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Level Three
Level Three

SS - The Alliance Commander (xSupremeSkillz) vs Darth Caedus (The Ellimist) Empty SS - The Alliance Commander (xSupremeSkillz) vs Darth Caedus (The Ellimist)

July 18th 2021, 6:45 pm
Suspect Showdown
SS - The Alliance Commander (xSupremeSkillz) vs Darth Caedus (The Ellimist) Suspec10

(Star Wars: The Old Republic: Echoes of Oblivion)
(Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Invincible)

The debate follows all formal and informal policies of Lucas Licensing as of September 2012, including the internal continuity rankings of the Holocron. The rules include but are not limited to, specific parts of the following: In addition:

  • Quotes are binding and have no expiration date unless directly or subtextually contradicted. For the latter, such a case will be made within the debate itself.
  • Feats take precedent over directly contradicted statements. A feat indisputably showing X is greater than Y overrides a statement stating Y is greater than X.

There will be three main posts per side in addition to a concluding post from each, and a maximum of 2 weeks in which to release a post. No character limits will be enforced.
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