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Power gap needed to overpower with lightning Empty Power gap needed to overpower with lightning

on February 1st 2020, 5:40 am
What kind of a gap is needed to overpower a prepared opponent with lightning?

It seems like for either "single-handed" lightning or just shorter bursts, someone with a lightsaber can mount a defense even with a fairly sizable power disadvantage. They could probably do so with tutanimus too, albeit with more difficulty. 

Against the full powered stream of lightning, it's arguably roughly 1:1 against tutanimus from the Yoda vs. Sidious fight. The defender arguably has an advantage with a lightsaber, though in some cases it seems like a lightsaber can be less effective (e.g. Yoda vs. Sidious, Revan vs. Vitiate). The Mace Windu vs. Sidious scene is more debatable; it's less clear as to who was winning or whether Sidious's lightning was 100%, and it's possible that in pure Force power Sidious had the edge even over vaapad Windu. It's unclear to what extent barrier is effective relative to tutanimus or lightsaber deflection.

Then more charged lightning puts the advantage closer to the attacker depending on how long it is charged for.

In either case, it seems to be significantly more able to press a prepared opponent than telekinesis, though TK can have other advantages likely related to speed, versatility, and potentially certain forms of environmental damage.
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