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Kam Solusar respect thread  Empty Kam Solusar respect thread

January 29th 2020, 8:02 am
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Respect Kam Solusar
 Kam Solusar respect thread  BfnvooGcq2lrUtkk5PUHBP8LpeJCKoDvJ6pOAK5TxUH-Vz157ujIPcBmQqcCcnz5Qmad3hEa7STUQoFDzQSwdMdVYe0YUx3uag_wmDJNXHSNo8uTBVIP46dZZlhY4tru-fOXCIJ_
"I was apprenticed to the great Jedi Master, Ranik Solusar—my father. Now I have begun my service under Luke Skywalker."

Special thanks to @Goat for some of the quotes, without whom this project would not have been possible.

Accolades (power/skill)

Before being turned to the light side by Luke Skywalker, Kam Solusar was a member of the dark side elite on Vjun, and was chosen for his strength in the force: 

Databank: Vjun wrote:On Vjun, Darth Vader built Bast Castle, a remote, heavily-defended structure that was his private refuge. The planet later served as the headquarters of dark side Executor Sedriss and the Emperor's elite force of Dark Jedi, including Kam Solusar.

Kam Solusar respect thread  SAG6yGyYM2unNpxWNNUcwPexUMdRl8gArNBThiWd5MCprXoZhsOlkgZsfKP_k4TgHeZ1WCxU4Q00sGf4tOYwUR53VpLShm1uPXj_2-xRm-y_x3AWLHm7TTwyyLXUApyUTARpU5x2
(The new essential guide to characters) 

Those were noted to be particularly strong in the force:

While some were merely yes-men, cronies barely fit to be footstools in the Imperial Court, others possessed tremendous strength in the Force. Coupled with maniacal lust for power, or merely psychotic, these dark side adepts were some of the most dangerous Force users in the galaxy short of the Emperor himself.
(Dark empire handbook 3) 
While none of them were permitted to advance far compared to Palpatine’s own level of power, they did become quite powerful indeed.
(Dark empire sourcebook) 

It’s important to note that Solusar obtained an apparent boost in force power when Luke redeemed him, which the DE audio drama seems to imply and made all the more evident by his ability to take his former master with a single shot: 

Dark empire audio drama script wrote:LUKE: Kam Solusar--I give you back your life!! I give you your freedom! I give you the power that is already yours-- the power of the Jedi!!
Sound: The Force fades.
KAM: (with new strength in his voice) Skywalker.....I'm free.

As a member of Luke’s newly formed jedi academy, Kam is noted to have an astounding command of the force in certain areas, which is rather impressive considering his lack of formal jedi training: 

Kam Solusar respect thread  YCSdQzzBCoBZhDM_7iKpmsq_75XpO2B-dG16lSTfnxPjrdPdamczkBcobA4qx9MHG91mxTX7nYm4eHXBnNPeZUnVwPXDxOKlr6V7GKxHKlAzfgeQ08a0Dk0YSbI_SdHqiMcFPeVx
(Jedi academy sourcebook) 

Which is further confirmed by the description of an unpublished comic: 

The reborn Emperor used him as one of his personal Dark Jedi on Byss.  When Luke first met him on Nespis VIII, Luke sensed his strength in the Force behind the Dark Side facade, and challenged Kam to a game of Lightsider, an ancient Jedi Force-game.  Luke won, and convinced Kam to return to the Light Side, and gains a new ally in the way. Kam eventually returned to Luke, joining the Jedi candidates on Yavin 4. He became one of Luke's most gifted apprentices, and became a full Jedi Knight several years after the death of Palpatine's clones.  (conjecture based on the Dark Empire II audio drama)
(Rich Handley, "Comics That Almost Were", Star Wars Galaxy Collector #4, Link

As a student, his powers are noted to be broad and strong, along with others, and unlike Corran Horn or Cilghal, who were specialized in specific areas: 

Champions of the force wrote:Others, such as Dorsk 81, Kam Solusar, and Kirana Ti had not exhibited their particular aptitudes yet, though their powers were broad and strong. 

Furthermore, they were noted to be growing stronger with each passing day, meaning that Solusar, as a fully fledged knight, should be solidly more powerful than his DS elite iteration: 

Champions of the force wrote:Luke gathered his Jedi Knights around him, sensed their growing power intertwined. They were a team, not just wild cards with powers and abilities they did  not understand.
There was no telling how long it would take for him to recover, but with each passing day the apprentices grew in strength as well.

Moving to lightsaber skill, Kam has been stated to be arguably the greatest lightsaber master in the entire jedi order, along with the likes of Cin Drallig and Kyle Katarn: 

Wizards of the coast wrote:The greatest master of lightsaber combat in the Jedi Order was known as the Battlemaster. This Jedi was the head instructor of lightsaber combat and sometimes lived at the temple training full time. Some well-known battlemasters are Cin Drallig, Kam Solusar and Kyle Katarn, who was the last to use the title. It is possible that Anoon Bondara and Sora Bulq were also Battlemasters, but there is not enough evidence to know for sure.

This would obviously include a mastery of all seven forms, along with the three rings of defense, which he brought into the new jedi order from his training as a DS elite and refined along with Corran Horn:
Kam Solusar respect thread  KaY0-zM-3lMk2hnvopvEWCi4t44IAZElPanOyOxksEqZ7Q7uHv0XlXt9Gs6cpTFB2m7hcQQTBjCPAoqYC87VwgTlyyUbl6cYktCi2YiULGGH7pjoz9wyLCEKD_UGfXfuaNNJZIih
(The essential reader’s companion) 

Combat feats 

He fights Luke Skywalker, who challenges him to the Jedi game of “lightsider”. The Audio drama describes the two as “grunting with effort” for a time, however it’s also made clear by supplementary sources (and even the script itself to an extent) Luke wanted to redeem him and Luke won anyway: 

Sound: The music crashes into "Imperial Attack" as the clash of lightsabers is heard.

LUKE AND KAM: (grunting with effort)


LUKE: You cannot defeat me, Dark Jedi.

KAM: If I do not (grunts), others will follow (slash)!! I-- uhh--am one of many! The Emperor's Dark Side warriors will find you!

LUKE: Uhh!! If you kill me-unn--I will gain powers beyond your imagination.

KAM: Your Jedi delusions mean nothing--uhn--to me!!

LUKE: And your Dark Side powers are nothing to me, Kam Solusar.

KAM: (lashes at Luke, who blocks) How do you know my name?

LUKE: Through the Force. The Force brought me here, to Nespis VIII. It also brought me your name, and the knowledge that you have NOT completely gone over to the Dark Side!

KAM: NO!!! (Keeps striking at Luke, who blocks every move.) I am a Dark Jedi. I serve the Emperor!!

LUKE: The Emperor is dead. The Dark Side is defeated. I feel the good in you!!```

KAM: NO! (Attacks again--but not as hard as before.)

LUKE: I sense your old life. Before the Dark Side ensnared you. (Sound: Force hum begins.) When the Force flowed through you.

KAM: NO!! NNNOOO!!! (Attacks, but his heart's not in it anymore. With visible effort, he turns off his lightsaber.) My life is forfeit, Jedi. Kill me.

LUKE: I do not take life unless I must. Yours I give back to you. (turns off his lightsaber.)

KAM: Why? When I lured you here....I would have made this derelict space station your grave. The tomb of the last Jedi Master.

LUKE: Instead, I will make it the place of your rebirth. You were a Dark Jedi once. But only because you fell under the Emperor's spell. Now that spell is broken!!

Sound: The Force rises, to a wail. Kam cries out.

LUKE: Kam Solusar--I give you back your life!! I give you your freedom! I give you the power that is already yours-- the power of the Jedi!!

Sound: The Force fades.

KAM: (with new strength in his voice) Skywalker.....I'm free.

(Dark empire Audio drama and script ) 

Dark apprentice wrote:Then came Kam Solusar, an older man, son of a Jedi that Vader had slaughtered long ago. Solusar had fled the Empire after the great Jedi purge and had spent decades in isolation beyond the inhabited star systems. Upon returning, Solusar had been captured and tortured by evil Jedi, twisted to the dark side of the Force, but Luke had bested him in the game of Lightsider. Solusar had received advanced training in certain areas, but because of his self-imposed exile, he still knew little about many aspects of the Force.

Kam Solusar respect thread  JlBRFAoS29QglVLbHQjlH3Kzm-gEyimDgzM2Q5MaP4I9_qeq_l54sHIDdNE2zfan7y78q139agbaTajMiAzO8o56uYBEE7aSUG04332xoOgH4OSlOXAakeOk9NobgBHO9-FbjKKW
(The new essential guide to characters) 

Shortly afterwards, he menages to defeat his former master Vill Goir with a single lightsaber strike, overcoming both his opponent’s skill and force augmentation. 

Kam Solusar respect thread  1Ch4hWt7saQ2OvdBKzptFzHij-CeIGHm-4TAA3IP_29xV2-bJvJ6UhjVsrTESLapdueojr-6svB4cDB_Aw2dXd1FaNt0g6AOs_Rmc13aYiYuA2jgoQ9oV2Rx40Ud51gZhZwbyywQ
(Dark Empire) 

This is especially impressive when we consider the kind of force strength the elite is noted as possessing (see earlier) and that he accompanied the most powerful member, Sedriss, in an attempt to capture Luke: 

Kam Solusar respect thread  UZyYIlb-Vy0nDvl96Kn5-FhlgIZ5r6cUQLz4Rex1AacFjVOvG7SUzbiQPdEnaKOgcfnL0UWWSdsC9Av-ktHy4gaCxjMvF6dkWHv7_wx6Ew9ZU_I1Ht90FQjb66RlmErTCctpSeYk

He fights Corran Horn in a sparring session, although he only wins by means of telekinesis, where Horn is at a clear disadvantage because of an innate deficiency with the ability, they clearly seem to be evenly matched from the very beginning: 

Kam Solusar respect thread  M3_ivk_VrgsFGR4FDUbH-qCPLBEtDIs46OFnemSr3ouwkoVTOgrmF6vwy1g08Ee--Uq6xRLiS80rRLsbzMD3zUwXNd2_HaEepkD21tAHWBGZYWRHxLN6EE49QE1M0mroM81w7Aci

Kam Solusar respect thread  AyK02pkPz0kz0EYpJUQozBfuCZnCYsWBou8aC4h9aPtnBPj04R2-UrAmdZyDqGsNvrWNQuxaFZfXBb6Q5VkbrX1tvG-DRuk6eGgulhRV4s3KiX-0CVaBUjeN3hKo1rT5rqAxdj6B
(Star Wars: Union) 

Notably, Corran Horn around this time period was noted to be a near-equal of Mara Jade, herself “the empire’s deadliest agent”: 

I, jedi wrote:After lunch we would listen to more Jedi lore from the Holocron, then Mara and I would practice with the lightsaber. While I was not her equal with the shimmering blade, we would have been closely enough matched to seriously hurt each other, so Kam just pitted us against remotes.

The new essential guide to characters wrote:The Empire's deadliest agent married to the Rebel Alliance's greatest hero. The irony is thick, but many on both sides relish the symbolism.

Force abilities 

According to the D20 statistics, Solusar’s main (“anchor”) abilities are battlemind, enhance ability and force defense, meaning his skills are geared towards reinforcing lightsaber combat with augmentation abilities and a decent defense. He’s also almost as capable in TK and TP, meaning his other abilities would not be overtly hampered (his power is in fact slightly disproportionate in affect mind). However, he’s clearly poor in force healing, despite having something of an aptitude for the ability. Overall, Kam’s powers are clearly combat-oriented and meant as a support for lightsaber combat, which is not unexpected from a Jedi battlemaster.

Kam Solusar respect thread  2vuMjKJ2RXug8DGRpRbLLn5RlVJAQUXN5RlGcPfiBlwYZhq5w2KNfwRhp01ms72nwSCecUvX-IdyFiFS0_bHWy6UeR_hfws2RBbBvaLkRGEBCSRwmjI5kipRSCOivDsPw90a36Rz

With this in mind, let’s move to his feats in each area.

As a Jedi knight, he grabs boulders with the force and throws them with enough force to destroy tie fighters: 

Darksaber wrote:`Kam Solusar stood on the other side of the clearing and, using the Force, he, too, began hurling rocks at the remaining two TIE fighters. The boulders battered the Imperial ships, smashing through the cockpits. All the Jedi trainees had the idea now, and a blast of sharp rock shards hammered the two fleeing ships out of the sky. Both exploded in midflight to the cheers of the embattled Jedi students.

Force harmony

Along with the other knights, he aids Dorsk 81, in a state of oneness, in creating a massive force wave that repelled 17 star destroyers: 

I have a suggestion," Dorsk 81 said. His lips were a thin line; his olive green face was blotched as his emotions roiled beneath his skin.

Kyp looked at his friend, and Dorsk 81 could feel the sudden upsurge of anticipation from the gathered students. He had to give them something to cling to. He swallowed. "We cannot succeed if we fight small battles individually," Dorsk 81 said. "But together we are more powerful than the sum of our parts. We can join our abilities."

Kirana Ti and Kam Solusar looked at him, musing. He leaned over the table and gestured to the other trainees. "Some of you were there when we finally defeated Exar Kun. We pooled our strengths, we joined as one, as champions of the Force-and, united, we unlocked a greater reservoir of strength than any of us could have imagined."

"But what can we do?" the young reptilian trainee said, her voice thin and hissing from the back of her throat, her blue frill still raised.

Dorsk 81 hesitated for a moment. The suggestion was preposterous... but right now the situation was so grim they would take even an impossible idea seriously. He kept his voice flat. "We can use the Force to... move the Star Destroyers away."

The collective gasp among the trainees was a mixture of disbelief and delight. "It's too much," Kam Solusar said. "There are too many. Seventeen Imperial-class Star Destroyers!"

Dorsk 81 was not flustered. "Size matters not," he said. "How many times has Master Skywalker told us that? At first many of us didn't believe we could lift a pebble or a leaf. A little while ago we hurled giant boulders at ships flying high above our heads. Streen just knocked four TIE fighters together with nothing more than wind. All this was without planning, without preparation, and without help.

"The Force is in all things," Dorsk 81 continued. "There is no fundamental difference between a pebble and a Star Destroyer. Besides, the ships have no way to prepare against an attack such as this."

As others began to mutter, Kyp hammered his fist down. "Hey! Haven't you listened to Master Skywalker's teachings?" he said. "If it doesn't work, we'll have to find something else-but I think we should do this."

That stopped further discussion. Dorsk 81 rose to his feet. "These temples were built long ago by the Massassi. We have learned," he nodded to Tionne, "that their original purpose was to serve as a focus for the energies that the Dark Lords of the Sith manipulated. We can use these temples for a similar purpose-but to serve the light side, to protect ourselves.

"I will go to the top of this temple and be the focal point for all of your energies. We will join together, some thirty of us bound by the Force."

Dorsk 81 raised his voice. Inner power grew in him as he spoke. He had never before desired leadership of any kind, but now he no longer felt like a follower. He felt strong and driven.

"Pool your resources, and I will draw from you, channel it through myself, and push out just as I did with that scout walker. I'll shove them away, tumble them end over end, knock the Star Destroyers far from here."

He trembled as he said this, and Kyp stood beside him, clasping the cloned alien's thin shoulder. "And after we get the battlecruisers away," Kyp said, "then we can mop up the remnants of the attackers down here." He smiled. "It might be all finished by the time the New Republic gets here."

"We must not wait," Dorsk 81 said. "We are all together now, but the attack is intensifying. Even this Great Temple won't be stable for long, unless we do something."

At the apex of the pyramid, Dorsk 81 stood barefoot on the sun-warmed flagstones that had been locked together to form an observation deck. The Jedi trainees frequently came up here to watch the rainbow-filled sunrise at the limb of the gas giant overhead.

Tall fires in the jungles surrounding the temple complex crackled and rose into the sky. Below, squadrons of mechanical scout walkers and ground-chewing siege machinery worked their way toward the Jedi stronghold.

The Imperials had figured out that the Jedi Knights were no longer at the Temple of the Blueleaf Cluster; now that the trainees had gathered in the tallest temple, Pellaeon's attackers would soon direct their strike at the ziggurat.

Dorsk 81 tilted his smooth face up to the sky and held his hands at his sides, fingers spread. The stone felt strong beneath the soles of his feet, and he calmed himself, reaching within him for threads that he could spin together with the others.

Kyp and Kirana Ti, Kam Solusar, and all the other Jedi trainees-some he knew well, others he had barely met-also focused their abilities. Dorsk 81 recalled how they had banded together to fight Exar Kun, and now he felt the same invisible whirlwind surrounding him.

The new Jedi Knights joined together with invisible cords of light. The bonds were strong, reinforcing their skills from person to person. Dorsk 81 stood in the middle, the eye of the storm, where he could draw upon the Force, magnify it with a strength greater than he had ever conceived.

In his mind an evil shadow of doubt flickered. He suddenly wondered if it wasn't indeed impossible to move such a huge fleet. His doubt began to grow and he recalled again the face of his elder clone, Dorsk 80, scowling at him-You'll never accomplish anything more important than what you could have done on Khomm.

Why don't you stay with us? the younger Dorsk 82 had pleaded. Everything will be fine, just the way it always was.

But Dorsk 81 wanted more. His life had a greater purpose. He had sensed that from early on, but had ignored it for so long. Now he was a Jedi Knight. A Jedi Knight.

His determination formed a crushing vise in his mind that obliterated the doubt-and before he could be distracted by other thoughts, Dorsk 81 reached out and grasped the threads of Force the other trainees offered to him. He felt as if he had tapped into a huge power source, an overload of energy that he channeled through himself without hesitation.

He reached upward with his hands, picturing the Star Destroyers in orbit: seventeen wedge-shaped engines of death bristling with weapons, loaded with more TIE fighters and assault troops. His thoughts soared outward, leaving the emerald jungle moon behind, and trailing behind his presence came a battering ram of invisible, irresistible Force that would be undetectable on any Imperial scanners. The Star Destroyers waited, overconfident, powerful-unsuspecting.

He found them. Touched them with his mind. They were huge, greater in mass than he had imagined; even so, he used the Force to push.

Dorsk 81 strained, touching the cluster of ships... but they proved immovable, too large. The Force held them, yet it could not do what he needed it to do. He tried harder.

He drew more energy from the others. He could feel the determination and controlled anger of Kyp Durron, the clean fighting prowess of Kirana Ti, the powerful deep knowledge of Tionne, the grim pain of Kam Solusar, the childlike wonder of Streen-and more... more. He took all of the Jedi trainees within himself, braiding the threads together, becoming a vast and complex set of memories, strengths, and skills. He reached deeper and deeper.
The Force seemed to be a bottomless well, offering more than he had thought possible-but as Dorsk 81 pulled it inside himself, he also felt the danger, the destructive potential: too much of this strength could be his downfall.
He pushed again, straining harder, abandoning all caution.
The Star Destroyers moved slightly in space, bucking and resisting-but it was still not enough. In his mind Dorsk 81 saw yet another wing of TIE fighters launched with orders to finish the destruction of the Jedi Knights.
That must never happen.
Dorsk 81 exerted his mind to the breaking point. His body trembled. His yellow eyes saw nothing around him now, because every thought was focused out into space where Pellaeon's Star Destroyers waited.
You are a Jedi Knight, Kyp had told him, and sometimes that means we must make difficult decisions.
Dorsk 81 knew this, knew it in his heart-and he didn't allow fear. The Force was with him. Perhaps more Force than he could handle... but he still had a mission to perform. No matter what it might take.
All the other Jedi Knights depended on him alone, and he knew that this was what he had to accomplish. This was the deed that his predecessor Dorsk 80 would never be able to comprehend.
Without a second thought, without hesitation, Dorsk 81 reached all the way down, drawing from the deep wells of Force that the thirty gathered Jedi Knights had opened for him. He took more and more without restraint, hoarding it within himself, letting it build as he absorbed the full searing power amplified through the Great Temple, focused it through his body and launched it at the fleet of Star Destroyers.
"Move!" he shouted.
The words themselves were like power incarnate, white-hot energy flaming out of his mouth, from his fingertips, surging through his body and burning, burning.
The inside of his head went bright like a star going supernova behind his skull, and his consciousness rode along with the tidal wave of Force. He felt it strike the seventeen Star Destroyers, and they slammed backward like twigs in a typhoon. The Shockwave flung the entire fleet far out, cast them helplessly beyond the fringes of the Yavin System, their computers fried, their propulsion systems wrecked, still accelerating from the storm of the Force.
Pellaeon's fleet of Star Destroyers went... away.
Dorsk 81 also rode the storm-to its ultimate, unknown destination.
The Force dropped Kyp like a severed rope. All the Jedi trainees tumbled weakly to their knees. When he could see again, blinking through colored spangles in front of his eyes, he saw Dorsk 81-or what remained of him-still tottering at the center of the observation platform.
Though his own legs wanted to collapse, Kyp struggled forward to grab his friend. Dorsk 81 collapsed and fell against him. The two of them slid to the sun-warmed flagstones.
"Dorsk 81," Kyp said, looking down in horror as the cloned alien's skin sizzled from within, as if the tissues had been brought to a boil. Dorsk 81's wide yellow eyes were now only smoldering sockets. Steam rose from his body.
A breath of words curled out of his gaping, blackened mouth. "They're gone, my friend," he said.
"Wait!" Kyp said. "Wait, we'll find a healer. We'll get Cilghal back. We'll find-"
But Dorsk 81 was already dead in his arms. 

Physical capabilities/ force augmentation 
Kam is noted as the strongest out of all the Jedi students, however that appears to be a result of his innate physical strength rather than his force augmentation: 

I, Jedi wrote:Kam Solusar was really Brakiss' antithesis, despite sharing his blond coloration. Kam's hair had been cut short and a bit raggedly. The strong blocky nature of his features was en-hanced by the stubble on his cheeks and chin. His powerfully athletic build marked him as the physically strongest of us, and the seams on his face and leathery quality of flesh on his hands clued me in to both his age and the hardships he'd lived through.

Force illusion 

He helps his wife Tionne to maintain an illusion (using a Fallanassi tecnique) on the Yavin 4 Jedi Praxeum, for an extended period of time, to keep strangers away. Note that, while Anakin thinks Ikrit and Streen are present, other supplementary sources seem to imply it was only Kam and Tionne who were maintaining it, which is impressive for Kam given that Tionne is noted to have very limited force potential: 

Edge of victory: 1 wrote:Jaina's eyes widened. "You think they'll move against us while we're gathered here?" Anakin drew a negative arc with his chin. "Things aren't that bad yet, and who would want to face all of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy at once? That would be crazy— us they'll pick off one at a time. But—" "The praxeum!" Jacen interrupted. "Yes," Anakin agreed. "The Jedi academy!" "But they're just kids!" Jaina said. "Have you noticed that makes any difference to the Yuuzhan Vong, or to the Peace Brigade, for that matter?" Jacen asked. "Besides, Anakin's only sixteen, and he's killed more Yuuzhan Vong in hand-to-hand combat than any of us. The Yuuzhan Vong know that." "What about the illusion the Jedi have been maintaining around Yavin Four? That's been keeping strangers away." "Not since almost all of the Jedi Knights have left," Anakin said. "They've either come to Coruscant to this meeting, or gone off to try to help comrades who've disappeared. Last I heard, only the students Kam and Tionne are left, with maybe Streen, and Master Ikrit. They might not be strong enough. Where did Uncle Luke go? We should talk to him about this, right away. It may already be too late." "That's a good call, Anakin," Jacen admitted. "Thanks." What Anakin didn't mention to his siblings was how he had awakened in the night, heart thrumming, gripped by a nameless dread. And though he couldn't remember the dream that had torn him from sleep, one image had remained with him: the blond hair and green eyes of Tahiri, his best friend. And Tahiri was at the academy.

Kam Solusar respect thread  IsezVfm5RJj99wiRl0DbAdqCtIdIXP5oHuP_CU6drSqfmh1ToWKzydG6qVEhjKTcDrEGdvErK1T0C9JW9OvDGWYHTFxAsAneldWRw-mONs59TQrl31oe60Ydgnz1JMkcj2E_PIhU
(New jedi order sourcebook) 

Kam Solusar respect thread  XKhOSffWCAmaGFTMq0k04UrTdmw8V9HgdU1aCObGJ9UjAOglSEsn5bTqBIkE6Nh-DnjNk6eScI6PW_Rs3FsvEz5HIOgS-X850VsC23JRkjEY2WuUnWAkp7slc-sy36fo0MjQrUxQ
(The essential guide to characters) 


Thanks for reading! Hopefully you’ve learned something new. If you have any quote you might feel worth adding let me know and I’ll make sure to do it. 
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Level Three

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January 29th 2020, 8:36 am
cool, i liked it.
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January 29th 2020, 8:44 am
@lorenzo.r.2nd wrote:cool, i liked it.
If you did, please give it a star Kam Solusar respect thread  1289255181

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January 29th 2020, 8:55 am
Great thread, @MasterCilghal.

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January 29th 2020, 9:04 am
Great work. It's nice to see RT for little-known Force users.
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January 29th 2020, 9:13 am
@DarthAnt66 @Shioz thank you both.
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January 29th 2020, 9:52 am
Great job man.

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January 29th 2020, 12:22 pm
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January 29th 2020, 3:53 pm
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@Gᴏᴀᴛ wrote:Power
Another win for Goatmeister92.
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February 3rd 2020, 9:47 pm
Kam Solusar > Naga Sadow
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Kam Solusar respect thread  Empty Re: Kam Solusar respect thread

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