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How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force Empty How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force

July 6th 2023, 9:29 pm

Quillan & Dromika
The Dyarchy 
The Twins of Power


How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force F94021d048f1949d0eb5cf4c758cfca4

In this short thread I will be establishing the power of the Twins Sith Lords Quillan and Dromika by discussing their functions nature and scaling and how they relate to certain concepts seen elsewhere, much like my other Respect Threads this is not a listing of everything the twins have done rather a picture being painted of how they work and how strong they are. I may refer to Quillan & Dromika as Quilika throughout this thread.


Solipsism is a philosophical concept that suggests that only one's own mind is certain to exist, and that everything outside of one's mind, including other people and the entire physical world does not exist and is but an extension of the self

In essence, solipsism holds that the external world is merely a projection of one's own consciousness, and that one cannot be sure of the reality of anything outside of their own all encompassing mind. essentially a Sith Solipsism denies the possibility of knowledge beyond one's own experience, the mind encompassing all, and the Dark Lord being all and everything, we see Ruin adopt this Ideology and then Daiman after him

-Evil Never Dies wrote:Known by the name Phanius and believed to be an Umbaran, the pale-skinned man was a charismatic and gifted Jedi Master who exhibited hints of a disturbingly relativistic, some said solipsistic, morality. He became one of "The Lost" when he abandoned the Jedi Order to pursue "alternative" knowledge. Unknown to the order, he infiltrated and united the various surviving Sith clans, intensifying his self-centered views. Phanius, convinced he'd obliterated the mental barriers that had kept him from understanding that his will superceded all things (or, in fact, was everything), took the name Darth Ruin.

-Creed of Ruin wrote:There is no passion…there is solely obsession.
There is no knowledge. There is solely conviction.
There is no purpose. There is solely will.
There is nothing…
Only me.

Now what is so great about this? Well in Star Wars belief is the central to ones power,  belief in the Force is what maintains balance in the universe, following its will and gaining power through understanding, or in the Sith's case, understanding through power, belief has a bearing on what path one follows and what doorways to power that unlocks along the way, reality hinges on the decisions and beliefs of the characters

Reality is what you believe
-George Lucas Notes on the Force
Belief is not a matter of choice, but conviction
-Rising Malevolence

-Revenge of the Sith Novelisation wrote:He pushed this aside, drawing once more upon the certain knowledge of his
personal invincibility to open a channel to the Force. Power flowed into him, and
the weight of his years dropped away.
He lifted his blade, and beckoned.

But what about when the belief is a belief that all things are an extension of yourself, that you are everything and your understanding and power is a manifestation of that, the power Ruin and Daiman can harness through this belief is nothing short of astronomical by the very rules of Star Wars, the force is one giant union, we are one with the force "luminous beings are we, not this crude matter" letting go of the self and achieving total oneness with the force, is the greatest power one can achieve, and it is through belief where this state is accomplished, you have to dispel the mental barriers in your mind and free yourself, and so with Solipsism you get that exact same belief 0 mental barriers, rather instead of you being a part of all things, all things are a part of you, the dark parody of the greatest light side power ever, total oneness.

Now, remove those mental barriers and you are left with the mind, through which any power that exists can be rivalled with effort of will, and under this ideology the mind and will IS everything, the power one truly believes they possess is the power they possess by the laws of the Force
-Darth Plagueis wrote:Yes, the gift was strongest in those who, with scant effort, could allow themselves to be subsumed by the currents of the Force and become conduits for the powers of the dark side. But there was an alternative path to those abilities, and it led from a place where the circle closed on itself and sheer will substituted for selflessness. Plagueis understood, too, that there were no powers beyond his reach; none he couldn’t master through an effort of will. If a Sith of equal power had preceded him, then that one had taken his or her secrets to the grave, or had locked them away in holocrons that had been destroyed or had yet to surface.
-Evil Never Dies wrote:obliterated the mental barriers that had kept him from understanding that his will superceded all things (or, in fact, was everything), took the name Darth Ruin.
Raw strength is nothing compared to the will of the mind
-Knights of the Old Republic II
The mind is everything. Destroy the mind and you destroy the will. Destory the will and you destroy the Jedi
-Book of Anger

And Daiman wholeheartedly believes himself the actual creator of the Universe, and his brother Odion the Destroyer, which they both seem to be adeptly equipped for with their natural force connections mirroring their belief, for example death empowers Odion life hurts him, these philosophies are most likely derived from their strange force connections. but the point here is that Daiman, thanks to his philosophy is going to be incredibly powerful, that much is clear. a being with no mental barriers no fear or any factors that play into combat, purely god-complex emotions of superiority with an endless sandbox as an extension of his mind. In his imagination. HE IS the Creator of the Universe


Which is where we get to Quillan and Dromika, who are twins, and of course, being two people, combined, are not capped by any single Sith supremacy quote, they are however, in the force, one being with two hosts in a symbiotic relationship.

Aspects. It was how Quillan and Dromika referred to all agencies outside
themselves, organic or electronic. Twins, separated in body, but
conjoined through the Force—one being, that no power in science
or Sith alchemy could separate. They had been just five years old
when he met them—very young, as humans went—and they had
never, in Calician’s memory, set foot outside their Loft
-Knight Errant

No power can separate the two, they CANNOT be severed from one another by any power, their spirit, their symbiotic relationship is too strong, no amount of power would be able to sever the twins from one another but we see people like Ulic Qel Droma and Darth Traya to name a few be severed from their connections to the force, Quilika however "no power in science or Sith alchemy could separate" It doesn't say anything to the affect of if one was severed the other would die, or that they just cant live without each other, its more than that, they simply cannot be separated by any power, their double spirit, if you will, is not going to budge when met with any power, the unity of that relationship is too powerful. for a scope of that power, lets go back to Daiman, he imagines himself the literal CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, and the twins have power beyond those imaginings

Daiman was, sowing the fantasy that all creation was the figment of his warped imagination.
Rusher had scars older than Daiman’s twenty-ve years, but never
mind: those were apparently gments of his imagination. Maybe all
those city blocks on re when I landed were hallucinations, too.
-Knight Errant
They had been just five years old
when he met them—very young, as humans went—and they had
never, in Calician’s memory, set foot outside their Loft.
And yet, Calician had realized on meeting them that they
represented that which he most desired: power. True power, beyond
the imaginings of any of the neighboring Sith pretenders. Power that would one day rule the Galaxy
-Knight Errant
So Daiman is obviously tremendously powerful, and although reality is what you believe and you draw your power from that, there is obviously still some disconnect between imagined power and actual power even if it is only a case of how you can manifest it, or Daiman would be shitting out Galaxies, but Quilika is not only above the actual power of Daiman but the imagined power of his endless spanning mind.
On top of Daiman's imaginings, we also have Odions imaginings, the destined Destroyer of the Universe who ofc is after the Helm of Ieldis which he knows he can use to achieve his goals, and which indeed does result in the biggest existential threat in Star Wars

And here, she comes face to face not only with her parents from the past -- but a threat that could well destroy all life, everywhere. It's as large an existential threat as may have been posed in Star Wars -- and it befits this era of bleak lives and dire sorceries. - Knight Errant - Escape #4

So that is a power in Odions radar/ imaginings, Its the helm that helps Odion get to that next level up from his previous unamped death coaxing calls, where his presence is already a black hole sucking everything in and pressuring and stinging the heart of Jedi
-Knight Errant wrote:
Lurching into the clear, Kerra tripped over her feet and slammed into the tarry surface. She looked up, stunned. Nothing had interfered with her progress; the ground was featureless in all directions. She listened again for blaster fire... and instead felt a stinging pain near her heart.

Ignoring the throbbing, Kerra tried to crawl across the blackened field. For a moment, she thought exhaustion from the past few weeks' exertions had finally overtaken her. But hearing the rumbling above, she knew better. Or worse.

Kerra opened her mind to the Force. Discretion didn't matter; Daiman's forces, including any Correctors present, already knew she was here. And if they were here now, they were probably feeling the same crushing pressure she was. Something was approaching. A psychic black hole, drawing in all that existed and destroying everything it encountered. It was a feeling she'd first felt on Aquilaris, the day she lost her family-and again on Chelloa, the day she lost Master Treece and the other Jedi, her second family. It was why Daiman's forces weren't shooting at her now. They'd gotten the word. They'd sensed his presence, just as she had. Vannar Treece's killer was here. Lord Odion had arrived.
Could Odion really be so stupid, so desperate for battle as to walk into such a place? Yes, she thought. That was definitely his presence she sensed entering orbit.

And this power is rivalled by four of Quilika's 'minions' using a portion of Quillika's own power
Knight Errant wrote:You will stop you will stop you will stop!
Four advancing Sith, speaking in unison, pounded at her through
the Force. Dizzied by the mental onslaught, Kerra felt her knees
buckle. Rolling away on the sweaty sidewalk, she opened her eyes
to see them advancing. Advancing—and speaking, their words
pummeling her.
Their psychic attack momentarily
broken, Kerra pushed again, causing them to lose their footing on
the slick surface. Regaining her feet, she bounded toward them …
… and past them, leaping over the speeder’s debris to the top of
the retaining wall. She broke into a run toward the sea, relieved that
the mental pressure had abated. Force persuasion was a discipline
almost every Force-user learned, even if she loathed using it. But
she’d never felt such power behind it before—excepting perhaps
Odion’s coaxing call to self-destruction.
Kerra stood her ground. Arkadia was working on her, to be sure,
using logic and words to motivate her just as the twins’ minions had
used the Force.
Knight Errant

and from that level, Odion needed the Helm to take it to the next level, the level that Quilika is already on, their power being on another scale entirely, which lines up with their power being above the imaginings of the other Sith
-Knight Errant wrote:“You will kneel,” Dromika said, facing Kerra.
Kerra stumbled. She’d fended off attempts to mesmerise her all
day, but this was on another scale entirely. The younger girl’s words
stabbed into her brain, raking at her free will. Kerra’s brow
furrowed, her mental shields going up too late.
“You will kneel!” Dromika boomed, clenching her fists.
Kerra locked her knees together, fighting against the weight
pushing down on her. It was more than simple suggestion. Dromika
appeared to have mindlessly worked other forms of Force
manipulation into her commands, acting out upon the physical
world to force Kerra’s muscles and bones to comply.
Still, the Jedi fought. “I … will …”
Kerra’s knees went out from under her. Hitting the oor with a
painful thud, her hands struck the ground palmfirst. Her weapon,
extinguishing itself, clattered away.
Eyes tearing up, Kerra tried to crawl toward her lightsaber, just
meters ahead of her. But immense pressure continued to bear down
on her. The only way to keep from having the life crushed out of
her …
… was to kneel

Even Daiman, who's power is enough to tank Lord Odion's initial death call with the Helm of Ieldis, where he uses Kerras anguish
How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force 811b01e4506d7297a573f2bce5261529
amplifies it 1000x
How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force Aeb8852b01c257c023c53e85e66d7914
which replicates the power of an entire world of anguish, that world being a capitol planet

How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force C063cdad744b97348c87b04e13b8bc22

to send three armies mad, also amplifying all their emotions a thousandfold, and feeding off of that as well
How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force 6a909cd7257b65742ef0e06916dd94fa

So its thousands of people multiplied a thousand fold, and its not just any one emotion, its anguish and despair in general, all the different dark side emotions/energies

How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force 8cd713df6fe2cb8ac0ce313dcba6b495

Daiman can tank this power upfront
How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force Efec0216ef36801374e2e8f8873a04a5

but would be helpless against the twins, who operate on this other scale, far beyond the brothers imaginings, nothing can stop them
They would be the first wave, claiming Daiman’s rearward systems.
Calician hoped they might even be able to win space engagements
and land battles without a shot fired. Any Daimanite that
approached within half a kilometer of the ship-brains would be
vulnerable to their attack. The twins would command them—and
thus command all. Nothing would be able to stop them.
-Knight Errant

In fact they represent the ultimate power, the pinnacle of Sith power, they have the same ideology as Daiman, acting under a Sith Solipsism, everything existing as the self

Quillan and Dromika hadn’t understood the need for the Sith
adepts to wear uniforms; they never expected to see them, anyway.
In the body of Dyarchical power, the Uniers acted both as
regulating agents, ensuring that orders were followed—and as
antibodies, killing or co-opting pathogens. The biological metaphor
was Calician’s, too, straight from his writings about how the
pinnacle of Sith power might be achieved.
-Knight Errant
The glorication of self? The subjugation of others? Clearly these
ancient precepts pointed to only one solution. For just one Sith
being to rule a system of life-forms the size of the galaxy, those
others would have to be part of the self. Constituent parts of a larger
whole, self-regulating; acting on the direction of the mind. There
wasn’t any other way. Governments, despotic or republican, were
too inefficient. As long as any other will had force, a leader could
not force his will on all.
It had required bringing the twins into his scheme, but he’d done
it. Daiman and his Correctors were pikers compared with what they
had achieved. To a degree, Byllura operated as a single living being
—and, as he could hear from the rumbling outside, the hatchling
was about to leave the nest. But that was also the problem.
He remembered it now, as he entered the turbolift and headed to
the penthouse. Quillan and Dromika had been necessary. No Sith
he’d met, Lord or adept, had the boy’s natural talent for far-seeing;
and likely no Force-user, anywhere, was the girl’s equal when it
came to giving strong hypnotic commands. But the regent had
assumed his will would remain intact. He would serve as the ego,
working as the conscious mediator between the outside world and
the siblings in their cocoon. To them, the world beneath their
comfortable oor was a theoretical place. A realm they would
imagine and inuence, but never enter. That role would be reserved
for Calician.
-Knight Errant
Sandy-haired Quillan sat and stared, mouth unwiped,
wearing his night-clothes at midday, as he did every day. Dromika
lay on her back, braiding and unbraiding her hair as she pawed at a
pillow with her bare toes. Calician quickly looked away. There was
no defeating power such as theirs.
Hearing more thunder across the bay, Calician realized the rest of
the galaxy would soon learn the same.
-Knight Errant

Which works even better for them than it does for Daiman because they allow a merger of will and matter, having absolutely no concept of other at all

They had Daiman’s problem, Kerra realized—only worse. Much
worse. Daiman had come into his Force powers and his Sith
philosophy at a later age, after he’d already been socialized to some
degree. He may not have believed that others were sentient beings
with free will—and he certainly perceived the environment around
him through a strange prism. The universe was the playing field of
some game on an astral plane. But Daiman at least interacted with
that environment; he understood it, and accepted it as a given. The
twins only acted through their environment, making other beings
extensions of their own will.
It was exactly, she realized with horror, what Daiman had been
trying to accomplish back in the camp with the Woostoid aide.
-Knight Errant

Kerra realized the Dyarchy bordered Daiman’s
territory. Were these ships his? What could Daiman do, she
wondered, if he knew the power the twins held? His greatest desire
was to subjugate absolutely, to render other organics literal
extensions of his will. But the twins had accomplished something he
For whatever reason, Daiman still counted his own ego, his own
individuality too important. He wanted to subsume others, yet at
the same time he enjoyed dominating them too much to truly allow
a merger of will and matter. But Quillan and Dromika didn’t
understand the concept of “other.” As near as Kerra could tell, from
infancy they’d treated the Force as another of their senses—and they
had no clear understanding of where they stopped, and others
began. For all his bluster, Daiman had come to his Force powers too
late. He had already known who he was by then.
What could Daiman do if he captured the twins now? Could he
co-opt them?
Learn from them?
-Knight Errant

So where Daiman faults is that he has a concept of other even if he believes they are an extension of his mind, he still accepts the environment around him as an actual thing, Quillan and Dromika however have no concept of anything outside of their room living completely in their mind, the force is all they have, which is one reason why they are especially powerful, much like a blind person has much more attuned sense of smell and hearing, the force is just another one of those senses for the twins and so living entirely in their mind akin to living entirely with hearing an smell, they are abnormally strong in the force. They represent ultimate power, I liken them to somebody like the Child of Light, a giant well of power, somebody who is powerful enough to pose a real serious threat but they don't particularly have a way of doing it themselves, whether that be lacking reason etc, but if fallen into the wrong hands of somebody, could use their power to their desires,

Twin children of a powerful Sith Lord, Quillan and
Dromika had never perceived reality as others did. Quillan lived
entirely inside his expansive mind, sensing other organics as
phantasms moving in his personal dreamworld. No one could
contact him, save Dromika, connected to him on a level no Sith
scholar or physician understood.
But she, too, had a unique situation. Since learning to speak,
Dromika’s only form of communication had been Force persuasion.
And her talent for it was immense, acting on levels beyond the
vocal. Even in infancy, before she knew the word for hunger,
Dromika had possessed her human caretakers to get whatever she
and her brother needed. “Now we use droids for their immediate
needs when I am not present,” the regent said. Dromika’s power had
been so great that she burned out less prepared minds
-Knight Errant
Calician stepped as close as he dared. Only the care droids were
allowed to physically approach the twins, and he was only supposed
to address them from his dais. Standing anywhere closer disoriented
Quillan too much. The teenager’s perceptions were too strong.
Everything that made Saaj Calician an individual was already
shining through the Force, blinding the boy. Additional visual
stimuli only overwhelmed him. It was the reason, he now
remembered, for his robe, colored to match the walls.
Her brother calmed, Dromika spoke for him, as she always did.
-Knight Errant
They are unnaturally powerful, representing the ultimate power, that next step up Odion gets from the Helm, the power everyone wished they had, their mere presence burns out unprepared minds, and their perceptions through the force so strong that a mere presence of a random normal person appears too bright through the force to enter a certain vicinity to them because it will blind Quillan, so they have to use droids to approach them.

They just dominate strong minds and leave them numb, taking over like a host 
Kerra placed her hand on the cool surface of the container and reached out through the Force. The second she touched the Celegian’s mammoth mind, emotions overwhelmed her. Fear. Anger. Joy. Hatred. Love. All of them at once, confused and intermingling. Breaking contact, she realized the feelings were all hers, brought forward in self-defense against a mind that had become a null. A nonentity. The Celegian’s mind was alive and percolating with the messages it was conveying—but all that activity, she realized, was autonomous. The creature’s judgment centers had been bypassed, if they functioned at all. Independent reason had no place in its waking mind

It spoke, but it didn’t know the words anymore. Taking a breath, Kerra renewed her contact with the strange mind. This time, she focused her approach, trying to find her way through the wreckage of the Celegian’s psyche. Most conscious beings whose minds she had touched had a spark, a fire that drove them. Here only an ember remained, and what she felt chilled her. The creature seemed … bereft. Its whole life was a timeless agony. An independent mind, reduced to a conduit and controlled by others. Others. Kerra reached for a visual image, but found only a single, shadowy figure, all scaly forearms and facial shell-platings. “A Krevaaki? That’s who’s controlling you?”

indeed the conditions to live amongst the "destroyer of the universe" couldnt get any worse... but they did 

Knight Errant wrote:“It’s a Force-user,” Kerra said. Daiman had his Correctors and his propagandist historians, but this was dierent. Here, the Sith were directly imposing their will on the people—all of the people. But how? Force persuasion was a one-on-one technique. To mystify a populace on such a scale required—what? She had no idea. Kerra scrunched her nose, deated. This wasn’t a safe place for her charges at all. She’d been hoping that, outside the influence of Daiman and Odion, conditions might be better. If anything, they were worse


So you have Quillan who seems to be the Cosmic component in the symbiotic relationship due to his far-sight and you have Dromika who is the Living Force component giving the orders, acting as the puppet for Quillan. Quillan being the all encompassing mind
Divide and conquer, the Bothan had said. Kerra looked at Quillan’s
eyes, as alive now as his sister’s were vacant. Dromika’s not the
puppeteer. She’s just another puppet—for Quillan!
-Knight Errant
“Quillan was the mind,” Arkadia said, “but Calician was the
mastermind. He built the system. Maintained it. He made possible all
that my brother wrought.”
-Knight Errant
Calician paced the perimeter of the circular penthouse, as excited
as he had been in years. He could even feel the tips of his tentacles
—without the animating power of Dromika’s commands. After eight
years of plotting, eight years of banal arrangements made in the
name of his dual masters, all was coming to fruition. And it all had
to do with the new arrivals, down below.
-Knight Errant
It was all the conrmation they needed. Quillan had already
sensed it, of course; and when Dromika gave the command, it had
taken Calician mere moments to put the plan into action. The
battleships, under construction for years, were ready in their secret
docks. Within a day—maybe within hours—all would be under way
-Knight Errant

We see this relationship with Nightsisters and Sith, using their apprentices Living Force connection for their own
"The hour is far too late to trouble yourself with such matters my dear. It may help you to know however, that I am not a natural force-wielder like the Jedi or Sith. I use dark magic to achieve power, but as a Bardottian you possess a strong connection to the living force. A connection that will now be mine."

“Never. I will not succumb to your evil.”
-The Disappeared Script
Much like Darth Sidious seeks to use Anakin Skywalker’s powerful connection to the Force for his own dark deeds, the Great Mother is willing to sacrifice the Queen Julia and so many other harvested souls to attain a power greater than the Sith or the Jedi
-The Disappeared Rewatch
Even Vader was unaware of the shrine’s existence. But it was here
that they would one day work together the way Sidious and
Plagueis had to coax from the dark side its final secrets. In the
intervening years he had actually come to appreciate Plagueis for
the planner and prophet he had been. Such perilous machinations
required two Sith, one to serve as bait for the dark side, the other to
be the vessel. Success would grant them the power to harness the
full powers of the dark side, and allow them to rule for ten thousand

But here we have a case where this relationship takes place inside of one being, both the bait and the vessel, they use each other there's no need for any that other stuff, its a perfect relationship, similar to the Dyad

Palpatine doesn’t know is that we’re a dyad in the Force, Rey. Two that are
-Rise of Skywalker Novel

The Dyad being a bond unlike any other with this enormous well of power, that relationship of the Dyad of course being what the Rule of Two attempted to forge with the master apprentice relationship, Quillan and Dromika again represent all that everybody strives after, and its funny because they are just a pair of 14 year old kids. lol

Secrets of the Sith wrote:How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force 4346fbc41d83fd4454b0d6fc4f89f183

So the Dyad is by definition, two beings that are one, in an unbreakable bond, that is beyond everyone's grasp sound familiar? they are bonded so deeply that they are two beings in one, basically one spirit for two people, that is what makes a Dyad, so even if the concept of the Dyad isn't a thing in our timeline, in the Disney Timeline by definition they are a Dyad and they are so powerful because its two beings but one with a perfect relationship, if Sith achieved this their power would know no limits, and this very thing does happen in our timeline with the Dyarchy, we do get two Sith who have achieved this exact thing, and who have a very strange and powerful relationship with the force and a philosophy to perfectly complement it. Now one might say 'oh but how do we know this would still be powerful in the EU why are you using canon blah blah blah' How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force 1471176647 but these concepts, the way the force works and manifests and just general rules of the force do not change and stay consistent cross-continuity, it is the same thing after all its just not part of the same timeline, and if that's not enough, we see directly that these rules still apply in outside of Disney, not only from Knight Errant itself with the clear depiction of the twins but in the comic Mythology published in Star Wars Tales #14 in 2002 
Mythology wrote:How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force D3952d8c1a3e12f25b1f636c7caabc69

How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force 13741df336fbb65b80489565f58cfe60
How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force 9bc0da554fc410c5bb6d3f67013234e1
(Or I guess these guys are the first Dyad, although probably not a true story lol)

Which seems to be almost exactly the same as the situation with the Twins in KE, they have the same relationship, both have no knowledge or understanding of the outside universe, their bond is stronger than any power, they commune with each other in the same way, and as a result they are more powerful than any Jedi ever known. So this Force Dyad concept is pretty OP, we know from Disney Star Wars that the Dyad can act as an infinite well of energy for the Emperor to regenerate himself, so can stand in for A being like The Chosen One or The Child of Light in the power component.

Rise of Skywalker Graphic Novel wrote:How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force Bef666a4720fc9b07ad2ba52e20ca8e6

Timelines wrote:How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force Image_2
The Dyad and the Dyarchy embody the same force concept - and this force concept is near god tier, the Twins of Power shall rise!!!

Thanks for reading...

Respect Lord's Regent Quillan and Dromika a Dyad in the Force!!!

How Powerful Are: Quillan & Dromika | The First Dyad in the Force Cfcaa13924ff18637b0adf3b2e34be45
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