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on Fri 19 Apr 2019 - 14:46
There will be many forum-hosted tournaments that will give members the opportunity to demonstrate or improve their knowledge of Star Wars and debating. Note that if a member is in a tournament but fails to meet the time deadlines for any post without good reason, they will be banned from participating in the next tournament.


Champions and runner-ups will be given a customized user ranking below their profile picture. 

Here are the rewards for The Tyrannical Ten tournament:

Star Wars Versus - Tournaments Sb31Gnh 
Star Wars Versus - Tournaments Wo4KrN0

Here are the rewards for the Instant Heroes Tournament: 

Star Wars Versus - Tournaments 3EA8lCM 
Star Wars Versus - Tournaments OuX8FCE

Champions will also be added to the 'Champions' user group and have their username color changed to purple. Example: Suspect Insight.

Please click the "spoiler" button to view relevant content.


Star Wars Versus - Tournaments Ttt_ba10

The Tyrannical Ten is our first and currently ongoing closed debate tournament. You can view the links to the debates below:


Star Wars Versus - Tournaments LlSQaTL

The Instant Heroes Tournament is our second and also currently ongoing closed debate tournament that emphasizes succinctness and quick-thinking. More information about the tournament can be found at the following link:
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