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Imperial Storm Commandos(Legends) respect thread. Empty Imperial Storm Commandos(Legends) respect thread.

October 27th 2019, 9:21 pm
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Well folks now it's time to get into yet another Imperial respect thread! This time looking at one of their Special Forces known as the Imperial Storm Commandos! So let's get right to it!

Link: Imperial Stormtrooper respect thread


Imperial Storm Commandos(Legends) respect thread. 5982227-8216835140-latest

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

Imperial Storm Commandos are the Emperor's answer to guerrilla tactics, the Emperor was forced to acknowledge the effectiveness of the hit-and-fade tactics that the Rebel Alliance used. Consequently he decided that a commando team trained in these methods could achieve spectacular results as well.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim

They are the answer to the tactics that the Rebel Alliance used, achieving spectacular results. (More on them in future threads)

Selected from the finest Stormtroopers, the Storm Commandos are experts at guerrilla warfare. They have a reputation for ferocity that few other units can hope even to approach. The elite units have been trained for special terrain, including but not limited to, radiation-contaminated areas, underwater and space operations. As such they often face smaller-scale missions, such as commando raids.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim

They are selected from the finest  and are experts at guerrilla warfare. Regular Stormtroopers already have intense training and are impressive themselves. Their reputation is something that few units could even hope to approach and are trained in special terrains.

One quarter of Storm Commandos have the standard skills and attributes and are designated "Line" units.

Another quarter are designated "Assault" units.

Another quarter has additional training in stealth, streetwise, security and demolitions and are designated "Saboteur" units.

The final quarter of the Storm Commando forces are designated "Tech" and have the standard skills plus additional training in repulsorlift operation and repair, droid repair and computer programming/repair.

Combinations of these four unit types are able to perform practically any small-scale mission on any planet in the galaxy.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim
They are divided in quarters, having additional training ontop of their standard training. Combinations of these four units can perform pretty much any small-scale mission in the galaxy.

Assault units carry 2 concussion grenades as well as the unit commander's choice of heavier weaponry(where speed is of the essence, lighter repeating weapons and or grenade launchers may be used to retain mobility.)

Saboteur units will have supplies of detonite(often three satchels for every other trooper) and may occasionally use thermal detonators. Saboteurs are particularly resourceful(even for Imperial Stormtroopers).

Tech units are generally equipped with sophisticated communication gear, and computer probes and tools for assisting in sabotage and computerized surveillance of targets.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim

Just going over what each quarter will have as far as equipment.

Storm Commando armor is similar to that worn by Imperial Scout Troopers, but its matte black. The armor finish features a reflective polymer that scatters light and EM radiation, reducing their sensor profile to almost nothing. The armor also generates a radius of sound-dampening up to a meter.

- Taken from Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide

Their armor makes them pretty much undetectable and having sound dampeners.

The natural enemy of the Rebel Infiltrators and one of the most feared Stormtrooper units, the Imperial Storm Commandos were trained by the very man who whipped Specforce into shape: General Crix Madine.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

They are one of the most feared Stormtrooper units by Rebel SpecForce, trained by Crix Madine who pretty much brought the Rebel SpecForce to where it was.

A unit of Storm Commandos can range from 4 to 40 troopers. Typically one quarter is a line unit with the standard attributes and skills.

A second quarter is the assault team, trained to operate vehicle blasters and artillery.

Another quarter is designated saboteur team, and has extensive stealth, demolitions and anti-security training.

The last quarter is the tech team, able to repair or jury rig a vast array of technology.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

They can range from 4 to 40 troopers, pretty much reiterating what is noted above but more clear as to what specifically they can do for assault teams.

Storm Commandos are one of the few Stormtrooper units that SpecForce considers a priority threat. Like other elite Stormtrooper units, Storm Commandos are trained to be self sufficient and able to maintain their own gear and health.

- Taken from Rebel SpecForce Handbook

They are considered a priority threat and trained to be self sufficient, able to maintain their gear and health like other elite Stormtrooper units.

Their equipment, combined with their superior training in infiltration techniques, make Storm Commandos virtually invisible to the naked eye or electronic sensors.

- Taken from Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

They are virtually invisible to the naked eye or sensors.

Throughout the galaxy, special operatives devote their lives to the science of stealth. Special Forces groups such as the New Republic's Katarn Commandos, the independant Red Moons and the Empire's Storm Commandos often employ infiltrators within their units.

An Infiltrator is expected to be a master of himself and his environment, silent and invisible even under the most extreme conditions.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Infiltrators such as Storm Commandos are expected to be masters of themselves, their environment, be silent and invisible under the most extreme conditions.

Adventure Journal Feats

Imperial Storm Commandos(Legends) respect thread. 5982339-890

Glave is the commander of an elite Stormtrooper commando unit assigned to Governor Klime- one test version of what soon will become the Imperial Storm Commandos.

His face was partially disfigured during a battle against Rebel terrorists on Kestos Minor. His heroics during that action earned him the Imperial Medal of Valor and promotion to lead this elite Stormtrooper unit.

His Imperial training, experience and his natural ruthlessness make Commander Glave one of the most dangerous soldiers in the vast Imperial armed forces.

- Taken from Adventure Journal 12: Combat Moon, Commander Glave profile

Commander Glave leads a test version of what will become the Storm Commandos, he's one of the most dangerous troopers in the Imperial forces due to his training, experience and ruthlessness, earning also the Imperial Medal of Valor.

"Sir!" The Imperial Commando leaped to his feet, his small eyes staring straight ahead out of pock-marks etched like valleys into his scarred face. Anyone else would have been called a bootlicker for zeal like his, but Glave inspired the kind of sheer terror that prevented such sneering.

A veteran of 30 small and large scale engagements, Commander Glave had never lost a battle. In a firefight on Kestos Minor, Glave's helmet was shattered by a point-blank blaster shot, pushing fragments of dura-armor into his face.

Ignoring the pain, Glave single-handedly held off a platoon of Rebels until armored AT-ATs had arrived.

- Taken from Adventure Journal 12: Combat Moon

Commander Glave is one of the more early prototypes of the Storm Commandos, a veteran of the 30 battles both small and large, never losing one. He got his face filled with fragments of dura-armor when his helmet was shot point blank, yet despite that he ignored the pain and held off an entire Rebel platoon until AT-ATs arrived.

Ignoring the new threat, Commander Glave fired at Sh'shak as the S'krrr took aim on him. Distracted by the S'krr's weapon, Glave fired directly at it- the shot blew the hold-out blaster from Sh'shak's hand.

- Taken from Adventure Journal 12: Combat Moon

Here he blasts a hold-out blaster from Sh'shak's hand.

Hold-out blasters some types of which are also called palm blasters, disposable blasters or throw-aways, are small, easily concealed energy weapons that can fit into a pocket, a satchel or folds of a robe with little difficulty.

- Taken from Arms & Equipment

A quick note, Hold-out blasters are pretty much palm sized, a small target.

Mika dove for his Ibarsi knife. Coming up he unsheathed it smoothly and hurled it forward. The weapon cut the air, then passed cleanly through the commando's arm just above the wrist. He did not see Glave, ignoring his own wound, track the X-wing coming around for another attack.

- Taken from Adventure Journal 12: Combat Moon

Glave ignores a knife wound, said knife getting thrown into his arm above the wrist.

Where the commander's right hand had been, a chrome-sheathed bio-cap was in place, holding the wound in stasis until a bionic hand could be readied. The pain must have been tremendous, but Glave ignored it.

- Taken from Adventure Journal 12: Combat Moon

Despite the pain being tremendous, Glave ignores it.

Comic Scans


Here the Storm Commandos stealthily and loudly take out some Atoan fighters.


Here they pinned down and even taking out some of the 501st under Commander Voca, they killed all the officers aboard the Destroyer, locked down the communications and as shown in the last panel, sabotaged the Destroyer to explode.


Here we have what appears to be a Storm Commando, with one arm holding back a subspecies of Watch-Beast while holding his blaster with the other hand.

Watch-Beasts are considered dangerous predators that have been domesticated by Gamorreans to guard their forest strongholds. They are enormous creatures, easily reaching size of a transport vehicle in length, with a squat, sturdy body and large head.

- Taken from Ultimate Adversaries.

They are dangerous predators and used as guards by the Gamorreans, easily able to reach the size of a transport vehicle.

Watch-beasts originate on the planet Gamorr, but various subspecies are found throughout the galaxy. Most notably on the Imperial world of Sirpar, these enormous beasts resemble both bears and pigs, with squat but powerfully built bodies.

- Taken from Galaxy at War

There are various subspecies, resembling both bears and pig with powerfully built bodies.

The Commando is holding back what appears to be a subspecies obviously as it seems to resemble a bear and though not the size of a transport vehicle, that's still incredible strength to hold a beast back with one arm that's mauling at you.


Well there you have it folks! The Imperial Storm Commandos, since this was one of my more smaller respect threads. I'll be putting up another here shortly, so be on the lookout for another thread coming up!
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