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Nolan Batman vs Webb Spider-Man Empty Nolan Batman vs Webb Spider-Man

on May 25th 2020, 2:56 pm


Nolan Batman vs Webb Spider-Man Batman-begins-movie-4k_1553074007



Nolan Batman vs Webb Spider-Man The-amazing-spider-man-2-wallpaper-2560x1080-26681_14

Batman was of Batman Begins fights Spider-Man as of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


  • Standard morals i.e. Batman and Spider-Man don't fight with lethal intent, they fight with the purpose of delivering KOs, so winner by KO, incapacitation.
  • They don't know much about each other's skill set, they will be aware of each other as a random, regular New York citizen and Gotham citizen, who have very vague, limited knowledge of of Spider-Man and Batman's skill set and capabilities, from newspapers and TV footage, but that's the extent of their prior knowledge. For example, some of Crane's goons in Batman Begins are vaguely aware of Batman's capabilities because they speculate that he can fly based on reptuation, when Batman doesn't fly, but actually glides.
  • Fight takes place in the narrows, right where Batman beats up Falcone's goons. Batman will be there waiting for Spider-Man, hiding in the shadows, Spider-Man enters the place, knowing that Batman is there and they will fight when Batman is ready to come out of stealth, or if Spider-Man detects where Batman is before he reveals himself.
  • Every single gadget that Bruce uses in this batsuit in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight┬áis applicable here, that includes batarangs and his ultrasonic bat beacon.
  • In the TASM duology, Peter has mechanical web shooters like his comic book counterpart, as opposed to organic web shooters. In TASM 2, Peter uses 2 pairs of web shooters, he modifies them later to being resistant to Electro's electricity. Peter in this match up will have his non-electricity resistant web shooters.

Bonus round: They're both fighting with lethal intent and will use any tactics to achieve victory.

Who wins?
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Nolan Batman vs Webb Spider-Man Empty Re: Nolan Batman vs Webb Spider-Man

on May 26th 2020, 6:57 am
Spidey demolishes lol. Bruce can't lay a hand on him, the guy is way too fast.
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