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Lana Beniko respect thread Empty Lana Beniko respect thread

on November 10th 2019, 1:15 pm
Lana doesn't have too many feats, but I've found all of the ones I can think of and compiled them here. Note: I'll replace all of the links with actual gifs sometime in the future, but half of the converters I use are really unpredictable. Also, sorry for the poor formatting; still getting used to the RT format.


“You see me well - the Force teems within you.”
- Emperor's Wrath, Forged Alliances I.

“With her serene and considerate manner, one might mistake Lana Beniko for a Jedi. She is, however, a Sith Lord of great wisdom and strength who has impressed many of her peers in a considerably short period of time with her keen insights into the nature of the Force.”
- SWTOR codex entry: Lana Beniko.

“I’ve always had a strong affinity with the Force. It’s what set me on this path to begin with.”
- Lana Beniko, KOTFE chapter 9.



Fights evenly with Senya in a duel that is largely off-screen. We only see the end of it, where Senya is being driven back:

Lana Beniko respect thread Giphy

Blitzes two Dark Council members:

Lana Beniko respect thread ESIxRR

It's worth noting Darth Vowrawn has served on the Dark Council for decades, so his inability to even react to this despite a lifetime of expecting betrayal and preparing for it speaks for the significance of this feat:

"Darth Vowrawn is a charming and sophisticated elder statesman who has served on the Dark Council for decades--no small feat in the Empire, where the tenure of new council members is often measured in weeks."

- SWTOR codex entry: Darth Vowrawn (Warrior).

Is only knocked unconscious after being ragdolled by chained Vaylin:

Lana Beniko respect thread 5764722-6783864133-NxZE7

Blitzed several possessed Imperial troopers:

Lana Beniko respect thread D1E7QK



Alongside the Outlander and Senya, she helps to lift the Gravestone from the Eternal Swamp, which it has been abandoned in for centuries. Note that the Outlander was still weakened from carbonite poisoning and hadn’t received medical attention, meaning Lana’s help would have been even more necessary:

Lifts several heavy crates without a gesture:

Ragdolls four Zakuulan knights with the Force:

Holds open a sealed blast door for several seconds, albeit with difficulty:

Force chokes Tanik, a Knight of Zakuul:

For a bit more on why this feat is significant, see below:

"Before Zakuulans served the Immortal Emperor, they lived in nomadic tribes, each led by three Force sensitives: Matriarch, Champion and High Shaman. After Valkorion had united the tribes, he repurposed these roles to form the Knights of Zakuul. Officially considered protectors of the people, Knights hunt down corruption in the Eternal Empire. In actuality, they are enforcers of the Emperor's will and fanatical in their adoration for Valkorion and his family. Zakuul Knights don't limit themselves to studying one side of the Force, instead teaching balance and exploration. Knights have their own relationships with the Force, but are encouraged to share their findings with the rest of the order. No area is deemed "weak" or "a dangerous path"--they are all parts of a larger, limitless power. Ultimately, every action a Knight takes is to honor the Immortal Emperor. Sacrifices, whether material or a life, are essential to show one's commitment to the Emperor."
- SWTOR codex entry: Knights of Zakuul.

"Arcann and his knights learn to use the Force in a different way to Jedi and Sith. It's why we couldn't truly defeat them."
- Satele Shan, KOTFE chapter 12.

"Jedi approach the Force as a companion, and Sith try to enslave it. But Arcann's knights believe the Force is their reward for serving an ideal. They swear their lives to the Eternal Emperor. The more they honour his commandments, the greater their power."
- Satele Shan, KOTFE chapter 12.

"The Knights obey their master without question, sacrificing everything for his triumph. Devotion makes them strong. You must become stronger."
- Satele Shan, KOTFE chapter 12.

A single Knight of Zakuul is essentially > your average Jedi or Sith, even those hardened by years of war. In theory, Tanik would have been as strong as he possibly could be, perhaps even more than he would normally have been, by obeying the greatest priority his emperor gave him; to capture the Outlander. Despite this, Lana still effortlessly choked him and (depending on the player's choice) broke his neck.

Alongside the Outlander, she destroys several skytroopers with a single Force blast:

Brings down a massive crate with a gesture:

Casually Force chokes an Imperial trooper:

Despite being weakened by Nathema’s void, she sends Jerec flying with a gesture:



Casually dispatches skytroopers throughout SWTOR with enough power to cause them to explode:

Lightsaber skill


Easily decapitates two Dark Council members:

Lana Beniko respect thread Giphy

Fights evenly with Senya, one of the best lightsaber duelists in the galaxy at the time:

Lana Beniko respect thread Giphy

Disarms Tanik, a Knight of Zakuul:

Lana Beniko respect thread Tumblr_opxg2eeqnD1ujmsvgo3_500

Destroys skytroopers with her lightsaber:

In a mix of lightsaber skill and raw power, alongside Theron Shan she held off a small army of skytroopers:



Sensed Odessen from across the galaxy:

“I’ve always had a strong affinity with the Force. It’s what set me on this path to begin with.”
- Lana Beniko, KOTFE chapter 9.

Was able to sense Valkorion’s presence, despite him hiding it. Note that even Darth Marr and Satele’s combined abilities found it very difficult to detect him, albeit they were much further away:

“But...there is something else. I've felt it since the moment I found you in carbonite. there's a power in you, something's elusive, but I know it's there.”
- Lana Beniko, KOTFE chapter 4.

Sensed SoR Revan’s presence while he was in hyperspace en-route to Rakata Prime and while she was in orbit. Note that the HoT/Emperor’s Wrath apparently could not sense it:

“I...sense something. We’re in danger.”
- Lana Beniko, Forged Alliances III, Republic side.

“No, they weren’t in charge. The disturbance in the Force, I still feel it. It’s...arrived.”
- Lana Beniko, Forged Alliances III, Imperial side.

Felt Darth Arkous’ death from miles away:

“I felt Darth Arkous’ passing. This is an unfortunate turn.”
- Lana Beniko, Forged Alliances III, Imperial side.

Could read Gault’s mind with no difficulty until he started filling it with “disturbing” images:

“I could tell Lana was trying to peek inside my head, so I just made sure she got an eyeful. The angry glares she flashed were easier to read than anything I was doing.”
- Gault Rannow, KOTFE chapter 13.


Cunning and intelligent enough to not only rise to become Darth Arkous’ most trusted advisor (who also tried to recruit her), but eventually to the head of Sith Intelligence:

It was Beniko's treatise on the perceived moral parallels of Jedi and Sith in battlefield settings--as well as her passion for unraveling the truths and secrets behind the Jedi--that brought her to the attention of Darth Arkous of the Dark Council. She has since become his most trusted advisor.
- SWTOR codex entry: Lana Beniko.

“But, it was Lana Beniko’s guile and intellect that made your participation at all possible. That is why I have appointed her as head of Sith Intelligence.”
- Darth Marr, Shadow of Revan, Imperial side.

Thanks for reading!
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