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Is there a link between telepathy and raw power? - Page 3 Empty Re: Is there a link between telepathy and raw power?

January 15th 2020, 1:24 am
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@BoD (Away)

Since I already went through this point-by-point and I don't have the willpower to do that again, I'll cover everything you said in a chronology-oriented rebuttal.


I commit double-standards from time to time like anyone else but, rather than trying to frantically mock and strangle me in this instance, you should have first said to yourself: "Has Ant's whole position on Revan been built around a silly and hypocritical notion about Force barriers?" If that then sounded off to you, which it should have, you would have re-read my post and realized I never stated nor insinuated that "a Force barrier is at the same strength no matter what." You just conjured that up.

Yes, the more energy you pour into an active Force barrier, the stronger it will be. That's a given. However, due to the intrinsic fast-pace, energy-conscious nature of combat, active Force barriers are almost exclusively thrown up directly before an attack or within a second. That should have also been a given. Force users generally hold off the attack until a better time if you already have this uber Force bubble around you. The fact Nyriss wasn't expecting Revan's attack just makes this status-quo. 

No, Nyriss was not "frozen in surprise, making zero move to continue her assault." The text just says her "eyes went wide." Big difference. And I have no idea why or how Nyriss would "continue her assault." She didn't originally intend for any follow-ups -- that lightning storm would have "incinerated" the Exile and Scourge. And she can't do any follow-ups anyway when that lightning storm is hurling her direction. All she can do, and what she does do, is "throw up another Force shield." 

Yes, "Nyriss' lightning >>> Nyriss" and "Nyriss is fodder to her own lightning." To preface, note even the Exile's Force barrier was able to largely absorb Nyriss' normal lightning. It probably would have had minimal to no effects against Nyriss. However, at the end, Nyriss super-charged her lightning across a long and final speech! As I said before, this new attack would have "incinerated" the Exile and Scourge both. Ergo, that lightning storm was far beyond powers that Nyriss could conventionally summon. 

Building on that idea . . .


Vitiate unleashed an attack of "a dozen bolts of purple lightning" that was "infinitely more powerful" than Nyriss' super-charged attack, which ripped through Nyriss' Force barrier "unabated" (i.e. with no reduction to potency) then "instantly" turned her into "a pile of charred ash." These "dozen bolts" clashed against and overpowered Revan's tutaminis. Vitiate's following and continuous attack against a "helpless" Revan (your words) or a Revan whose body was "spasming uncontrollably" (per the novel) caused his skin to boil and blister and his mask to heat up enough to begin melting into his face. In other words, Vitiate, in a state of "primal hatred" and intending to kill Revan, depleted so much of his power in the initial "dozen bolts" to break Revan's guard that his remaining power went from "infinitely" beyond Nyriss' super-charged attack to firmly below even Nyriss' normal lightning. That's how close Revan was to Vitiate. Revan exhausted all of his power whereas Vitiate exhausted all-but-not-quite. And the relevance of Vitiate being on a nexus and charging up his attack slightly before Revan did is that, on neutral ground, that 'all-but-not-quite' might have became 'all'.

It baffles me why you mocked, "Do you even understand what 3rd degree burns are?" then followed-up with, "It may have temporarily reached a third-degree burn territory, but it far surpassed this as it continued," when it's clear you never even Googled what 3rd degree burns are. Though, go look up 4th degree burns (NSFW warning). That across his body would have left Revan a charred husk, not with "boils and blisters." "Boils and blisters" are characteristic of 1st or 2nd degree burns. Note that Revan's "flesh was melting" only on his face, and that's because his metal mask heated up. Even then, Revan's face didn't actually melt. His hair didn't even burn off. The mask just imprinted outlines around Revan's face. I see you quickly Googled "super-heating iron temperature" but, if you had read just one line further, you would have saw that is a process for liquids, meaning Drew's usage of "super-heating" isn't literal. How did you think a "helpless" Revan could live after being burnt at 2,000 C otherwise?

Back to quoting.

Casual in comparison to his full power.*

Poor comparison. It's because he thought no one with murderous intent could get in the same room, past dozens of royal guards (who the Dark Council feared) in the heart of the Empire's strength. Not a reflection of his power. 

. . . what?

"The Emperor created his first Voice after the legendary Jedi named Revan attempted to assassinate him on Dromund Kaas. Though Revan's plot failed, he approached within striking distance of the Emperor. To guard against further vulnerability, the Emperor created the Voice to deliver his orders while distancing himself from the forces that conspired against him. Centuries later, this very safeguard would save the Emperor once more." (Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia)

Vitiate created the Voice specifically because Revan "approached within striking distance" of him and he wanted "to guard against further vulnerability" (meaning he was vulnerable then). In context, Vitiate "focused and channeled his power" as Revan crossed the forty meter walkway and did not unleash it until "the last possible instant," thereby allowing Revan to reach "within striking distance." That suggests Vitiate could not have pushed Revan back (and would have been killed) without an unnatural amount of energy that he took so long to summon that Revan was just about to kill him anyway. The text also describes that Vitiate used "much" of his power for his telepathy attack (with presumably the rest for defenses and senses), and that Vitiate had to "roll over, lift himself up on one knee," and spam lightning bolts attack to stop Revan's advance. None of these are "causal" attacks. Vitiate was deadly serious by necessity and almost killed multiple times.

is also an example of a massively amped version of a character because he was angry and his eye colour changed from brown to yellow, like Vitiate's turned from black to red? Good to know.

Is there a link between telepathy and raw power? - Page 3 2829155256

Is there a link between telepathy and raw power? - Page 3 Unknown

It's Vitiate's philosophy "to restrain his emotions and let anger fuel his power from within." Only in two instances has Vitiate broke this code: his final death as Valkorion, and against Revan. Per the text, "For the first time the Sith’s emotionless veneer cracked as he let out a primal hiss of hate." Consistent with that, even his eyes are "flashing red," which is different than Dooku's eye color just switching to yellow (a normal mark of dark side corruption). The attack is a bursting of Vitiate's emotion and power. It also perfectly matches the description of Force Rage in the Dark Empire Sourcebook, which also explains why Vitiate is ambushed by T3 and has to break his connection:

"The character must tense herself completely, and allow the mindless rage of the Dark Side to possess her. When using this power, a character will appear lifeless. They are amplifying the negative aspects of their own personality, leaving the face clenched in a rictus of horror and fear. Like emptiness, this power makes characters oblivious to their surroundings; they cannot move. Unlike emptiness, however, characters in this state strongly exude the Dark Side. The internal focusing does provide some protection for the character against others using the Force on them." (Dark Empire Sourcebook)


Rather than rush out a hastily thrown together rebuttal, please first think over what I said and then make a thoughtful response.
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