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Ranking Certain Sith Empty Ranking Certain Sith

on October 11th 2020, 4:33 pm
So guys I’ve been trying to Rank Darth Maul in my new sith list, but I honestly have no idea where to rank him as he’s technically a Banite sith but it feels really weird ranking someone like Darth Maul above Darth Bane, I personally Rank Bane just above Tenebrous based on showings, but even when doing that and putting maul below Bane it still feels weird putting him above Lord Kaan who was stated to feel like the embodiment of the dark side, get what I mean?
Also Maul wasn’t THAT much more powerful than Quigon Jinn and we know that King Adas >>> Quigon Jinn meaning that I don’t think I should have maul too far above Adas who so far is behind all the banite sith, the brotherhood of darkness and ancient sith, so if I placed maul close to him it would feel unfair too cos he’s got accolades and scaling placing him up with the Banite sith, but I don’t feel I can bring Adas up too much seeing as he is THOUSANDS of years of gradual power increase below pretty much everyone, anyone got any thought on this, this is just one example there are many other sith that are hard to place due to similar reasons

Also accounting for mauls power growth from TPM to TCW we can assume that he grows in power relatively fast so we know that Darth Maul is alive in the Legacy Era so wouldn’t his power growth make him around ROTJ Vader level by the time of Legacy given he’s been alive and likely growing in power since we last see him
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