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TDKR Script & Novel Descriptions of Batman vs Bane Empty TDKR Script & Novel Descriptions of Batman vs Bane

July 11th 2020, 9:37 am
Currently reading TDKR novelisation, found its description of Batman's fights with Bane interesting, so I wanted to compile TDKR movie, script and novel's depictions of their fights into a thread for anyone to read:

Batman vs Bane Round 1 — Movie:

Batman vs Bane Round 1 — Script:


"Mercenaries look down on him from above. Catwoman turns.

I had to find a way to stop them trying to kill me.

You've made a serious mistake.

Not as serious as yours, I fear.

Batman turns. Bane emerges from behind the waterfalls.


Let’s not stand on ceremony here, Mr. Wayne.

Catwoman hears the name. Less sure of what she’s done. Batman moves at Bane - strikes powerful blows - Bane catches his fist.

Peace has costed you your strength, victory has defeated you.

Bane SMASHES Batman back - kicks him off the catwalk - Batman drops, uses his cape to land. Bane climbs down on a chain - his men watch in disciplined silence - Batman hurls flashbangs at Bane, who doesn’t flinch.

Theatricality and deception are powerful agents... To the uninitiated.

Batman lashes out at Bane - Bane counters - they separate.

But we are initiated, aren’t we, Bruce? The League of Shadows. And you betrayed us...

Us? You were excommunicated. From a gang of psychopaths.

Now I am the League of Shadows, here to fulfill Ra’s al Ghul’s destiny...

Batman hurls himself at Bane, throwing him into the waterfall, where he smashes his fists and gauntlets into Bane’s mask again and again, water cascading over them.

Bane is not moving. Just taking the blows. Batman pauses. Bane’s arms SHOOT OUT, SMASHING Batman aside - Bane RISES..

You fight like a younger man. Nothing held back. No reserves. Admirable. But mistaken.

Batman hits a switch on his belt - the lights go out - Bane turns slowly addressing all the shadows at once.

You think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it. Formed by it...

In the shadows, Batman circles, looking to strike...

I didn’t see the light until I was already a man. And by then it was nothing to me but blinding...

Bane lunges backwards into the darkness - Batman’s throat in his grasp.

The shadows betrayed you because they belong to me...

Bane SMASHES him into the ground, POUNDING, pounding, pounding the hard cowl with his bare fists until it CRACKS.

Bane RISES from Batman, gestures to the ceiling of the chamber - explosive charges have been drilled into holes...

I will show you where I’ve made my home while preparing to bring justice. Then... I will break you.

A Mercenary tosses Bane a detonator - Batman watches through cracked cowl - Bane hits the detonator - explosions BURST over his head as the ceiling CRUMBLES revealing:

Applied Sciences - Bane has dropped the bottom out of Fox’s weapons store... a camouflage Tumbler rests in the rubble.


Your precious armory. Gratefully accepted. We will need it.


Mercenaries race through the stacks of equipment...


Batman climbs to his feet, swaying. Bane approaches.

I wondered which would break first - your spirit...

Batman SWINGS at him - misses - Bane GRABS him, lifts him HIGH.

... or your body.

Bane brings Batman down onto his knee, BREAKING his back with a horrific CRACK.

In the shadows, Catwoman looks on. Shocked. Bane crouches to pull the broken cowl off the broken Wayne. Mercenaries lift Wayne’s body and carry him off... Bane stares into the hollow eyes of his trophy..." — The Dark Knight Rises Script.

Batman vs Bane Round 1 — Novel:


"A heavy steel grate slammed down between them, like a portcullis in a medieval fortress. Bright halogen lights flared overhead, exposing a lair hidden deep within the sewers. A small army of mercenaries glared down from various elevated gantries and platforms. The catwalk led between twin waterfalls that poured into a foaming channel one level below. There was some kind of headquarters located beyond the waterfalls—much like in the Batcave.

“Sorry,” Catwoman said from the other side of the grate. “I had to find a way to stop them trying to kill me.”

Batman realized then that she had deliberately lured him into a trap. He was disappointed by her betrayal.

“You’ve made a serious mistake,” he growled.

“Not as serious as yours, I fear,” a deep voice interjected.

Batman turned to see a masked figure emerge from behind the falling curtains of water. He recognized the man’s elaborate mask and powerful physique from the grisly security footage Alfred had shown him before. Muscles rippled upon the killer’s bare chest.


The infamous mercenary approached him.

“Let’s not stand on ceremony here, Mr. Wayne.”

Batman wasn’t surprised that Bane knew his true identity. The man was connected to the League of Shadows, after all—he likely had heard of Bruce Wayne’s tangled history with Rā’s al Ghūl.

Catwoman, on the other hand, was visibly taken aback by the revelation. A look of regret came over her face, as though she was having second thoughts about betraying him.

Too late now, he thought. Selina Kyle was the least of his concerns at the moment. Bane was the real threat to Gotham. He murdered those people at the stock exchange—and nearly killed Jim Gordon.

I can’t let him hurt anyone else.

Without hesitation he launched himself toward his enemy. His cloak spreading out behind him, he swooped at Bane, drawing back his fist to deliver a knockout blow. His clenched knuckles flew at Bane, who caught it easily with his bare hand, squeezing it until the bones ground together.

Grunting, Batman attempted a gut punch with his other fist, but the mercenary effortlessly blocked the blow. He had, indeed, been trained by Rā’s al Ghūl and the League of Shadows.

“Peace has cost you your strength,” Bane declared. “Victory has defeated you.”

Stronger and faster than anyone Batman had ever fought before—even in his prime—Bane slammed into Batman, knocking him backward. A roundhouse kick swept his legs out from under him, sending him tumbling off the catwalk toward the raging sewers below. Batman hastily extended his cape, using it to glide down on to a concrete ledge located near the base of the waterfalls. He winced in pain, bruised even beneath his protective armor.

This wasn’t going well…

Bane clambered after him, swinging down on a chain, while his men watched in disciplined silence, enjoying the duel. Hoping to buy some time, Batman plucked a handful of miniature flash-bangs from his Utility Belt and flung them at his pursuer. The charges went off like firecrackers, producing a disorienting barrage of sparks, noise, and smoke.

Yet Bane didn’t even flinch.

“Theatricality and deception are powerful agents,” he acknowledged, quoting the timeless wisdom of Rā’s al Ghūl. “To the uninitiated."

Alfred was right, Batman realized. This man was not to be underestimated. It’s going to take everything I have to beat him—if it’s even possible.

Determined to put Bane on the defensive, Batman lunged at him again, striking out with his fists and boots. Bane effortlessly countered his moves. It was like fighting Rā’s again, except that Bane was younger and stronger than their shared mentor. He targeted the weak spots in Batman’s body armor, inflicting the maximum pain possible, while seeming to possess no weaknesses of his own.

They broke apart, facing off between the flowing channels. Bane looked like he was just warming up.

“But we are the initiated, aren’t we, Bruce? The League of Shadows.” He glared at Batman over the bizarre mask that hid the bottom half of his face. Scorn dripped from his voice. Air hissed from the mask. “And you betrayed us…”

“Us?” Batman echoed. “You were excommun-icated—from a gang of psychopaths.”

Bane rejected the accusation.

“Now I am the League of Shadows,” he said, “here to fulfill Rā’s al Ghūl’s destiny…”

By destroying Gotham?

Never, Batman thought. Too many good people— including Rachel and his parents—had worked too hard to make the city a decent place to live. This masked lunatic needed to be stopped—just like the Joker and Rā’s al Ghūl.

He hurled himself at his opponent, knocking him onto his back beneath the foaming waterfall, where Batman hammered his masked face again and again. Clear water cascaded over them, making the Dark Knight’s black armor gleam slickly. Any normal thug would already be out cold, but Bane just absorbed the blows until Batman took a moment to catch his breath.

He let up, just for a moment, and Bane’s brawny arms shot out like rockets, smashing Batman aside.

The mercenary rose to his feet.

“You fight like a younger man,” he said, his voice betraying no hint of the punishment he had received. “Nothing held back. No reserves.” He flexed his own muscles as he advanced. “Admirable. But mistaken.”

Batman was breathing hard. He realized Bane was right. Eight years of retirement had taken its toll on his endurance and reflexes. He wasn’t the same man who had defeated Rā’s al Ghūl nearly a decade ago. That Batman had just begun his career.

A smarter strategy was needed. He flipped a switch on his belt, triggering an EMP that knocked out all the lights, throwing them all into total darkness. Then he retreated into the sheltering blackness. Night-vision lenses in his cowl allowed him to keep an eye on his adversary, who seemed to take the blackout in his stride.

Bane turned slowly, addressing the all-encompassing shadows. He didn’t seem worried.

“You think darkness is your ally,” Bane said. “But you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it. Formed by it…”

Moving as silently as a ghost, Batman circled, looking for an opening. There had to be some way to bring the other man down. He just needed to strike when and where Bane least expected. And he needed to make it count.

This could be my last chance.

“I didn’t see light until I was already a man. And by then it was nothing to me but blinding.”

Without warning, Bane lunged backward into the darkness and caught Batman’s throat in his grasp. Only the reinforced neckpiece kept his windpipe from being crushed in an instant.

“The shadows betray you, because they belong to me…”

He slammed Batman into the concrete floor, hard enough to dash any other man’s brains out. His bare fists pounded on Batman’s cowl with unbelievable force, blow after blow smashing down like a jackhammer. Concussed and breathless, Batman couldn’t fight back as Bane hammered on the cowl until finally, incredibly, the hard graphite shell cracked.

No, Batman thought. That’s not possible.

One final blow put him down for the count. Bane rose, towering above his battered foe. He gestured upward at the vaulted ceiling high above the vast subterranean chamber. Through blood-streaked eyes, Batman saw that a series of holes had been drilled into the ceiling. Explosive charges had been placed in each of them.

But why? he wondered through the pain. To what purpose?

“I will show you,” Bane said, “where I’ve made my home while preparing to bring justice to Gotham. Then… I will break you.”

A mercenary tossed a detonator to Bane. His men backed away, seeking shelter in side tunnels and alcoves. Catwoman watched anxiously from the other side of the grate. She covered her ears.

Bane pressed the button.

The charges went off, causing a controlled implosion high above their heads. Thunderous echoes rocked the chamber, hurting Batman’s ears. The ceiling caved in and rubble rained down into the sewers, splashing water everywhere.

Artificial light poured down from above, revealing the lower levels of Applied Sciences.

It can’t be, Batman thought in horror. Then realization struck home. We were under Wayne Tower all this time.

The bottom had dropped out of Lucius Fox’s secret weapons storehouse. Dangerous prototypes lay scattered about like treats from some deadly, high-tech piñata. A tumbler, its desert camouflage of little use in these dismal catacombs, landed atop a pile of rubble. Loose papers and bits of ash wafted down through the jagged gap in the ceiling.

“No,” Batman murmured weakly.

“Your precious armory,” Bane confirmed. “Gratefully accepted.” He swept his gaze over the fallen spoils. “We will need it.”

To wage war on Gotham?

Bane’s men clambered up into the violated bunker. They moved efficiently, ransacking Applied Sciences even as security alarms blared stridently. The mercenaries set up a bucket brigade to hand the stolen goods from each man to the next, down into the tunnels. The other tumblers were hauled toward the gap.

I can’t let this happen, Batman thought. I can’t… He staggered to his feet, swaying unsteadily. His cracked cowl slipped, and he tasted blood in his mouth. His head was swimming. The entire chamber seemed be spinning around him, and he felt sick to his stomach. Through the fog, he recognized the symptoms of a serious concussion.

Nevertheless, he raised his fists.

Bane turned back toward him.

“I wondered which would break first—your spirit…”

Batman threw a punch, but didn’t come close to connecting. Bane lunged forward and lifted his foe high above his head. Batman tried to twist free of the grasp, but could not get away.

He had nothing left.

“… Or your body,” Bane concluded.

Savagely, Bane brought Batman down onto his knee, forcibly bending the Dark Knight’s spine backward. A horrific crack echoed throughout the lair.

Catwoman gasped out loud.

At that, Bane dumped Batman onto the ground, to lie helplessly in the puddles. He crouched and tugged the cracked cowl off his victim, exposing the battered and bloody face of Bruce Wayne. Then he beckoned to his men, who picked up the limp, unresisting body and carried it off into the tunnels. Bane held onto the cowl as a trophy."
— The Dark Knight Rises Novel.

Batman vs Bane Round 2 — Movie:

Batman vs Bane Round 2 — Script:


"Bane strides through the battle, taking out Cops left and right. A space clears - he is face to face with the Batman...

You came back. To die with your city.

No. I came back to stop you.

Bane leaps at Batman, smashing powerful blows into his head. Batman ducks, weaves and smashes his fists into Bane’s side.

Someone is watching from the window of City Hall - Miranda.



Batman and Bane fight, Batman pushing Bane back - a Tumbler roars between them, separating them. Batman chases after.


Bane SMASHES backwards through the door, Batman on him. Batman POUNDS Bane against the marble floor. Mercenaries guarding Miranda move towards them -

Stay back. He is mine.

Bane SMASHES Batman’s head - moves in for the kill, but Batman SMASHES Bane to the ground, RIPS sideways across the tubes of Bane’s mask with the blades of his forearm. Bane bellows, thrashing in AGONY. Batman holds him down with ahand on his throat - searches him with his free hand.

Give me the trigger! You’d never give it to an ordinary citizen -

Bane’s thrashing calms as he stares at Batman through pain-soaked eyes... Gasping through his broken mask for relief.

I broke you. How have you come back?

You think you were the only one who could learn the strength to make the climb?

Bane looks at Batman, curiosity behind his pain.

I never escaped - Ra’s al Ghul rescued me. That is why I must fulfill his plan. That is why I must avenge his murder.

The child of Ra’s al Ghul made the climb -

But he is not the child of Ra’s al Ghul...

Batman flinches, frozen as Miranda leans into his ear.."
— The Dark Knight Rises Script.

Batman vs Bane Round 2 — Novel:


"Bane waded through the battle, searching for his true enemy. Thousands of men and women grappled around him, fighting for control of a city that would soon be nothing but a radioactive crater. Random bodies got in his way, and he brutally knocked them aside, using his fists, elbows, knees, and boots to clear a path through the overwhelming melee. Finesse wasn’t an issue—he cared only about results, and removing any obstacles as quickly possible.

A uniformed officer, exchanging blows with an escaped murderer, had the misfortune to block Bane’s path. The masked giant snapped the cop’s neck with a single blow, then casually tossed him out of the way. He trampled over fallen bodies, both alive and otherwise. His eyes scanned the battlefield, looking for the only foe who mattered.

Where is he? Bane thought impatiently. Where is Batman?

He spotted a swirling black figure moving toward him, cutting a swath through raging mercenaries and rebels. Battered bodies fell by the wayside, thrown about by an armored figure whose own fists and boots never stopped moving, striking out with ruthless speed and precision. Bane recognized the modified fighting techniques of the League of Shadows. It angered him to see Rā’s al Ghūl’s lessons corrupted so.

But that is why Wayne can never win, he thought grimly. He lacks the will to do what is truly necessary.

Batman tossed a nameless hoodlum over his shoulder. He elbowed another attacker in the gut, while kicking a third opponent in the jaw with a steel-toed boot. A space cleared between him and Bane so that they came to face to face once again. They confronted each other across the blood-stained snow.

“You came back,” Bane said. “To die with your city.”

“No,” Batman said. “I came back to stop you.”

, Bane thought. He had intended for Wayne to watch helplessly from afar as Gotham met its doom, but it seemed Batman was destined to perish on the same day as his city—at the hands of Rā’s al Ghūl’s true heir.

Perhaps it is better this way.

Seeing no point in further banter, he lunged, throwing powerful blows at the Dark Knight’s cowl. He had smashed that ridiculous disguise before, and this time he would not stop until Wayne’s unworthy skull was shattered, as well. He would soon claim another broken cowl as a trophy.

Batman fought back smartly, less recklessly than he had in the sewers. He ducked and weaved, evading the worst of Bane’s blows, while throwing surgical jabs and strikes at Bane’s sides. A rabbit punch to his solar plexus was followed almost instantly by an elbow to his ribs. Bane absorbed the blows stoically. He was no stranger to pain.

His mask filled his lungs with anesthetic gas.

It would take more than a few hits to keep him from his destiny.

They fought in the middle of the street, surrounded on all sides by the sprawling conflict. Bane found himself impressed by Batman’s skill and stamina, especially considering all that Bane had already done to him. No ordinary foe could have escaped the pit— as Wayne must have done. He saw now what Rā’s al Ghūl had seen in this man so many years ago.

But Bane had come too far to be cheated of his ultimate victory. Both Batman and Gotham would die today.

He parried Batman’s attack, then drove the caped hero back with a rapid-fire series of kicks and punches. The Dark Knight retreated onto the steps, deflecting the mercenary’s attacks with his gauntlets and armor. Bane’s steel-toed boots and bare knuckles smacked against his opponent’s body armor, aiming for the joints and weak spots.

He managed to get his hands around Batman’s neck, trying to snap it, but Wayne broke his hold by clasping his own hands together and delivering an upward thrust that drove Bane’s arms apart and away. Even so, Batman staggered backward—he was on the defensive now, losing ground.

Bane clenched his fists, tensed, and threw another kick.

It was only a matter of time.

He lifted his eyes to the building he had claimed. High above them, framed in a top-floor window at City Hall, a dark-haired woman gazed down on the battle with a concerned expression on her lovely face.

Good, Bane thought. Let her watch the Dark Knight fall once more.


The battle raged on in the streets. Cops fought with cons and mercs, vying for control of Gotham, while Batman and Bane remained locked in combat on the steps of City Hall. Both men were intent on victory.

Defeat was unthinkable.

Batman hurled rapid-fire punches and kicks at Bane, delivering them with every ounce of strength and skill he could muster. He didn’t bother with threats or tricks or theatrics. Bane knew all the secrets of the League of Shadows. He wouldn’t be intimidated by the ominous guise of the Batman, either—and he would not stop until he had broken his foe again. One way or another, this would be their final contest.
But I’m fighting for Gotham, Batman thought. I’m fighting for life.

That would have to be enough.

A blinding-fast volley of strikes drove Bane back. Batman lunged to press his advantage, only to have a camo-colored tumbler roar between them, momentarily cutting him off. Snarling, Batman dodged around the armored vehicle and launched himself at Bane, who stood before City Hall’s wide front doors, looking as though he owned the place.

Not in my town, Batman thought. Not any more.

He slammed into his foe, smashing him backward through the doors and into the building’s elegant lobby. He landed on top as they crashed to the floor. Without letting up for a minute, he pounded Bane against the marble tiles, all the while remaining aware of his surroundings.

Batman spotted Miranda standing a few yards away, surrounded by a small cadre of mercenaries. She appeared unharmed, at least for the moment. But no one would be safe until Bane was put down—and the bomb was disabled.

Miranda’s captors surged forward, coming to Bane’s aid. There were too many of them, all heavily armed.

“Stay back,” Bane ordered. “He is mine—’’

Gathering himself, he threw his opponent off and sprang to his feet. Closing in, he hammered away at Batman’s head with his fists, as though determined to shatter the cowl once more. Given time, he might even have succeeded, but Batman went after Bane’s own mask first. The blades on his forearm ripped across the breathing tubes that connected it to the tanks. The medicinal odor of the anesthetic spilled into the air.

The effect was immediate. Without the gas to keep his pain at bay, Bane bellowed in agony. He reached for the mask, but Batman dropped him to the floor, where the anguished terrorist thrashed violently, unable to defend himself against the excruciating torment. Batman clamped a hand around his throat, holding him down, while using his free hand to search Bane’s vest and pockets.

“Give me the trigger!” Batman growled. He knew it had to be on Bane’s person somewhere. “You’d never give it to an ordinary citizen—’’

Bane stared up at him through pain-soaked eyes. His wild convulsions calmed as he seemed to surrender to the pain. He gasped through his broken mask.

“I broke you,” he said. “How have you come back?”

Batman remembered the pit.

“You thought you were the only one who could learn the strength to escape?”

“I never escaped,” Bane rasped. “Rā’s al Ghūl rescued me. That is why I must fulfill his plan. That is why I must avenge his murder.”

Batman blinked in surprise. He didn’t understand.

"The child of Rā’s al Ghūl made the climb—” he began.

“But he is not the child of Rā’s al Ghūl,” a familiar voice whispered in his ear. Batman flinched, then froze in shock as Miranda leaned in closer."
— The Dark Knight Rises Novel.

Hope you enjoy reading this. Inform me if there are any more depictions I am missing and should add.

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The Slick Obi
The Slick Obi

TDKR Script & Novel Descriptions of Batman vs Bane Empty Re: TDKR Script & Novel Descriptions of Batman vs Bane

July 11th 2020, 12:30 pm
Two things that stick out to me:

1. It is interesting that the novel explicitly states that Bane is stronger & faster than anyone Batman has faced but neither the script nor the film mentions that.

2. Neither the script nor the novel mention Bane punching the pillar.
Level Three
Level Three

TDKR Script & Novel Descriptions of Batman vs Bane Empty Re: TDKR Script & Novel Descriptions of Batman vs Bane

July 11th 2020, 3:33 pm
@The Slick Obi wrote:Two things that stick out to me:

1. It is interesting that the novel explicitly states that Bane is stronger & faster than anyone Batman has faced but neither the script nor the film mentions that.

2. Neither the script nor the novel mention Bane punching the pillar.

1. Novels tend to add these kind of additional details to the films that they are based on, because films don’t tell us everything, and scripts are just incomplete films written on paper.

2. Yeah it evidently wasn’t scripted. The script’s depiction of Batman and Bane’s second fight contradicts the film quite significantly, because the script is not the final product, and the novel is based on the script.
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TDKR Script & Novel Descriptions of Batman vs Bane Empty Re: TDKR Script & Novel Descriptions of Batman vs Bane

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