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Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking Empty Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking

September 11th 2020, 8:33 pm
[Description: Jacen Solo flow-walks into the future to save Raynar Thul and co.]

Jacen began a slow breathing exercise. The harsh smell burned his nostrils at first and threatened to make him nauseous, but as he centered himself in the Force and slowly detached from his emotions, the odor grew less biting, its implications less painful. He placed a hand on the wall and imagined it growing warm under his touch. 

The staleness seemed to fade from the air inside the wreck, then the smell of old soot turned to the acrid bite of smoke. Jacen's eyes started to water as he looked back through the Force. His lungs were racked by an endless fit of coughing, and the cabin grew hot and orange. Where he was touching the wall, his palm began to sting and blister. He held it in place and looked over his shoulder. 

The flight deck was hidden behind a curtain of smoke and rolling flame. Geysers of fire retardant rose from the ceiling nozzles, creating swirling ghosts of pink fog. Howls of human anguish drowned out the scream of buckling metal. 

A single figure crawled out of the smoke, hairless and coughing and blistered raw. His face was unrecognizable, but four gashes ran diagonally across his chest, the wound hanging half open where the fleshglue had dissolved in the heat. One hand trailed behind, dragging a pair of levitated shapes along by their cloak collars. The two shapes were still burning, writhing in the air and flailing against each other in their pain. 

Smoke began to rise from beneath Jacen's palm, and the smell of cooking flesh filled the air. He kept his hand pressed against the wall. Pain no longer troubled him. Pain was his servant; he had learned that from Vergere. 

The crawling figure reached the hatchway and paused, turning in Jacen's direction. The face was too scorched and swollen to recognize, but the eyes belonged to Raynar, questioning and proud and so terribly naive. The two of them locked gazes for a moment, then Raynar cocked his head in confusion and started to open his mouth... 

Jacen pulled his hand from the wall. The figures vanished instantly, returning him to a flight deck filled with the stale smell of ash and clouds of pink dust.


"Jacen investigated the Crash," Leia said. "He saw you pull Welk and Lomi out of the flames." 

The Unu fell deathly quiet, and Raynar's gaze swung to Leia. "Saw us?" 

"Through the Force," she clarified. 

"Yes-we remember." Raynar nodded and closed his eyes. "He was there... on the bridge... for just a moment." 
"You saw Jacen?" Han gasped. 

"That's impossible," Leia said. "He would have had to reach across time-" 

"We saw Jacen. He gave us the strength to continue... to pull them..." Suddenly Raynar stopped and turned toward the center of the nursery. "Where is Lomi?"

(Star Wars: Dark Nest I - The Joiner King)

Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking Empty Re: Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking

September 11th 2020, 8:33 pm
[Description: Jacen Solo flow-walks into the future to talk to Leia, Han, and co.]

But this time, the Force opened itself to him in its own way. Instead of the smoke and scorched flesh he had smelled on the flight deck, the odor it brought down to him was fresh and fragrant and familiar, a smell he had known since childhood. 

Jacen looked up at the crater rim and was puzzled to find an image of his mother there, frowning across the gap at the Flier's blast-pocked hull. She was wearing a white blouse with a brown skirt and vest that reminded Jacen of his father's swashbuckling style, right down to the holstered blaster hanging on her hip. There were some new strands of gray hair and a few more laugh lines around her mouth, but she looked healthy and content, and Jacen's heart leapt at the sight of her. The last time he had seen her face had been over five standard years ago, before leaving on his odyssey of self-discovery, and he was astonished at the joy even a vision of it brought to him. 

Jacen swallowed his surprise and tried instead to simply concentrate on what the Force was revealing to him. He knew that she was not actually standing there now, but at some other time. And, since his mother was the only figure he could see, she was probably the link to discovering what had become of Raynar. 

She turned to someone he could not see, then asked, "What happened to the crew?" 

There was a pause while she listened to the reply. Jacen could imagine only one thing that would bring his parents this deep into the Unknown Regions, the heart of the Colony itself. They had to be looking for the strike team. 

His mother looked back to the Flier. "I mean the rest of the crew. We know Raynar survived." 

Jacen had his answer, but he was not ready to release the vision-not yet. He looked up at his mother's image, reaching out to her in the Force to strengthen their contact. 


Her gaze dropped toward Jacen's voice, then she furrowed her brow and reached out, as though grasping for someone's arm. "Jacen has been here." 
Has. So they were still behind him. 

The guide snapped its mandibles next to Jacen's ear. "Bubu ruu bu?" 

"No one. Sorry." Continuing to hold the vision through the Force, Jacen finally took the helmet and flight suit. "Okay. Where am I going?" 

The guide replied that Jacen wouldn't recognize the name of the system. It was on the Chiss frontier. 

Up on the crater rim, the vision of his mother frowned. "Jacen? I'm having trouble hearing you." 

Jacen ignored her and continued to speak to the guide. "Humor me. In case something happens and I need to find my own way." 

The navigator spread its antennae. "Burubu," it answered. "Ur bu Brurr rubur." 

"Jacen?" His mother's face grew pale. "How? You're not-" 

"I'm fine, Mom," he said. "I'll see you soon." 

The guide turned a bulbous eye toward the crater rim. 

"Qoribu," Jacen said, looking up at his mother. "In the Gyuel system."


A familiar touch came to Leia through the Force, one that she knew instantly and certainly to be her son's, and she found herself looking away from their puzzled guide into the bottom of the crater. There, standing outside the burrow in a dirt-and soot - stained flight suit, was Jacen. 

Or, rather, a vision of Jacen. The Flier's hull was still visible behind him, as was the mouth of the burrow. 

He smiled and said, "Hello." 

The blood drained from Leia's head, and she had to grab Han's arm to steady herself. "Jacen's been here." 

"What?" Han peered into the crater. "I don't see anything." 

Luke saved her the trouble of explaining. "The Force, Han. She's having a vision." 

Han's voice immediately grew wary. "Great. Just what we need. First, Force-calls, now Force-visions." 

"Quiet, Solo," Mara said. "Don't interfere." 

Jacen said something Leia could not hear, then a helmet and X-wing flight suit appeared in his hands. 

"Jacen," Leia said, frowning. "I'm having trouble hearing you." 

Jacen spoke again, but still she could not hear him. 

"Jacen?" Leia felt the color drain from her face. "How? You're not-" 

"I'm fine, Mom," he said. "I'll see you soon." 

"Uh-oh," Han said beside Leia. His hand tightened around her arm. "Looks like someone's been listening in." 

Leia glanced over and saw three more deep blue insects pushing through the crowd gathered along the crater rim. They were clearly coming toward the Solo-Skywalker group, but Leia was not ready to leave yet. Jacen was still standing in the bottom of the crater, looking up at her. 

"Qoribu," he said. "In the Gyuel system."


"Jacen told you the system name?" Mara asked from the pilot's seat. 

"That's right," Leia said. "He looked straight at me and said it. Why?" 

"That is a strange kind of vision," Saba said. 

"More of a sending," Luke agreed. "But across time instead of space." 

The three Masters fell silent, leaving Han and Leia to look at each other in puzzlement. 

Finally, Han said, "I don't get it. What's the problem?" 

"I've never heard of a Jedi using the Force that way," Luke said. 

"So he's creative," Han asked. "He's my kid. What'd you expect?" 

"I think I understand," Leia said, beginning to sound worried. "The future is always in motion..." 

"But not yourz," Saba said. "When Jacen spoke acrosz time, you became destined to be there." 

"He fixed your future," Luke said. "At least for those few moments." 

Leia was silent for a moment, then said, "Well, I seem to have survived it. And my future is my own again."
"I don't like it," Mara said. "Not at all. What exactly was he learning while he was gone?"

(Star Wars: Dark Nest I - The Joiner King)

Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking Empty Re: Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking

September 11th 2020, 8:33 pm
[Description: Jacen Solo flow-walks to the past to see Anakin Skywalker during Order 66.]

Jacen knew exactly where he was now, and it scared him. He had a finely tuned sense of where he was in space. Had he rolled back time by fifty-nine years to this exact distance from the planet's core, this exact distance from the planet's north pole, this very point in three dimensions, he would have been walking with his grandfather Anakin Skywalker.

But I can walk back in time.

Jacen could time-drift. He was almost too afraid to. But he did, almost without thinking. As he projected himself into the past and merged with its reality, he saw a young blond Jedi with his lightsaber drawn, flanked by troops in white armor. Jacen was looking at him from behind. He could see the muscles in his jaw twitching as his head turned, seeking something: he could feel his dread and determination.

Nobody spoke. They were searching, all of them looking to one side then the other, aiming rifles and lowering them a little. Something terrible was happening.


Anakin Skywalker held his lightsaber two-handed, and for a moment Jacen was one with his grandfather's emotions. He was overwhelmed by a dread and reluctance-the same dread and reluctance he had felt himself when Lumiya told him his destiny. Jacen felt, too, a crushing sense of something terrible and deadly about to happen.

He hung back. He'd been spotted while time-drifting before and had been forced to withdraw. But he had to stay with this. He hardly dared think ahead.

I might be able to ask him. I might be able to ask Grandfather about his own fall to the Sith.

This would be his answer about his own path.

He touched Anakin's emotions again, comparing them with his own, and then he felt something that was not within him at all: it was desperate, terrified loss. For a second he couldn't identify it. Then it settled and became clear in the form of a tight sensation in his throat and the pressure of tears behind his eyes that stung and burned. It was very like the brief misery he had felt when he left Tenel Ka and his daughter. Anakin was facing separation from Padme, and was terrified by it.

But it wasn't a moment's emotion for his grandfather: it was the whole of him. Anakin had been driven to the dark side by agonized love. The revelation stunned Jacen because it was so narrow and so... selfish. Relief flooded him.

This is different. That isn't what I feel, or what's driving me.

And right then he wanted to talk to his grandfather more than anything he could imagine. It was a burst of love for a man he had never known-a man who had helped bring balance to the Force.

You're insane. You're going too far. Don't even think about influencing the past

But he had absolutely no idea what the past really was, right up to the point where he saw the younglings approach Anakin, scared but clutching their lightsabers, telling him there were too many soldiers for them to drive off. Anakin stared down at them. Then he drew his own saber and Jacen tasted absolute grief and shame and duty.

He was hunting Jedi. He was killing them somehow for Padme's sake. His reasoning was vivid and focused. Jacen knew that Anakin had done this, but seeing it-feeling it-living it-was agonizingly new and shocking because the emotion was so desperately animal in its intensity.

No, I'm not feeling this. It's one of Lumiya's vile tricks. I'm not seeing this.

Then one of the armored troopers appeared, raising his rifle, and Jacen jerked himself out of time and back to the present, heart pounding.


(Star Wars: Legacy of the Force - Bloodlines)

Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking Empty Re: Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking

September 12th 2020, 2:09 am
[Description: Jacen Solo flow-walks to the past to view Jedi Council meetings concerning Anakin Skywalker.]

Even the Jedi council had its business hours. Jacen always found that amusingly unspiritual. He could enter the Temple at any time, but he needed to be in the council chamber itself, and that required a little deception.

It also needed a massive Force effort from him, because he had to make himself invisible at the same time as shutting down his Force presence and flow-walking back in time. He doubted he could hold all three elements together for long. He had to enter the chamber, listen and look into the past, and leave no trace of his visit.

Jacen, back in his traditional robes again, wandered around the Temple archives room browsing the datafiles until there were only a few Jedi left reading at the terminals. They would hardly notice that he had disappeared among the shelves and not walked past them again. Concentrating on his body as if it were a shell, he used the Fallanassi skills he had learned to project an illusion of being nothing, of having transparency, and drew his Force presence so far inside himself that he vanished to all Jedi senses. A woman lost in thought while she stared unblinking at a screen took no notice of him when he sat down next to her. Now he could walk into the council chamber itself, unseen-he hoped.

The Temple, whose rebuilding had struck Jacen as a needlessly expensive statement of power, was now working in his favor. He had marshaled the courage to look into his grandfather's past again, and this was the place he needed to be to do that, on the site of the very chamber where Anakin Skywalker's fate had been decided. He slipped through the doors and stood within the circle.

The inlaid marble floor was said to be identical to the one on which Anakin would have walked. Jacen stared at it, wondering if he might see the floor through Anakin's eyes. He had felt his emotions. And he had seen through his own mother's eyes; it might be possible to do both at once.


He felt the soles of his boots become part of the marble as if he were growing into the polished slabs like a tree. His head buzzed. Snatches of conversation washed over him until-like picking out the sound of his own name in the crowded, noisy room-he heard Anakin.

He felt as if he were braking on a long slide down a hillside. He felt the jolt in his mind, and the sounds in his head became clear. He didn't recognize the voices, but he could easily work out who some of them were.

"So is he the Chosen One?"

"Qui-Gon believes so."

"But what do we believe?"

"Skywalker is exceptional, but he's past the age of being trained."

"But is he the Chosen One?"

"If he is, then training him becomes irrelevant. He will either find his path or not."

"A logical argument you make, but direction is needed."

"Then who will train him? Who can train him? Perhaps nobody can take on the challenge."

"But if we do not train him, regret it we may."

"And none of us can take on a Padawan, and we have more pressing problems to deal with."

The last speaker was Mace Windu. Jacen recognized him from recordings, and his heart sank at how easily they had abdicated responsibility for Anakin considering that he was the Chosen One. Jacen sought parallels, more clues to where Anakin had gone astray on his path to show him the pitfalls to avoid.

This time he needed to see what had happened. He shut out the time-echoes of the voices again and slipped into a corner where he could hide if his Force-invisibility failed as he flow-walked into the past. The effort of sustaining all the techniques at once was making him sweat.

His head pounded and the image of the chamber blurred for a moment, but then it cleared and Jacen felt as if he had woken with a start. The Council sat in their ceremonial seats or appeared as holograms, and one of those present in the flesh was Anakin Skywalker, now a young man, and a very angry one. He was standing in the center of the chamber in a black cloak, arguing with Mace Windu and Yoda.

"Allow this appointment lightly, the Council does not. Disturbing is this move by Chancellor Palpatine."

"You are on this Council, but we do not grant you the rank of Master."

"What? How can you do this? This is outrageous! It's unfair! I'm more powerful than any of you. How can you be on the Council and not be a Master?"

"Take a seat, young Skywalker . . ."

Jacen watched for a few moments and both pitied and understood Anakin, and knew that he wasn't following his path, not at all. Poor Grandfather: gifted, exceptional, dismissed, barely tolerated, largely untrained, abandoned. No wonder he resorted to crazed, desperate violence. Had he received the training that Jacen had, if he had been able to perfect his powers and experience all uses of the Force-even those the Jedi academy shied away from teaching-then the galaxy might have been a very different place.

I'm the second chance.

The Jedi Council dropped the ball. And they paid for it.

Jacen had accepted his Sith destiny, but now he understood not only that it had to happen, but why. Everything in his life had led to this point because Anakin Skywalker's destiny had been subverted and warped by well-meaning but blind Masters, sending him off on a tangent to do a flawed Palpatine's bidding instead of realizing his own full power.

I'm more powerful than any of you.

It was a boy's expression of anger, but it was true. And, as history repeated itself because it had no other choice, Jacen was more powerful than any of them except Luke. And he was growing closer to Luke's strength by the day.

When he achieved Sith Mastery, he would surpass him. He hadn't yet thought how Luke and he would coexist after that point had been reached. For a brief and tempting moment Jacen considered Force-walking into the future, as he had done before, but his instinct said to leave it alone for the time being.

(Star Wars: Legacy of the Force - Bloodlines)

Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking Empty Re: Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking

September 12th 2020, 2:09 am
[Description: Jacen Solo flow-walks with Tahiri Veila to the past so that she can give Anakin Solo a kiss.]

The scream and roar of combat began to reverberate through the empty grashal, and wisps of battle smoke materialized in the green beams of their helmet lamps. Jacen- now Darth Caedus, he reminded himself - continued to pull into the past, one glove clamped around the arm of Tahiri's pressure suit, the other anchored to the rim of a blaster-pitted gestation bin. The brown stains on the bin's exterior grew wet and red, and crouching forms started to manifest in the surrounding darkness.

As he drew more heavily on the Force, the sallow light of glow-lichen began to shine down through the thickening smoke, revealing the cloning lab in which Jacen's brother, Anakin, had died. Where there had been only barren vacuum a few moments before, now a pulsing jungle of white nutrient vines corkscrewed up from the gestation bins that lined the grashal floor. Streaks of color and darkness were flashing past in both directions, the air swirling with razor bugs and the floor shaking with grenade detonations.

"I hope I'm ready for this, "Tahiri said. Over the suit comm, her voice sounded brittle and uncertain. "Maybe my first flow-walk shouldn't have been into the middle of a battle."

Jacen knew it was not the battle that made Tahiri nervous, but he saw no advantage in forcing her to admit it. "We'll be fine, "he said. "We're ghosts here. Even if a Yuuzhan Vong sees us, he can't do us harm."

"It's us doing harm that worries me, "Tahiri replied "What if we change something we shouldn't - something that alters the present?"

"That's unlikely." Actually, Jacen should have said impossible. Any change they made in the past would be corrected by the Force, and the flow would return to its present course. But he did not explain that to Tahiri. He needed her to believe they were taking a small but terrible chance, risking temporal catastrophe to deal with her unresolved grief. "I won't let you do anything wrong. Just relax."

"Unlikely isn't very relaxing, "Tahiri replied. "Not when you're talking about the fate of the galaxy."

"Trust me, "Jacen said. "I've been flow-walking for years, and the galaxy hasn't come to an end yet."

"Not that we know of."

Tahiri turned toward the back of the grashal, where Anakin and the rest of the strike team were fighting through a breach in the wall. Their brown jumpsuits were blood-crusted and tattered, and their faces were haggard with fear and exhaustion - yet also tight with determination and resolve. This had been the objective of their mission, the cloning lab where the Yuuzhan Vong created the voxyn that had killed so many Jedi, and they would not leave until it was destroyed.The Force began to hum with Tahiti's anger and sadness, and her hand drifted toward her lightsaber. Jacen could sense how she ached to do more than give Anakin the final kiss she had denied him at the time - how she longed to ignite her weapon and somehow prevent his approaching death.

A trio of thermal grenades detonated overhead, filling the dome with orange brilliance and spraying hot shrapnel in all directions. Nutrient vines fell in ropes of fire, and Yuuzhan Vong dropped to the floor in writhing heaps. Tahiri cringed and turned to dive for cover, but Jacen jerked her back. Shrapnel flew past without striking the pair, and flames licked at their pressure suits without melting anything.

"I told you we can't be harmed here, "Jacen said.

"You also told me it was a coincidence we crossed paths on Anakin's anniversary day, "Tahiri replied. "That doesn't mean I believe you."

Jacen frowned behind his visor. "You think I arranged to bump into you?"

"Come on, Jacen, "Tahiri said. "I'm a smart girl."

Jacen hesitated, wondering how much she knew about what he had done a week earlier, whether she had linked their trip here to his aunt's murder on Kavan. It was foolish to think he could kill the wife of Luke Skywalker and avoid discovery indefinitely, yet he had to. Jacen had foreseen that the Confederation's boldness would soon put victory within the Alliance's grasp - but only if the Jedi did not interfere with his plans.

After a moment, Jacen said, "Okay, let's say I did arrange it. Why did you come?"

"Because I was tempted, "Tahiri answered. "And I want to find out what you need from me."

"I don't need anything, "Jacen lied. "I just thought this might help you move on."

"You expect me to believe that?"

"It's for Anakin, too, "Jacen said. "I think my brother deserves this much.... don't you?"

A guilty ripple rolled through the Force. "Not fair!" Tahiri protested. "And I still don't believe you."

Jacen raised the shoulders of his pressure suit in an awkward shrug. "Does that mean you don't want to go through with this?"

Tahiri sighed. "You know better than that."

"Then you have to trust my instructions, "Jacen said "You can't react to the past. The more you become a part of it, the more likely you are to be seen - and the more power it has to harm you."

"Okay, I understand." Over the suit comm, it was difficult to tell whether Tahiri's tone was resentful or embarrassed. "It won't happen again."


Jacen turned back to the battle, where the momentary silence that had followed the grenade explosions had been shattered by screaming blaster bolts and droning razor bugs. In the back of the grashal, Anakin was just rising to his feet as the strike team took advantage of the enemy's disarray to overrun the cloning lab. When Jacen saw his own figure dodging through the battle, he remembered how sad he had been for his wounded brother, how wrong it had seemed for the war to take such a noble young life It was like watching himself in a home holo, wondering how he could ever have been so naive. Perhaps, once he united the galaxy, such idealism would no longer seem quite so foolish.

The boom of a longblaster sounded outside the grashal, then a trio of Jedi came rushing inside. The young Tahiri - then just fifteen - was in the lead. Her blond hair billowed behind her; the scars suffered during her imprisonment among the Yuuzhan Vong were still red on her forehead. She and the others had barely cleared the breach before a ball of yellow-orange fire followed them inside and exploded.

The shock wave hurled the Jedi in three different directions, but they quickly used the Force to bring their trajectories under control and come down safely. Young Tahiri tucked herself into a front roll and disappeared behind a gestation bin, then emerged from the other end returning to her feet. Anakin was already rushing to her side, his free hand cupped over his abdomen, his jaw clenched against the pain of his wound.

The voice of the older Tahiri came over the suit comm. "We need to move closer."

"Fine, but stay in contact with me or the current will carry you off." Still holding Tahiti's arm, Jacen started toward his brother and the young Tahiri. "And whatever you do, don't open your pressure suit. Our presences are still anchored in our own time, so you'll decompress."

"Thanks for the warning, "Tahiri replied drily. "But I had kind of guessed."

Anakin and young Tahiri were now crouching together behind a gestation bin. Had his brother survived this battle, the pair would almost certainly have become lovers and then married. He sometimes wondered how that might have changed things, whether that extra bit of happiness and stability could somehow have kept the galaxy from spinning so wildly out of control.

As Jacen led the way around behind the pair, young Tahiri suddenly raised her arm and pointed across the aisle, toward a scorched bin overflowing with Yuuzhan Vong corpses. Next to the bin, the strike team's meter-high healer, Tekli, stood over the scaly bulk of Tesar Sebatyne. She was sprinkling stinksalts on the Barabel's forked tongue, trying to rouse him from his unconsciousness.... and failing miserably.

Jacen continued to lead the way closer, moving very slowly and carefully. Flow-walkers tended to cause blurs around themselves both visually and in the Force, and the slower they moved, the less noticeable the effect would be.

As they approached, Anakin pointed toward Tekli and the wounded Barabel.

"Take him.... and go, "he said to young Tahiri. "You may need to cut a way out."

"You?" she responded. "I'm not going..."

"Do it!" Anakin snapped.

Her face fell, and even the older Tahiri began to radiate surprise and dismay into the Force.

Anakin's tone softened almost as soon as he had spoken. "You need... to help Tekli. I'll be along."

Even through a pressure suit's auditory sensors, Anakin's voice sounded weak and anguished, and it was clear that he had known even then he was about to die. A growing tightness began to form in Jacen's throat, and he was surprised at the effort of will required to make it go away. Jacen had loved his brother - and apparently still did - but he could not let his emotions draw him into the past. As he had warned Tahiri, any reaction at all would make them easier to see, and if the other strike team survivors suddenly started to recall a pair of blurry, pressure-suited apparitions at the battle, someone might realize he had flow-walked here with Tahiri - and that would make her useless to him.

By the time Jacen had quelled his emotions, Anakin had stood again. He was gently pushing young Tahiri across the aisle toward Tekli, who was kneeling astride Tesar's scaly bulk and trying to slap him awake. The Force grew heavy with older Tahiri's sorrow, but Jacen said nothing to her about the dangers of reacting to the past. He had known all along that she would not be able to control her emotions at this moment - he was counting on it - and he would just have to hope Tekli and the other survivors were too busy with the battle to notice any flow-walking apparitions.

"Tesar is not responding, "Tekli said, looking across the aisle. "I cannot move him and work on him both."

Young Tahiri lowered her brow in doubt, clearly suspecting the Chadra-Fan of trying to draw her away from Anakin, but she could hardly refuse to help. Blinking back a tear, she stretched up to kiss Anakin - then caught herself and shook her head.

This was the moment when young Tahiri had pulled back, telling Anakin that if he wanted a kiss, he would have to come back for it. The Force seemed ready to break with the anguish of older Tahiri, who quickly stepped forward and pushed her younger self into Anakin's arms.

Young Tahiri's mouth fell open, but before she could cry out, Anakin leaned down and silenced her with a kiss. The surprise drained instantly from her posture, and they remained together, body pressed to body, for what seemed an eternity - even to Jacen, who often saw eternity in his visions.

Knowing by the sullen weight of the Force - and by his own breaking heart - that they were being drawn ever more deeply into the past, Jacen pulled the older Tahiri back to his side. If they were still there when the kiss ended, Tekli would certainly see them. In thirteen years or so - when Jacen and Tahiri returned to their own time-the Chadra-Fan would begin to recall seeing them here in their pressure suits. Once she reported her memory flashes to the Council, the Masters would realize that Jacen had flow-walked Tahiri back to the battle and begin to ask themselves why, and his plan would be ruined.

Jacen began to back them away, slowly releasing his hold on the past. The scream and roar of battle started to quiet, and the sallow light of the grashal's glow-lichens began to dim. Before long, all he could see were two forms locked in eternal embrace, their presences shining across time to illuminate the cold darkness. And then even that light faded.

(Star Wars: Legacy of the Force - Inferno)
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Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking Empty Re: Instances of Jacen Solo Flow-Walking

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