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New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak? Empty New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak?

December 10th 2019, 8:51 pm

If this is true (and I know for a fact that some of it is)...yikes.

For anyone who can’t click the link:

Here’s some context on where this came from: 

  • This is all from a new source that recently contacted me. 

  • They claim to have seen the film. It’s plausible that they could have. I vetted what they told me with other sources with confirmed validity and this new person had enough accurate details that are accurate that haven’t been mentioned elsewhere to make me feel comfortable sharing this. 

This person has seen the previous films, but isn’t an obsessive fan like you and I. They also only saw the film *once so this likely won’t be a perfect retelling of what they saw. 
That being said, the movie's premiere is just a week away and it'll be in theaters worldwide just a few days later so I figure I'll just roll the dice on this one and we'll see what happens...
This person's description of the film mostly mirrors my "reshoots and edits" summary, so I'm only making notes where additional detail was added or thing slightly differ from what I previously wrote.

  • Says that the film begin with Kylo's slaughter of natives in the red lit woods to get to Vader's wayfinder.

  • Wayfinder is a pyrimid shaped object. Hooks up to Kylo's TIE to allow him to get where he needs to Exogol.

  • Kylo flies through a red nebula like section of space to get to Exogol (seen in recent TV spots with resistance ships later in the movie).

  • Once on Exogol, Kylo apparently wanders into "what looks like a science lab and Palpatine's voice can be heard claiming he made Snoke and he's been orchestrating everything from the shadows."

  • With regards to Palpatine's initial appearance "flashes of lightning reveal Palpatine's face, but with white eyes attached by his back to some vertical metal arm leading to something we don't see."

  • Palpatine apparently discusses creating a large armada at this point in the film and "orders Kylo to locate Rey, (Kylo takes it as 'kill her') and Palpatine warns him 'she is not what you think she is.'"

  • The film then cuts to the ice asteroid base sequence. When we first snap to Poe, Finn, and Chewie on the Falcon they’re all playing the holochess 2 on 1. They insinuate Chewie chests and he gets a bit pissed but Poe makes a comment about how it's obvious that he's better than then because he's so much older. When Chewie goes to check something they lie to him that they won’t turn off the game because they’re losing (which they do).

  • The informant scene has The Falcon hovering while the contact tosses them a satchel with all the background information. Poe and Finn pry the contact to get the moles name but he won’t budge.

  • During Rey's training on the jungle base, this person does not recall any training to communicate with past Jedi, just that Rey get's very frustrated and a bit too careless with her lightsaber causing trees to fall and one to damage BB-8.

  • Rey, Finn and Poe reconnect when the Falcon lands at the jungle base. We see members of the resistance running to put out a fire and we see that it's coming from the Falcon. Its damage incurred as a result of lightspeed skipping. This makes Rey very upset with Poe.

  • The combined forces of Palpatine and the First Order are apparently called out as the "Final Order"

  • Luke was apparently searching for Exogol, but was unable to obtain a wayfinder to get there.

  • This source says that Rose is little more than a background character. She has some lines throughout but nothing significant, largely motivational “let’s get em!” style lines.

  • Following the meeting where Kylo discusses the First Order spy to a room of officers, "he immediately says Hux's name, but seemingly changes the subject."

  • This person also believes that this meeting is the first time we see Pryde. During the movie he mentions serving Palpatine during the days of the Empire.

  • During Kylo and Rey's Force bond on Passana, as soon as she snaps out of it, Rey draws the attention of some stormtroopers who immediately recognize them but are swiftly handled by locals while the hero team is whisked away by who would eventually be revealed as Lando.

  • During the Passana speeder chase, when the last trooper is dispatched, he hits the speeder the heroes are on flinging everyone into quicksand. During this, Finn shouts to Rey (thinking they're going to die) that he has something to tell her, but they all get sucked down too quickly.

  • When the team is sucked beneath the sand Poe asks Finn and Rey if they’re ok to which 3PO apparently comments “I didn’t hear you mention my name, sir, but I’m also fine.”

  • Down in the tunnels Poe asks what Finn was going to say to Rey in front of everyone but Finn brushes it off saying they can talk about it later. Poe apparently accuses Finn saying something like “what like when I'm not around? Just you and Rey?” But my source says that they don't recall them ever picking that thread back up.

  • While looking for an exit they encounter the sand worm that's been previously mentioned. This source says that it looks more like a viper. They go on to say that there is "no battle, it's just Rey sneaking up to it, noticing a wound, and she uses her life force to heal it. It slithers away revealing a way out like some weird video game encounter."

  • D-O is found on Ochie's ship and is evidently extremely timid. Apparently he belonged to Ochie and was "abused pretty bad". He only speaks when spoken to and tends to shy away from people. BB-8 finds and reboots him.

  • They say that Chewbacca's capture happens a little differently than previously described, "he just wanders off to get Rey and two troopers happen upon him - they may have been knights of Ren. After a little while, Finn goes to locate Chewie and sees him in cuffs boarding a transport and runs to report this to Poe."

  • Rey slices Kylo's wing off during the flip and he crashes.

  • Apparently we find out later in the film that Kylo pushes the transport that Rey thinks Chewie is on away to "push Rey's limits".

  • Zorri's entrance is apparently extremely hostile as she threatens Poe repeatedly, mentioning the price the FO has on his head would recoup the losses he incurred on her.

  • During the hack sequence, 3PO apparently takes shots at R2 when they mention his memory wipe could be restored by him. 3PO has zero confidence in R2's memory banks.

  • After 3PO's memory is wipes he blurts out in a deep voice the translation of the Sith dagger then reboots. He does his standard greeting and asks who everyone is to which Babu Frik is the only one who responds. Later when Babu reappears 3PO claims “I know Babu Frik! He’s one of my oldest friends!” Because his old memory was not yet restored.

  • Zorri and Poe reminisce and she tells him about the medallion, but she tries to get him to leave with her leaving everything behind. She gives it to him later once the area is being assaulted by FO troops.

  • When Rey grabs the dagger in Kylo's quarters on his Star Destroyer, she sees Ochee attacking her parents. They apparently left her on Jakku, ran and are later killed in what appears to be a city setting, not on Jakku according to this person. They're apparently killed because they won't reveal where Rey is.

  • It's not revealed until near the end of the film that Ochee was not sent to kill, but to retrieve Rey.

  • After Hux rescues the heroes on the Star Destroyer, he tells Poe to shoot him in the arm, but Poe shoots him in the leg instead. When asked why he's helping them, Hux replies that he doesn't care if the First Order wins, he just wants Kylo to lose. He's killed by Pryde when he reports the incident as it's too obvious what actually happened.

  • With regards to the location of the Death Star wreckage, "It is called out as Endor, not the Forrest moon though it still seemed a bit debatable. We see Ewoks looking skyward during the planetary celebration, but not during the Endor sequence."

  • On Endor, Jannah her cohorts explain that they were First Order troopers who mutinied during a battle, refusing to fire on civilians and managed to escape on the ship they were in.

  • Rey isn't provided the water skiff she uses to reach the Death Star wreckage, she just takes it and they find her attempting to sail it to the wreck. They were told to wait until dark when the tides die down but Rey won't wait.

  • This source claims that Rey actually interacts with the dark vision of herself on the Death Star after touching the wayfinder. Dark Rey uses her folding lightsaber to trap real Rey's own blade, easily gaining the upper hand and driving home the point of how much more powerful she could be if she submitted to the darkness. After this she snaps back to reality.

  • This person is under the impression that it may be Leia who snaps Rey out of her dark vision. They claim that right after that moment we "skip to her weakened being led out of the command room back at the base and someone comments that it will take everything she has left to reach her son."

  • During Kylo and Rey's duel on the Death Star wreckage, Rey is angrily fighting Kylo. We see her even force push Finn and Jannah out of the zone.

  • This person says that Leia's final word is "Ben" which catches Kylo's attention and is what distracts him long enough for Rey to stab him through the abdomen and subsequently heal him.

  • After Kylo is stabbed, Han shows up out of nowhere. "Not a force ghost, it’s as if he’s standing there alive again." He gives Kylo some words of encouragement and then their conversation very closely mirrors Han's death scene in TFA, including the "I know what I have to do but don't know if I have the strength to do it..." line. He even holds the lightsaber in the same spot but he turns and throws it into the watery wreckage of the Death Star.

  • When Luke catches the lightsaber that Rey throws into the wrecked TIE she used to get to Ahch-to, Luke apparently says something about how something like this shouldn't just be discarded.

  • Some of the young Luke/Leia scenes I previously described are still in tact during the Ahch-to scenes. "Style wise it almost looks like a droid-projection, the content is that it’s Leia's last training session and she’s sparring with Luke but he mentions she stops and quits being a Jedi because she had a vision of her sons fall to the dark side and death."

  • Confirms that both Luke and Leia know Rey is a Palpatine yet choose to train her anyway.

  • When Rey leaves Ahch-to she actually does transmit the path to Exogol to the Resistance. There's initial confusion as they're receiving a transmission from "Red 5" because she leaves in Luke's old x-wing. The Resistance doesn't have sufficient data to actually get there. Apparently Finn discovers that D-O knows the way. Lando leaves on the falcon to get more forces, the rest of the resistance mobilizes with their newfound data and heads after Rey.

  • Porgs are seen on Ahch-to.

  • Right after his memory restoration 3PO exclaims excitedly that he’s about to go on a mission but R2 tells him it already happened to 3PO's confusion.

  • When Rey gets to Exogol she wanders in, meeting zero resistance, and happens upon the Sith throne. Palpatine emerges on the mechanical arm from the side of it revealing "everything to her including that the assassin was meant to retrieve her, never to kill her." They get surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of Palpatine's acolytes.

  • While Palpatine goading Rey into killing him he points out the fleet claiming she could become “Empress Palpatine”

  • Kylo, now Ben, enters Exogol and "gets his ass handed to him by the Knights of Ren" until, about to strike at Palpatine, Rey initiates a bond and gives him Leia's lightsaber.

  • Palpatine apparently speaks about the bond they share and how extremely powerful and rare it is for it to occur. He then sucks their life to restore his and we see his white eyes turn the yellow/orange Sith style.

  • In the skies, Pryde does have the tower turned off but there's no mention of it being bounced around impossible to stop, the resistance just heads to land on the flagship instead.

  • This person was very disappointed by the Sith Troopers, stating that they were "no better than the average Stormtrooper from the original trilogy." That being said, there's many more of them so the landing party is getting slowly overrun while the battle in the sky occurs.

  • The members of the Resistance that are in ships are also having a difficult time due to being outnumbered by the Sith fleet. Poe apparently begins to apologize for something when Lando answers him, basically announcing his arrival. We see an absolutely massive amount of ships directly above the fleet approaching quickly. Filled with new resolve, Finn and Jannah make a suicide attempt at opening a hatch to toss grenades into, destroying the signal transmitter. They succeed.

  • Palpatine sees the arrival of reinforcements and begins to laugh he then "lightning storms a good chunk of [the fleet] out of the sky. Even Poe's X-wing is shut off for a good bit."

  • (Note: Here's what I think people are going to end up discussing most about this post.)

    • Apparently Palpatine does in fact Ben into the ravine, claiming he is the last in the Skywalker line.
    • Rey hears voices such as "Yoda, Luke, Leia, Mace Windu, and others" who give her the strength to stand up. Palpatine tries to lightning her but she blocks it with one of the sabers but it seemingly stalemates them. She then finds the strength to pull the other saber to her making an X formation and this allows her to deflect the lightning back toward him.
    • Palpatine apparently disintegrates and explodes, causing the arena to crumble (This is where new information comes into the picture) but also killing Rey. Ben apparently climbs out of the pit finding a dead Rey and decides to give his life for her. He uses the healing trick to save Rey but draining his life force in the process. Then "there’s a weird fanfic moment where they kiss, and he dies."

  • Lando goes back for Jannah and Finn who are on a star destroyer which is falling out of the air.

  • Babu Frik is also seen in Zorri's ship. Poe's skill in piloting is being matched by Zorri throughout the fight.

  • During the post victory celebration "everyone is catching up with each other, kissing and celebrating. This leads you to see Chewie who hears Maz call to him. You think she's going to ask for a kiss but she says "you deserve this" and hands him a large medal."

  • After seeing everyone kissing Poe apparently gives Zorri a side nod, "insinuating they should head elsewhere for a bit", to which she shakes her helmet "no."

  • The ending described is also slightly different than I had previously been told

    • "Rey didn't disassemble Luke & Leia's lightsabers, she came to the moisture farm to bury them. She now has a black/grey handled lightsaber which she ignites to show a yellow blade. She and BB are the only ones present until a woman appears asking her name to which she says Rey. Rey who? Then, seeing Luke and Leia's ghosts in the distance replies Rey Skywalker as she clearly sees them as the parents she never was able to have. Rey and BB look off at the setting twin suns and the movie ends. I can't recall, but I believe D-O was there too."

Concerning some of the frequently asked questions:

  • Is Anakin in the movie?

    • "He was not at all that I noticed."

  • Is there an explanation of how Palpatine survived ROTJ?

    • "It is pretty ambiguous. He's not really alive. It's pretty horrific in that he's basically a corpse-puppet on some sort of rigging, but he's able to speak through the body via his spirit. He's also "all the souls of the past Sith" in the body. Eventually, he manages to restore life to the body though. I can't recall if they directly mention how the body was still intact, but it was a sort of, horror-mad-scientist lab, so it might not be his original."

  • Do we see any Force ghosts in the movie?

    • [In response to my previous comments that we see Luke and Leia and hear the voices of several others]
    • "You're spot on with the voices. They reach out to Rey in her time of need. You also get Mace Windu, Yoda, and Luke from the more prominent voices I can recall. Correct on the ghost appearances too, although there's a weird ghost-vision scene in which Luke explains he was training Leia and she felt a disturbance. They aren't the ghosts of Luke/Leia, but they are ghostly."

  • Does Kylo/Ben really die in the movie?

    • "The pit doesn't kill him, but that does happen. [Goes on to explain what I wrote above, pretty much verbatim]

  • What about Matt Smith?

    • "I googled Matt Smith, I don’t remember seeing him."

So there you have it. Believe it, don't believe it. Treat it as fact, fiction, rumor or otherwise, it doesn't really matter at this point (if it ever really did). We'll all know the truth soon enough, so this will probably be the last story related post I make about TROS before release. 
I hope you've enjoyed the ride as much as I have. May the Force be with You.

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New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak? Empty Re: New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak?

December 10th 2019, 8:53 pm
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I'll forgive them if they follow this guy's suggestion:

New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak? 20191210
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New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak? Empty Re: New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak?

December 10th 2019, 9:43 pm
This movie will piss off even the Sequel fans I guess.
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New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak? Empty Re: New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak?

December 11th 2019, 5:53 pm
PAWGs are seen on Ahch To
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New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak? Empty Re: New "The Rise of Skywalker" leak?

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