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The Eternal
The Eternal

Yarael Poof: Ultimate Power Empty Yarael Poof: Ultimate Power

May 5th 2021, 3:05 pm
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As we are all probably aware, Yarael Poof was able to absorb the energy of the Infant of Shaa to prevent it from atomizing Coruscant.

Yarael Poof: Ultimate Power Yarael10
Yarael Poof: Ultimate Power Yarael11

However there is more to this feat than meets the eye.
The explosion is said to be visible from the Outer Rim.

Yarael Poof: Ultimate Power Poof_210

For an object in space to be visible it need an apparent magnitude of 6 at the very least.
The SW galaxy has a diameter of 100,000 light years. Since Coruscant is roughly in the centre of the galaxy, the distance from it to the Outer Rim is roughly 50,000 light years (or 15,330 parsecs).

Yarael Poof: Ultimate Power 50000_10

Now let's do the math.
6+5-5log15330 = -9.93 (Absolute magnitude)
10^(-9.93/-2.5)*3.0128*10^28 = 2.82*10^32W (Luminosity of explosion)
So in conclusion, Poof contained energy that is equivalent of 6.74*10^22 tons of exploding TNT per second when lowballed.

Yarael Poof: Ultimate Power Poof_v10
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