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September 2020 Announcements - Please Read! Empty September 2020 Announcements - Please Read!

September 17th 2020, 12:16 pm
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September 2020 Announcements

Suspect Insight Forums is excited to announce many new and upcoming projects and rule changes.


With the unprecedented success of our 2019-2020 Top Fifteen Tournament, which generated over 100 pages of debate and countless original arguments, we have finished a YouTube video highlighting the key facts about each character. We hope the video celebrates the tournament and attracts new members to our community.


Searching hours for a source is becoming a thing of the past. This thread provides extensive sourcing for every claim in our YouTube video and serves as the ultimate source compendium for Star Wars debating. It equips new and veteran debaters alike with hundreds of relevant versus sources, from accolades to fight scenes.

(C) CANON CONUNDRUMS WEEKLY ACTIVITY: Ran by @Nute_Chethray, members will be faced with weekly Star Wars debate challenges to answer. All participants will receive stars, and the member with the best answer will receive additional rewards. The member with the most wins will receive a special rank: "Suspect Hero."

September 2020 Announcements - Please Read! Cc

(D) ANOTHER WEEKLY FORUM-HOSTED ACTIVITY: Details coming later this week from @Jacob218!

(E) RULE CHANGE: Suspect Insight Forums no longer requires members to follow Lucasfilm Licensing continuity policy nor the internal continuity rankings of Leland Chee's Holocron database system. Members are free to debate with whatever methodology and system they want as long as they apply its logic consistently and fairly. Debate the merits of individual methodologies and systems within the threads themselves, but please always be respectful and tolerant of other opinions.

(F) MODERATOR UPDATE: Welcome @Jacob218 and @Nute_Chethray to the moderator staff. Both have experience moderating other Star Wars communities.

(G) OWNERSHIP UPDATE: To provide full transparency to our members, Suspect Insight Forums is jointly owned by @Master Azronger and @DarthAnt66. Neither member makes any profit from the site and pays for its features personally. A central reason for the joint ownership is so that, if you ever have feel targeted by or have issues with an administrator, please do not feel alone. Contact the other administrator or one of the many other moderators for assistance or consultation.

May the Force be with you.
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