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Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Empty Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020)

on August 29th 2019, 4:47 am
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Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcR23FIu8CgCmP6mHfs65YvJvHa4vu0nh__899O-HSD76tWiGgX1

"Words. Go on to your higher plane, teacher. The galaxy is mine now."

A brief summary of Exar Kun's life as told by Master Gnost-Dural:

Exar Kun had great potential as he was selected by Master Vodo for training in the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, and is one of the most powerful Force-users in history:

Jedi Enclave Ruins Codex Entry wrote:Some of history's most powerful Force-users trained in the halls of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Only students with great potential were admitted, and while the rigorous training produced exceptional Jedi, the fall of several notable students to the dark side cast a pall on the institution's legacy. Exar Kun, Darth Revan, and Darth Malak all trained at the enclave on Dantooine.

Exar Kun may be the most notable Jedi padawan to come out of Dantooine:
Dantooine, Star Wars Databank wrote:Also at this time, Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas established a training center among the tranquil and mysterious ruins found on Dantooine. For generations, this praxeum trained many notable Jedi Padawans, including future Sith Lord, Exar Kun. Though it survived the Great Sith War, the praxeum was razed to the ground by Darth Malak in the decades that followed.

Exar Kun is the most formidable student Vodo Siosk-Baas, who had taught Jedi for six centuries, ever had:
Vodo Siosk-Baas, Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Vol.2 wrote:Exar Kun, you are the most formidable student I have ever had…

Exar Kun as a Jedi Knight was considered to wield unequal prowess with a lightsaber by the lead historians of the Jedi Order during the Cold War Era:

Master Gnost-Dural, Star Wars the Old Republic Timelines wrote:"As a young Jedi Knight, Exar Kun exhibited a strong connection to the Force. Through long practice he achieved unparalleled prowess in lightsaber combat."

Exar Kun as a Jedi was even more fearsome than the legendary Darth Vader, per the Editor of all Dark Horse Star Wars comics Dan Thorsland:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screen10
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 2f970910

Freedon Nadd states that even as early as the death of King Ommin, Exar Kun would be greater than Ulic Qel-Droma:

Freedon Nadd to Ulic Qel-Droma, Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi Vol.2 wrote:"You. You will be one of the great ones and there is another greater than you."

Exar Kun produces such impact with his lightsaber blade in a duel with Sylvar that it can be heard from kilometers away:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249189-heard%20for%20kilometers

Exar Kun defeats his Master Vodo Siosk-Baas, by overpowering his Force-imbued shaft:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249191-snaps%20staff
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249192-snaps%20staff2

Power of the Jedi Sourcebook wrote:Kun was a master of lightsaber combat and had even bested Master Vodo’s quarterstaff during a sparring practice.

Jedi Academy Training Manual wrote:As the Jedi Watchman of Dantooine, Master Baas spends much of his time on the planet and trains multiple apprentices at a time. His strongest apprentice, however, is a young pupil named Exar Kun. Kun's skill with a lightsaber is so great that he claimed victory over his master many times when they sparred together.

Exar Kun travels to the tomb of Freedon Nadd and smashes through a thick wall of Beskar:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249212-busts%20mando%20iron
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249213-busts%20mando%20iron2
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249214-busts%20mando%20iron3

Per Abel G. Peña, this was done with ease in a similar way to how Luke Skywalker was capable of cutting through Lumiya's beskar lightwhip:

Abel G. Peña wrote:“For the record, the first example of a Jedi slicing through Mandalorian iron with relative ease occured way back in Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith, when Exar Kun cuts his way into Freedon Nadd's tomb. The metal portions of Lumiya's lightwhip, shards of which go flying in her duels with Luke, also consists of Mandalorian Iron.”

Exar Kun travels to Korriban where he survives having his bones broken in hundreds of places:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249225-broken%20bones
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249226-broken%20bones2

Exar Kun unleashes numerous galactic-scale Force Screams:

The New Essential Chronology wrote:Exar Kun let out a tremendous shriek that echoed across the galaxy, calling in despair upon Master Vodo, whom he had abandoned.

The Essential Guide to Characters wrote:Nadd offered Kun a way to live, and to repair his broken body: if he embraced the dark side, he would be healed. The betrayal of light was not an easy one for Kun, but the desire to live was stronger. He accepted the dark side, his screams reaching out across the galaxy and creating ripples in the Force.

Then he 'demolishes' at least thirty Tomb Beasts 'easily' (Via eyeballing you can count 15 on Kun's left, and one assumes the same on his right. Then there are presumably more we don't see.):

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) LdxwILu
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) WySnxLPl-YyYPch-YQhZA_Mr3izeV_b_P8PbE3gDHYiuvQ8TxZVYeqzxpTgV81KIfmCSRqyXGTlu=s1600

Exar Kun using Force Blast kills a gargantuan Sith Wyrm, a beast enhanced by Naga Sadow, and ashes countless Massassi:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249294-kun%20gauntlets2
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249295-kun%20gauntlets3
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249296-kun%20gauntlets4

Exar Kun, Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith Audiobook wrote:"If you're wasting my time, I'll use this amulet to turn you to ashes!"

Exar Kun then turns on his mentor Freedon Nadd and destroys his spirit with a 'full strength' blast:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4292511-kun%20banishes%20nadd

Exar Kun, Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith Audiobook wrote:"Now, let me try a full strength blast!"

"Incredible, it even works on spirits!"

As his spirit is destroyed, Nadd claims that the Ketos shouldn't fear Ulic, but Exar:

Freedon Nadd to Aleema & Satal, Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi Vol.2 wrote:"My children, it is not Qel-Droma you must fear! Beware of Exar Kun, he has acquired great Sith powers!"

Exar Kun absorbs Freedon Nadd's magical knowledge which makes him a super power:

Exar Kun, Galactic Files wrote:This leads him to the tomb of a long-deceased Dark Lord named Freedon Nadd, a spirit who is destroyed by Kun after all of his magical knowledge is absorbed. Now super-powerful,

This is extremely impressive as Freedon Nadd's knowledge encompassed everything within the Tales of the Jedi Companion and all the as of yet undiscovered holocrons and tomes:

Tales of the Jedi Companion wrote:Freedon Nadd has knowledge of all Jedi and Sith Force powers presented herein as well as those abilities still hidden in ancient Holocrons and tomes.

Freedon Nadd in his prime was the greatest Sith sorceror ever by that point:

Tales of the Jedi Companion wrote:He only needed time to become the greatest Sith sorcerer that had ever existed.

Vodo states that he senses Exar Kun has risen to take Freedon Nadd's place as a 'great power' in a similar manner to Darth Sidious gaining in power upon killing Darth Plagueis:

Vodo Siosk Baas to Nomi Sunrider, Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith Audiobook wrote:"I sense a disturbance in the Force. As if one great power has fallen, and another has risen in its place."

Darth Plagueis wrote:Awake in the oppressive heat, he replayed the events of the previous day, still somewhat astounded by what he had done. The Force had whispered to him: Your moment has come. Claim your stake to the dark side. Act now and be done with this. But the Force had only advised; it had neither dictated his actions nor guided his hands. That had been his doing alone. He knew from his travels with and without Tenebrous that he wasn’t the galaxy’s sole practitioner of the dark side—nor Sith for that matter, since the galaxy was rife with pretenders—but he was now the only Sith Lord descended from the Bane line. A true Sith, and that realization roused the raw power coiled inside him.

Kun Force Screams again, this time in victory:

Vodo Siosk-Baas, Tales of the Jedi Audio Drama wrote:"I can hear my apprentice calling out in evil triumph."

In fact, Exar Kun is stated to outright destroy Nadd after learning too much and becoming too powerful:

Official Star Wars Fact File 107 wrote:During the Great Sith War, a Jedi called Exar Kun was turned to the dark side of the Force by the spirit of Freedon Nadd. Nadd's teachings were too thorough, though, and Kun became so powerful that he destroyed Nadd's spirit forever.

This is incredible, as Freedon Nadd grew far more powerful than Naga Sadow before he killed him and spent a century growing more powerful after that:

Rule of Two wrote:Freedon Nadd had been a Jedi who turned to the dark side as the apprentice of Naga Sadow, the former ruler of the ancient Sith Empire. Sadow's power had been so great, it had allowed him to survive for six centuries, fueled by the energies of the dark side.

Chronicles of the Old Republic wrote:Here on YAVIN 4, Sadow drew on Sith technology and sorcery to cocoon himself in suspended animation until awakened at a future Golden Age.

The Dark Legacy of Yavin 4 Codex Entry: Part 1 wrote:Sadow was even powerful enough to stave off the inevitable. He placed himself in a near-death slumber, which he remained in for hundreds of years, waiting until someone would come to take his place….

The Official Fact File 90 wrote:Eventually, the apprentice became far more powerful than the teacher...

The Dark Legacy of Yavin 4 Codex Entry: Part 3 wrote:And just as Nadd killed his lord Sadow, Kun destroyed Nadd’s spirit here on Yavin 4. These notable deaths likely served to further imbue the moon’s temples with dark power, further fueling the barbaric Massassi–as well as the succession of Dark Lords who would later reside here.

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4714115-tcswe-v2-361

Naga Sadow was more powerful than Darth Plagueis:

Darth Plagueis wrote:While midi-chlorians appeared to resist manipulation of a sort that might imperil the balance of the Force, they remained passive, even compliant, in the case of a weak-willed being manipulated by one who was strong in the Force. Perhaps that explained why it was often easier to call on the Force to heal someone other than oneself. Extending life, then, could hinge on something as simple as being able to induce midi-chlorians to create new cells; to subdivide at will, increasing their numbers into the tens of thousands to heal or replace damaged, aging, or metastatic cells. Midi-chlorians had to be compelled to serve the needs of the body; to bestow strength when needed; to overcome physical insult, or prevent cells from reaching senescence.

If one accepted the tales handed down in accounts and holocrons, the ancient Sith had known how to accomplish this. But had Sith like Naga Sadow and Exar Kun genuinely been more powerful, or had they benefited from the fact that the dark side had been more prominent in those bygone eras? Some commentators claimed that the ability to survive death had been limited to those with a talent for sorcery and alchemy, and that the use of such practices actually predated the arrival of the Dark Jedi exiles on Korriban. But sorcery had been employed less to extend life than to create illusions, fashion beasts, and resurrect the dead. Powerful adepts were said to have been able to saturate the atmosphere of planets with dark side energy, compel stars to explode, or induce paralysis in crowds, as Exar Kun apparently did to select members of the Republic Senate. Other adepts used sorcery merely as a means to better understand ancient Sith spells and sigils.

NOTE: For a comprehensive explanation of this quote, see this blog:

Naga Sadow's knowledge and power was considered very dangerous by Darth Sidious:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200607-173415_Google_Play_Books

Kreia agrees that Freedon Nadd was far worse than Revan or Malak ever were, a statement made to explain the power of his tomb's taint:

Mandalorian Scout & Kreia, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords wrote:"Freedon Nadd was a dark Jedi, he conquered Onderon long ago and became their king. The royal line is directly descended from him. The stories say that he was far worse than Revan and Malak ever were. This place is tainted and the Sith presence here makes the danger great."

"The soldier is correct. The dark side is strong here... and it will grant its strength to the Sith."

Kun's power is stated to rise, and is more powerful than an enraged Ulic:

Chronicles of the Old Republic wrote:Exar Kun's power is in the ascendance.


Ulic unleashes a force of unruly fury at the death of Master Arca, avenging the death by defeating Keto, and taking the Krath throne by the side of Aleema. Meanwhile on Yavin 4, a more powerful EXAR KUN rests in his meditation chamber

Kun's power is stated to now be extreme:

The New Essential Chronology wrote:An extremely powerful figure now, Kun dabbled in dark side alchemy, creating freakish two-headed avians and hulking terentateks that thirsted after Force-rich blood. He invented a glowing golden sphere that trapped the children of the Massassi and allowed him to feed off their energies.

Exar Kun created the Golden Globe with such power that it was deemed impossible to enter by any Jedi as of 385BBY due to the power Kun imbued with it:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200606-145028_Chrome

He also created the Dark Reaper/Force Harvester:
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200606-144817_Chrome
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200607-142801_Gallery

The Dark Reaper was so powerful that both Mace Windu and Yoda had no idea how to defeat the superweapon:
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Image0

Note. All alchemical creations are made Force-sensitive by their creators by imprinting it with a mirror of the forger:
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Image0_1l

Exar Kun's talent with Sith alchemy is so great that he created Massassi durable enough to tank Republic ordnance, but takes it a step further and successfully transforms them into skilled Force-users infused with his own DNA. They are state to 'exude' dark side energy:

The Dark Side Sourcebooks wrote:Although the Massassi pledged their loyalty to Exar Kun after he defeated the Sith wyrm, the Dark Jedi was still not satisfied. Filled with bitterness and spite, he swore to himself that he would make an example out of the warriors who had put him through his ordeal in the Temple of Fire. Furthermore, he realized that Naga Sadow had not gone far enough when he altered the Massassi. While they made excellent forest warriors, they were not prepared for the highpowered ordnance they would have to face when fighting the forces of the Republic. Exar Kun rejoiced when he discovered the giant alchemical machine that had belonged to Naga Sadow. At last, he had the means to shape his Massassi servants as he needed them, and he knew just the Massassi on whom he could experiment: Zythmnr, the priest who had ordered Kun to be sacrificed.

The Sith disciple first altered Zythmnr physically, fusing the old priest's skin with metallic bioarmor and enhancing the Massassi's skeletal structure and musculature accordingly. Vicious claws became razored gauntlets, thick hide became hardened plating, and Zythmnr's head was encased in a shelled helmet. The process was excruciating for the Massassi. He not only survived, but also continued to worship Kun, willfully insisting the experiments continue.

Exar Kun was more than happy to comply. He took his next step: infusing his new warrior with the dark side using some of his own physical makeup as a template. When Zythmnr readily took to the treatment-and even showed potential with Force skills-Kun chose several more "volunteers" to continue his work. Before long, he had several dozen living weapons that exuded the raw power and energy of the dark side. Upon feeling their power firsthand, the Jedi called them "abominations." Kun would take many of these bestial servants on his quests for Sith knowledge. In a few cases, he even left a handful of his favorite warriors behind to terrorize any that might oppose him. While the Jedi believed that all of the Massassi abominations died with their people, there may yet be descendants of this hideous species stranded on some remote, forgotten world.

One of these was Kalgrath the night beast who could generate an instinctive Force Shield so strong that it was 'invulnerable' to heavy weapon emplacement fire:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screen_Shot_2020-05-21_at_8.50.58_PM
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screen_Shot_2020-05-21_at_8.40.18_PM

He also created Battle Hydras as an example of his mastery, resistant to lightsaber blades and armed with incredibly potent venom:

The Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:The battle hydra is an example of Exar Kun's alchemical mastery and Naga Sadow's dark legacy.


Exar Kun's Sith alchemy forever altered these creatures' physiology, giving them many unusual traits. For example, Kun introduced ancient Sith armor alloys into their basic physiology at the molecular level, reducing damage against attacks-even lightsaber attacks. They are also especially susceptible to manipulation through the Force. A trained dark side Force-sensitive may use the Affect Mind skill to command battle hydras in combat.

Exar Kun combined the natural venom from many different creatures when he mutated his original hydras. When the battle hydra hits with its stinging tail whip, a hooklike stinger injects acidic poison into the victim. This foul toxin is capable of destroying most of the victim's nervous system from the inside-out within a matter of minutes.

Exar Kun makes Yavin IV the 'fulcrum' of the power of the Sith:

New Essential Guide to Characters wrote:After obliterating Nadd's lingering spirit, Exar Kun made Yavin Four the new fulcrum of Sith power.

Exar Kun telekinetically lifts a Derriphan-class Battleship out of the depths of a massive temple, but doesn't deem the feat to be a good first display of his new powers:

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide wrote:Though all of the Derriphan-class battleships were thought to be destroyed in the Great Hyperspace War, at least one survived. The ship, belonging to Naga Sadow, was buried on Yavin 4. During the Great Sith War, Exar Kun would raise the ship from the planet and put it back to service, similar to the way Darth Nihilus would raise the Ravager from the ruined surface of Malachor V.

Yavin IV, Star Wars Databank wrote:Sadow commanded his crew to erect massive temples to serve as focal points for his Sith magic. Sadow, a skilled alchemist, hid his vessel deep underneath the newly built Sith Temple of Fire.

The Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:There, his Massassi crew helped build stone temples to focus the energies of the dark side (conveniently hiding Sadow's Sith battleship).

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screen28
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screen27
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screen26

Abel G. Peña wrote:Q: In the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, under the Sith Battleship description it states that Exar Kun recovered his ship the Corsair in the same way Darth Nihilus recovered the Ravager on Malachor V. Does this mean that Exar Kun summoned the ship via the Force from the depths of the Massassi Temple of Sacrifice?

A: That said, looking over the text, it appears to me to be a direct analogy with the Ravager and that your interpretation is essentially correct. (Another example, though in reverse, is Emperor Palpatine using the Force to bury the Lusankya, in plain sight, beneath the surface of the planet Coruscant.)

For comparison, Darth Tyranus threw the same class of ship, as well as an assortment of large vehicles, on Korriban:

Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown wrote:They were nearing the end of the hangar. He sensed it rather than saw it. The corroded vehicles were more numerous now, lined up like dark, giant phantoms.

Like phantoms..

Phantoms that move…

Obi-Wan wrenched his gaze away. He could have sworn the ancient ships were moving.

Then he knew.

"This way!" he yelled, as the first vehicle suddenly flipped over. It would have crushed them if Obi-Wan hadn't dashed to the side with Anakin on his heels. He flattened himself against the wall as another vehicle moved, its jagged wing a lethal weapon, capable of slicing them to ribbons. A cruiser suddenly zoomed toward the wall, straight at them.

"Drop!" Anakin and Obi-Wan hit the floor, hugging the stones as the cruiser passed over them and smashed into the wall.

Vehicle parts began to fall like rain. The crashes were deafening.

They leaped, twisted, and dived to avoid them, using the Force to deflect them when they could. Finally they came to rest in the shadow of one of the giant statues. Obi-Wan leaned against a clawed foot and squinted into the darkness.

He could not see the Sith, but he felt the Sith's amusement, his triumph.

The vehicles now smashed into one another, creating a solid mass of screaming metal, effectively blocking them from the front of the hangar.

Much like Exar Kun, Count Dooku had the power of a dark side nexus in Korriban flowing through him. Obi-Wan Kenobi states the energy that flowed out from the surface of Korriban during this novel was the most complicated surge of dark side energy he'd ever felt:

Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown wrote:He felt it now, the dark side of the Force emanating from the planet's surface. Looking at the faces of the Jedi, he knew they felt it as well. It had a sick sweetness to it, something that seemed to pour through his veins, attracting and repelling him at once. It was the most complicated surge of the dark side he had ever felt.

The energy of the planet made it hard for Obi-Wan Kenobi to determine what was a real threat:

Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown wrote:"I'm not getting a warning. But still…" Obi-Wan shook his head. The problem was the energy on this planet. Dark waves buffeted him from every side. It was like swimming in an evil sea. All that darkness made it hard to distinguish what was a true threat.

The hangar was located within a Sith monastery which caused hallucinations and had palpable dark side energy inside:

Jedi Quest: The Final Showdown wrote:Anakin felt the peculiar stomach-turning wrench he experienced when faced with the tremors of the dark side of the Force. He knew what this wreck of a building was.

The ancient Sith monastery spread out below him, deserted for centuries, and still a presence of evil. Here was where thousands of Sith had once trained — and thousands of hopefuls had once disappeared forever.


Obi-Wan went a few steps ahead into the darkness. He felt the dread of the place. They were in a vast chamber, as big as the Great Hall of the Temple. Massive blocks of stone formed the floor. The last of the light came through the crevices in the walls like bony fingers.

They heard footsteps echoing as Auben led Anakin and Ferus farther into the ruins. The Jedi followed silently. The oppressiveness of the place where Sith had lived and trained was a burden they had to fight against.

Obi-Wan heard voices, but he knew they were ancient ones. He thought he saw shadows move. When he turned a corner quickly, he saw a vision — a Sith student on his knees, begging..


Ry-Gaul led them steadily downward. Obi-Wan could feel the mountain as if it were pressing on his back. The closer they got, the more dread he felt.

They were deep in the monastery now. Even though it was in ruins, Obi- Wan could see how different it was from the Jedi Temple. Although the Sith monastery had the same goals — study and training — it was clear that this had been a place ruled by fear.


Obi-Wan could still feel the fear that had ruled there, the many beings who had come to learn evil, the ones who had come naively, hoping for some kind of enlightenment, and had been trapped by their own desires.

He shuddered. It was as though he could feel each wasted life. Each terrible death.

The rest of the Jedi were silent. He knew they felt it, too.

Exar Kun travels to Cinnagar where he dominated the minds of every witness to his Battleship attack on a hangar:

Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith Audiobook wrote:"Help!"

"No one will help you, no one even knows."

"But your ship! Energy blasts! Scanners!"

"All went unnoticed, my unfortunate friend. With the dark side I blinded every scanning technician in Cinnagar. They all watched me land and wipe out your little docking bay, and not one of them batted an eye!"

"Who.. are you?"

"I? Soon, I shall be the man who conquered this planet, the man who rules the galaxy. But for this moment, I am the man who murdered you."

Exar Kun shrugs off the power of Aleema Keto, blasts her unconscious and engages in a stalemate lightsaber duel with an enraged Ulic Qel-Droma:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249304-screenshot%202014-11-30%20at%2000.00.53
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249305-screenshot%202014-11-30%20at%2000.01.12
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249306-screenshot%202014-11-30%20at%2000.01.24

The swordsmen were so skilled that neither would've made a mistake in their technique for hours:

The Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:Exar Kun and Ulic fought, but they were too evenly matched for either to gain the upper hand. Their battle might have gone on for hours but for the macabre manifestation of a host of Sith spirits, led by the shade of Marka Ragnos.

They are then annointed as heirs to the Golden Age of the Sith by the spirit of Marka Ragnos with Exar Kun the Dark Lord of the Sith:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcT06nr2R6tYx0M0oef7gb7AeLu6a27IlpF7nKYIcfsr24F-Eg9O

The power bestowed upon them was greater than all of the magics Aleema Keto had used:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTPEtQusxer7tPH8n6ObIqD07kpvUNkjIlcGQXjj5MgUPlBVqRX

Ulic Qel-Droma himself, at this point, had uncovered a way of harnessing the Force that gave Anakin Skywalker 'too much power' and more than he could imagine, a month after the battle of Geonosis:

Official Star Wars Fact File 107 wrote:The ancient Jedi Master warned that the knowledge he would pass to Anakin would let him resist the effects of the Force-stripping Harvester and the Dark Reaper it activated, but would perhaps give him too much power.

Official Star Wars Fact File 107 wrote:However, Obi-Wan was growing uneasy with the power Anakin had wielded, and his Padawan seemed unwilling both to see the risks and, most worrying of all, to acknowledge Obi-Wan as his superior.

Ulic Qel-Droma to Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars The Clone Wars Video Game wrote:"Yes I can teach you to harness the power of the Force around you, making you immune to the Dark Reaper's effects."

Official Star Wars Fact File 107 wrote:Although the knowledge given to Anakin allowed him to destroy the Dark Reaper, Obi-Wan was uncomfortable with the power that his Padawan now wielded.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Prime Official Strategy Guide wrote:Follow the advice of Ulic Qel-Droma throughout this fight and you grow more powerful than you can imagine.

Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma disappeared for years, gaining immense power before they reappeared:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 6558255-6679186408-droma

By this point the shroud of the dark side has descended upon the Force in the same way as it had during the Rise of the Empire era:

Yoda: Dark Rendezvous wrote:For the first time since the Sith War, there would be a generation of Jedi Knights who grew up surrounded by a Force clouded by the dark side. They were learning to feel with hearts made too old, too hard, too soon.

Exar Kun successfully shrouds his Force presence from all the Jedi in the Great Library of Ossus; including Odan-Urr and Nomi Sunrider. Before telekinetically tearing a Sith holocron from Urr's telekinetic grasp, then attacking Odan-Urr; resisting his Sever Force attack, before killing him in turn. All on an incredibly strong light side nexus:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4292466-concealment
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249301-kun%20kills%20odan-urr3

This is incredibly impressive, as Odan-Urr is stated to have a revolutionary understanding of the Force:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 6890051-6889852-screen%2Bshot%2B2019-04-13%2Bat%2B8.51.17%2Bpm

He's also the leader of the Jedi Assembly, and is amongst the two most powerful Jedi Masters in the Order alongside Baas:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4703759-accolade2

Odan-Urr should thus be more powerful than Master Thon, who could contain the power of the Sith spirits of Ambria. Spirits so powerful they could consume the entire sector:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 7017579-thonambria

As the Head of the Jedi Assembly, he also enjoys superiority to the rest of the Jedi Masters, who are the great Jedi Masters of the era:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4703768-accolade5

After killing Odan-Urr, he gains the most powerful Sith holocron ever, the Dark Holocron:

The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology wrote:The most powerful Sith Holocron contained Sith teachings and histories that covered some hundred thousand years.

This is directly attributed to his rise to power:

Jedi VS. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force wrote:Exar Kun might not have risen to power so quickly had Odan-Urr destroyed the Sith Holocron when he’d had the chance.

Through this Dark Holocron, Exar Kun reinvented his fighting style using ancient Sith techniques:

Jedi VS. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force wrote:The construction and use of the first double-bladed lightsaber is sometimes credited to Jedi-turned-Sith Exar Kun, but according to the Tedryn Holocron, Exar Kun assembled his weapon by following instructions from a Sith Holocron, possibly prepared by the Jedi Exiles themselves.

Now described to be unstoppable in lightsaber combat:

The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology wrote:Some unique objects are invariably associated with their remarkable owners. The unusual double-bladed lightsaber of the fallen Jedi Exar Kun is one such artifact. This weapon as distinctive and dangerous as its builder, the Dark Lord of the Sith, who initiated the great Sith War and nearly toppled the Old Republic.


As the battle against the Jedi escalated, Kun altered his normal lightsaber into a more deadly and dangerous weapon. Kun added a second emitter matrix on the opposite end of the handgrip, allowing him to release two blue-white blades simultaneously. The dark Jedi wielded the saber much as he would a quarterstaff, using one blade to block incoming attacks, then quickly spinning the handgrip to use the second blade to strike a killing blow against his opponent.

Customized controls allowed him to adjust each blade's length from half a meter to one and a half meters. Panels controlled each blade's intensity: at its highest setting, a blade was like any other lightsaber, with the ability to cut through dense materials such as armor plating and durasteel with virtually no resistance. At the lowest power setting, a blade became a simple shaft of light, delivering no damage and providing no resistance against incoming lightsaber attacks. By abruptly shortening a blade or dropping it to the lowest power setting, Kun tricked his opponents into overextending themselves during attacks, giving him an opportunity for a dealy counterstrike. By coupling these tactics with his Force abilities to predict the actions of his opponents, Kun became virtually unstoppable in combat.

The most deadly and potent dueling attack in the arsenal of the assassin Asajj Ventress was an Exar Kun technique:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screen29

Savum Tan, a Rodian slave-come-merchant who worked on Yavin IV as a forced laborer, states that Exar Kun caused the ground to tremble around him just with his presence:

Savum Tan, Knights of the Old Republic wrote:There were some ancient Sith temples there, and in them Exar Kun gained terrible powers. He raised the Sith and waged a war against the Republic... much like what seems to be happening today. But Exar Kun was far more powerful than any Sith Lord who has come since. The very ground trembled beneath his feet and when he looked at you, you just...

Exar Kun arrives in the Senate and freezes all those he wished to in place:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249330-sith%20spell%20on%20senate

The size of this crowd is massive:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQ11BnBZ1dOUENrIlg2FZrWDUPWXKzUuF9CUP83cKubvnx-iANX&usqp=CAU

He subsequently ragdolls a bloodthirsty Sylvar:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249314-tk%20sylvar

This is impressive as Sylvar could move faster than Nomi Sunrider could react, who already dwarfed the likes of a meditation sphere amped-Aleema Keto in power:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4725845-star%20wars%20omnibus%20-%20tales%20of%20the%20jedi%20vol%2002%20%282008%29%20%28digital-empire%29%20122

Exar Kun brags about his new Sith lightsaber techniques as he out-duels Vodo. Initially offering Vodo a place in his Brotherhood before felling the Jedi Weapon Master:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249259-rematch
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249260-rematch2
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249261-rematch3
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249262-rematch4
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249263-rematch5
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249264-rematch6
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249265-rematch7
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4249266-rematch8

Exar Kun's power dwarfed Vodo's despite maintaining the spell on thousands, if not tens of thousands of Senators:

Power of the Jedi Sourcebook wrote:Ulic’s trial was interrupted by Exar Kun, who met his former Master face to face for the first time since his long descent into darkness. The two fought, and Vodo-Siosk Baas was no match for Exar Kun’s double-bladed lightsaber and deep reserve of dark side power. Vodo-Siosk perished, slain by his former apprentice.

This is incredible, given that Vodo had telekinetically disarmed a prepared Ulic and placed a block on Ulic's immense power, which dwarfed the combined strength of Nomi Sunrider, Tott Doneeta, Cay Qel-Droma and others prior to several years of Ulic gaining tremendous powers:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4703555-star%20wars%20omnibus%20-%20tales%20of%20the%20jedi%20vol%2002%20%282008%29%20%28digital-empire%29%20248

Exar Kun is also stated to be the supreme master of the Sith Order by now:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screen_Shot_2020-05-22_at_9.28.53_PM
Translation: He is an ambitious Jedi, initiated into the doctrine of the Sith, of which he becomes the supreme master. His ultimate ambition is to restore the Sith empire.

At the height of the Great Sith War, Kun and his brotherhood cause vast amounts of dark side corruption with their presence on the mammoth 27,345 kilometer-wide planet Thule, imbuing much of Thule's crust with dark side energy:

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia wrote:During the height of the Great Sith War, Thule served as a base of operations for the Sith Warriors, and much of the planet's crust became imbued with the residue of the dark side of the Force.

Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma attack Ossus, a light side nexus, where Kun faces Ood Bnar who was channelling the planet's immense power:

Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith #6 wrote:Ood resists Kun's attempts to steal the lightsabers by undergoing a final metamorphosis, plunging roots into the ground and driving Kun back with a blast of power drawn from the depths of Ossus.

Ossus had such living Force power that it stopped the planet from being completely obliterated by ten supernova  waves:

The Unlikely Survival of Ossus Codex Entry wrote:Ossus still bears the scars of the Cron Supernova: its surface is a seared wasteland of rock and sand. But even this degree of desolation is shockingly mild; that the planet was not rendered into a charred ball of molten rock, or even obliterated completely, is nothing short of miraculous.

Little academic work has been put forward to explain this unlikely survival; only conjecture. The initial cause of the supernova was unnatural; perhaps this explains the unnatural results? Ossus was a stronghold of the Jedi; does the inherent life force of such a place make it more resistant to destruction? Could the unique astrophysical structure of the Adega system where Ossus is found have played a role?

Regardless of the reasons, the continued survival of Ossus offers the promise that its ancient mysteries may one day be unlocked.

The same power obliterated Executor Sedriss when Ood killed him:

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia wrote:Several thousand years later on the planet Ossus, Bnar reawakened to help save Jem Ysanna, a young woman with powers in the Force. He ultimately sacrificed himself to destroy the evil Imperial Military Executor Sedriss.


The Executor was destroyed by the power of an ancient Jedi, Ood Bnar.

Sedriss is also canonically more powerful than Jerec:

Handbook 3: Dark Empire wrote:Perhaps the strongest disciple of Palpatine after Darth Vader, Executor Sedriss remained loyal to the Emperor after the death of his clone over the Rebel's Pinnacle Base.

Exar Kun escaped Ossus with more knowledge than he could ever use from the Chamber of Antiquities:

Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi Vol.2 wrote:Looking at all the precious artifacts his Massassi have stolen, Exar Kun knows he has more wealth and knowledge than he could ever use.

Exar Kun drained the Force power and life-force of thousands of Massassi, beasts that are naturally strong in the dark side of the Force:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRDpo6lMd_5P0GJLJ6GjrQFQDbS6UMcgXoiXzBMMM8quNnEQJcx&usqp=CAU

Exar Kun is now so powerful that after a ritual to release his spirit, he could retain his power and hence could traverse the cosmos without an anchor:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTJLF8keQS2xt4ht4aLUuQA9iOGaXeoNhhhrkJryOj2VYMdK2yY&usqp=CAU

This feat has been repeated only by Galactic Emperor Palpatine and Sith Emperor Vitiate:

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia wrote:Palpatine's body was destroyed. Separated from his clones, Palpatine was forced to survive in the maddening, bodiless existence of the void. Through sheer will he retained his identity, crossing the gulf of space to again take up residence in his clone body.

Tenebrae, Knights of the Fallen Empire wrote:"Voices... Hands... Children... I no longer require those crude vessels. At long last I am truly free."

In his prime he is now far more powerful than any Jedi, including Ood Bnar:

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook wrote:She discovers the accounts of the Great Sith War, and learns that though Kun was far more powerful than any one other Jedi of the time, a combined force had defeated him.

Exar Kun was the most powerful Sith Lord per New Republic historians:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQw6R9eRSAvY6_qp2M7p9lE5dGocuZpeIV-VMy_BC6CNOsBrn2q&usqp=CAU

NOTE: The Official Star Wars Fact File (2002-2004) is an in-universe historical source. However the veracity of its claims have been confirmed by on numerous occasions, thus placing the source at the highest possible level:

THE OFFICIAL STAR WARS FACT FILE RETURNS TO OUR GALAXY, wrote:The Fact File managed to deliver a solid summary of information that had been previously printed in other publications.

Exar Kun was once the most powerful and dangerous Sith, however this quote is in-universe omniscient set 150ABY and thus literally refers to the past-tense. Naturally, Kun died and was no longer the most powerful and dangerous but the quote is not limited to any one period:

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia wrote:Kun, Exar. Once the most powerful and dangerous of the Dark Lords of the Sith, he was responsible for the deaths of millions four millennia before the Rise of the Empire.

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200606-141137_Chrome

This work was fact-checked by Leland Chee, Holocron Keeper. Thus the accuracy and veracity of its claims are of the highest level:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200606-141223_Chrome

Kun believes himself unrivalled in power in his time:

I, Jedi wrote:I let Streen fill Kun with our resolve to unite and defeat him, but Kun's contempt for us came rolling back along the line like an echo. He had faced fleets of ships and all the known Jedi. He had slain his own master. His power was unrivaled. He had defeated our Master and beyond our resolve to fight, we had no operative plans and nothing with which to challenge him. We were snacks he would devour at his leisure, not morsels that might choke him.

Exar Kun is the most infamous student to come out of the Jedi Enclave; including Darth Revan and Darth Malak, both for the powers he gained through Sith magic and the war he started:

Dantooine, Knights of the Old Republic, LucasArts website wrote:The most notable feature of Dantooine is the Jedi academy, originally founded by Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas. For generations now it has served to train promising Jedi Padawans, with several dozen students in attendance at any given time. The most infamous graduate, however, is that of Exar Kun, trained by Vodo-Siosk Baas himself. Exar Kun was a Jedi Apprentice that turned away from the light side to embrace the seductive power of ancient Sith magic. Forty years ago he began a war upon the Republic that had grave consequences, but through great effort and sacrifice on the part of the Jedi he was defeated. The legacy of his taint is slowly passing away in the wake of the Mandalorian Wars and the coming of a new Sith threat.

Exar Kun is the most powerful dark-sider of the new order prepared by Naga Sadow and established by Freedon Nadd per historians of the New Republic which by the unbound nature of this quote, logically extends through Kun's Sith Empire and the resurrection of this empire by Revan and Malak, through to the Sith Triumvirate:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200602-094707_Discord

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4714397-090_004_battles__events_-_4400bby_nad2

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4714110-090_006_battles__events_-_4400bby_nad4a

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200602-095113_Drive

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200602-101926_Chrome

The quote is stated with full knowledge of Darth Revan and his holocron within the same source:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200603-074749_Discord

Note: The New Republic has tomes such as Book of Sith, Jedi Path and a vast array of holocrons as well as having established the Essential Guide to the Force via Tionne Solusar, a collection of all NR knowledge which contained vast information on all of the aforementioned Sith and their lives.

Exar Kun like Naga Sadow and the reborn Emperor Palpatine are among the great masters of Sith alchemy, thus among the most powerful Sith Lords in history:

Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:The most powerful Sith Lords possess a talent for the dark alchemy of the Sith. The Emperor, like Naga Sadow and Exar Kun long before him, became a master of manipulating the genetic building blocks of living creatures through the dark side. Over the millennia, many creatures have been broken, twisted, and rebuilt by this evil power.

Emperor Palpatine deems Sith alchemy to be the future of his Empire:

- Darth Sidious, Manipulation of Life wrote:“The future of my Empire is found in the mysteries of life - how to hold on to it so that my reign will never end. And how to twist it to create colossi that will do my bidding.


The alchemy developed by Syn is being perfected on Byss, where my Dark Side Adepts join their potent skills to warp life on a broad skills. My monstrous chrysalids, with their magnificent metal-piercing fangs, guard the ramparts of my citadel. My mute Imperial sentinels stand by my throne, their annihilated minds and enslaved wills clear evidence the dark side can manipulate clones for any imaginative purpose. Although alchemy can create perfect beings, I have designed weaknesses into all of these creations. The flaws are minute and known only to me. It would not do for any creature to be stronger than its creator."

Exar Kun's knowledge died with him:

Jedi Academy Sourcebook wrote:The dark knowledge of the Sith teachings died with Kun, it is extremely unlikely that any records survive, either on Yavin IV or elsewhere.

Exar Kun is considered to be among the three most powerful Dark Lords in history by Darth Bane:

Darth Bane: Path of Destruction wrote:"I’m sorry for abandoning you," he said softly. "I was blinded by dreams of past glory. Naga Sadow, Exar Kun, Darth Revan-I lusted after the power of the great Dark Lords of the past."

Exar Kun was the greatest threat to the galaxy since the Republic was founded:

Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi Vol.2 wrote:Nearly four thousand years before the birth of Luke Skywalker, the galaxy faces its greatest threat since the founding of the Republic!

Exar Kun is stated to be the cause of a 'torrent' of the dark side which is only stopped when Kun is attacked at Yavin IV and ended:

Exar Kun, Star Wars Databank wrote:
Before Vader, before Maul, before Sidious... there was a Dark Lord of the Sith that cast a shadow of terror and destruction across the galaxy. The ancient forces of the Republic and the Jedi banded together to stop the torrent of the dark side, and bring an end to Exar Kun's rule.

During the Great Sith War, the dark side of the Force threatened to consume the entire galaxy, even moreso than it did in the Jedi Civil War:

Jolee Bindo, Star Wars Databank wrote:His story remains unknown aside from rumors that he fought in the great war of Exar Kun -- in a time when Jedi turned against Jedi and the dark side threatened to swallow the galaxy.

Exar Kun's very power is a multi-galactic threat:

Cargo Bay, wrote:In the remote reaches of the Star Wars universe, an ancient and deadly power has been reawakened by a foolish and arrogant young Jedi. He will begin a quest to become a Dark Lord of the Sith, and every galaxy will be threatened by his power.

Exar Kun's power terrified the entire galaxy, and those galaxies beyond it:

Cargo Bay, wrote:In the depths of galactic space, a foolish and arrogant young Jedi awakes an ancient, deadly power. This seductive evil will lead him down a path that will make him a Dark Lord of the Sith, and his darkling power will make the very galaxies tremble.

Exar Kun's full potential would have been power to a degree that not even the combined power of the Jedi order could've defeated him:
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200607-142432_Gallery

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 6745689-6817694986-DWFtz

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Exar Kun survives the Jedi Order's attack on Yavin IV by successfully weilding the energies of thousands of dark side beasts in the Massassi, to unleash his spirit, despite not fully understanding the ritual itself:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screen14

The ritual caused massive devastation and evidently destroyed the Temple of Fire, the largest temple ever built on Yavin IV, due to the power unleashed:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200607-142543_Gallery
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screenshot_20200607-142336_Gallery

Exar Kun's powers, however, were extinguished by the Wall of Light:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4354132-nomi%20sunrider%20wall%20of%20light%20on%20exar%20kun%203

His body was destroyed by the Jedi's attack:

Yavin IV, Star Wars Databank wrote:The Jedi task force succeeded in killing Kun's body, but the assault also laid waste to many of Yavin 4's jungles and killed what few Massassi were left.

Exar Kun manages to survive by anchoring his spirit to the Jedi temples:

Dark Side Sourcebook wrote:Exar Kun-who didn't technically die so much as merge with the dark side and retain his identity-resisted the dissolution of his spirit by drawing on the remarkable focusing energies of the Massassi temples on Yavin 4.

Exar Kun was attacked by a Jedi strike force unlike anything before:

Jedi Academy Vol.3: Champions of the Force wrote:When Master Vodo did not succeed, the other Jedi banded together in a massive strike force such as had never before been gathered.

Exar Kun's presence is felt by the Jedi and Sith, some 350 years later:

Satele Shan, Shadow of Revan wrote:"You sense it too. Not the ancient Sith, or the Emperor. Not Revan. Another presence... different from the rest."

The Hero of Tython & Satele Shan, Shadow of Revan wrote:"The Emperor is here, I can feel his presence. I'd know it anywhere. But he isn't alone."

"The Emperor isn't the only Sith to have left his mark on this world."

The 'Ancient Threat' is a manifestation of the convergence of dark side energies caused by the reawakening of the spirits of Naga Sadow, Tulak Hord, Marka Ragnos and Exar Kun:

Long-forgotten Sith spirits have awakened on Yavin 4. This convergence of dark side energies could give rise to a powerful and ancient threat within the moon's already-treacherous jungles.
- SWTOR 3.0.2 Patch Notes

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) The-Ancient-Threat1

The 'Ancient Threat' is literally too powerful a source of energy for the 'galaxy's greatest heroes' to damage:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Swtor-ancient-defenses-ancient-threat_thumb

Unless their Force essences are touched by the four spirits:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Swtor-speaker-of-the-dead

Interacting with any of these spirits results in being blasted back:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4412737-4215696458-vb0qx

And they must collect their individual talismans to even find it in the Force:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Swtor-talisman-collector_thumb

These Talismans overwhelm any one of Darth Nox, the Empire's Wrath, the Hero of Tython or the third Barsen'thor:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 4511135-ragnostalisman

Once they do actually face the Ancient Threat, it's easily far too powerful for either Darth Nox or the Hero of Tython, and is only defeated by the combined force of the galaxy's champions.

Exar Kun's dormant spirit is stated to permeate the jungles of Yavin IV with the dark side:

The Star Wars Spy Game: Declassified wrote:Complicating matters were the ancient Massassi temples on Yavin 4 — brimming with Sith history and magick — and hidden Jedi secrets. A dark presence permeated the very jungles (Luke would many years later encounter the spirit of the bygone Dark Lord Exar Kun trapped in the Great Temple)

Exar Kun dominated the minds of archeologists when they broke into his tomb and turned them into 'powerful' enslaved cultists:

The Fury of Exar Kun, Star Wars Galaxies Chapter 9, LucasArts Announcement wrote:Hidden below the Temple of Exar Kun on Yavin 4 lays the tomb of this legendary Sith Lord. Exar Kun's spirit is so strong and malevolence so great, that he has withstood death for 4,000 years, waiting for an opportunity to finally obtain the godhood he so desires. A group of archeologists excavating nearby have discovered the tomb's crumbled antechamber, and as they explored deeper, have succumbed to Exar Kun's powerful will. Players must eliminate each of the now twisted but powerful archeologists on their way to finally put the spirit of Exar Kun to rest.

Exar Kun's state in spiritual form was dire, as all of his energy reserves had long been lost, but as he returns, he subsides through corrupting and possessing young Jedi hopefuls, by bending their will and augmenting their power. Using negative emotions and draining energy to partially make up for his own lack of energy sources:

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook wrote:Exar Kun passed the millennia in uneasy slumber.
A few scant years later, Kun is brought sharply awake by the arrival of not one or two, but a dozen humans blazing with the power he needed to live again. Eagerly but cautiously, Kun observes each arrival, probing for weaknesses and the power he needs to restore his lost reserves of energy. For a time, he is able to subside by feeding on their residual energy, but soon he will need worshippers if he is to grow more active. With a nucleus of followers to provide him energy-providing anger and fear, Kun will have enough power to escape his exile and take on human form. To his surprise, Kun recognizes the leader to be the same man who had visited Yavin Four years earlier, now much more powerful in the Force. Too powerful, for the moment, for Kun to tackle.
Kun finds Gantoris, strong-willed and impatient to learn, to be a more promising first candidate. He easily seduces Gantoris in the same manner that Nadd had seduced him—by promising forbidden knowledge and the truly powerful Jedi secrets Gantoris cannot wait to learn. Carefully building up and feeding on the anger of his first apprentice, Kun grows in power. Soon he feels confident to make an attempt to subvert Luke, knowing that if he can sway the teacher, the students will all follow. Kun, posing as Anakin Skywalker, appears to Luke and attempts to pull him toward the forbidden Sith teachings by tempting him to use Sith power to seize control of the New Republic and destroy the Empire. Realizing that this shade is not that of his father, Luke rejects the offer.
Enraged and drained, Kun returns to Gantoris. Desperate for more energy, he goads Gantoris to new heights of anger by showing him the Eol Sha colonists dying on Dantooine. Gantoris is pushed too far, however, and turns on his Sith master. Realizing that Gantoris is no longer his, Kun utterly drains him to provide himself a reserve of energy to last until he can subvert more students.
Kun has just begun edging in on Streen when Kyp Durron arrives at the Jedi Academy. Kun immediately senses in the young man his ideal subject. Like Gantoris, Kyp is strong-willed and impatient to learn. Moreover, he is far more powerful than the Eol Sha leader, and young enough to be overconfident and naive.
Over a number of weeks, Kun slowly bends Kyp to his will, and begins to augment his power. He grows very powerful on Kyp's hate, and soon his hold on Kyp is so complete that he can send Kyp beyond the planet to do his will and still retain control over his subject. Ultimately, he has Kyp return to Yavin Four and helps him reclaim the Sun Crusher. He also bolsters Kyp's talents to allow him to defeat Luke and place him in a coma.

The Jedi Academy Sourcebook wrote:Exar Kun himself possessed a great many other dark powers that he was unable to harness without the energy he needed to fuel his disembodied will. Some of these powers he was able to channel through Kyp, Gantoris, and Streen to achieve his ends.

Exar Kun possessed Kyp Durron, which is nigh impossible:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 20190812
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 20190813
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Essenc10

Kyp Durron attempted to harness Kun's power but was instead trampled:

New Essential Guide to Characters wrote:He opened himself to the spirit of the Sith Lord Exar Kun, convincing himself that Kun's power could be harnessed for noble purposes. Instead, the dark energies trampled over Durron's naïvité.

His control was so complete that all of Kyp Durron's dark side corruption was instantaneously dissipated upon Kun's destruction:

Jedi Academy Vol.3: Champions of the Force wrote:And then the haunting voice of Exar Kun rose to a wail in his mind, an utterly forlorn scream as if he were being torn out of this universe and exiled to another place entirely, where he could torment Kyp Durron no more. Kyp snapped backward in his control seat as if an invisible tow cable had been severed. His arms and head dangled like a puppet with suddenly snipped strings. The cool wind of freedom whistled through his mind and body. He blinked his eyes and shuddered with revulsion at what he had been about to do.

Luke Skywalker sensed that Exar Kun was a greater threat than Kyp Durron:

Jedi Academy Vol.2: Dark Apprentice wrote:His best students were going sour, getting impatient, trying to push the limits of their abilities. But he had sensed a greater, deeper menace that vibrated within the very stones of the Great Temple itself. . . evil, and well hidden.

This is highly impressive as it is suggested Kyp Durron possibly becomes more powerful than Luke Skywalker:

Jedi Academy Vol.2: Dark Apprentice (Germany) wrote:In the temples of a long-gone people, the spirit of Exar Kun, the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith, lives, whose teachings once led Darth Vader to the side of evil. Luke must watch helplessly as some of his students succumb to the whisperings of Exar Kun. Above all, the young Kyp Durron, who is utterly devoured by hatred for the Empire, is only too willing to follow the temptations of the forbidden Sith teachings. Without realizing, he is more and more dedicated to the dark side of power. Soon he's more powerful than Luke and threatens to become an even more dangerous opponent than Darth Vader once was ...

Prior to that however, Exar Kun's spirit aids Kyp Durron in levelling Corran Horn so hard he was knocked out; who was somewhat a match for Kyp's own telekinetic attacks, whilst simultaneously masking the attack from the senses of a hall full of Jedi merely fifteen meters away, including Luke Skywalker himself who was already actively searching for Kun:

I, Jedi wrote:The Force blow he aimed at me glanced off my chest, yet it was strong enough to bounce me off the corrider wall. I managed to catch myself against the rough stone, but not before I'd slid half-way down the wall.

"You are not my master!" Kyp pointed back toward the dining room, "He is not my master! What good is it being a Jedi if we do not act?"

"What good is it being Jedi if we don't act responsibly?" I hauled myself upright, "Remember Kyp, the 'no good Jedi' kicked Kun's butt.." Kyp struck at me again through the Force but I expected it this time, I absorbed enough of it to let me create a shield.

"You're involved with someone who lost a long time ago, don't compound his error."

"And who will stop me?" I hesitated because Kyp's words seemed to echo within themselves, we were not alone, which meant Kyp's mentor had come to aid his apprentice.

"I will, if you make it necessary." An ancient sneer of contempt twisted Kyp's features.

"Puny Jedi, you are of no concern to me." Even though I had braced myself for another attack, it did no good. Kyp's previous blows were like light breezes compared to this full-on gale. I slammed back into the wall with teeth rattling-impact.


"What happened to you?"

"Kyp didn't like the menu." I winced as a twing rang through my ribs. "We had a discussion in the hallway, you didn't feel anything?" Heads all around the hallway shook, and I felt a cold dread begin to congeal in my stomach. If Exar Kun could mask the attack on me in such a way that Master Skywalker could not feel it barely fifteen meters away, then we were up against something more powerful than I'd cared to imagine existing.

Exar Kun aids Kyp Durron with power that made a focal point-amped Kyp comparably 'feeble':

Jedi Academy Vol.2: Dark Apprentice wrote:“Exar Kun, help me,” Kyp said, closing his eyes.
He reached out with his mind, following the paths of the Force that led to every object in the universe, drawing power from the cosmic focal point of the Massassi temple. He searched, sending his thoughts like a probe deep into the storm systems of the gas giant. Behind him, Kyp felt the black-ice power of Exar Kun arise, tapping into him and reinforcing his abilities. His own feeble exploratory touch suddenly plunged forward like a blaster bolt. Kyp felt larger, a part of the jungle moon, then a part of the entire planetary system, until he burrowed into the heart of the gas giant itself.The Sun Crusher approached like a long, sharp thorn of crystalline alloy, cruising upright on its long axis. The toroidal resonance-torpedo launcher hung at the bottom of the long hook. It looked beautiful. The Sun Crusher descended through the jungle moon’s atmosphere, straight down—like a spike to impale the Great Temple. Kyp controlled it, slowed its descent, until the superweapon hovered to a stop, suspended in front of him.
As the sky brightened with planetrise, the alloy hull of the Sun Crusher seemed as pristine as a firefacet gem, scoured of all oxidation and debris by the intense temperatures and pressures at the core of Yavin. The Sun Crusher looked clean, and deadly, and ready for him.
“Thank you, Exar Kun,” Kyp whispered.

Against Exar Kun and Kyp Durron's attacks, all of Luke's Jedi knowledge and power were useless:

Jedi Academy Vol.2: Dark Apprentice wrote:Kyp made a dismissive gesture with one hand, and a sudden wave of dark ripples splashed across the air like the shock front of a concussion grenade. Luke stumbled backward. The lightsaber turned cold in his hand. Frost crystals grew in feathery patterns around the handle. At the core of the brilliant green blade a shadow appeared, a black disease rotting away the purity of the beam. The humming blade sputtered, sounding like a sickly cough. The black taint rapidly grew stronger, swallowing up the green beam. With a frizzle of sparks Luke’s lightsaber died.
Trying to control his growing fear, Luke felt a sudden brush of cold behind him. He turned to see a black, hooded silhouette—the image that had impersonated Anakin Skywalker in Luke’s nightmare…the dark man who had lured Gantoris into a devastating loss of control.
Kyp’s voice came as if from a great distance. “At last, Master Skywalker, you can meet my mentor—Exar Kun.”
Luke dropped his useless lightsaber and crouched. His every muscle suddenly coiled and tensed. He rallied all the powers of the Force around him, seeking any defensive tactic. With the Sun Crusher looming behind him, Kyp stretched out both hands and blasted Luke with lightning bolts like black cracks in the Force. Dark tendrils rose up from the gaps in the temple flagstones, fanged, illusionary vipers that struck at him from all sides. Luke cried out and tried to strike back, but the shadows of Exar Kun joined the attack, adding more deadly force. The ancient Dark Lord of the Sith lashed out with waves of blackness, driving long icicles of frozen poison into Luke’s body.
He thrashed, but felt helpless. To lose control to anger and desperation would be as great a failure as if he did nothing at all. Luke called upon the powers that Yoda and Obi-Wan had taught him—but everything he did, every skillful technique, failed utterly.

Kun binds Luke Skywalker's spirit with his power, Luke only escapes when Kun is destroyed:

Jedi Academy Vol.3: Champions of the Force wrote:With a wheezing cough as he expelled long-trapped air from his lungs and drew in a fresh breath, Master Skywalker groaned and sat up on the stone platform.

"You've-done it!" Luke said, gaining strength from each lungful of cool, clean air. The new Jedi Knights surged toward him. "You have broken the bonds."

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia wrote:Later, Jacen joined forces with the other Jedi students in destroying Exar Kun's spirit forever and freeing Luke's spirit.


Later she became one of Skywalker's Jedi candidates and joined his other Jedi students on Yavin IV in defeating the spirit of Dark Lord Exar Kun, protecting Luke's body and freeing his spirit.

Exar Kun's spirit alone was powerful enough to defeat Master Skywalker:

Jedi Academy Vol.3: Champions of the Force wrote:Afraid to challenge the dark power that had been sufficient to warp other students and defeat Master Skywalker.

This was Luke Skywalker in his prime as of this point:

Jedi Academy Vol.3: Champions of the Force wrote:Luke clapped him on the back and smiled with dark-ringed eyes that shone with an inner brightness stronger than ever before. As he conquered each seemingly insurmountable obstacle, Luke's Jedi powers grew greater and greater- but, like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, a Jedi Master learned to use his powers even less, relying on wits instead of showmanship.

I, Jedi wrote:When we had met before I had felt power in him, but now, after his experiences with the Emperor Reborn, his power had been redoubled. Physically he looked a bit haggard and worn, with the flesh around his eyes having tightened and wrinkles appearing at their corners. I knew we were the same age chronologically, but in experience he far surpassed me.

It's said that the prior two feats; drawing out the Suncrusher and taking down Luke, severely depleted Exar Kun's energy:

Corran Horn, Jedi VS. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force wrote:"The only vaguely positive explanation for Exar Kun’s dormancy that I could come up with was that his effort to draw the Sun Crusher from Yavin and to down Luke had tired him out."

Corran Horn attempted to rationalise away Exar Kun's power, but realises Kun is genuinely more powerful than Luke Skywalker:

I, Jedi wrote:The despair in her voice found an ally in the fear writhing into my belly. It had never seemed odd to me that Kyp had been able to slam me into a wall because he had always been more powerful than me. Even when I felt the other presence reinforcing him and got hammered by the combination of them, I never imagined that they could be more powerful than Luke Skywalker. I had even rationalized away the dark man's ability to avoid detection as his being talented in that area, just as I was talented in the area of image projection.

The pure arrogance and stupidity of those ideas slammed hard into me.

Exar Kun summoned a cyclone that would've launched the Jedi Leia thousands of feet into the air or 'smashed' her against temple stones, the temperature of this storm was so low that it caused icicles to form:

Champions of the Force wrote:Streen!

The old Bespin hermit stood on the outskirts of the storm with his brown Jedi robe flapping around him. His wild gray hair writhed around his head as if charged with static. His lips mumbled something incomprehensible, and his eyes remained closed as if he were having a nightmare. Leia knew that even powerful Jedi could not manipulate large-scale phenomena like the weather; but they could move objects, and she realized that was what Streen did now. Not changing the weather, but simply moving the air, drawing it in from all directions, creating a self-contained but destructive tornado that struck toward Luke's body.

"No!" she shouted into the starving wind.


The cyclone struck Luke, buffeted his body, and lifted it into the air.

Leia ran toward her paralyzed brother, feet barely touching the ground as the powerful winds knocked her sideways. The storm wrenched her off balance, and she found herself thrown through the air, flying like an insect toward the stone walls. She spun around and reached out, calming herself enough to use her own abilities with the Force, to nudge her body away. Instead of being crushed against the stone blocks, she slid softly to the floor.

Luke's body continued rising, tugged upward by the hurricane. His Jedi robe wound around him as the winds spun him like a corpse launched out of a star-freighter air lock into the grave of space.

Streen didn't seem aware of what he was doing.

Leia staggered to her feet again and jumped. This time she rode the circling air currents, flying around the fringe of the cyclone toward her helpless brother. She reached out to grab the tail of his robe, felt her fingers clutch rough fabric, and then burn as the robe was snatched away from her. She fell back to the floor.

Luke had been drawn up into the tornado's mouth, rising toward the skylights.

"Luke!" she cried. "Please help me."

She had no idea if he could hear her, or if he could do anything.

Gathering strength in her leg muscles, she leaped into the air again. It might be possible to use her Jedi skills of levitation for a brief moment; Luke had done it several times, although she herself had never mastered the skill.

Now, though, it mattered more than it ever had before. As Leia sprang upward, the wind caught her. She rose high enough to grab Luke's body. She wrapped her arms around his waist, twisted her legs around his ankles, holding him, hoping her weight would drag him down.

But as they started to drop, the winds picked up in intensity, howling and roaring. Leia's skin went numb from the blinding wintry cold. They shot toward the roof of the grand audience chamber, toward the widest skylight, where jagged icicles hung like javelins.

Leia suddenly knew what Streen intended to do to them, whether consciously or unconsciously. They would be sucked out of the Great Temple, tossed high into the sky, and then allowed to crash thousands of feet to the spear-pointed branches of the jungle canopy.

The turbolift door opened. Kirana Ti charged out, followed by Tionne and Kam Solusar.

"Stop Streen!" Leia shouted.

Kirana Ti reacted instantly. She wore thin but supple red armor from the scaled hides of reptiles from Dathomir. She had been a warrior on her own world, fighting with untrained and unhoned skill in the Force, but she had also fought in physical combat as well.

Kirana Ti launched herself forward on long, muscular legs, ducking her head as she charged into the cyclonic wind that surrounded Streen. The old hermit stood entranced, spinning slowly around with his arms dangling at his sides and his fingertips spread apart, as if trying to catch something.

Kirana Ti staggered as she hit the wind, but she wrenched her head aside, spread her legs, and dug the toes of her bare feet against the stone floor for traction. She shoved forward into the wind and finally shattered through into the dead zone of the storm. She tackled Streen to the flagstoned floor and locked his arms behind his back. Streen cried out, then blinked his eyes open. He looked wildly around in confusion. Instantly the wind stopped blowing. The air fell still. High up at the ceiling of the grand audience chamber Leia and Luke plunged toward the unforgiving flagstones below. Luke fell like a doll, and Leia tried to remember how to use her levitation skills, but her mind went blank with panic.

Tionne and Kam Solusar raced forward, stretching out their arms, using what they had been taught. Less than a meter above the crushing stones, Leia found herself slowed, pausing in the air beside Luke's body. They drifted gently to the floor. Leia cradled Luke against her, but her brother did not respond.

Jedi Academy Sourcebook wrote:Some of these powers he was able to channel through Kyp, Gantoris, and Streen to achieve his ends.

I, Jedi wrote:My thinking was that Kun, still taxed from his having funneled enough power through Streen to create that cyclone

Exar Kun's telepathic assault was faster than a nano-second, which was fast enough to block out Mara Jade:

I, Jedi wrote:I felt tendrils of the Force snake out from her and probe the fringes of my mind. “But that’s not where you live.”

I concentrated for a nanosecond and shut her out of my mind. “No. I was attracted to the old pilot billets on the ground floor.”

Mara Jade smiled and I found it all too predatory for me. “Then I’ll look there first for a place to stay. If you don’t mind.”

I, Jedi wrote:"Quite droll, Keiran, not as full of anger or fear as the others." Exar Kun's obsidian gaze bored into me. I tried to armor my mind against him the way I had with Mara Jade, but he was in and out too quickly for me to stop him. "You have more experience and more maturity. You are a riper fruit."

Yet Mara Jade was taught by Emperor Palpatine himself to be capable of telepathically defending against Darth Vader:

The Last Command wrote:But there was a mental pattern the Emperor had taught her long ago, a pattern for those times when he'd wanted his instructions hidden even from Vader.

Luke Skywalker states that it took all of the Jedi in his Academy to match Kun:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 2017-10-29

Despite the fact Exar Kun's energy sources were gone, as Kyp was across the galaxy and Streen was fighting against him:

Jedi Academy Sourcebook wrote:She[Tionne] supposes that the students have a chance of defeating him, since Kun no longer has his servants to draw power from, he[Streen] is his only source.

Even in this state, Kun nearly chokes out all of the melded Jedi simultaneously, if not for Streen utilising alter environment:

Jedi Academy Vol.3: Champion of the Force wrote:As his eyes adjusted, Streen saw that all twelve of the Jedi candidates were limned with the faintest sheen of an iridescent blue glow that grew brighter as the new Jedi converged around Exar Kun.

"Even joined together, you are too weak to fight me!" the shadowy man said.

Streen felt his throat constrict, his windpipe close. He choked, unable to breathe. The black silhouette turned, staring at those who resisted him. The Jedi trainees grasped their throats, straining to breathe, their faces darkening with the effort. Kun's shadow expanded, growing darker and more powerful.

He towered over Streen. "Streen, take your lightsaber and finish these weaklings. Then I will allow you to live."

Streen heard the blood sing in his ears as his body strained for oxygen. The rushing sound reminded him of blowing wind, gale-force storms. Wind. Air. He grasped the wind with his Jedi powers, moving the air itself and making it flow into his lungs, past Kun's invisible stranglehold. Cool, sweet oxygen filled him, and Streen exhaled and inhaled again. Reaching out with his power, he did the same for all the other Jedi students, nudging air into their lungs—helping them breathe, helping them grow stronger.

Exar Kun's spirit was stated to be a dark side nexus:

Specters of the Past wrote:There in front of him, starkly visible against the blackness of space, he could see the faint images of Emperor Palpatine and Exar Kun, two of the greatest focal points of the dark side he’d ever had to face. They were standing there before him, gazing back at him. And laughing.

Luke Skywalker's turn to the dark side came when he realised that Reborn Palpatine himself was a dark side nexus, abandoning all hope of victory against such power:

Dark Empire Endnotes wrote:The key to Luke's turning is the moment when he and Leia realize the Emperor is no longer defined by his physical form, but has become a chaotic nexus of dark energies that swell and burst open the fabric of space, tearing apart everything in the vicinity, human and machine.

Thus Exar Kun's spirit being a dark side nexus, one of the most powerful Luke had faced along with Sheev, affords him a similar perception of power. This places him above all dark siders prior to Specters of the Past bar Palpatine.

Per Leia, Exar Kun's spirit was the only thing as powerful as Kueller since before Kun's awakening:

New Rebellion wrote:She [Leia] wished she had the same certainty. This Kueller had more Force capability than anyone she had encountered in years. Except Exar Kun, and he had been a spirit. Kueller was alive.

He was using these deaths to replenish his own well of hatred. The dark side ate people from within, but while it did so, it gave them too much power.

He appeared to have more power than she had. More power than Luke.

Per Luke Skywalker, he hadn't felt power like Kueller's in a living being since Emperor Palpatine:

New Rebellion wrote:The presence had neared. It was strong in the dark side. He could feel the ripples, feel a power he hadn't felt in a living being since he encountered the Emperor. Luke had never had a student that powerful, of that he was certain.

Mara Jade further claims she hasn't felt power like a prime Kueller's since Palpatine:

New Rebellion wrote:She raised her head. She was stunning, he had to give her that, with her bright green eyes, and red, almost auburn, hair. A woman to respect. A woman that no one ever should tamper with. "I haven't felt power like this since Palpatine in the early days. If this continues, Han, Kueller will be stronger than the Emperor ever was, and he'll do it quicker."

"So you're not here for Luke after all." She swallowed. "It may be too late for Luke. I'm here for the rest of us."

Luke and Kueller agree that Luke faced better than Kueller:

New Rebellion wrote:"I've fought better than you, Kueller," Luke said. The lightsaber felt odd in his hand. "And won."

"Years ago, Skywalker. You've become complacent." Kueller slashed at Luke.

Kueller was however more powerful than any student Luke has trained which would include Kyp Durron:

New Rebellion wrote:Luke had never had a student that powerful, of that he was certain. Whoever it was became powerful after he had left the academy.

Per Luke Skywalker, Kyp Durron had faced forces as dire and powerful as he himself had gone through to become a Jedi:

Jedi Academy Vol.3: Champions of the Force wrote:If Kyp could face this final test, Luke would know he'd passed through the fire of his testing-tempered by forces as dire and powerful as those Luke himself had endured.

Luke looks back and thinks of slaying Exar Kun and the reborn Emperor as his greatest triumphs:

Children of the Jedi wrote:Ben, he thought, would have had something to say, something healing...Yoda would have known how to deal with the wretched ruin of a friend's heart and life. The mightiest Jedi in the universe, he reflected bitterly--that he knew of, anyway - come the destroyer of the Sun Crusher, the slayer of evil, who'd defeated the recloned Emperor and the Sith Lord Exar Kun. . .

The return of the spirits of Exar Kun and Marka Ragnos seemed to entail a grand sinister plot by the dark side of the Force:

Evil Never Dies: The Sith Dynasties, wrote:Seven years after the Battle of Endor, when Luke Skywalker established an academy with the intention of rebuilding the Jedi Order, the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord Exar Kun returned to prevent the Jedi Brotherhood's resurrection. Three short years later, another Sith daemon, this time the Dark Lord Marka Ragnos, also was called back from the realm of Chaos to terrorize the galaxy. This latter event was not isolated. Some of the disciples of Ragnos had formerly been aligned with the dark sider Hethrir and his Empire Reborn, which had been defeated only a short time prior. Worse, soon after the encounter with Ragnos, the lifeless body of the reformed Sith acolyte Flint was found on Belderone: an ancient Jedi lightsaber in hand, a cauterized hole through his throat.
The Force seethed with the suggestion of a grand, sinister scheme.

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQ03G3dtPYrdPqMoq3O86Z51hQPPGo3CtN1a-kd2AuaW2FSRuD8&usqp=CAU

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Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Empty Addendum: The Darth Malak Quote

on August 29th 2019, 4:47 am
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Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSgGYBuqLx56JRUHtkpix3ZGk331SBJX5_CrlRtV1dJhj40khDG&usqp=CAU

A quote exists stating that Darth Malak had been provided far greater powers than even Freedon Nadd or Exar Kun:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSKxLwC-OQbAgqruB3fCIwn1Ql4FNwTbA8CbKGaWlEOpncZyS88&usqp=CAU

Now, whilst the context and interpretations of the quote can be debated. This is no longer needed as a more up-to-date source has confirmed that the interpretation of this quote so as to mean Darth Malak is far more powerful than Exar Kun cannot be accurate:

Kun, Exar. Once the most powerful and dangerous of the Dark Lords of the Sith, he was responsible for the deaths of millions four millennia before the Rise of the Empire.

This quote is from The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia which is an in-universe omniscient source as stated within the text itself:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Image0_1i

This means that the quote must include the Sith Emperor as of 3,996BBY. However, by 3960BBY the Sith Emperor easily defeats the combined power of Revan and Malak:

Star Wars the Old Republic: Encyclopedia wrote:Over 300 years ago, the great Jedi heroes Revan and Malak stumbled upon long-hidden Sith Empire's capital of Dromund Kaas, and its ruler - a mysterious, almost godlike avatar of the dark side. They argued briefly over whether to alert the Republic and Jedi Council, but Revan was already too consumed by arrogance and anger to consider the possibility of defeat. By the time Revan and Malak approached the Emperor in his throne room, they were already at the precipice of the dark side. It took only a fraction of the Emperor's loathsome power to complete their fall. The Jedi succumbed utterly to the Sith leader's domination and returned to the Republic to spark a new conflict: the Jedi Civil War.

Star Wars the Old Republic: Encyclopedia wrote:The legendary Jedi Revan and Malak confront the Sith Emperor in his throne room on Dromund Kaas. In mere moments, the Jedi lay defeated and consumed by the dark side of the Force

Revan and Malak Fall Codex Entry wrote:Realizing this Empire was the true threat to the Republic, Revan and Malak faced the Sith Emperor himself, intending to cut off the serpent's head--but the Emperor was too powerful. Overwhelmed by the Emperor's dark presence, they pledged themselves to his service.

Furthermore, Revan states that he doubts he could defeat the Emperor he faced with Malak despite his power growth since then, further stating that the Emperor at that point wielded a kind of power that not even Darth Malak amplified by the Star Forge had:

Star Wars the Old Republic: Revan wrote:As they drew closer to the throne room, Revan’s thoughts drifted back to his last confrontation with the Emperor. In all his battles, he had never faced an enemy with that kind of power. The dark side had radiated from him in palpable waves, his physical shell barely able to contain the crackling energy.

In their last meeting he had overwhelmed Revan completely; it wasn’t even fair to call it a battle. Revan had grown since then. He was far more powerful now, but was he a match for the Emperor?

Alone, probably not.

What this means is that the Emperor as of 3960BBY required only a 'fraction' of his power to dominate Revan and Malak combined, and a Revan who at this point was much more powerful than Star Forge Malak still didn't think he could defeat the Emperor he'd faced in 3960BBY.

The question then becomes whether or not Vitiate surpassed Exar Kun in the 36 years after Kun's defeat. Well between 3960BBY and 3950BBY, there's no major growth in power on the Sith Emperor's part. The chronological gap between Exar Kun at his height and the Sith Emperor is only 26 years longer than that.

This of course is taking for granted the idea that Kun died in 3996BBY, however other sources state that the war which started in 3996BBY went on for 'several years' before Kun and Ulic reappeared:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 6558255-6679186408-droma

Meaning that Kun actually died in 3992BBY, shortening the gap even further. This means that if the Malak quote is to be interpreted in a way that suggests he was far more powerful than Exar Kun, then the Sith Emperor in the space of 32 years had to have grown so much more powerful that he possesses 'a kind of power' beyond SF Malak who was supposedly far more powerful than Exar Kun who was more powerful than the Sith Emperor. Yet in the space of 10 years neither Revan nor anyone else notes any kind of growth on that scale for the Emperor. Simply put it isn't true.

The reconciliation to this issue is that assumptions made regarding the context of the quote are wrong. The 'Did it provide him with powers far greater than even Freedon Nadd or Exar Kun or was cybernetic enhancement too simple an explanation?' line can be interpreted in more ways than one and this is made clear by the article's author Cory J. Herndon:

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) 6560697-screenshot_20180815-074614_twitter

It is the Star Forge's own power itself that Herndon notes makes Darth Malak more powerful a Sith than Nadd or Kun, not merely in terms of the Force but in its ability to build a nigh endless armada of ships. Which goes hand-in-hand with the fact that Malak is being 'provided' powers by something else.

You may now note that his mask hiding cybernetic enhancements is incapable of producing said ships thus casting doubt on Herndon's claim. Firstly, it is important to note that the distinction of being 'too simple', essentially insufficient, renders that piece of context irrelevant anyway. The article is not aware of the source of this power; and given literally nothing is like the Star Forge in either scope and capability,  no matter what suggestions are presented they are wrong, this is not a limiting factor on the interpretations that may be made from it. It is a blind shot in the dark based on one of Darth Malak's most notable features. Secondly, Malak's enhancements are borne of Star Forge technology. Per Revan himself, even the smallest fragments can self-replicate until they become galaxies:

(Skip to 3:36)

Therefore the article's original suggestion is far from a basis for dismissal nor should it be taken as a limiting factor at all.

Reading the full context of the quote enlightens this further:

An imposing figure with ghostly pale features, prominent Sith tattoos, a gleaming red lightsaber, and devastating Dark Side power, Malak struck terror into the hearts of his former allies. He also wore a vocal mask that may have concealed a form of cybernetic life-support. Did it provide him with powers far greater than even Exar Kun or Freedon Nadd, or was cybernetic enhancement too simple an explanation?

Note that Darth Malak's power is already stated, but the latter half of the quote is stated as being separate to this. This is important when noting 'did it provide him with'. The 'far greater powers' come from something else, besides Darth Malak himself. And Cory Herndon has confirmed that the Star Forge itself is what makes Darth Malak more powerful than the proceeding Sith, due to its capability to produce an armada of ships as well as its connection to the dark side of the Force.

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Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Empty Re: Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020)

on August 29th 2019, 8:06 pm
Fixed the first post, will work on the second.

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Empty Re: Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020)

on August 30th 2019, 2:49 pm
Great thread. I'll read it more thoroughly later, but note the comic doesn't indicate Vodo alone disarmed Droma. It seems to have been a group effort.
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Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Empty Re: Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020)

on August 30th 2019, 7:21 pm
@DarthAnt66 wrote:Great thread. I'll read it more thoroughly later, but note the comic doesn't indicate Vodo alone disarmed Droma. It seems to have been a group effort.

Well, the group disarms Ulic and all his men. But Vodo himself takes Ulic's lightsaber. That's besides the fact that several years earlier, Ulic nearly killed all of Vodo's companions. But you are nonetheless correct.
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on August 31st 2019, 8:56 am
Part 2 is now updated.
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on November 24th 2019, 10:13 pm
This thread has been considerably updated, please do read if you are interested.
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on November 24th 2019, 10:33 pm
i did. its a good ass respect thread. i gotta learn how to format them here just as u guys do.
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on November 24th 2019, 10:56 pm
Why, thank you.
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on November 25th 2019, 1:05 am
Aww you guys made up

Nice respect thread, you really reppin Kun for the forum
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on November 25th 2019, 11:58 pm
Thread further updated.
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on November 26th 2019, 7:44 am
Where/ what was updated?
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on November 26th 2019, 7:46 am
I added a blurb in the spirit post clarifying Kyp's superiority to Luke.
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on November 26th 2019, 8:26 am
with or without the nexus, exar kun amp?
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on November 26th 2019, 8:29 am
The blurb isn't inclusive of any external factors.
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on December 6th 2019, 1:45 am
Updated both parts of the thread thoroughly.
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on December 7th 2019, 10:23 am
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Excellent RT.
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Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Empty Re: Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020)

on December 9th 2019, 4:09 am
Vader's Legacy
Vader's Legacy
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Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Empty Re: Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020)

on December 16th 2019, 7:38 am
Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Screen14

What lightsaber form did he use to do this? Reverse cowgirl?
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Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Empty Re: Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020)

on December 23rd 2019, 1:09 am
im confused as to when some of the accolades/feats/statements actually refer too in kun's lifetime/timeframe. u think u can explain it a bit better? putting on some years next to the statements perhaps? or maybe making a scaling chain like i did.
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on December 23rd 2019, 1:10 am
They're all in chronological order.
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on December 23rd 2019, 1:18 am
i just wanted to know how much of a difference in time it is for each of them. im not savy enough to understand it all just from reading the quotes lol
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Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Empty Re: Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020)

on December 23rd 2019, 1:21 am
Unfortunately, there is no exact time frame of events for the Great Sith War. Only that it was over four years long.
Moderator | Champion of Darkness
Moderator | Champion of Darkness

Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020) Empty Re: Exar Kun: The Ultimate Respect Thread (2020)

on December 26th 2019, 3:18 am
Nice post, got some questions/suggestions:

1. Where do you hold Kun relative to DE Sidious and Valkorion?
2. You should add your case for debunking the Malak > Kun quote as an addendum. It’d be good to see your full case all in one spot.
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