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Busteromuchmacho Respect Thread Empty Busteromuchmacho Respect Thread

September 8th 2020, 7:09 pm
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Busteromuchmacho Respect Thread Eu_sm_10

Busteromuchmacho was the protagonist of the popular children's holobooks series Squib Jedi. According to rumors, the story was based on a real-life Jedi Knight.

Busteromuchmacho Respect Thread 2020-035
Ultimate Alien Anthology

Busteromuchmacho Respect Thread 2020-038
Echoes of the Jedi

In the storybook "Busteromuchmacho and the Arc to Infinity", Busteromuchmacho confronts a sorceress of Dathomir, a Force demon of amoral affinities (intended to be similar to the Force demon Wutzek from The Pandora Effect) and a trans-dimensional gamester of life-and-death (intended to be Waru from the infamous novel The Crystal Star).

Halagad recalled the storybook of the noble “Squib Jedi” his father would read to him as a youngling, Busteromuchmacho and the Arc to Infinity. In the story, the rodent warrior traversed a seemingly endless bridge between the stars, confronting one bizarre obstacle and enemy after another—a sorceress of Dathomir, a Force demon of amoral affinities, a trans-dimensional gamester of life-and-death—all in his search for the origin of the Force itself.
SkyeWalkers: A Clone Wars Story

Busteromuchmacho Respect Thread 2020-036

Busteromuchmacho Respect Thread 2020-037

Busteromuchmacho is called a "great warrior" and "the smallest and bravest of all Jedi".

Compared to that, Halagad thought, this should be a piece of glaze cake. He could still hear his father’s voice, always starting the story the same way: This is the story of a great warrior. His name is Busteromuchmacho, or Buster for short, and he is the smallest and bravest of all Jedi….
SkyeWalkers: A Clone Wars Story
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Busteromuchmacho Respect Thread Empty Re: Busteromuchmacho Respect Thread

September 9th 2020, 10:16 am
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