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on May 22nd 2020, 9:08 pm
Figured I may as well post this here...

This thread will be dedicated to the canon(ie. post-2014) version of Darth Vader!

Respect Darth Vader (canon) PELvN4d

I will include feats primarily from the comics, and because all published material after 2014 is considered canon in the new system, I will also include some of his more noteworthy feats/accolades from the films, TV shows, guidebooks, and novels.

This thread will be divided into a few main categories:

Part I: Bios
Part II: Powers & Abilities
Part III: Lightsaber Skill & Noteworthy Battles
Part IV: Miscellaneous Showings/Info

So lets get going...

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Respect Darth Vader (canon) Empty Re: Respect Darth Vader (canon)

on May 22nd 2020, 9:08 pm
Part I: Bios

Respect Darth Vader (canon) C1gXAIb

Here are most of Vader's canon bios...

And in terms of Vader's placement in the Imperial hierarchy, he became second only to the Emperor himself in the chain of command:
Palpatine: "This is Lord Vader. He speaks with my voice. A command from him is as a command from me."

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on May 22nd 2020, 9:10 pm
Part II: Powers & Abilities

Respect Darth Vader (canon) DKGbCU8

A common misconception is that Vader's power/potential was nerfed after he sustained his injuries on Mustafar. However, in current canon Vader's power only increased after the events of RotS...
When man and machine were one, he no longer felt the absence of his legs or arms, the pain of his flesh, but the hate remained, and the rage still burned. Those, he never relinquished, and he never felt more connected to the Force than when his fury burned. With an effort of will, he commanded the onboard computer to link the primary respirator to the secondary, and to seal the helmet at the neck, encasing him fully. He was home.

Once, he'd found the armor hateful, foreign, but now he knew better. He realized that he'd always been fated to wear it, just as the Jedi had always been fated to betray their principles. He'd always been fated to face Obi-Wan and fail on Mustafar--and in failing, learn. The armor separated him from the galaxy, from everyone, made him singular, freed him from the needs of the flesh, the concerns of the body that once had plagued him, and allowed him to focus solely on his relationship to the Force.

-Lords of the Sith

Vader's increased connection to the Force is why he was also stated to be Palpatine's most powerful Sith apprentice by "light-years":
...Which puts him solidly above the likes of Dooku and Maul.

Moreover, Vader was stated to be the "most powerful Sith in the galaxy" in the Fallen Order tactical guide:

And Palpatine himself stated that Vader's power was "unparalleled":
Sidious softened his tone. "You are a true Sith, Lord Vader. Your dedication is unerring and your powers unparalleled."


As for Vader's potential...

Leland Chee(a member of the official Lucasfilm storygroup) has stated that grievous injuries, like those sustained by Maul and Vader, do not reduce a character's potential in canon:

Aside from that, Vader's midi-chlorian count was still stated to be 20,000+, and the highest among Jedi/Sith:

And Paul Kemp(writer of Lords of the Sith) spoke a bit on Vader's potential as well:

So by all accounts, his potential was not diminished after RotS -- even Palpatine was still "wary" of it.


With that established, lets move onward...

One of Vader's most commonly known powers is Force-choke. He has used this ability against an array of different opponents...

Orson Krennic:

A Rebel soldier:

Admiral Motti:

Admiral Ozzel (via hologram):

Jabba the Hutt:

Doctor Aphra:

General Tagge:

An Imperial officer:

A member of the Rebellion:


Another Imperial officer:

Another Imperial officer:

Jedi Kirak Infil'a:

Another Imperial officer:

A Stormtrooper:

Multiple Imperial officers:

A Mon Cala officer:

A Bounty Hunter:

Another Stormtrooper:

Another Imperial officer:


However, Vader is obviously not limited to chokes. He also has some other impressive displays of general TK as well...

Just after stepping foot off the operating table in RotS, Vader uses TK to hurl Palpatine himself against a wall, hold him there, and seemingly begin to Force choke him:

Freezes an AT-AT, lifts it slightly, then begins crushing it:

Uses TK to lift two AT-STs after they had fallen onto him:

Uses TK to pick up an AT-ST, and casually hurl it into a lava river:

Uses TK to destroy the engines of an Imperial shuttle, and drop it out of the sky:

Uses TK to destroy a ship's engines an pull it out of the sky:

Uses TK to part a river of lava:

Uses TK to part a large body of water:

Uses TK to momentarily prevent an ocean's-worth of water from killing he and the Inquisitorius:

Brings down a building around Chewbacca:

Uses TK to freeze two Inquisitors, and forces them to impale themselves with each other's sabers:

Freezes an opponent so that he cannot avoid an incoming blaster bolt:

Lifts a large pile of debris:

Redirects incoming rockets:

Redirects/detonates the incoming torpedoes from a squadron of X-Wings:

Uses TK to redirect flames:

Uses large rubble to destroy a few A-Wings:

Uses TK to begin dragging Luke's X-Wing towards him:

Uses a TK gesture to fling several Stormtroopers away:

Will use his own Stormtroopers as meat-shields:

Rips apart a security droid:

Uses TK to prevent an explosive from detonating until he cleared the area:

Uses TK to catch Jocasta Nu mid-air:

Uses TK to destroy the weapons of multiple Bounty Hunters:

After a Jedi starfighter exploded, Vader used TK to piece it back together:


And here are a few instances of Vader overtaking the minds of a few opponents...

Uses the Force to compel Cylo's robotic space whale to fly into a nearby star:

Uses the Force to compel a Mustafarian leader to kill himself:

Compels stone creatures to do his bidding:

Uses the Force to compel a Kraken-esque monster to do his bidding:

Compels a space crab to kill one of his Imperial officers:

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on May 22nd 2020, 9:11 pm
Part III: Lightsaber Skill & Noteworthy Battles

Respect Darth Vader (canon) C3i4YqF

Vader is canonically listed as the #1 red lightsaber wielder(above even Sidious himself):

As such, Vader is easily one of the most skilled swordsmen(and overall most powerful beings) in the entire mythos. Here are some of his more noteworthy showings...

Even Maul as of Rebels states that he cannot defeat Vader alone:

vs. Rebels Ahsoka:

*And keep in mind that as of TCW S07, at only 17 years old, Ahsoka was already in Maul's tier ... And 15 years later(during Rebels), Ahsoka was stated to be "vastly more skilled" than she was during TCW:
...Yet Vader still beat her decisively.

vs. Kanan+Ezra:

vs. all of Cylo's technologically enhanced soldiers:

vs. an entire Squadron of Rebels:

vs. Commander Karbin(who was modeled after General Grievous):

vs. Cylo's "twins":

vs. Cylo's massively enhanced Rancor:

vs. Rur(an ancient Jedi whose essence was awakened in a droid body):

vs. The Grand Inquisitor:

vs. The Inquisitorius:

vs. Ferren Barr:

vs. Eeth Koth:

vs. Bounty Hunters:

vs. a city-sized, Kaiju-esque monster:

vs. his biggest fangirl (lol):


Obviously Vader is adept at deflecting blaster bolts(from multiple opponents) as well...

Deflects the blaster fire of a Rebel tank:

Deflects the blaster fire from multiple guards at Jabba's palace:

Deflects the blaster fire of multiple Super Battle Droids:

Deflects the blaster fire from several of Cylo's guards:

Deflects Chewbacca's sniper shots:

Deflects the blaster fire from multiple Rebels:

Deflects the blaster fire from multiple Mon Cala guards:

Deflects the blaster fire from multiple Bounty Hunters:


That being said, Vader does not require a lightsaber to block blaster fire -- he can do so with the Force alone. Examples...


Vader can also throw his lightsaber(Mjolnir-style) to take out ranged opponents...

Uses a saber-throw to drop an A-Wing:

Seemingly uses a saber-throw to drop an AT-AT:

Uses a saber-throw to kill Cylo's modified Rancor:

Uses a saber-throw to drop a speeding X-Wing out of the sky:

*And for a point of reference, an X-Wing's in-atmosphere flight speed is 652mph:
...So that's one helluva throw.


Additionally, Vader can use Force-shielding to block certain attacks...

Shields he and Aphra when a cave wall was dropped on them:

Shields himself from a flamethrower:

Shields from the stone creatures' attacks:

Shields himself from an explosion:

Shields himself after getting a lake of lava dumped on him:


In Jedi: Fallen Order, Vader is portrayed with a sense of absolute power. He shows up at the end and slaughters the Second Sister(who is absolutely terrified of him), gestures Cere Junda away with a casual wave of his hand, effortlessly 'catches' a turbine Cal was trying to throw on him, starts bringing down the entire room he and Cal are in, utterly demolishes Cal with the Force, walks through all of Cere's Force attacks, and then holds back the ocean water as it begins flooding the base:

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on May 22nd 2020, 9:13 pm
Part III: Lightsaber Skill & Noteworthy Battles (continued)

Respect Darth Vader (canon) JiM2MfV

It should go without saying, but Vader is an extremely gifted pilot as well...

Solos an entire squadron of Rebel X-Wings:

Was disappointed by the performance of one of his Star Destroyers, so he destroyed it instead:

Takes out a squad of clone pilots:

Out-pilots the planetary defense systems of Coruscant:

Picks apart another squadron of Rebel X-Wings:

In fact, Vader's pre-cog(which he calls "double vision") enabled him to successfully pilot a Star Destroyer through the Unknown Regions, while moving through hyperspace at FTL speeds:
Stretching out to the Force, Vader keyed the hyperdrive.
Double vision: a cometary object approaching the starboard bow--
Not seriously dangerous, but a tweak of the course heading avoided any potential trouble. Ahead, he sensed the boundary of the Mokivj system as the Chimaera once more entered interstellar space.
Double vision: a large, star-sized object above the ship--
Again, a small touch on the drive avoided the risk of collision. Two more stars flashed past, without triggering any warning.
Double vision: the ship angling to portside--
Vader let his mind sink deeper into the Force.
Double vision: the ship angling to portside--
He touched the controls again, realigning the Chimaera onto the vector in his vision. He'd never done this before, but it seemed he could indeed do it.
Double vision: a white dwarf star directly ahead--
Once again, he adjusted course, and settled in for the long journey ahead.

-Thrawn: Alliances

Why is piloting a ship that large, moving that fast through the Unknown Regions impressive? Because as Thrawn explained, the Unknown Regions are... Chaotic, to say the least:
"I understood travel into the Unknown Regions was difficult."

"Indeed," Thrawn said. "The hyperlanes are few and not easy to traverse. But system jumps are possible if a traveler has sufficient time and is content with traversing limited distances."

"And if one was not content with limited distances?"

"One would need a careful study of the border," Thrawn said. "Millennia ago a set of chained supernova explosions throughout this particular region threw planet- and moonsized masses at high speeds across the stars. The movements of those masses continually alter the hyperlanes, changing the paths in ways that are difficult to calculate. Other phenomena in other parts of the border created similar barriers. The hyperlanes that remain largely intact are beset with other dangers."

-Thrawn: Alliances

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on May 22nd 2020, 9:14 pm
Part IV: Miscellaneous Showings/Info

Respect Darth Vader (canon) JpJEaRL

Vader's armor is equipped with magnetic clamps that make it possible for him to stay attached to a ship's hull. His armor is also completely sealed, allowing him to survive in space otherwise unaided:

Vader's optics have different settings that allow him to see across multiple spectrums:

If his armor is damaged, Vader is able to use the Force to 'assimilate' nearby tech in order to repair it:

Being a remarkable engineer himself, Vader naturally made his own adjustments/modifications to the armor:

Cylo managed to build a 'kill switch' into Vader's armor that completely disabled it. However, through sheer force of will(and power), Vader was able to animate himself despite the armor being completely deactivated, and kill Cylo:


When it comes down to it, Vader's armor is immensely durable, and has considerable physical strength as well...

After C-3PO released a planetary EMP that was supposed to have crippled anything with circuits, Vader was left explicitly weakened... Yet he still proceeded to tank the destruction of the entire planet with compromised armor:

Withstands a full scale assault from BT-1 at point blank range:

Soaks Palpatine's Force Lightning:

Withstands an actual lightning strike(with heavily compromised/damaged armor) and proceeds to Force choke Tarkin:

Unscathed after a ship detonates in his face:

Tanks the explosion of a factory:

Physically matches Chewbacca, with heavily damaged/compromised armor:

Physically demolishes the Guardian Protector droid at the Jedi Temple:


After obtaining a kyber crystal from the fallen Jedi Kirak Infil'a, Vader "bleeds" the crystal to turn it red:


Just because it's a badass scene...

Vader is able to use the dark side locus on Mustafar to open up a portal in time/space and peer behind the proverbial veil:


Due to Vader's continuous slaughtering of Tusken Raiders over the years, they actually began to worship him as a sort of death God:

There are a few other tidbits I will probably add later, but that's about it for now...

RESPEK!!! Respect Darth Vader (canon) Uydhcd6
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on May 23rd 2020, 2:10 am
Great work!
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on May 23rd 2020, 2:56 am
Up. This was a colossal undertaking. You made an old Vader wanker proud

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on May 23rd 2020, 7:04 am
Thanks, guys!
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