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Elm vs. ILS - Debating Beyond Shadows, Krayt and Luke Empty Elm vs. ILS - Debating Beyond Shadows, Krayt and Luke

September 18th 2023, 11:07 pm

Debate Topic

  • What are the power level and combat conclusions that can be drawn from the Beyond Shadows fight between Abeloth and Luke/Krayt in Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse?

Debate Parameters

  • Each debater will posit an opening argument where they describe what they think can be concluded from the Beyond Shadows fight. They cannot counter each other in their opener.
  • Once each has made their opener, the debate timer of 6 months will commence. The debaters can conclude the debate sooner than this if they choose to. After 6 months the debate will be judged by a mutually agreed upon panel of judges.
  • Within the last month, no new points, arguments or evidence can be represented. Existing arguments can be reiterated and defended. This final month acts a buffer so that each debater has a reasonable amount of time to respond to the final arguments and reiterate their own.
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