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Sorcerers of Rhand respect thread Empty Sorcerers of Rhand respect thread

November 7th 2019, 5:10 am
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Well folks, here's yet another respect thread of the broader SWU(Legends obviously) and now we're getting into Force User territory. Yeah, despite my favoritism being more towards the Non-Force User side of things, that don't mean I don't appreciate Force Users, I'm just not interested in knowing everything about the more mainstream ones if there's already like...10 other people who can tell all about them ya know?

Anyway folks, I give you this pretty powerful organization of Force Users!


Sorcerers of Rhand

Sorcerers of Rhand respect thread 5047774-4187288908-latest

Sourcebook Quotes

The Sorcerers of Rhand live deep in the Unknown Regions, their reclusiveness a blessing, for it the Sorcerers were to unleash the full entropic power of what they call the Dark, the entire galaxy might come to ruin.

- Taken from Unknown Regions

Living deep in the Unknown Regions, if they unleashed the full power of the Dark it could ruin the galaxy.

The Dark also brings with it a kind of future sight. If all things come to an end, if the Sorcerers posses an understanding of the Dark, then they can see its effects forward and backward throughout time. By selecting or rejection paths of destruction, Sorcerers can bring about any path they desire.

- Taken from Unknown Regions

Sorcerers can see forward and backward in time and can bring about any path they desire.

Chief among their tools is the gift of Darksight, which allows a Sorcerer to see the future as a branching path, each path defined by forces of destruction that trigger change. A Sorcerer can choose a path and encourage the inevitability of that future(and its associated outcomes of death and ruin).

- Taken from Unknown Regions

They can use the power of Darksight and encourage a path of the future to come true.

The Sorcerers also wield a type of Battle Meditation that is essentially a more immediate expression of Darksight. While viewing armies engaged in warfare, a Sorcerer can sense how close each soldier is to death and nudge individuals into decisions that bring about their immediate annihilation.

- Taken from Unknown Regions

A Sorcerer can sense each soldier in warring armies, sensing how close they are to death and nudge them towards it. This is also a pretty ridiculous sense feat for the regular Sorcerer as armies can be pretty freaking huge, while also sensing how each soldier is close to death.

Finally in the rare event that the Sorcerers are threatened in a face to face confrontation, they have mastered an arcane technique for channeling the dark in a sustained, directed burst. A Darkshear strike causes the victim to suffer the cumulative damage of years of atrophy. Armor becomes rusted and brittle, power cells drain, and machinery jams. Individuals can age 30 years in an instant and individual body parts, a heart, a lung, a knee join, might fail in the midst of battle.

- Taken from Unknown Regions

They have mastered the Darkshear strike, armor becomes rusted and brittle, individuals age 30 years in an instant and body parts can fail.

With the right cover story, any of the Retreat's worlds might accept these heroes as new disciples or pilgrims. Otherwise, the adventurers might find their ship under attack from Darkshear as a Sorcerer in a nearby platform directs waves of entropy to loosen bulkhead weldings and pop open airtight compartments.

- Taken from Unknown Regions

Sorcerers can use Darkshear in waves to destroy starships.

A true Sorcerer is said to be able to use a physic blast to eradicate an object or living being.

- Taken from Book of Sith

Straightforward, they can obliterate objects and living things.

Lord Shadowspawn studied under the Sorcerers of Rhand. He could have collapsed the fragile New Republic if I hadn't been forced to confront him on Mindor.

- Luke Skywalker, Book of Sith

Luke notes that Lord Shadowspawn could have collapsed the New Republic if he hadn't stopped him, using the Sorcerers of Rhands teachings.

Blessed Toxmalb is one of the oldest members of the Sorcerers of Rhand, skilled in the ways of the Dark he has attained his position through a century of Darksight path-walking.

- Taken from Unknown Regions

One of the oldest members is a century old, suggesting that the Sorcerers of Rhand can live an extremely long lifespan.

Novel Quotes

Deep in the area ignorantly described by the Old Republic, and later the Empire, as the "Unknown Regions," there was a vast cloud of dust and rock and interstellar gas that pulsed with a bloody and forbidding scarlet glow as it radiated away the energy of twelve stellar clusters within.

This was the Perann Nebula; the twelve clusters that it surrounded were known collectively as the Nihil Retreat. The absolute rulers of the Nihil Retreat, dreaded masters of dark magicks beyond the grasp of even the Sith, were the Sorcerers of Rhand.

- Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Noted as dreaded masters of dark magic, beyond even the grasp of the Sith.

It was dark where they were. Not just dark, but Dark.

And he was afraid.

Afraid that the Dark really was the truth. The only real truth. That everything else everyone pretended was important was only a deception, a distraction, a game to keep your mind off the eternal oblivion to come. He had spent aeons in the Dark and he knew its awful power.

Everything dies, it would whisper forever in his heart. Even stars burn out.

- Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Even Luke Skywalker, the fully trained Jedi and having an understanding of The Force(by this point he has shown quite the variety of Force Powers and skills) spends aeons within the Dark and knows of its awful power.

Kyle took advantage of the opportunity by summoning the Force, forging a spear of midnight black, and hurling it toward his opponent's chest.

Boc staggered, dropped the lightsabers, and grabbed the invisible shaft. Kyle watched, fascinated as the other Jedi struggled to remove the weapon and failed to do so. He tripped, fell, and collapsed.

- Taken from Dark Forces: Jedi Knight

Kyle Katarn uses the Darkshear ability to kill Boc, the spear being invisible. This is merely just showing that the attack is invisible and Kyle who isn't even a master, one shotted Boc, a powerful Dark Jedi serving under Inquisitor Jerec. Boc was distracted yes, but not really the point in this case.

Now just imagine what a true Rhand Sorcerer would be able to do with it. Reminding that Sorcerers can take down ships with this ability.


Well there you have it folks! The Sorcerers of Rhand!

Given this was a short respect thread, I will be posting up another here sometime today! So be on the lookout for it!
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