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Hero of Tython vs Exar Kun - Page 2 Empty Re: Hero of Tython vs Exar Kun

on June 9th 2020, 9:59 am
the malak quote still stands why even discussing it?

Hero of Tython vs Exar Kun - Page 2 Empty Re: Hero of Tython vs Exar Kun

on June 9th 2020, 10:44 am
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@HellfireUnit wrote:
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@HellfireUnit wrote:Kun stomps


Because Malak quote is shite and Revanites have no other arguments to back their claims aside from that quote. I don't see SOR Revan beating Kun, let alone dumbass Hero of Gaython.

Revan as of the Shadow of Revan is not a natural being. He was a reanimated corpse at this point with an alter-conscious of its own while detached from Revan's true spirit, driven entirely by seething hatred for the Emperor and his powers were on another level at this point.

The fact that the Sith and Jedi joined hands to fight him even when he was alone, should be self-explanatory. During the course of this battle, The Machine Core suffered damage and began to tear Revan apart from within, and even then Revan continued to offer resistance to his opponents. The Machine Core had the power to consume Yavin 4 akin to how Darth Nihilus consumed Katarr and Tenebrae (Vitiate) consumed Ziost.

The unnatural Revan was subjugated by the combined effort of the COALITION of the most capable warriors of the time, Revan's original spirit and The Machine Core. A living-breathing Revan would have dropped dead much earlier in the fight when up against these kind of odds.

You do not understand the game and its contents.

Revan as of the Shadow of Revan was/is an ENTITY actually - a source of significant disturbance in the Force. How Exar Kun can fight this incarnation of Revan, needs a significant amount of explanation which will not be enough anyways.

There are scores of members who do not understand the game and its contents. BioWare has completely SHAT on some of the conventional realities of Star Wars as of late. No wonder Disney declared all of this nonsense as LEGENDS.

I am one of the foremost fans of Revan character and I am utterly disappointed in the Shadow of Revan content.

Powerful characters are interesting no doubt but when the story deteriorate into a one-upping contest between them, it turns into a tragedy then.

Original stories are much better - particularly those of the Jedi Consular (alias The Barsen'thor) and the Sith Inquisitor (alias Darth Nox). Even though you are gifted in the ways of the Force and hold much promise, you cannot just hack and slash your way to victory in these two, you have to find a way to bypass conventional approaches to overcome odds which were heavily stacked against you. In case of the Jedi Consular - he actually saved the Jedi Order from total collapse not once but twice and lost much of his raw power in the process (emphasis on the sacrifice part - true to the character and title).

Those of the Jedi Knight (alias Hero of Tython) and the Sith Warrior (alias Emperor's Wrath) are BLAND though; you can just hack and slash your way to victory in these. Hardly interesting.

Hero of Tython is LIKE you most powarfeul .... Darth Decimus? You beat his @ss in like a minute on Corellia? In the LORE, Darth Decimus is a BIG THING - one of the greatest champions of the era who was noted to have ended battles with just his telepathic abilities. Absolutely underwhelming in the game unfortunately because Hero is the most powarfeul...

BioWare had introduced so many rich characters initially - a whole new world outside Revan and his tales.

Then they brought Revan back and turned him into a nightmare just to appease some fans. Really sad.
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