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The Rich Man
The Rich Man

Outlander and Vaylin vs Darth Krayt and Darish vol - Page 2 Empty Re: Outlander and Vaylin vs Darth Krayt and Darish vol

on August 26th 2020, 4:47 am
@Seturna wrote:
@The Rich Man wrote:
@Seturna wrote:
@The Rich Man wrote:Yes, he is. The reason is Kenobi scaling.
Why is the ”Kenobi scaling” better than the Outlander’s and Vaylin’s respectively scaling?
What are The Outlander's and Vaylin's scaling? Are you referring to Arcann scaling?
If you say so, yes. Why is Krayt’s ”Kenobi scaling” better than Vaylin’s and Outlander’s ”Arcann scaling”?
Krayt scales massively above Kenobi. Kenobi isn't that far off Mace and Dooku. Dooku nearly defeated Yoda. Mace fought Palpatine.

Reborn Krayt > NJO Krayt >>>>> Hett <(<) Kenobi <(<) Dooku ~\< Mace

Krayt is nearly as powerful as Vaylin and The Outlander. If we add experience and mastery, Krayt should be above them.
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