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Level Three
Level Three

Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread  Empty Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread

October 9th 2019, 3:02 pm
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~“Vestara’s Master, Lady olaris Rhea, pointed toward the dark crescent. “There”. A pale blond woman with pale blue eyes, Lady Rhea had a regal, lithe frame and an austere beauty as imposing as it was striking.”~

1) Accolades (power/skill)
-(41 aby) Rhea is chosen by Ship as one of members of a mission. Note that only powerful members of the lost tribe were chosen by the sith meditation sphere: 

First Blood wrote:Lady Olaris Rhea. Lady Rhea exuded pleasure and confidence in the Force as she absently patted Vestara’s cheek and lithely strode forward to join the two High Lords.

-(43 aby) Vestara Khai considers her master one of the most respected Sith Lords in the lost tribe. This is especially notable since advancing in the lost tribe, and, by extension, obtaining respect, is based on one’s ability:

Omen wrote:She had hated that about it until Lady Rhea, one of the most respected of the Sith Lords, had told her that deception was actually a very useful thing indeed.”

Abyss wrote:“the three seats of authority on the bridge were all occupied by Keshiri Sabers, for—like all hierarchies in the Tribe—the ship’s company was a strict meritocracy, with positions of responsibility awarded only according to ability.” 

-(43 aby) She is chosen as the leader of a strike team to attack Luke Skywalker. Note that the tribe had recently sensed Luke’s power and described him as a powerful presence in the force, meaning they trusted Rhea’s power enough her to lead this mission (the objective of the mission later changes but the members were the same): 

Omen wrote:“Lord Vol and I have handpicked a single strike team to bring against this Skywalker. He—”
Omen wrote:“I—felt someone very powerful in the Force,” she said, her voice slightly shaky and laced with an uncertainty that Vestara had never before heard from her. It made her stomach clench. “Strong in the power of the light side. A Jedi … a great Master.”
And Vestara felt a surge from Ship and a name was placed in her head: Skywalker.”

-(43 aby) As a Sith Lord, anyone on Kesh should fear what she thinks of him rather than the contrary: 

Abyss wrote:“She was a Sith Lord of Kesh, and it was others who needed to worry about what she thought of them.”

-(43 aby) Vestara Khai notes that she would never contradict her master even if she were wrong. This implies Rhea is far above Vestara, who herself is stated to be incredibly strong in the force: 

Abyss wrote:“She would not have dared to contradict Lady Rhea even if it hadn’t been so.”
Omen wrote:“She was of the Tribe, the daughter of a Sith Saber. She was exceptionally strong in the Force and knew it.”

-(43 aby) Due to her master’s power, Vestara (an apprentice at the time) and even Rhea’s charges would feel secure in challenging sith master Xal: 

Abyss wrote:“Taking her lead from Lady Rhea, Vestara leaned slightly forward and turned to lock gazes with Xal. It was a terrible affront for a mere apprentice to face a Master in such a manner. And that affront would suggest to the entire crew that Lady Rhea’s power was so great that even her charges felt secure in challenging Xal.”

Take into account that Vestara thinks that, without her master, Xal could be potentially capable of stomping her (which also speaks to his own power), so Rhea is the one can defeat him: 

Abyss wrote:“Had Lady Rhea not been standing there, Vestara was quite sure that response would have been a Force spike through her own heart.”

This is reinforced by later statements, which all point to Xal being unable to defeat Rhea in a direct confrontation: 

Abyss wrote:But Xal could not attack her in public without it being construed as an attack on Lady Rhea herself, and he could not yet have gathered the kind of support he would need for such a thing.

“It wasn’t Ahri challenging Lady Rhea, it was Xal, trying to use his apprentice to embarrass her. The difference was that Lady Rhea had the power to turn his ploy against him. If she decided to punish Ahri herself, Xal was not strong enough to protect his apprentice, and the rest of the crew would take that failure as a further sign of his weakness—which, of course, was the reason that Lady Rhea almost certainly would kill Ahri.”

Furthermore take into account that, as a sith master, Xal should be above all sith sabers. 

-(43 aby) A group of sith sabers cannot overrule Rhea (note that it would automatically transfer into them being unable to defeat them, given how the Lost Tribe’s tank system works):

Abyss wrote:“She turned to face the body of the search party, as though a handful of mere Sabers could overrule a Sith Lord.”

-(43 aby) Rhea is likely above all remaining members of the aforementioned strike team in power, as she was able to win them over with little effort: 

Abyss wrote:“Even had she not still been their commander, it would have taken little effort to win the small group over.”

-(43 aby) Luke Skywalker considers the members of the strike team to be deadly opponents, note that he hadn’t yet fought Rhea, and all of those he is referencing are below her: 

Abyss wrote:“The intruders were resourceful, well trained in the Force, utterly ruthless, and deadly even to their own.”

This stance is corroborated by the essential reader’s companion: 

The essential reader’s companion wrote:Defending themselves, Luke and Ben cut through all of the highly skilled sith warriors, including Lady Rhea.

-43 aby: Luke describes Rhea as being on the level of a Jedi master (credit to Bran): 

Backlash wrote:That had changed with the arrival of the Sith strike team in the Maw cluster. Most of the Sith whom Ben and Luke had fought had been at about the level of training of experienced Jedi Knights. Luke had described Vestara Khai's female companion as being at the approximate level of a Jedi Master. Ben didn't feel lucky enough to hope that the strike team had been the last representatives of this new Sith Order.`

-44 ABY: Luke Skywalker acknowledges Rhea as a powerful lord and is impressed by Abeloth’s ability to hide her identity from Rhea: 

Vortex wrote:Luke studied them through the White Current, as he had with the ZipDel crew, and saw that their illness was an illusion. As much as he wanted to believe it was Abeloth deluding the inhabitants of Pydyr, he had his doubts. Dozens of Sith—including a couple of Masters and a powerful Lord—had spent weeks in Abeloth’s company without perceiving her true nature, and he himself had failed to see through her deceptions for days as she lay in the Shadow’s medbay disguised as Dyon Stadd. Given how easily he was penetrating this illusion, it seemed unlikely to be Abeloth’s doing.

2)Force feats

A) Force sense 
-(43 aby) Vestara notes her force sense is far less adept than that of her master: 

Abyss wrote:“Although her danger sense was far less adept than that of her Master, there was no question of Lady Rhea assuming the hazardous point position.”

-(43 aby) she manipulates a glow road: 
Abyss wrote:She extend a hand toward Ahri, using the Force to float the glow rod out of its loop on his equipment belt.”

“Lady Rhea pointed a finger at the glow rod, calmly using the Force to roll it back across the floor until the disk of light came to rest on the purple cocoon hanging from the back wall.”

-(43 aby) She holds Vestara Khai with the force: 

Abyss wrote:“Vestara’s strength drained away, and she would have fallen had Lady Rhea not caught her in the Force.”

-(43 aby) She uses the force to shake Vestara’s arm: 

Abyss wrote:“Vestara?” Lady Rhea used the Force to shake her arm. “Is something wrong?”

-(43 aby) She apparently slams Luke Skywalker with the force. However, it is unclear whether or not she or Vestara did that: 

Abyss wrote:“The invisible hand of the Force slammed him into the lift’s rear wall, and the older woman stepped into view, striking for his midsection.”

-(43 aby) she communicates with Vestara through the force: 

Abyss wrote:An instant later she felt a nudge in the Force and knew she had permission to proceed.

D)Force valor/physical capabilities 
-(43 aby) she crosses a river, augmenting her speed with the force, like other members of the search party: 

Abyss wrote:Without awaiting Vestara’s acknowledgment, Lady Rhea drew her weapons and began to issue orders. By the time Vestara had located Ship in the Force again, the search party was deployed across a thousand-meter front and Force-running across the river. Abeloth fell in behind Lady Rhea, crossing the water as easily as the Sith Lord herself, and Vestara took advantage of her presence to concentrate on Ship instead of plants.

3)Combat skill

-(43 aby) Rhea, Vestara and 2 other sith engage a weakened Luke Skywalker, who had already defeated several other members of the search party:

The exit panel opened. Luke found himself standing faceplate-to-faceplate with four surprised enemies. Two were small and female, and two were large and male. He put a trio of blaster bolts through the largest male’s chest and ignited his lightsaber in the faceplate of the other male, then retreated to the rear of the lift and used the Force to depress the activation lever.
Luke had expected the female survivors to be so shocked by his attack that they would leap for cover and take a moment to regroup before coming after him. He should have known better. These were Sith, and they reacted with all the killing instinct that implied. Even before the exit panel had begun to drop back into place, they were diving into the lift with him, each going to a different corner so they could attack from two different directions.
Luke fired at their former prisoner—he could tell it was the same girl by the furious eyes burning behind her faceplate—then saw the bolt come flying back when she activated the lightsaber in her hands. The invisible hand of the Force slammed him into the lift’s rear wall, and the older woman stepped into view, striking for his midsection.
Luke barely brought his lightsaber around to block. In the next instant, he sensed a new danger as the thin glass dagger on her equipment belt left its sheath and came sailing for his ribs. He twisted aside in time to avoid taking the attack directly, but the blade was sharp enough to gouge even the flexible armor of a combat vac suit before it snapped.
By then, the girl was on him again, thrusting low with her lightsaber. He blocked by countering, slipping a Force-enhanced thrust kick under her attack and sending her sailing away. Still, she did her best to drive the strike home, dragging the tip of her blade across his chest to open a smoking gash that immediately began to vent a thin line of vapor.
But the slash that actually wounded Luke, that cut through his suit clear down to the flesh, he did not see—did not even feel. He simply sensed the older Sith dancing in, opposite the girl, taking advantage of his divided attention to bring her scarlet blade sweeping toward his throat. He dropped to a knee, driving his own blade up at her mid-section, then cursed as she twisted away with nothing but a smoking furrow across the belly of her vac suit.
And that was when Luke noticed the blood boiling up in front of his faceplate. He glanced down and saw a long flap of suit fluttering in the light of his helmet lamp, already venting blood, air, and sweat. What had opened this second, larger gash, he had no idea.
Knowing his enemies would be pressing their advantage already, Luke rolled into a forward somersault. He came up on the opposite side of the lift, spinning and firing, using the Force to lift himself toward the ceiling, his lightsaber tracing a helix of protection around his body. Combat vac suits were designed to isolate and self-seal, but only to a degree. Already Luke could feel the cold of the void seeping in through the gash in his abdomen, and he could tell by the subtle ringing in his ears that his suit was losing pressure.
Luke glimpsed a dark curve tumbling toward him as the two women divided and moved to flank him, and he understood. These Sith wielded the Force like a third limb, using it as naturally as their own hands. While he was focused on their lightsabers, one of them had slipped her black parang out of its sheath and attacked.
Luke stopped spinning and blocked the parang, his lightsaber slicing it in two. The two Sith women leapt in to finish him.
He turned his blaster pistol on the girl, driving her back with a flurry of bolts aimed low-then-high-then-low, too fast for her to block. One bolt skimmed off her helmet, then another burned through her boot, leaving her hopping as she vented smoke and vapor. Then the older woman was on him again, slashing first from one side, then the other with her scarlet blade, driving in close to pummel him from thigh to throat with knee, elbow, and helmet. Luke dropped his blaster pistol to wield his lightsaber with both hands, blocking left and parrying right, kicking at her knees and slamming at her throat with both forearms.
Through their vac suit armor, neither of them was taking much damage—but it would not be long before someone slipped, and when that happened, the end would come quickly. Luke continued to strike and counterstrike, his head starting to spin as his air scrubbers strained to keep pace with his exertions and the atmosphere bleeding from his gashed suit. The Sith woman fought like a shenbit, never letting up, never hesitating, never pausing. It was all Luke could do to stay between her and the wall, and he used the Force to keep her trapped in front of him, using her like a shield to keep the girl from slipping around to attack his flanks.
How long ago the exit panel had opened beside him, Luke had no idea. All he knew was that over his helmet speaker, he heard Ben warning him that the Jade Shadow was opening fire on Ship. As the lift filled with bright blue strobing, he glanced toward the wall to keep his faceplate’s blast-tinting from being activated by the Shadow’s big laser cannons. The Sith instinctively turned toward the light to see what was happening.
They realized their mistake the instant their faceplates darkened and leapt into a series of evasive tumbles. But even that tiny slip was too much in such a vicious combat, and Luke was in no condition to be merciful. He followed the older Sith out into the hangar, taking advantage of her momentary blindness to lop off pieces—first a leg, then a sword arm, and finally her helmet
1) Initially, Luke defeats the two male sith sabers casually, attacking them before they could react. By contrast, and to Luke’s suprise, Rhea and, to an extent, Vestara are able to react and attack him. 

2) As soon as Rhea attacks Luke she’s able to slam him with the force and Luke is barely able to block her attack, indicating difficulty on his part. 

3) Luke is once again impressed by the two women’s use of the force. The two are able, with a wise tactic, to nearly kill him. However, Luke uses his pistol to defend himself, driving Vestara back. 

4) They attack him once again: Rhea uses a series of blows which Luke has to use both his lightsaber and his blaster to counter. He ultimately chooses to wield his lightsaber with both hands, indicating once again difficulty on his part.

5) fighting Rhea, Luke notes how agressive she is, and is forced to devote full attention to her, once again indicating difficulty on his part. As such, he uses a tactic to prevent Vestara from attack him on his flanks, trapping Rhea with the force. 

6) Luke ultimately defeats Rhea, not through skill, but through a distraction provided by Ben piloting the Jade Shadow. It is important to note that Luke was in no shape to be merciful and that the combat is described as “vicious”. 

-Vestara later explains the fight, noting that they were fighting evenly, but that when Rhea was defeated she was hopelessly outmatched, indicating Rhea was the one pressing him, not Vestara: 

Backlash wrote:Mere hours before, she and her Sith Master, Lady Rhea, had “confronted Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker. Lady Rhea and Vestara had fought the galaxy’s most experienced, most famous Jedi to a standstill. Vestara had even cut him, a graze to the cheek and chin that had spattered her with blood—blood she had later tasted, blood she wished she could take a sample of and keep forever as a souvenir.
But then Skywalker had shown why he carried that reputation. A moment’s distraction, and suddenly Lady Rhea was in four pieces, each drifting in a separate direction, and Vestara was hopelessly outmatched. She had saluted and fled.

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Level Three
Level Three

Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread  Empty Re: Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread

October 12th 2019, 10:04 am
The respect thread is officially complete. Hopefully you learn something new by reading it.
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Level Five

Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread  Empty Re: Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread

October 12th 2019, 2:29 pm
Good job @MasterCilghal The Lost tribe is rising thanks to you
Level Three
Level Three

Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread  Empty Re: Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread

October 12th 2019, 3:53 pm
@xolthol wrote:Good job @MasterCilghal The Lost tribe is rising thanks to you
Thanks again. Although Ant is making most of the work tbh.
Gaunter O'Dimm
Gaunter O'Dimm

Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread  Empty Re: Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread

October 16th 2019, 4:00 am
@xolthol wrote:Good job @MasterCilghal The Lost tribe is rising thanks to you

Level Three
Level Three

Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread  Empty Re: Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread

December 16th 2019, 2:33 pm
Edited to add a quote from Backlash.
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Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread  Empty Re: Lady Olaris Rhea respect thread

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