophy which is less combat focused on top of there being far too many people diluting power which Bane is drawing from which is less an issue of the Philosophy itself and more an issue of Kaan recruiting too many random's into his ranks, but being the heart of the power this is not an issue for Kaan himself rather the Sith who follow him, silly yes, does it mean Kaan and all of the Brotherhood are weak...No!

There is a quote that says Lord Kaan is less powerful than his predecessor, but how does this work if the dark side grew for a millennia before manifesting in Kaan?
Fact File 83 wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) Screenshot_413

Well at the time of this quotes release Kaan did not have all the material that depicts him as a the Heart of the Darkside/Dark Force, he had not escaped the thought bomb etc so its up in the air whether this quote still holds true but say for instance it does, the reason that can work is because as of the time of this quote Kaan's only predecessor was Darth Ruin, somebody who has completely obliterated his mental boundaries obtaining a form of constant Sith Oneness due to his power of belief that he is the only thing that exists, remember in SW reality is what you believe and Ruin's utter and sincere belief in solipsism shed his mental chains which would only amount to total godhood by the rules of the Force, Ruin exceeds the Dark Side at the time with the power of the self of his mind through the Pneuma aspect of the Force, thus making this quote still possible

Known by the name Phanius and believed to be an Umbaran, the pale-skinned man was a charismatic and gifted Jedi Master who exhibited hints of a disturbingly relativistic, some said solipsistic, morality. He became one of "The Lost" when he abandoned the Jedi Order to pursue "alternative" knowledge. Unknown to the order, he infiltrated and united the various surviving Sith clans, intensifying his self-centered views. Phanius, convinced he'd obliterated the mental barriers that had kept him from understanding that his will superceded all things (or, in fact, was everything), took the name Darth Ruin. -Evil Never Dies
There is no passion…there is solely obsession. There is no knowledge. There is solely conviction. There is no purpose. There is solely will. There is nothingOnly me. -Creed of Ruin
Reality is what you believe -George Lucas Notes on the Force
Belief is not a matter of choice, but conviction
  • Rising Malevolence

Plagueis understood, too, that there were no powers beyond his reach; none he couldn’t master through an effort of will. If a Sith of equal power had preceded him, then that one had taken his or her secrets to the grave, or had locked them away in holocrons that had been destroyed or had yet to surface. -Darth Plagueis
He pushed this aside, drawing once more upon the certain knowledge of his personal invincibility to open a channel to the Force. Power flowed into him, and the weight of his years dropped away. He lifted his blade, and beckoned. -Revenge of the Sith Novelisation
Book of Sith wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 37ea34818dd3f30ab8aaa73305c7bef6

Ruin takes all this to its Nth degree and thus that is the pathway to the Force he uses to exceed Kaan. similarly to Ruin Kaan also exists in T-Canon

The Clone Wars Season 2: Cat & Mouse wrote:How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) 4a4020c0846222ab6097bdf7e1c08f0c

Cat & Mouse wrote:In 1,002 BBY, three ships of this type formed part of Lord Kaan's Sith fleet during the First Battle of Ruusan. These three ships were considered a deadly threat to two Hammer

Lord Kaan is an ancient deity figure for the Dark Force Religion, he speaks for all the dark side energy in the galaxy and embodies the Dark Force power, Palpatine needed Kaan's blessing to become Emperor, all through his own philosophy and belief he has sunken into and mastered, incorporating a Jedi power structure into his Brotherhood and shifting the Sith in a direction the lineage could not see sense in, Kaan possesses vision akin to Millennial who's instincts told him Kaan was right and fell on the same Path, although Kaan seemingly maintains far greater mastery than any Prophet after him including Millennial and Kadann, he is the Avatar of Dark who pumps power to his order like a heart and controls their will like a mind, Kaan is the embodiment of and will of the Dark Force. Behold Kaan!!!

How Powerful is Lord Kaan | The Ultimate Lord Kaan Respect Thread (2023) RHk4Z
Level Three
Level Three

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August 20th 2023, 1:52 am
Peak shit
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