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Dooku vs. Maul Brothers - Page 4 Empty Re: Dooku vs. Maul Brothers

on July 19th 2020, 6:02 am
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Lost should not be in quotations. Dooku ran away for his life because he was going to die if he continued against both.

If Savage was able to simultaneously ragdoll AotC Yoda + Level Dooku and Ventress at the same time he's knocking on Sids doorstep. And most of the verse is screwed. This is hardly a negative on the Count. Before that Dooku was easily handling the duo. In fact he far surpassed their combined powers

Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress wage a combined attack against Dooku, whose abilities with the Force far surpass those of his apprentices.

Lest we forget, it was Dooku's tactics that caused Savage to berserk in the first place, an almost lethal error on the Count's part.

Ventress' taunts are what made him go nuts. Dooku never said a word to Savage. Nvm that Savage snapping the Nightsister brainwashing granted him unprecedented power that he never duplicated again. Dooku nor any really, had the ability to predict that.

It doesn't need to. Savage teamed up with Maul is more skilled and refined than the Savage Dooku faced.

There is zero evidence of Savage increasing in skill to any notable degree due to his training with Maul. At bare minimum Shadow Conspiracy confirms that Adi is more skilled than him. He's just got superior physicals.

As a duelist Maul is at least the equal of the Count

This is blatantly not true. Maul was stalemated for a protracted period of time by an unfocused TPM Obi-Wan, despite feeding off his rage, having an environmental advantage and a DS nexus to empower him.

Meanwhile Dooku is outright stated to be more skilled than Maul and easily dealt with a much more powerful AotC Kenobi + Yoda level flash of brilliance Anakin and then Yoda himself.

Maul's one on one performance against Palpatine is not something I imagine Dooku being able to replicate for as successfully.

Unless you can quantify the degree to which Sids was trying against Maul this is fruitless point. Sids is stated to "easily" defeat the brothers while "barely being tested" and "having fun the whole time"

Meanwhile an exhausted Dooku fought Yoda to the point of him being so exhausted that he can barely lift a pillar despite before being able to hold back an entire dam capable of washing away a whole town without much strain before.

I think it's the opposite actually.

I suggest looking through this thread for documentation of the Counts growth

Dooku only outright defeats a padawan Anakin.

This blatantly isn't true.

Their very first encounter on Tatooine after Geonosis ends with Dooku on his butt sitting on the dunes of Tatooine.

If you watched the actual duel instead of going off flawed youtube analysis you would know that Dooku molly whopped Anakin the whole fight. He deliberately let his guard down to show Anakin the hologram of Ahsoka in order to bait him into going after Jabba. Therefore denying the Republic any chance of an alliance with him. Even in the Novel Anakin states Dooku let him go

The 2nd duel on Naboo Dooku comes within a hair's breath of dying due to Anakin's overwhelming power and skill. Dooku saves himself by creating distance with Force Lighting.

Yet Dooku dismisses him with ease later in the S6 duel. Why? Well simply? It's because Palpatine was in the room. It really is just that simple.

Read up on the full explanation here

But even setting that aside, Dooku is hindered by being forced to guard Palpatine limiting his range of movement. He still consistently overpowers Skywalker even if it's with strain and finally, if you slow down the moment Dooku breaks out of Anakin's stranglehold Dooku actually overpowers him physically first, then shocks him. So the idea that he only won due to lightning is outright false. Dooku is also able to rise without a single sign of exhaustion afterwords, and then easily block Anakin from behind and overpower him again moments later.

Dooku is so arrogant that he thinks he can beat Anakin and Obi Wan. In ROTS he takes them both on and dies in less than 2 minutes.

At their base levels at that point Dooku can absolutely take on and beat them together. RotS has it's own set of circumstances that work against Dooku, mainly being drawn into using a portion of his reserves screwing with both of them, then being forced to use more while staying alive to recover from the surprise of sudden power increases. Once he recovered, Dooku incapacitated Anakin and Kenobi twice in quick succession and could have neatly finished off both if not for their new forms catching him off guard.

The final confrontation is Sidious vs Talzin and both Dooku and Maul are basically non factors. Particularly Dooku since he's been possessed by Talzin and is weakened. He's not much more than a spectator.

This is blatantly false as well if you've read the comic. Talzin are Sids are equals until Dooku adds his power on Sids side and they start pushing Talzin back. Maul then adds his power to Talzins and........ it does nothing.

So drained, half dead Dooku > SoD Maul.

Dooku vs Maul is debatable to me

It really isn't for me. I suggest reading through this thread for a full explanation of the Counts considerable feats and scaling
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Dooku vs. Maul Brothers - Page 4 Empty Re: Dooku vs. Maul Brothers

on July 19th 2020, 6:38 am
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