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Raskta Lsu vs Ven Zallow - Page 5 Empty Re: Raskta Lsu vs Ven Zallow

December 16th 2020, 6:32 am
@KingKopecz ILS is right, during Rule of Two, Tython was, indeed, a Dark Side nexus.

Darth Bane: Rule of Two wrote:Bane didn't know if the legend was true, but even if it was, it merely proved the superiority of the dark side and its inevitable conquest of the light. For though the followers of Ashla had supposedly defeated the followers of Boga, the dark side had prevailed in the end. Tython, revered by many as the birthplace of the Jedi Order itself, was now a bastion of dark side power, and the location of Bella Darzu's hidden fortress.

Raskta Lsu vs Ven Zallow - Page 5 Empty Re: Raskta Lsu vs Ven Zallow

December 17th 2020, 4:20 pm
HeartoftheForce wrote:
Moving faster than a bunch of trained Sith could see. Meanwhile Deceived Malgus is perceptible to base humans.

Raskta would demolish Zallow. And Malgus as well, given that Zallow's inferior speed stymied him. Raskta would be able to lock him down and prevent him from using his force powers and vivisect him.  

Raskta wins.

Satele Shan demonstrated such a level of speed in Hope that she landed on the ground when a Sith Warrior was in the process of moving his blade to execute Jace Malcom and knocked out this Sith Warrior as well as his companions with a blast of power before Sith Warrior's blade could land on Jace. She is operating on a level of speed that is virtually imperceptible to well-trained Sith Warriors in open duels as well as to anything else that moved:

Raskta Lsu vs Ven Zallow - Page 5 Satele-speed-blitz-Hope-Cinematic

She is literally speed-blitzing anybody (and anything) who is unfortunate enough to be on the receiving-end of her blade and her action sequences are demonstrated using time-slowing effects so that the audience can understand what is happening on-screen.

When those time-slowing effects are removed, it is suddenly apparent that [all] Sith Warriors were wielding a blade like a PRO and producing blurring effects with them:

Raskta Lsu vs Ven Zallow - Page 5 Sith-Warriors-attack-Hope-Cinematic


Raskta Lsu vs Ven Zallow - Page 5 Anakin-And-Obi-Wan-Spin-Their-Lightsabers-Pointlessly-For-2-Minutes

You may argue that both Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are supposed to be faster in comparison but same is true for Satele Shan and by a long shot (cue time-slowing effects to capture her battle sequences and speed-blitzes). Satele is one of the fastest Force-users [ever].

The soldiers shown are all members of the Republic's finest Havoc Squad (best of the best). Each had exceptional skills for (hand-to-hand) combat situations, equipped with sophisticated motion-sensing technologies to obtain locks on desired targets, excellent body armor, and desired gear, to hold their own in the battlefield. You can notice sophisticated droids in the battlefield and they were also getting knocked out in the course of documented engagements. Those droids are/were much better armed and capable than the standard issue B1 and B2 witnessed in The Clone Wars... technological advances in Star Wars are not like in real life on many counts.

So why all this?

THIS => Darth Malgus was able to handle Satele Shan in a duel and even managed to disarm her in spite of her own extraordinary skills with a Lightsaber.

Now let us consider the class of Sith Warriors who raided the Jedi Temple (Sacking of Coruscant); each was battle-hardened and honed by years of warfare and handpicked for the mission - the cream of the crop (50 in total). Master Ven Zallow was also battle-hardened, and fast and skilled to the extent, that he had no trouble cutting down multiple Sith Warriors of such caliber, and it takes Darth Malgus to overwhelm him.

Your contention does not holds, my friend. Zallow also scale from numerous speed-based arguments and more.

It is really difficult to establish who is faster than whom in cross-era comparisons, and it is important to understand that developers are not looking forward to expand on how fast a Force-user moves when pressed as a routine - they are trying to tell a story on the other hand. None of us would be able to see and perceive what is happening [in-game] otherwise - if some of the descriptions are considered and taken at face value.

In Star Wars lore, many living beings have access to STIMS and what not to perceive and interact with things that normal humans will not be able to in theory; it helps to assume the obvious.
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