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Wandering Jedi
Wandering Jedi

Misconceptions of Marka Ragnos Empty Misconceptions of Marka Ragnos

January 26th 2020, 1:40 pm
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Their are misconceptions of Marka Ragnos. 

Misconceptions of Marka Ragnos Latest?cb=20180309005222

The misconception is that Marka Ragnos lost to Jaden Korr because it wasn't his actually body. Ragnos relied on his immense strength in combat. Tavion Axmis body isn't the same as Marka Ragnos's original body. Marka Ragnos casually beats his pet Terentak every night. You will need to have superhuman strength in order to pull this off. 

Misconceptions of Marka Ragnos The_Beast_of_Marka_Ragnos

Marka Ragnos's death caused the end of the Golden Age. Marka Ragnos died of old age. Keep that in mind. Marka Ragnos not only had to slay opponents who challenged his rule but fend of daily  assassination attempts. Think how physically powerful you have to be to fight off and outsmart millions of sith. Remember guys to respect Marka Ragnos. At least he wasn't thrown down the reactor.

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Misconceptions of Marka Ragnos FutMtZk-enhCmi1JCxPYqSZuk2oi0Ji0s3LHCqgLBP1FO8ntAiG6HYIxKYHYRVtVva8BqoDwkC5h=s1600

P.S. Marka Ragnos made the sith wallow in riches.
The Merchant
The Merchant

Misconceptions of Marka Ragnos Empty Re: Misconceptions of Marka Ragnos

April 20th 2020, 3:23 am
While I'm not saying people didn't try to assassinate him, by the end of his life Ragnos was revered as a God. I don't think anybody would have tried to.kill an ailing Ragnos even if he was mega weak cause the general population more or less love him. That being said Ragnos is easily a top 10 Sith.
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