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Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon  Empty Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon

July 1st 2020, 7:33 am
At least 3 honorable mentions

Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon  Empty Re: Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon

July 1st 2020, 9:24 am
I'll assume you mean unamped feats...

Rey's boulder feat
Kylo's Temple statue feat
Vader hurling AT-STs
Palpatine choking Dooku from half the galaxy away
Kanan and Ezra pushing an asteroid
Luke shaking a Star Destroyer
Yoda lifting the X-Wing

There are others. Those are just the first that came to mind.
The lord of hunger
The lord of hunger
Level Two
Level Two

Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon  Empty Re: Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon

July 1st 2020, 2:11 pm
vader s at-at feat
windu s at-te feat
rey s boudler feat
yoda s mountain feat
maul s venator feat
luke s star destroyer feat
anakin s feat on mortisĀ 
palps s multiple star destroyer tk feat

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Master Azronger
Master Azronger

Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon  Empty Re: Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon

July 1st 2020, 3:24 pm
Anakin ragdolling the Ones and Sheev lifting the Final Order fleet.

Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon  Empty Re: Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon

July 1st 2020, 5:15 pm
Azronger wrote:Sheev lifting the Final Order fleet.

You mean at the beginning of the film? Novel implied that was essentially just a dream sequence/vision that Palpatine uploaded into Kylo's mind.

Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon  Empty Re: Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon

December 24th 2020, 9:12 pm
That'd make a lot of sense. If a weakened Sidious actually lifted all of them that'd be Mortis level.

Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon  Empty Re: Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon

December 25th 2020, 12:19 am
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Let's see... I'm actually going to do multiple "top 5" lists, for different types of telekinesis. TK comes in a variety of feats, and they're not easy to stack up to one another. For example, how do you compare feats of heavy lifting to feats of fine control? Both can be very impressive, but it's hard to say which would actually be a better feat overall. So, I'm going to look at feats of raw telekinetic muscle, displays against other trained Force users, showings of fine control, combative showings against multiple opponents, and then one last list for feats that I can't easily quantify.

In terms of raw power on display:
1. Luke shaking a Star Destroyer in The Last Flight of the Harbinger
2. Vader stopping an AT-AT in its tracks in Skywalker Strikes
3. Yoda's boulder feat in Ambush/Rey's boulder feat in The Last Jedi
4. Kanan's bridge feat in Ghosts of Geonosis/Ben Solo's temple feat in The Rise of Kylo Ren/Mace's AT-TE feat in Liberty on Ryloth
5. Vader casually tossing around an AT-ST in Tales From Vader's Castle/Yoda lifting the X-Wing in Empire Strikes Back/Luke lifting the X-Wing in The Rise of Skywalker

Some of these, I had trouble deciding which was more impressive, so for a couple of the numbers, I used multiple examples that are roughly comparable. For example, I did some rough math to come up with the weight of the bridge Kanan held suspended in Rebels (about 116 metric tonnes, give or take), which came out to roughly the same weight that someone else got as a maximum for the weight of an AT-TE (about 110 metric tonnes, give or take:, so I put the two on the same level. Similarly, Yoda's boulder feat is very similar to Rey's, and the weight of an AT-ST is roughly similar to that of an X-Wing.

Against other Force users:
1. Yoda Force pushing Sidious in Revenge of the Sith
2. Obi-Wan stalemating Anakin's Force push in Revenge of the Sith
3. Vader briefly pinning Sidious to a wall in The Chosen One
4. Sidious choking out Vader and crushing his limbs in Into the Fire
5. Sidious Force choking Dooku from across the galaxy

There are a ton of other examples that could be added to this one. Honorable mentions include Vader crushing Momin to death, Sidious casually ragdolling Ben Solo, Yoda casually freezing Asajj in place and disarming her. The list goes on and on. But these were the 5 showings that I consider the most impressive. Should be noted, I have Vader pinning Sidious over Sidious choking Vader, specifically because Vader had already been severely worn down by Force lightning and red guards by the time Sidious began to Force choke him. I have Sidious choking Vader above Sidious choking Dooku because we at least know Vader was trying to fight back, while we don't know if Dooku was trying to resist.

In terms of fine control:
1. Luke hijacking the controls of 17 TIE Fighters at once in The Destiny Path
2. Vader roughly reassembling a Jedi Starfighter from the shreds of its remains after an explosion in The Dying Light
3. Vader pummeling Luke with telekinetically thrown objects while simultaneously crossing blades with him in Empire Strikes Back
4. Vader preventing the detonation of a grenade for several minutes in The Chosen One
5. Depa Bilaba preventing the fluids from interacting in a bomb, thus disabling it in First Blood

These are pretty self-explanatory. Vader's ESB feat is on here specifically because it's currently the only instance we have in canon (that I'm aware of) where a character has both their hands on their lightsaber, actively parrying and striking at their opponent while simultaneously using TK to hurl items at them, with no hand gestures required. The lack of hand gestures is a pretty big deal (in my opinion), considering that's normally only ever seen when a character is deep in meditation, yet Vader was able to pull it off in the middle of a duel.

Combative showings:
1. Dooku staggering Obi-Wan and Anakin while also disabling 8 Pykes with a single Force push in The Lost One
2. Asajj blasting back 14 clone troopers and staggering Anakin with a Force push in ARC Troopers
3. Savage using a Force wave to take out 8 B1s, 6 B2s, and 3 Droideka in Watchers of the Mist
4. Pong Krell disabling 13 members of the 501st with a single Force push in Carnage of Krell
5. Mace taking out 7 B1s, 2 B2s, and a Droideka with a single Force push in Lyberty on Ryloth

These are the most impressive TK showings against massed combatants. Most Force pushes only take out one or two opponents at a time, and it's very seldom we see TK take out multiple foes at once. These are some of the only examples in all of canon (minus a couple lesser showings from Luke in Shattered Empire) where we see a character take out multiple opponents with a wave of their hand.

1. Vader creating a bubble around himself to protect against a tidal wave of lava in Fortress Vader
2. Vader creating a bubble around himself to protect against the crushing weight of the Mon Cala ocean in Burning Seas
3. Vader holding back the water at the end of Fallen Order
4. Vader parting the water of an entire dam in The Chosen One
5. Luke catching the cave in during the mission to Pillio in Battlefront II

These are examples of reactive uses of TK, to defend against otherwise lethal situations. Naturally, most of them go to Vader, who survives freaking everything. Being hit by a literal tidal wave of lava? No biggie. Being thrown to the bottom of a kilometres-deep ocean? That's nothing. Seriously, Vader's tankiness with TK is insane in canon.

Amped/hard to quantify showings:
1. Anakin pinning the Son and the Daughter in Overlords
2. Kanan holding back the explosion of a massive fuel pod in Jedi Night
3. Rey holding back a First Order Troop Transport in The Rise of Skywalker
4. Ahsoka holding back Maul's ship in Victory and Death
5. 5th Brother and 7th Sister holding back the Phantom in Always Two There Are

These ones I found harder to place in any of the other lists, but they're impressive enough that they should be mentioned. Any character strong enough to overcome the engines of a starship deserves to be mentioned in a list of impressive TK feats.
Level Three
Level Three

Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon  Empty Re: Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon

December 25th 2020, 1:23 am
this is nice as fuck. gg yo
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Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon  Empty Re: Top 5 Telekinesis Feat in Canon

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