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PT TOURNAMENT BRACKET 2: Meatpants (Darth Sidious) vs. Ssj0 (Darth Vader) Empty PT TOURNAMENT BRACKET 2: Meatpants (Darth Sidious) vs. Ssj0 (Darth Vader)

March 8th 2022, 8:33 am
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Meatpants as Darth Sidious during Revenge of the Sith
Ssj0 as Darth Vader during Revenge of the Sith

-500 words, 1000 words, 1500 words
- 3 posts
- one week between posts

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PT TOURNAMENT BRACKET 2: Meatpants (Darth Sidious) vs. Ssj0 (Darth Vader) Empty Why Anakin beats Mace

March 14th 2022, 3:49 am
Ok here is my post why Anakin beats Mace
First of all let's establish something consistent it's stated
Yoda is above Mace repeatedly in Legends and G canon.

"Duty calls," Palpatine said, moving to cut the comm channel. Then he paused. "Master Windu, since we are being frank with one another today, let me add that in these briefings I wish to hear your own unvarnished opinions-not what you think Master Yoda would have said. He is a great being-perhaps the greatest in the Republic. But Master Yoda is a teacher at heart. You are a warrior. Regrettably, this sad age of the world may be your time more than his."

"Master Yoda is many things, and I am not his equal in peace or war," Mace said.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous
He [Mace] seems to be second most powerful jedi on the that council, next to Yoda.

Insider #55
Along with Mace Windu, a senior member of the Jedi Council, Yoda was the most respected and most powerful member of the Jedi Order.

Star Wars Fact File 11
Alongside Mace Windu, with whom he served on the Jedi Council, Yoda was the most respected and most powerful Master ever to have walked the corridors of the Jedi Temple.

Star Wars Fact File 11
That was why Mace was on the Jedi Council. That was why, except for Yoda, Obi-Wan thought him the most powerful Jedi he'd ever known.

Jedi Quest: The False Peace
With a stooped, small appearance, Yoda may not look like a great warrior, but his skills with a lightsaber were unequaled.

—Lightsabers: A Guide to Weapons of the Force
"Mace Windu's fighting abilities are second only to Yoda."
Dooku is mentioned repeatedly to rival Mace or equal to him multiple times.
The Count's blade was quick as a viper striking. Among the other Jedi, perhaps only Mace Windu would have been his equal on neutral ground: but here on Vjun, steeped in the dark side, his bladework was malice made visible—wickedness cut in red light.

Source: Yoda: Dark Rendezvous
[Dooku's] skill with a lightsaber is matched only by Master Yoda.

Source: Force Collection
Dooku even commented he never lost to Mace in the Jedi temple despite 13 years of extreme growth from Dooku
“You were never able to defeat me at the Jedi Temple, and you won’t defeat me now.”

Source: The Clone Wars — Lightsaber Duels
Mace also fails to beat Dooku in Boz pity and Dooku is never implied strained and is actually matching Mace
Meanwhile Anakin is stated by Mace himself to be rivaling him in season 3 of the clone wars
Clone Wars Dueling Game wrote:
Your skills rival my own
Anakin also is mentioned repeadeately above Yoda multiple times
Star Wars: The Official Figurine Collection #8 wrote:
Anakin Skywalker was the most powerful Jedi the galaxy had ever known
. . .
Anakin was also peerless in combat, invincible against any opponent
ROTS Prima Guide wrote:
He knows he's unbeatable. He's far more dangerous than anybody in the universe.
Agen Kolar | Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith adult novelization wrote:
And even if the prophecy has been misread. Anakin is the one Jedi we can best hope would survive an encounter with a Sith Lord
This is Anakin Skywalker:

The most powerful Jedi of his generation. Perhaps of any generation. The fastest. The strongest. An unbeatable pilot. An unstoppable warrior. On the ground, in the air or sea or space, there is no one even close. He has not just power, not just skill, but dash: that rare, invaluable combination of boldness and grace.

He is the best there is at what he does. The best there has ever been. And he knows it.

Source: Revenge of the Sith
Mace Windu | Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith adult novelization wrote:
Skywalker is arguably the most powerful Jedi alive, and he is still getting stronger
Anakin Skywalker is the most powerful Jedi in over a thousand years.

Source: Star Wars Miniatures: Ultimate Missions: Revenge of the Sith
"What? How can you do this? This is outrageous! It’s unfair! I’m more powerful than any of you. How can you be on the Council and not be a Master?"

"Take a seat, young Skywalker . . ."


Everything in his life had led to this point because Anakin Skywalker’s destiny had been subverted and warped by well-meaning but blind Masters, sending him off on a tangent to do a flawed Palpatine’s bidding instead of realizing his own full power.

I’m more powerful than any of you.

It was a boy’s expression of anger, but it was true.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines
And was overpowering Dooku rather quickly someone who at the very least rivals Mace and Mathew Stover author of ROTS novel concedes Anakin is much more powerful than Mace
Skywalker was all over him.

The shining blue lightsaber whirled and spat and every overhand chop crashed against Dooku's defense with the unstoppable power of a meteor strike; the Sith Lord spent lavishly of his reserve of the Force merely to meet these attacks without being cut in half, and Skywalker-

Skywalker was getting stronger.

Each parry cost Dooku more power than he'd used to throw Kenobi across the room; each block aged him a decade.

He decided he'd best revise his strategy once again.

He no longer even tried to strike back. Force exhaustion began to close down his perceptions, drawing his consciousness back down to his physical form, trapping him within his own skull until he could barely even feel the contours of the room around him; he dimly sensed stairs at his back, stairs that led up to the entrance balcony. He retreated up them, using the higher ground for leverage, but Skywalker just kept on coming, tirelessly ferocious.

That blue blade was everywhere, flashing and whirling faster and faster until Dooku saw the room through an electric haze and now Kenobi was back in the picture: with a shout of the Force, he shot like a torpedo up the stairs behind Skywalker, and Dooku decided that under these rather extreme circumstances, it was at least arguably permissible for a gentleman to cheat.

Source: Revenge of the Sith
Matthew Stover wrote:
I'm not sure if I would give Anakin an edge over Mace, but I think it'd be a very even fight. Different styles. Also, Anakin's Force powers are operating on a higher level. Mace's is more precise but Anakin's just tremendously powerful.
Anakin also in the ROTS game (approved by several Lucasfilm higher ups including George and Nick Gillard) sent mace flying and rag dolled him
LucasArts Press Release - LucasArts Focuses the Force on Upcoming Star Wars: Episode III Video Game wrote:
Working closely with famed Star Wars stunt coordinator Nick Gillard, the development team is creating the most authentic lightsaber combat ever with choreography taken directly from the films as well as many new stunts created exclusively for the game under the auspices of Gillard. Expanding on the upcoming movie, the game will take place in never-before-seen locations that will give fans a sneak peek into the highly anticipated Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith film, releasing worldwide on May 19, 2005.

A special advance behind-the-scenes preview of the Star Wars: Episode III video game will be available on the Star Wars Trilogy DVD slated for release September 21, 2004. This special feature reveals what makes the game the truest and most cinematic Jedi fantasy fulfillment ever produced in a Star Wars video game. Follow the game developers as they visit the movie set in Australia and work with George Lucas, Hayden Christensen and Stunt Coordinator Nick Gillard to capture every nuance of the Jedi ways
Making of Revenge of the Sith Video Game wrote:
LucasArts and George Lucas wanted to make sure the episode 3 game experience was just as complete and as authentic as it possibly could be, so we’ve been working with George since the beginning
We would join George at the art department at Skywalker ranch to view the latest concepts to see how his Vision for the film was progressing or evolving just to make sure that everything we did was in step with everything that was going on with Episode 3
We walked nick Gillard through our team area, we walked him through the game, each sequence so he would understand what we’re focusing on and what the main objectives of our game was and he was able to comment and to praise us on what we were doing right and correct us when we were going a stray.
So in conclusion bare minimum: Anakin>Yoda>>Mace<=>Dooku
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